Our Program

Never have we heard a client say anything close to “I love managing our social media accounts!” We get it, though the power of social media management is immense, most stakeholders are busy running their business.

Studies have revealed that people now spend more time online than they do watching tv…and while those million dollar ad spots on tv may have been out of your price range, the internet is not. Social media provides an amazing and cost effective way to reach your audience.

RFG Creative (formerly The RockFish Group) will craft a strategic social media plan for you to capitalize on the internet as a means of creating awareness about your business. With a wide range of social media platforms available.

RFG Creative will analyze your industry and business style to determine what platforms are the best venues for your specific business, we will help to create social media content as needed and continue with the methodology and measures we have taken to date to build your interactive and well received Social Media Program.

Social Media Maintenance and Development programs include in general: Posting content, managing comments, and seeking a larger audience by seeking new friends and followers on a daily basis, paid social media promotions and advanced social advertising campaigns.

RockFish Social Media Management Client Samples

RFG Creative is also able to set-up buyable pins through our partnership with e-commerce provider Shopify, so your promoted items can be purchased directly from Pinterest.

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