How to find out someones email address for facebook

How to find email addresses from Facebook?

How to find email addresses from Facebook?

Facebook is the foremost social networking app with about two billion users. When setting up your Facebook account, you are requested to add your email address alongside your personal information. Several reasons and scenarios would require you to find the email addresses of Facebook users through their page.


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Reasons for finding mail address on Facebook

Sometimes, you meet people on Facebook and become acquainted after a while; you can decide to move the relationship or conversation to a more formal medium. Other times, you stumble on a page and realize the page belongs to an old-time friend that you have lost personal touch with. Again, you can decide to copy the email and reach out to them. As a digital marketer, it could be that you are looking for individual pages that might be interested in your product and services. You might also create an email marketing list or subscriber list and decide to check for leads on Facebook.

Other times, you might stumble on people with whom you share the same market or niche and might want to bring them on board. Again, it could be for collaboration or partnership, and reaching them via email is relatively more formal. In some instances, you see industry players, your role models, or experts in your field on Facebook and would like to keep a professional relationship with them. You can copy their email and send them a formal introduction via mail. These are a few of the reasons and scenarios that will prompt you to find email address from Facebook.

How do you find email addresses from Facebook?

There are several ways you can find email addresses on Facebook. In this article, we shall be looking at the two most effective ways. They are the use of email finder tools and the manual way;

The use of the Email finder tool

The best way to find an email address is to use third-party email finder tool such as Going through Facebook user pages one by one is quite tedious, especially when you're creating a subscriber list. To save yourself the stress and ensure you generate the list from several backgrounds, it is best to use the

Find Anyone's Email with the Best Email Finder Sign Up FREE for 10 users

The search bot automatically crawls through millions of Facebook user accounts and generates their email if you integrate the email finder tool into your Facebook account. The finder app ensures that the email addresses are valid and relevant to your search query. Another feature of the email finder tool is the extraction and verification of emails. Some email users keep a private account whereby their personal details such as email are kept away from the public. So no matter the number of times you check their page, you won't see these details. Using a sophisticated tool like will extract those details and help verify their validity. Sometimes, you might be targeting a company's workforce and their corporate mail address. It will take you a lot of time and effort to get their email address manually. It is advisable to use the finder tool to find bulk email addresses.

If you are looking forward to creating and managing an email list generated from Facebook, you can use Sometimes, people change their email or update their personal information. For instance, when they change their workplace or city. The software automatically updates this information on your database.

The manual way

The manual way of finding email addresses is relatively easy, but you can only search a page at a time. The first method is to go directly to their Facebook account, scroll to their profile, and check for their email address under "contact and basic information" in the "About" tab. Another manual way is to use the "find person feature" on Facebook. You can type this URL on your browser Copy and paste the person's username on the login box displayed on this page Facebook will display their email address. The two-manual ways do not always give accurate email addresses; sometimes, it doesn't show any email address on the user's page.


The best way to find and get email addresses from Facebook is to use the email finder app such as However, you are likely to keep searching and not find the email address using the manual method. The benefit of using Finder. io is numerous and far outweighs the manual search method.

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50 apps at unbelievable cost for just $14.99.

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Still not sure, sign up for our weekly webinar to know more about 500apps infinity suite. Register Today!

How to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook Step-by-Step (Updated 2022)

October 4, 2022 By Swordfish Team


You’ve met someone on Facebook, and now you want their email address to contact them outside of the social network. Finding someone’s email on Facebook can be hard.

There are many reasons why you would want to find someone’s email address on Facebook, but it is not always easy. There are a couple of ways to get in touch with your new friend.

In this post we will show you various methods to find someone’s email address on Facebook quickly and easily.


How to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook?

Table of Contents

There are various methods that you should try to get the email address on Facebook. Some methods might work or not; that depends on the user to user. Try out the given methods and see which ones work the best for you.


Look in the Facebook Profile

This is very cliche, but you should definitely look at the person’s Facebook profile for an email address as the first step.

  • Step 1: Go to the Facebook profile of the person’s email address you want.
  • Step 2: Go to the “About” section on the Profile Page.
  • Step 3: Look for the email address.

This is a very classic and simple method which you can try. Many people prefer to keep their email addresses available to everyone. You should know that you might get the email address from the About page of the profile.


Use “Facebook Find Person” Feature

Facebook does have these features which let you search for the people on Facebook. It is also useful in order to recover your own Facebook account.

But you can use this tool to look for the person’s email address using the following steps.

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Search the name of the person you want.
  • Step 3: Write down the Username of the person from the URL.
  • Step 4: Click on the forgot password section on the login page.
  • Step 5: Enter the copied username.
  • Step 6: Facebook will ask you to verify your email address and they will show you the email address as well.
  • Step 7: No need to go ahead. Done. You got the email address on Facebook.

        • METHOD 3:
          Use Online Tools to Find Email Address

          There are various chrome extensions and online tools which help you get the email address by scrapping the Facebook profile.

          It is much easier to get an email address using those tools as they scrape and find the data for you within an instance. There are various tools available which you can try. 

          Swordfish AI ( is one of the best email finder and cell phone finder tools out there. Swordfish AI simultaneously connects to over 200+ network data partners to bring users the most updated and accurate contact information, including personal and business email addresses, and the prized piece of personal contact information, cell phone and mobile phone numbers.

          The unique thing about Swordfish AI is that it does not violate the Facebook terms of service because it’s not actually scrapping Facebook. It is only using the person’s profile url as a data reference. It then uses Google to verify this is the correct person you are looking for. Finally, Swordfish AI simultaneously connects to over 200+ network data partners, live in real-time, to obtain the most updated email address and contact information for that person.

          Swordfish’s mission is to save you your most valuable asset – time, to reduce your cognitive load, to make connecting to business opportunities easier, and of course, to authenticate identity.

          Check out the Swordfish AI Chrome extension and the Swordfish AI pricing here.

          Read a detailed 2022 Swordfish AI review here.


          How to Find Someone’s Email Address on Facebook if it’s Private?

          Many users ask how you can enter into the profile of the person who has a private Facebook account. If you are also one of them, you don’t need to be worried about it.

          Method 3 is a method that you can use. All you need is a username of the person’s Facebook profile, and Swordfish AI will do the rest.

          Once you get that, you can use the Swordfish AI “Deep Search” to do a full social media profile search lookup.

          Image Credit: / Deep Search Page.



          Don’t you think it’s very easy to find someone’s email address on Facebook?

          We have given the way how you can do this in a step-by-step process. Just follow all of them and get your desired information.

          We will also share some more guides on how to find someone’s email address on Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

          If you know other tools that work best for you, let us know in the comments section.


          Ready to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook?

          Before you start your Facebook social media marketing campaign, be sure you have the correct email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, and cell or mobile phone numbers for your Facebook outreach.

          Swordfish AI provides the most accurate B2B and B2C contact information, including cell phone numbers and email addresses. Try Swordfish AI now.


          Cover Image Licensed from: / Ximagination.

          Best Email Finder, Email Address, Facebook, Find Email Address, Find Emails on Facebook, Online Tools, Social Media Marketing, Swordfish

          How to find out someone's Facebook email address if it is hidden

          Social networks

          0 6.575 3 minutes to read

          In this age of technology, it is important to have a variety of means to connect with other people. Email is important in this regard.

          It is important to have an email address not only to communicate with your mobile device, but also with your social networks, so today we present you how you can know the email address of a person on Facebook if hidden.

          Most companies make this information available to all users. In contrast, personal profiles have very few of them for privacy reasons . However, is there a way to find out the email address? Find out here!

          Social media emails

          As already mentioned, email addresses are required to create social media accounts. Using an email address, you can:

          • Unblock your username.
          • Receive notifications.
          • Show information about reports or complaints what you have done in the social network.
          • Recover your password.
          • Confirm the account you created.

          For example, when you set up your Facebook profile, you will find series privacy and personalization options . Thanks to these tools, you choose what information to show or hide on your profile (job site, likes, and other elements), as well as access from your phone number, Email.

          This is how that a large percentage of Facebook users decide to hide their information personal and contact. This will prevent your email address or phone number from being seen by anyone.

          Do you want to hide your personal information?

          This type of operation is quite easy to perform. If you want to hide and privateize your Facebook contact and your personal information, please follow the instructions below:

          1. Go to the Facebook page and log in.
          2. Log in to your profile.
          3. Click on the tab "Information" .
          4. Click on option "Basic and contact information" .

          Facebook will then show you the information you provided to the platform. After each information, an icon will be displayed, which can be: a castle, a planet, or two numbers.

          Lock means that information is visible only to you . Planet means information is public . The two numbers tell you that information can only be viewed by your friends . Therefore, if you want to hide your phone number and email address, you will need to choose blocking.

          How can I find out the email address of a person on Facebook if it is hidden?

          Good! You already know how to hide your basic information and contact details. But how do you find out someone's email address on Facebook now? In fact, the procedure is quite simple.

          All you have to do is go to your profile and click on the Info tab. It will appear every information that the user is willing to display . Now, if the information is hidden... there are problems.

          There is no correct way to find out a person's Facebook email address if it is hidden. And whatever mechanism you use to find this type of information will be considered invasive. Therefore, it is recommended that you send this person a message asking for other means of contact.

          Mail generators… How effective are they?

          The need for some people to know this type of information has led to the development of certain tools. Email Permutator is one of the most famous ones.

          Based on a series of data, this platform gives you a certain number of possible emails. However, is not the infallible tool. In fact, none of the emails I send you can be related to the profile you are researching.

          Better chat on Facebook!

          If you need to know someone's Facebook email address if it's hidden, it's better to start a chat! It's much less aggressive. De plus, the updated version of Facebook Messenger has unusual tools to choose it as the main interaction bridge.

          Get the most out of this and other tools that this social network has. Correctly request personal and contact information! Each user is entitled to decide what information to share with others .

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          Similar Items

          Finding an Email Address Facebook


          0 17.747 5 minutes to read

          There are many reasons to want to know the email address of a Facebook friend . Maybe you want to make him your page admin as a surprise, send him a more formal greeting, or even call him on Hangouts. Likewise, although this is not very common, you may need find your own e - mail because this information was needed to create your account.

          In any case, there are several ways can know the email address of a person on Facebook , but they may differ depending on how you access the social network. If it's through the app or if you sign in to your computer's browser. Sometimes this information may not be available on Facebook and there is a tip for finding someone's email. Although it is hidden in the social network , today it is very popular among users.

          My own

          When you always log in, you don't use your email to log in and you can forget about it. However, it will not be difficult for to find your email address through Facebook if this happens. Then do it step by step from your mobile phone (using the app) or from your computer.

          From phone

          It may take a little longer to retrieve your email information from the Facebook mobile app than from a computer. It is recommended to use the second option whenever possible. If with this in mind you still prefer to use your mobile phone, follow these steps:

          1. Click the icon in the top right corner to open the options menu.
          2. Then click " Settings and privacy ".
          3. Tab " Options will open, select it to log in.
          4. Then you need to click on the Heading " Information .
          5. Now you will need to enter the " Contact " section.
          6. Then you can see your phone number and email address. Last appears next to the letter icon .

          From PC

          The steps to view email via Facebook account from your computer are very simple. Already in the social network, you need to follow the procedure described below :

          1. Click the arrow in the upper right corner to display the options, and select " Settings .
          2. Then you can see your email address in " General account settings ", right next to the word " Contacts ".

          From someone else

          The steps for to know someone's email on Facebook are very simple. If the user has voluntarily shared this data in the personal information section. However, the procedure may be slightly different if you want to access it from a computer or smartphone.

          From phone

          The steps, although they are exactly the same on the computer as in the mobile application, may differ slightly visually. So below is the procedure for find someone's email on facebook from mobile phone.

          1. Go to the profile of the person whose email address you want to know and click " See Info from A full sentence must include your friend's name.
          2. After that, you will find a section labeled as " Contact " where you can see the email if available according to the user's privacy settings.

          With PC

          The process on the computer is similar to what happens on the mobile phone in the app. Once on the social network, go to the profile of the friend whose email address you want to know and follow the steps given below:

          1. Mark Zuckerberg's profile is used in this case to have a clear example of the steps to follow. Click the tab titled " Information ".
          2. Various options will open, click on section » Basic information and contacts ".
          3. Then you will be able to see the email under " CONTACT INFORMATION ". In this case, the address is not displayed in the specified location because the CEO of the social network did not leave this information as public in their profile . This happens very often, therefore there are already other ways to find out such information.

          Cheat Permutator

          Email Permutator is the most famous way to detect hidden email on Facebook. However, this can be considered invasive since the user will not voluntarily provide their address. The trick of this tool is that it automatically generates different addresses, depending on the data entered.

          You'll just need to enter some data into an excel spreadsheet and then use Gmail to see if any of the generated addresses actually exist and if it's the email address of the friend you're looking for. Here is a step by step guide on how to 9The 0009 way is to use Email Permutator to find out - mail , open the sheet for that endroit