How do you deactivate telegram

How to Deactivate or Delete Your Telegram Account

Telegram is a solid messaging app that keeps your chats encrypted and is rich in features. But if you're switching to a new messaging app, it's best to delete your Telegram account before you go.

Unfortunately, Telegram doesn't offer a direct switch you can flick in the app's settings. So, here are step-by-step guides showing you how to deactivate your Telegram account and how to delete your Telegram account.

Why You May Want to Delete Your Telegram Account

Even though Telegram boasts some useful features, there are still several reasons why you may want to deactivate your Telegram account. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to delete Telegram:

1. Telegram Is No Longer the Best App for You

With so many instant messaging apps available, there's a chance Telegram is not the best messaging app for your needs anymore. Maybe there's a new IM app in town, and you want to shift your conversations there.

2. Your Friends Are Leaving Telegram

Perhaps, some of your friends or family members are no longer on Telegram. Hence, you're following them away from Telegram to new pastures in order to stay connected.

3. Telegram's Policies Worry You

It's also possible you are not comfortable with Telegram's open policies and its broad range of communities. Multiple reports claim Telegram is a hotbed for illegal activity and hosts channels where users can easily download new movies or music tracks for free.

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4. You Don't Trust Telegram

Telegram doesn't encrypt chats by default and its security model has been criticized by some. In comparison, its competitor Signal is generally viewed with more trust around security and privacy.

How to Deactivate Your Telegram Account

By default, Telegram erases your account if it's inactive for six months. However, you can edit that setting and adjust how long Telegram should wait before deleting your profile. Besides six months, you can set it to a month, three months, or a full year.

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You'll find the self-destruct option in the Telegram Android and iOS apps' settings. On the app, tap the three-bar menu button in the top-left corner and select Settings. Next, go into the Privacy & Security page and scroll until you reach the Delete my account section.

Here, select the If away for entry and define the new inactivity duration after which your account should self-destruct.

You can't deactivate your Telegram account temporarily. The only choice you have is to simply leave your Telegram profile inactive. If it helps, you can uninstall the Telegram apps from your computer and phone.

Download: Telegram for Android | iOS (Free)

How to Delete Your Telegram Account

For those who can't wait a month, Telegram allows you to immediately kill your account and data as well. The tool is not present on any of the native apps and is only accessible on the web. This works on desktop as well as on any mobile browser.

To deactivate your Telegram account, head over to the My Telegram web portal, enter your Telegram phone number using the international number format, then click Next.

A confirmation code will be sent to you via Telegram and not by SMS, so ensure that you can access your Telegram account to retrieve the code.

Enter the code in the "Confirmation code" box and click Sign In.

On the next screen, click the Delete Account link. In the available text box, write your reason for leaving. Hit the Delete My Account button when you're ready.

Select the red Yes, Delete My Account option in the prompt and that's it. Telegram will delete your account and data permanently.

What Happens When You Delete Your Telegram Account

Before deleting your Telegram profile forever, it's best to understand the consequences of doing so.

When you delete your account, Telegram says it gets rid of all of your chats and data. Your account is terminated permanently and your messages, as well as contacts, are deleted beyond retrieval.

As for the channels and groups you built, they will continue to function normally even when you delete Telegram, and the existing admins will retain their privileges. In case you're the sole admin, Telegram will randomly assign an active member as the new admin.

On top of that, Telegram won't let you set up a new account with the same phone number again for at least a couple of days. In addition, deleting an account that has been limited due to spam-related activity will not remove the ban.

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Therefore, this guide is not for users who want to just clear all of their conversations on Telegram. For that, you can open the Telegram app and select the chats you'd like to delete by long-pressing on them. Tap the trash bin at the top to remove the highlighted conversations.

Alternatively, you can try reaching out to Telegram's customer support and request them to remove all of your chats from their servers.

How to Export Your Data Before Leaving Telegram

Telegram doesn't let you temporarily shut your Telegram account. Once you delete Telegram, you can't undo the action and revive your account or read your old texts by just logging back in.

Thankfully, Telegram offers an export option on its desktop clients in case there are any conversations you'd like to save for future reference.

To use it, install the Telegram app on your PC and sign in. Click the three-bars in the top-right corner to reveal the navigation menu and select Settings. Scroll down until you find the Export Telegram Data option.

Enter that and choose the type of data you'd like to export. You can specifically pick which chats are extracted, whether to exclude public channels, whether the archive should include videos or GIFs, the export format, and more. You even have the ability to download only the stickers you've sent on Telegram in the past.

Click Export and, depending on the size of your data, Telegram will complete the extraction in a few minutes. Tap Show My Data to view the file.

Download: Telegram for Mac | Windows | Linux (Free)

Is It Time to Delete Telegram?

Telegram is a very competent messaging platform that's available across a host of platforms. However, if you've decided to quit Telegram, these methods will help you delete your Telegram account and preserve your chat data locally on your computer.

If you're still looking for a new home for your digital conversations, there are a number of Telegram alternatives you can try.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently

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How to Delete Your Telegram Account: A Quick Guide

Do you hardly use Telegram? Do you feel your privacy is better off without it? Whatever your reason, it is easy to delete Telegram! Just follow these steps!

  1. Open your browser and go to the Telegram deactivation page.
  2. Fill in your phone number with your country code.
  3. Type in the code sent to your Telegram app.
  4. On the next page, click on “Delete My Account.”
  5. Confirm your decision by clicking, “Yes, delete my account.”

Deleting your Telegram account is permanent, and you’ll lose all your messages and media. We recommend creating a backup of your data before you go through with it.

Continue reading for step-by-step instructions on how to back up your data and delete your Telegram account.

Telegram is one of the top messaging apps today, with over 700 million monthly users.

Despite its popularity and its privacy-first reputation, Telegram isn’t the top choice for many people. The app has had its fair share of controversies, and with so many similar apps to choose from, it can be difficult to keep track of conversations on different platforms.

Whether you want to delete Telegram for privacy reasons or simply because you don’t use it as much as you used to, this article will show you how to go about deleting Telegram step-by-step.

Note: Unfortunately, it’s impossible to deactivate your Telegram account temporarily. The only option is to delete Telegram permanently.

If you do not want to engage with the app for some time, however, you can choose to uninstall Telegram rather than delete your account. Your data will remain on Telegram’s cloud, and your account will remain dormant until you re-install and use the app again.

First Things First: Make a Telegram Backup!

Before you delete Telegram and lose all your data, we recommend making a backup of your Telegram account. After all, deleting your account is permanent and, as Telegram puts it, “all your messages and contacts will be deleted beyond retrieval.”

Follow the steps down below to make a backup of your account.

Note: You can only do this from Telegram’s desktop app.

1. Click on the three lines in the top left corner of the app. Now, click on “Settings” and then “Advanced.”

2. Click on “Export Telegram data.”

3. You’ll need to select what messages and media to export. You can also set a storage limit for the export. Finally, you need to decide where to save the exported data on your device, and in which format—either HTML (readable by humans) or JSON (readable by machines).

4. Click on “Export,” and you’re all set to check out your Telegram data offline whenever you want.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account

There are two ways to delete your Telegram account: using the app’s self-destruct feature or doing so manually. We’ll discuss both options below.

Note: As far as we can tell, the browser version of Telegram doesn’t allow you to delete your account. Also, there are slight differences between the layout and features of Telegram’s desktop and smartphone apps. However, don’t let this throw you off; the steps are the same.

Delete Telegram account using self-destruction

Telegram allows you to specify a period of inactivity, after which your account will be deleted automatically. This is useful if, for instance, you’re not in a hurry to delete your account.

The standard time period is six months, but you can change this by following the steps below:

1. Open your Telegram app. Click on the three lines in the top left corner and go to “Settings.”

2. Click on “Privacy and Security.”

3. Scroll down and click on “Delete my account.”

4. Now, click on “If away for.”

5. You can now choose to have your account automatically deleted after one, three, six, or 12 months of inactivity. All you have to do is wait until the specified time elapses and your account will be automatically deleted.

Delete Telegram manually

If you don’t want to wait for your Telegram account to be deleted automatically, you can choose to delete it manually.

Note: There is no way to do this from the Telegram app. You can only delete your Telegram account from your web browser.

Follow the steps down below to delete your Telegram account:

1. Go to the Telegram deactivation page and enter your phone number with your country code. If you’re unsure about your country code, you can easily Google it.

2. Fill in the confirmation code sent to your Telegram app.

3. You’ll be directed to a page explaining the consequences of deleting your account. We recommend reading this information carefully. You can provide a reason for deleting your Telegram account if you want to. When you’re done, click on the blue “Delete My Account” button.

4. You have to confirm you want to delete your Telegram account by clicking “Yes, delete my account. ” This is the final step. Once you click on this button, your account will be deleted permanently.

5. You have now deleted your Telegram account permanently. If you want to sign up for another account with the same phone number, you’ll have to wait a few days before you can do so.

Why Delete Telegram?

Telegram was launched in 2013, but its popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years as millions of people seek alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook. There are many reasons to choose Telegram over WhatsApp, but there are also reasons to stop using Telegram. Here are the main ones.

No end-to-end encryption by default

While it has some unique features, critics have since lamented the fact that Telegram doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption by default. You need to activate “Secret Chat” before you get this level of encryption. This is different from other messaging apps, like WhatsApp, which has standard end-to-end encryption on all chats.

There’s also the fact that Telegram uses its own, relatively unknown encryption protocol—MTProto—rather than a well-recognized one.

Extremism and conspiracy theorists

Due to its lax approach to content moderation, Telegram has become a meeting place for right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists.

At the height of the COVID pandemic, while social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram took measures to stop the spread of misinformation, Telegram didn’t. This made the messaging app a fertile ground for the growth of extremist ideologies.

A study published in 2021 by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue revealed that far-right groups spread COVID-19 conspiracy theories on Telegram as a way to radicalize and recruit new members. The study also found that these groups peddle extreme misogyny, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia on the messaging app.

Data collection practices

To provide its service and further its “legitimate interests,” Telegram may collect and store metadata from users’ devices for up to a year. The company collects some personal information about users, including your name, username, phone number, email address, contact list, and location data (when you share your location).

Telegram also stores users’ chat messages, photos, videos, and shared documents. According to the company, this data is “stored heavily encrypted.” Nonetheless, Telegram may be compelled to turn over user data by the government.

Telegram claims it has never had to release user information to the authorities. However, in June 2022, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that Telegram had presented user data to the German police as part of a criminal investigation into terrorism and child abuse.

How to Keep Your Data Safe on Telegram

If you’re concerned about your privacy, deleting your Telegram account is not your only option. You can hang on to your Telegram account and secure your data by using a VPN. A VPN is a useful privacy solution that encrypts your internet traffic and routes your traffic through a server.

The top VPNs offer military-grade encryption. So, if you don’t trust Telegram’s encryption protocol, you can take matters into your hands and use a VPN to encrypt your traffic.

A VPN also changes your IP address and hides your real IP. This allows you to access geo-restricted content and bypass censorship blocks without any difficulties.

NordVPN is one of the top VPNs we recommend. It has a wide server network, excellent security and privacy tools, and it doesn’t store any user data.

If you’ve just deleted Telegram, and you’re looking for a great, privacy-oriented messaging app to replace it, there are several options to choose from. Check out our article on the best encrypted messaging apps.

If you’re interested in deleting your social media accounts, we have articles on how to delete your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn accounts.

How to Delete Your Telegram Account: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about deleting Telegram? Check out our FAQ down below to see if we’ve answered your question. If you can’t find your question below, read the full article above or leave us a comment, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I delete Telegram?

You can delete Telegram automatically using the self-destruct option, or manually. To delete your account manually, go to the Telegram deactivation page, fill in your full phone number (with your country code) and follow the steps. Our article on how to delete your Telegram account contains step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

What happens when you delete Telegram?

Deleting your Telegram account is permanent and irreversible. You will lose all of your chat messages and media if you haven’t saved them elsewhere. That’s why we strongly recommend making a backup of your data beforehand.

How can I delete my Telegram account from an iPhone?

Deleting your Telegram account from your iPhone is easy. You’ve got two options: using the app’s self-destruct feature, or deleting your account manually. For more information, check out our article on deleting Telegram.

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How to enable or disable the sound in Telegram

Many experts and ordinary users consider the Telegram messenger to be one of the best solutions on the market. The application works very fast, it is very light, does not load the device, it is multi-platform, and also equipped with many great features. One of these features are group conversations, as well as channels. Surely you have come across a situation, especially if you are an active participant in group conversations, when there are too many notifications, and they simply annoy you with their calls every couple of seconds. If they annoy you, you can easily turn them off.

Sound notifications can be managed in Telegram.

In today's material, we will analyze how to turn off the sound of notifications in the "Telegram" on your phone or computer. We will tell you how to remove it for a single correspondence, as well as how to turn off any signals.

How to turn off all notifications


  1. Expand the Telegram side menu by swiping from the left side of the screen or by tapping the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.
  2. Go to "Settings" - "Notifications and Sound". Here you will see individual settings for messages, groups, and the entire application.
  3. If you want to remove the ringtone of incoming messages, in the corresponding section, tap the "Sound" tab, and then select "Silent" in the list of available melodies. If you need to change the settings for groups, follow the same action in the corresponding section.
  4. If you want to get rid of all signals at the program level, in the "In the application" section, uncheck the "Sound" and "Sound in chat" lines.


  1. In the list of conversations in the lower right corner of the screen, tap the "Settings" tab, then go to the "Notifications and Sound" section.
  2. You will see that there is a separate configuration option for messages and groups. Depending on where you want to silence alerts, in the appropriate section, click "Sound", then check "None".
  3. If you want to remove them for the entire program, in the "In Application" menu, uncheck the "Sound" and "Chat Sound" lines.

Windows Phone

  1. Go to the "Telegram" settings menu, in "Settings" - "Notifications and sounds".
  2. Uncheck "Sound" under "Messages" if you want to turn off notifications for messages, "Groups" if for groups, or "In-app notifications" for the whole application.


Since the version of "Telegram" for the computer has exactly the same interface for any operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Mac OS, the procedure will not be any different.

  1. Expand the side menu by clicking on the three vertical bars in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Go to "Settings", then in the "Notifications" section, uncheck the "Sound" line. If you use the English interface of the program, the sections will be called "Settings" - "Notifications" - "Play sound".

How to turn off the signal for individual conversations

If you do not need to completely remove calls for all conversations, you can configure for each individual conversation. Despite the fact that for each platform the algorithm of actions will be almost the same, let's look at how to turn off the signal in Telegram for each individual conversation for each of them.


  1. Open the desired chat, group or channel.
  2. Tap the heading at the top of the screen, where you will see basic information about the person, the general conversation, or the channel.
  3. Click on "Notifications", then in the pop-up window you can see several options: turn it on, configure it, and also turn it off for a certain period of time (usually two or three options are offered from 1 hour to several days), or turn it off completely.
  4. You can also access the chat options by clicking on the three vertical dots and going to "Turn off notifications", where you will be offered time intervals when the restriction will apply, or you can delete it permanently.
  5. Check the option you need and a strikethrough bell will be displayed next to the chat name in the main window.


  1. After opening any conversation, click on its title or tap on the profile photo in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to the "Notifications" menu, where you select from the options for how long you want to turn off the signal. You can mark one of the time intervals or turn it off completely.
  3. A crossed-out bell will appear opposite the name in the chat window.

Windows Phone

  1. Tap a chat, channel, or group title with your finger, or tap the three horizontal dots.
  2. Uncheck "Notifications".
  3. In the list of conversations, there will be a strikethrough bell icon next to the name.


  1. Open any dialog where you want to remove alerts.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the three vertical dots and open "Disable notifications" in English.
  3. Choose how many hours or days to turn off the call, or remove them forever.
  4. In the general menu of conversations, a crossed-out bell will be displayed next to the name.


Removing notifications for the Telegram messenger on a computer or phone is not difficult at all. By the way, you can turn on the disabled signal by simply returning the previous settings. In the comments, please tell us how often you use this feature.

How to disable media autoload in Telegram

March 15, 2019Technology

A great way to save device memory and mobile data.



Telegram has a "media autoload" feature. When the interlocutor sends a photo, picture, video, gif or voice message, the messenger automatically downloads them to the device's memory. This is convenient, but only when your gadget has enough resources. If your friends and family love to bombard you with all sorts of "funny" memes, the messenger folder will very quickly begin to swell to an obscene size. In addition, auto-upload of media files in Telegram eats up mobile traffic.

Fortunately, this feature can be turned off or configured so that it does not cause problems.

Telegram for Windows

Open the Telegram sidebar and go to Settings → Advanced Settings. Look for the Media Startup section. There are three items here: "In private chats", "In groups" and "In channels". By opening any of them, you can choose which files should be automatically downloaded and which not. You can also set a size limit here. First of all, it is worth disabling the download of heavy files: video, audio and GIF animations.

It's also helpful to take a look at Data and Memory → Device Memory Management. Here you can set a limit for the cache of saved media files and set how often to clear it.

Telegram for macOS

Click the gear icon below the Telegram contacts list. In the settings that open, select "Data and memory". Here we are interested in two sections: "Memory Usage" and "Autoload Media".

In "Startup" select what content to load in which chats or not. It would be useful to set a limit on the size of downloaded files. Or you can disable autoload altogether.

In the "Memory Usage" section, you can set the storage period for media files. If there are not enough resources, select the option for "1 month" or even "1 week". This will make life easier for 128GB MacBook owners.

Telegram for Android

Open the Telegram sidebar and select Settings → Data & Storage. As in the desktop versions of the messenger, here you will find two interesting items: “Autoload media” and “Memory usage”.

Choose what types of files to auto-upload and set file size limits for them. Then turn on automatic cache cleaning so that the saved pictures do not gather dust in the smartphone’s memory for a long time.

Telegram for iOS

Open Settings → Data & Storage → Media Startup.

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