The Newly-Rebranded Agency Continues an Award-Winning Tradition of Marketing & Public Relations Services

October 9, 2017, Poulsbo/Port Townsend, WA

Founder/partner Kelle Kitchel-Cooper of The RockFish Group, a successful presence for many years in North Kitsap and Jefferson counties, has just announced some exciting developments for the company that has been her brain child since 2012.

“It seems like yesterday when I realized our community needed a creative agency that could offer a ‘one-source solution’ for creative, marketing, and public relations services,” Kitchel-Cooper recalls. “I was watching my daughter fishing in front of our home when the inspiration for The RockFish Group came to me. The ideals and look and feel made sense immediately.”

As the company grew, so did its team. Danny McEnerney came aboard as a business partner in 2015, and the inspired duo brought other talented creatives on board as opportunities came calling. RockFish’s credo: For clients to experience vital transformation in their businesses, whether local or national.

McEnerney elaborates: “Our full arsenal of creative services has succeeded time and again in maximizing brand awareness, marketing impact, and customer engagement for the companies we partner with.”

With the agency’s incredible success, however, the competition came calling. Kitchel-Cooper and McEnerney recently discovered that a global, multimillion dollar organization – with a name very similar to RockFish – viewed the Poulsbo-based agency as a direct competitor.

“We refused to be intimidated,” explains Kitchel-Cooper. Our RockFish was very successful in its own right, so Danny and I decided not to take a step back. We stepped forward.”

Recognizing an incredible opportunity to set their enterprise apart through rebranding, the nimble team will soon launch RFG Creative, formerly known as The RockFish Group. Under this new banner, the game-changing agency that Kelle and her partner envision will continue a tradition of and commitment to making its offerings as robust and relevant as ever.

“We’re also rolling out RFG Launch, an event management division created specifically to launch businesses and products with bang,” Kitchel-Cooper announces.

Additional strategic developments are being put in place for the imminent rollout of RFG Creative. “For example, we’ll be located in brand new office space in Poulsbo,” McEnerney states. “We’re also providing an even greater level of creative offerings. Our digital solutions now include finely-tuned social media management tools and highly-strategic tactics for SEO/SEM.”

Kitchel-Cooper shares what these changes mean for new and ongoing clients in an ever-evolving marketplace. “We love what we do, but who knew that a couple of kids with a red fish, buoyed by talented and hardworking local professionals, would be so lucky.”

“All of us at RFG Creative,” she continues, “are thrilled to invite our customers to become a part of our next big adventure. The whole team is looking forward to continued success in Little Norway and beyond.”

RFG Creative is a full-service creative, branding, digital, and social media agency serving the greater Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas. The new agency takes a solutions-oriented approach to grow businesses, improve performance, and generate brand awareness. RFG Creative prides itself on ensuring that its work is both highly creative and cost effective for a diversity of companies and industries. From surgical practices and senior living homes to skateboard manufacturers, RFG Creative provides a proven portfolio of brand conceptualization, digital marketing solutions, website design, and communications strategy to meet clients’ sales and marketing goals.

Contact Information:  [email protected] or (360) 930-9592