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Instagram is a social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc., it let you share image and video through its platforms. It is a standalone application that was originally developed for iOS devices but later on Android version and Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile version developed. There is a web interface for instagram. While Instagram is a standalone application, it can be used with other supplement third party application. For example, private instagram viewer,…


On Instagram, you can share your images or videos, story ( You can hide images if you dont want show them public). You can control whether anyone can view your account or contents like images and videos by toggling private account. By enabling this setting, you made your account into a private instagram account. Only you or any approved follower can view your private instagram story viewer and its videos & story , but with private account web viewer, you can view all photo without follow step. In addition to this setting, you can make if your contents will show up in search results regardless of above privacy setting. So you can make your contents not be included in search results while your account remains public.

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