How to see if someone hide story instagram

how to know if someone hide their story from you on instagram?


  1. There’s no surefire way to know for certain if someone is hiding their Instagram story from you, but there are a few things you can look out for.
  2. If you notice that the person has a private account and they’re not sharing any stories, it’s possible that they’re hiding something.
  3. Additionally, if you try to view their story and get an error message that says “This user is not broadcasting live,” it’s likely that they’ve chosen to hide their story from you.

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Why Can’t I See Other People’s Instagram Stories?

Can you tell if someone hides Instagram story from you?

Yes, you can tell if someone hides their Instagram story from you. If you go to their profile and the story ring at the top is empty, it means they’ve hidden their stories from you.

What happens when someone hides their story from you on Instagram?

If someone hides their story from you on Instagram, it means that they have either set their account to private or have deleted their story. If their account is private, you will need to request to follow them in order to see their stories. If they have deleted their story, there is no way to see it.

Can you tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story?

There’s no way to tell for sure if someone has screenshot your Instagram story, but there are a few clues that could give it away. For example, if you notice that someone has liked your story very quickly after you posted it, they may have screenshot it. Additionally, if you see that someone has taken a screenshot of your story and then posted it on their own Instagram account, you’ll be able to see the little screenshot icon in the bottom left corner of the photo.

How do you know if someone muted you on Instagram?

There are a few ways to tell if someone has muted you on Instagram. One way is to look at your list of followers and see if the person’s name is no longer listed. Another way is to check your direct messages and see if the person’s name is no longer listed as a recipient. If you can’t find the person on either of those lists, it’s likely that they have muted you.

Can you see how many times someone viewed your IG story?

Yes, you can see how many times someone viewed your IG story. To view the number of views, swipe up on the story and it will show you the number of people who have seen it.

Can you see how many times someone viewed your video on Instagram?

Yes! You can see how many times someone has viewed your video on Instagram. Just go to the video, and below it you’ll see the number of views and who’s seen it.

Does Instagram notify when you search someone?

Yes, Instagram notifies when you search someone. If you’re not following that person, their profile won’t show up in the results.

How do you know who stalks your Instagram the most?

There’s no definitive answer, but there are some ways to get a sense of who is stalking your Instagram the most. One way is to look at your “followers” list and see who has been following you the longest. Another way is to look at your “likes” list and see who has been liking your posts the most.

Can I hide someone on Instagram?

Yes, you can hide someone on Instagram. To do so, open the person’s profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Then select “Hide This Person.

What is @silent on Instagram?

On Instagram, the @silent feature hides the number of likes a post has from everyone except the person who posted it. This can be used to help reduce the pressure to get likes and to focus on creating content that you enjoy.

Why is always the same person on top viewers on my Instagram story?

There could be a few reasons why the same person is always on top of your Instagram story viewers. It could be because that person is really interested in what you have to say and is constantly checking your story, or it could be because that person is spamming your story with views in an attempt to get more attention.

What does the top 3 viewers on Instagram story mean?

The top three viewers on an Instagram story are the people who have watched the story the most. This can be helpful for businesses and individuals who want to know which of their followers are most engaged with their content.

Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram profile 2022?

There is no way to see how many times someone has viewed your Instagram profile. Instagram does not track or store this information.

Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram Story 2021?

Yes, someone can see how many times you viewed their Instagram Story in 2021. When you view someone’s Story, their profile picture will have a little eye icon next to it, which indicates how many people have seen that particular Story.

Why is the same person at the bottom of my Instagram story?

The person at the bottom of your Instagram story is likely the last person to have posted a story. When someone views your story, the app will automatically scroll to the next story in the queue. If someone has just posted a story and you’re viewing their profile, you’ll see their story at the bottom of the screen.

How To Know If Someone Hides Their Story From You On Instagram – TechniqueHow

Your Quick Answer:

To confirm if someone hides his story on Instagram, you can also use the account of any mutual follower to find out if that user has uploaded any new story on Instagram that isn’t showing on your profile.

If you find any such story which isn’t appearing on your account but it’s showing from the account of the mutual follower, you can be sure that the stories are hidden from you.

If you can’t find the user’s story on the story list of your Instagram, you can even manually search for the profile of the user and check if he or she has uploaded any new story. If you find a maroon circle surrounding the DP, it’s because there’s a new story from the user.

There are several things that happen to your followers when you hide your story on Instagram.

You may face issues if the story is not available on Instagram and how to fix it.


You can find out if someone is hiding his Instagram story from you by using different techniques that are described below:

1. Suddenly Story will Disappear

You can easily find out if someone has masked you from viewing the Instagram story when you notice that suddenly their story isn’t appearing to you.

◘ If you know that the particular user is a frequent story uploader and all of a sudden you can’t see his or her Instagram story anymore on your story list for days, it might be because the user has hidden your profile from viewing his or her Instagram story.

◘ Instagram has a feature where users can hide their stories from any unwanted followers whom they don’t want to show their stories.

◘ Users on Instagram have the privilege to restrict creepy and unwanted audiences from viewing their Instagram stories by hiding stories from them.

Instagram users are often very active when uploading their stories on Instagram, but if you can’t see any such active user’s story for several days, you should understand that there’s a pretty good chance that the user has restricted your account from viewing his or her Instagram story.

◘ Stories can be hidden from selective users by getting into the Privacy section of the Instagram application, from where users can click on Story, and then on the next page, under the heading of Hide story from, users can select the names of the users from whom his stories would be hidden.

◘ If any user has added your profile name under the hidden list, you won’t be able to view their upcoming stories unless they remove you from the list.

◘ Active users on Instagram are pretty frequent when it comes to uploading their Instagram stories, but if you can’t view or find their stories on Instagram for several days, it may be because the user has hidden them from you.

Often when Instagram users upload their stories, for different privacy reasons, they hide their stories from some or a few users. If you can’t see someone’s story for days, it may be because he or she is uploading stories that are hidden from you & a few other users.

2. Seeing from Person’s other Followers

Another effective method that you can apply to find out if someone has hidden their story from you on Instagram is by checking the story of the particular user from a mutual follower’s profile.

You’ve to request any mutual follower to let you use his account to check for the person’s story. If you find that new story of that user, appearing on the account of this mutual follower but it’s not showing on your account, you can be sure that the user has hidden his Instagram stories from you.

◘ You’ve to find a person who’s also a follower of that Instagram user whose story you aren’t able to see. Therefore as the person is a mutual follower, you can ask him to check if that particular user has uploaded any story or not. If new stories appear in his profile but don’t appear in yours, it’s because your account is marked under the hidden list.

◘ Even if you have a second account from where you follow this particular user too, you can log in to that account and check if the user has uploaded any new story on Instagram. If you find new stories appearing on your second account but not on your first account, it’s because the story is hidden from your first account. 

◘ Mutual followers can see the same Instagram stories as it appears to you. But when the story is hidden from your profile and you’re under the hidden list, you won’t be able to view it. However, the mutual followers can view the stories, if the user has not hidden them too.

Therefore, the quickest way you can use to find out if an Instagram story is hidden from you is by checking it from the profile of a mutual follower.

If you find new stories appearing on the profile of the mutual follower, but it’s not showing to you, you can be sure you’re hidden from it. But if you don’t see any new stories of that user, be clear that you’re not under the hidden list.

3. Manually Open the Profile

You can visit the profile of the user manually by searching his name and checking for his profile stories.

◘ If you don’t find someone’s story on the story list on your Instagram homepage, you can certainly check for it by visiting the profile of the user manually.

◘ Due to glitches, many times, you won’t be able to find someone’s Instagram story on the story list that’s displayed on the homepage. Therefore, you’ve to check for it by visiting the profile.

◘ You need to search for the profile by clicking on the Search icon from the bottom panel of the screen and then typing the name of the user whose story you want to check.

◘ After you’re inside the profile of the user, if you find any maroon color circle surrounding the profile picture of the user, you can get to know that it’s because of a new story and you’re not hidden from viewing it. Once you click on the DP, it will show you the story.

Often when you can’t find someone’s story on the story list, but the user has uploaded a new story, you’ve to search the profile manually and then visit it. From there you can see the new story of the user and can be sure that he or she hasn’t hidden it from you.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why can’t I see someone’s Story on Instagram?

Instagram has this feature where users can hide any unwanted followers from viewing the stories uploaded on Instagram.

If you find that you are no longer able to see a user’s Instagram story even though he uploads stories quite frequently, it might be because the user has hidden his or her stories from you.

2. Can You See If You’ve Been Hidden from seeing story?

You cannot tell directly if you have been blocked from seeing someone’s story rather you have some ways that you can implement some tactics in order to find it out.

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How to find out what stories have been hidden on Instagram ➤ Hidden stories



Instagrammers often restrict other people's access to their Instagram Stories in order not to talk about personal life or other important events. You can understand who is doing this from your friends, according to a small instruction step by step.

How to find out who hid Stories on Instagram

How to see which followers have disabled the ability to see Stories for your account.

Follow the instructions below to find out who is "encrypted" on Instagram:

  1. Sign in to the app and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the page of the person you suspect of hiding content.
  3. If there are no active stories, the user may not have added anything in the last 24 hours. But you need to check.
  4. Go to Telegram and search for @instasave_bot or @spystoriesbot.
  5. Enter the user's nickname.
  6. The Telegram bot will show all the user's stories that he has published in the last 24 hours. If you haven't seen any of them, it means they've been hidden from your account.

The method only works for profiles that are public. It is not possible to get content from stories of closed pages.

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Additional ways to see who hid stories on Instagram

There are no available methods in the social network functionality, so the right option is to view other people's stories through third-party services.

Not only the gramotool website is suitable for this, but also applications on the phone like Socialhunters, Story Stalker. All spyware is installed on the phone.

The user can use them to watch stories anonymously and find out what were the latest publications. Based on this information, you can conclude whether stories were hidden from you or not. But even in these cases you will not be able to find out the information if the profile is closed.

If you don't want to use third party websites or apps, there is another option. To do this, you need a second account on Instagram.

If you have created one, use it, if not, register a new one. Then go to it and find the user who you think has hidden stories from you on Instagram and go to his page.

If actual stories are added but you haven't seen them on your real account, the content is hidden from you. If the profile is closed, request a subscription and wait for confirmation. After you can already view the information.

From the same page, you can watch stories later and follow the person's page all the time.

How to hide Instagram stories

You can become the person who hides Instagram stories from other people. To do this, use the steps below:

  1. Login to your account and go to settings. To do this, tap on the three stripes in the upper right corner and go to the inscription "Settings".
  2. Find "Privacy" and open it.
  3. There, go to the "History" section and add the people you want to hide stories from to the list.

You can also select "Close Friends" in the bottom panel before publishing, add to the list of friends or acquaintances and publish content. These stories will only be seen by people you've tagged as close friends on Instagram.

You cannot open such stories for other users after publication, you will have to re-upload it and publish it with public access.

Now you know how to understand that Stories has blocked you and how to view this content. Write in the comments if you have any questions, we will find a solution!

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How to understand that a person hid the history on you

Not every Instagram user wants to fight his publications. Some prefer to do this only for a certain category of people. We will tell you how to understand that a certain person has hidden his story on the Instagram app from you. And how to do it.


  1. How to know if an Instagram story is hidden from you
  2. How to hide your stories from a person on Instagram
  3. Other ways to find out if a story is hidden from a user
  4. Anonymously view another person's Instagram story
  5. Video -instruction

How to understand that an Instagram story is hidden from you

On the net, you can find an opinion that it is impossible to determine hidden stories. Although it is not. It is determined fairly quickly. All you have to do is copy the link to the account that you suspect has hidden stories. Pay attention to the user's profile picture: if it is not circled, then there are no new publications in the account for you in the "Stories" section.

What you need to do to understand this:

  1. Click on the ellipsis of the account and select "Copy profile URL";
  2. Open the site in a browser;
  3. Paste the profile link you just copied from Instagram into the empty line and select the profile name from the prompts;
  4. Look at the "History" tab. If there are new ones here that are not visible to you through your account, then they have been hidden.

The link service allows any user to view someone else's account anonymously. Here you can see any publications if the profile is not blocked by the system or is not closed from public viewing. The site also allows you to expand the photo on the profile picture in its original size. The image will be downloaded on demand and opened online. Also here you can find a selection of the most popular and interesting Instagram profiles. Selections for various parameters. As you can see, it's pretty easy to figure out if a particular person is hiding their Instagram stories from you.

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A way to hide your stories from a person on Instagram

It happens that you yourself need to hide certain stories on Instagram from users. For example, if you don't want to show posts to some friends, ex-girlfriends, or you only want to show the story to a few people.

To do this, you need to open your profile settings:

  1. Select the icon to get to the main page of your profile;
  2. Click on the menu button and in the drop-down window select "Settings";
  3. And select "Privacy" from the list;
  4. In it, go to the "Stories" subsection;
  5. Then find and click on the item "Hide my history from".

In the list of users, you need to tick those who should not see your stories. But given the first instruction in this article, you already know that it's easy to tell if you've hidden your Instagram story from anyone. But only the most curious will be able to use it. The rest of the selected users will not be able to see the history. There is no function in the original social network client to determine this.

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Other ways to find out that the story is closed from the user

You can do your own little investigation without any sites and applications. Users know that when new Stories are released on Instagram, the owner icon is painted with a colored border. In this case, it remains to select it to see new publications. If during your next visit you notice that the user does not have publications for you, they may exist, but are hidden from you. The red rim around the user's avatar also helps to determine this.

Visit his page, if there is a red border around the avatar, it means that there are no publications yet. And most likely they are generally hidden from you. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out about all users who have hidden publications from you. But by applying the described tools and methods to each in turn, you can be sure that they hide stories intentionally. Stories can also be archived. This helps to save them so that the system does not delete the publications.

The options to enable or disable history archiving are found in the profile settings. From here, they can also be shared, deleted, sorted, etc. Also, the user can follow the views of these publications on Instagram, even 48 hours after being added to their page.

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Viewing another person's Instagram story anonymously

There are several ways to view other people's stories without anyone knowing about it. Perhaps the view will be taken into account, but the owner of the publication will not know who it was. The easiest one is to open the story page and touch the screen. Swipe slowly to show the post on the other side. It will start playing, and the user will see the main objects in it. You can watch the whole story and go unnoticed.

The main thing is that the video does not take up the entire screen. In this case, the view will be counted from the current account. There are also mobile applications that will help you visit the page of any user and see his publications anonymously. For example, Stalker for Instagram.

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