How to run whatsapp on pc without bluestacks

WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Without Bluestack | Youwave


Download Whatsapp for PC/laptop without emulator bluestack. There are a lot more tricks available on internet for installing Whatsapp on PC/laptop, but here I am describing to Run Whatsapp for PC without emulator bluestack, youwave and This Whatsapp for PC can be run without graphic card on your computer. Customized option is available for speeding up WhatsApp on PC. Your can also use WhatsApp online without downloading the software on Computer.

WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Without Bluestack | Youwave | does not required any QR code Scanning. Its is very easy to download process. Simply Download & Install WhatsApp on PC and configure WhatsApp on PC like we do on phone, just a number verification and your are ready to chat on WhatsApp. The software to run WhatsApp on PC also works with the low-grade PC configuration, Fully Customized Option is also available to decide the Whatsapp Screen Size, due to which we can access the Whatsapp on PC faster as compared to bluestack.

Low resolution screen size = More Faster Accessibility on PC


Requirement to Download Whatsapp for PC 


  1. Internet connection to download Software
  2. Download Whatsapp APK to install on Computer
  3. Little bit of Computer Skill


How to Install WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Without Bluestack

  1. Download software to run WhatsApp on PC/Laptop (Software Link)
  2. Install The Software
  3. Upload Whatsapp APK on Software
  4. Configure Whatsapp for PC and Use
  5. Check Image for More Informative Illustration to Download and Install WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Without Bluestack | Youwave |


Learn to Connect Wifi Without Password

Step 1 : Download Whatsapp APK from

step 2: Select “Download for Android” for Whatsapp for PC

Step 3 : Download Whatsapp For PC

Step 4 : Goto Manymo. com

Step 5: Sign Up and Download Software

Step 6 : Verify Your email Id to download Whatsapp for Pc software

Step 7 : After Successfully Verified Click for  >> “Launch Emulator”

Step 8 Browse and Select Whatsapp AKP 

Step 9 : Now Select Whatsapp APK File which we have download from

Step 10 : Click Continue to Upload and Install Whatsapp on Computer/Laptop

Step 11 : Uploading Process

Step 12 : Have an option to select your whatsapp screen size to Chat with your friends

Step 13 : Configure Whatsapp for Pc

Step 14 : Verify Whatsapp Mobile Number On Computer

Step 15 : Use WhatsApp on my computer


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Features | Why to Use This Technique to Install Whatsapp for PC Without Bluestack ?

  1. Fast Whatsapp Chat
  2. No Slow Process like Bluestack
  3. Work everything / Fully Feature Loaded
  4. Easy Install
  5. One Click Access for All Chat
  6. Custom Screen Size Selection for Whatsapp on PC/Laptop
  7. No Need of Phone to Configure Whatsapp for Computer
  8. WhatsApp for PC without phone access
  9. Run Whatsapp on PC Without QR Code Scan
  10. Stand Alone Software to Run WhatsApp on PC
  11. Use Whatsapp online without downloading

Conclusion : The WhatsApp can be use online without downloading the software on Computer. hence the this trick to run Whatsapp for PC is faster then using bluestack and youwave. finally, you have learned to Download WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Without emulator Bluestack, The Software also alows you to manage size for screen to access WhatsApp efficiently on computer. try to Keep lowest screen resolution to work properly while using WhatsApp on computer. This Software WhatsApp For PC/Laptop Support Windows 10/8/7/XP.

Do Comment bellow for Help or download issue.

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How to install WhatsApp on PC without Bluestacks

WhatsApp is basically a messaging application which can be used only on a mobile device with a SIM card. A device without a SIM card won’t allow WhatsApp to be functional. However, some tablets, which have a voice calling option, can use WhatsApp Messenger service.

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Other than mobile phones and voice tablets, there are options where one can use WhatsApp on an iPad. However the method is a bit tedious, but works pretty fine.

Installing WhatsApp on a Windows PC using Blustacks was what we had shown you the last time. However, that too was a bit too techie and involves the use of Bluestacks as an app.

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This time we show you how you can install WhatsApp on your Windows desktop or laptop, without the use of Bluestacks. However, there is no application for WhatsApp for Windows as yet, so the procedure is not as simple as installing software and starting to use it.

In this procedure, we show you how you can use WhatsApp using Youwave. The procedure is not new, but is pretty simpler than setting it up on Bluestacks.

So let’s begin setting up WhatsApp on a desktop PC in just a few steps.

Firstly, you need to install Youwave, Youwave is an Android emulator application for Windows and is pretty straightforward to install and use.

Download Youwave from Youwave. com and install it. You may choose to install the paid version or the free trial version as a starter.

Once installed, start Youwave and your Android operating system will be virtually started up in a new window on your desktop.



Now you need to install WhatsApp on the virtual Android platform. Before that, WhatsApp needs to be downloaded and then installed. First, click on File – Path To Apps and select your system desktop as the path. Click on Open when you have chosen the folder. This is the path where the Android OS will accept APK files from.

Now we need to download WhatsApp. Click on View, and then on Online content. You will find a small new window popping up with WhatsApp in it. Double click on it and hold on for a while till it downloads.


The WhatsApp APK installer app will be downloaded and saved on your desktop. You need to now install this app inside the Android OS emulator.

Now click on View and then click on Apps. You will find a WhatsApp in that list. Simply double-click on the icon and WhatsApp will be installed.

You are almost done. Now open the App drawer once again and you shall find WhatsApp installed. Launch the app and you can continue to activate WhatsApp as you regularly would on a mobile phone.


The only issue here would be the SIM card and the phone number. Continue to activate WhatsApp and enter the country code and phone number you would like to use WhatsApp with. Make sure that the number you are using is active in a phone and that phone is not activated or using WhatsApp.

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The WhatsApp on your desktop will now contact the servers and send an SMS with a code to the mobile phone, which needs to be entered on your desktop. Your desktop WhatsApp will now try to receive the SMS code, but since there is no SIM option on your PC, it will ask you to manually enter it.


Once you have fed the code to the WhatsApp, you are all ready to begin sending and receiving WhatsApp messages from your desktop with the convenience of the large keyboard and a big desktop screen.

Note: if you are using WhatsApp on the smartphone with the same mobile number, the mobile phone app will interfere and deactivate the WhatsApp on your PC. It is recommended that you use a new number for the PC WhatsApp or uninstall WhatsApp on your smartphone.

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How to install WhatsApp messenger on PC using BlueStacks?

Game guides

How to install WhatsApp messenger on PC using BlueStacks?

Written by: Content Team BlueStacks

Apr 25, 2021

Download whatsapp on pc

Despite the fact that dozens of instant messengers have been developed for personal computers, the most convenient and accessible applications exist only on smartphones. One of these is WhatsApp, Facebook's instant messaging and video calling product. For more than 12 years, the messenger has undergone a lot of changes, bringing together the most modern functions and becoming the main means of communication for billions of people. We're not joking: WhatsApp download statistics on Google Play show that the application is installed on more than 5 billion devices!

Despite the fact that WhatsApp has a web version and a special build for computers on Mac or Windows, users periodically wonder how to install the mobile version of the messenger on a PC? Well, we have the answer to that question - use BlueStacks!

BlueStacks is a powerful gaming platform that allows you to run Android games and apps on your personal computers. Thanks to it, you will get rid of the main disadvantages of smartphones:

  1. constant discharge;
  2. inconvenient navigation and control;
  3. unstable internet connection;
  4. low performance;
  5. a small screen that does not reveal all the graphical capabilities of the product.

To download WhatsApp on your PC, follow these steps:

1. Download the BlueStacks installer from the platform's official website.

2. Run the installer and install BlueStacks 5. The platform will open automatically after the download process is complete.

3. Open the Play Store and type "WhatsApp" into the search bar.

4. In the output menu, find the icon of the desired application and click on it.

5. You will see a standard application window in the Google Play store. Click on the "install" button.

6. When the download is complete, close the Google Play window and go to the BlueStacks homepage. Here you will see the icons of all installed applications.

7. Click on the WhatsApp icon, log in and start working with the messenger.

Done! Use all the features of the mobile app on your PC: make video calls, share content and messages with your friends! BlueStacks 5 will make your communication much easier and better!

Download whatsapp on pc

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  • May 16, 2022


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How to install WhatSapp on a computer without a phone instruction

Good afternoon, friends. How to install WhatSapp on a computer without a phone step by step instructions. Whatsapp is a fairly popular free software that helps people communicate through their phones. The application is used to send text messages, various clips, sound files, pictures and other items. This program can function in the following OS: Android, Apple OS, Windows Phone, Windows and other OS. This software appeared in 2009year. Starting in 2021, it has become completely free.

Currently, Whatsapp is used by more than a billion users from all over the world. But, most of the people have no idea that this software is also applicable on a PC, as on a smartphone. When it is installed on a computer, all its options function the same as on the phone. Almost everyone can install it on a computer. Although we are trying to learn how to get into WhatsApp without a smartphone, we will also look at how to enter this application using a phone.

How to install whatsapp on a computer without a phone

I already wrote about the BlueStacks emulator in my articles, but now it's time to repeat it, because with it you can install Whatsapp on your computer without any barcode reading. At the same time, do not forget that not every person on a smartphone has a device that can do this.

  1. First you need to download the BlueStacks emulator to your computer from the link ... At the same time, if you do not have a 64 bit Windows or Mac system, select your system on the right on the site;

  2. We just need to install this emulator on your computer. This will take time;

  3. After installing the emulator, a window opens asking us to register. In other words, enter your Google Play account. I think you already have it, so you need to enter your account. Click "Login";

  4. We are asked to log in again;

  5. To do this, you need to use a Google profile;

  6. We have a Google welcome window, click "Accept";

  7. We have a Google services window where we need to click "Accept";

  8. After that, we get to the Google Play of this emulator;

  9. Now we just need to install Whatsapp. What is WhatsApp and why is it needed? But in the social network, the functionality is much wider and it is designed mainly for publicity. We post photos, share posts and comments, and all our friends can see it.

    Messenger (from the word “message”, “message”) is designed for more private communication, like SMS in a phone. WhatsApp is just such a program.

    Its main functions and features:

    • sending text messages to any application user;
    • creation of voice and video messages of any duration;
    • making calls to anywhere in the world;
    • sending photos and documents of any format;
    • organization of collective communication using text messages and video calls;
    • save important information, images, documents and videos to the device's memory.

    The application works via the Internet, so with a modern phone and an installed messenger, you can always be in touch: at home, in the office or in the car.

    Install Whatsapp on a computer

    1. Go to Google Play, in the search bar enter the word Whatsapp in the search for this service;
    2. This service has found the WhatsApp app for us. Click on the green "Install" button;

    3. We are downloading this application;

    4. The window “Switch to advanced engine mode” appears, click “Not now”;
    5. Our application has loaded, and we just have to click on the "Accept and continue" button;

    6. Now we are asked to enter a phone number, enter it;

    7. Next, we verify the phone number via SMS;
    8. In the next window, we are asked to allow access to contacts such as photos, media, and more. Click on the "Next" button;

    9. After that, we are asked the main question: “Allow the WhatsApp program to access contacts?”. Click on the "Allow" link;
    10. Next, in the emulator, I allow all applications to be used;

    11. After that, we are asked to switch to the advanced OpenGL engine mode, click on "Change and restart";

    12. Our engine mode is starting to change;
    13. We start WhatSapp and we are asked to give our name. Click "Next";

    14. Next, we are asked to invite a friend;

    15. We send an invitation to our friends;
    16. You can now freely use WhatSapp on your computer!

    Appointment WhatsApp

    Calls, SMS and MMS messages through a mobile operator always cost money, and if you need to contact a person on the other side of the planet, then the amount can simply be sky-high. Thanks to accessibility and ease of use, modern Internet communications are replacing such costly methods of communication.

    WhatsApp is in the top 4 free messengers with high call quality. It has over a billion downloads. The program is successfully used all over the world, which makes it possible to quickly contact anywhere in the world, the main thing is that he has access to the network.

    Method 2 - use the Web version of Whatsapp

    So, to run Whatsapp in the Web version, you need:

    1. Now you need to read what is in 3 points of the site and follow what you read;

    2. That is, we go to the WhatSapp application in the phone's Web through the menu and simply read this QR code;

    3. Then, the computer is synchronized with mobile Whatsapp. All information goes to the online version of the computer. After passing this synchronization, you can easily use the version of WhatsApp for a computer and work with this program.

    Features 2 methods

    1. To more correctly install WhatsApp on your computer, it is advisable to use the Google Chrome browser;
    2. WhatsApp will function when this application is running on the smartphone;
    3. The version of WhatsApp for the computer is, in fact, a mirror for the smartphone program.

    WhatsApp is not supported on your device

    To check if the device is supported by the WhatsApp application and whether you can install the software on your smartphone, you need to go to the official application store. Each operating system has its own application that is preinstalled on the smartphone and cannot be removed.

    For Android smartphones, this is the Play Market.

    For iPhones on the iOS platform - App Store (App Store).

    For Windows phones - Microsoft Store.

    In the app store, type in the search box the name of the messenger in English or the Russian version - translit. The first app on the list with a tick icon will be the official app. Clicking on it will take you to a page with details. The first line is important, which contains the information of interest - whether the application is supported by the smartphone or not. If you can see the green "Install" button there, then the mobile device is supported. Otherwise, a message will appear: Your device is not supported.

    The application is not officially supported by most older smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system.


    All devices that meet the following requirements are supported:

    • Your smartphone is running Android 2.1 or higher. and over time, this threshold will increase markedly.
    • The smartphone has the ability to receive SMS messages for authorization in the official messenger application.
    • The smartphone can receive calls to confirm the number and use the functionality of the WhatsApp application.
    • The mobile number set in the smartphone must be connected to the Internet using a tariff with mobile traffic or a wireless connection.

    Method 3 - download the Whatsapp program on a PC

    If you want to use the official Whatsapp program for PC, you need: installed the system, because the big green button downloads only the 64 bit version of Windows or Mac;

  10. After we have downloaded the installation file, we need to install WhatsApp on the computer;
  11. Next, open the program and also scan the code through the smartphone camera from the computer screen so that synchronization occurs.
  12. So, after you have launched this program, you need to scan the QR code again. To do this, as in the first method, you need to go to the smartphone settings and open the Whatsapp Web application. This is especially true if you have a new version of WhatsApp installed on your computer.

    After that, the software will start functioning on the PC. This version of the program contains all the options that are available on your smartphone. All information, as in the first method, will go to your computer.

    I talked about three methods for installing Whatsapp on a computer. I hope one of them is useful to you. Good luck!

    Sincerely, Andrey Zimin 04/27/2020

    Advantages over other applications and types of communication

    Among the many programs, it can be difficult to choose the most reliable and high-quality product. For example, earlier they used ICQ for communication, then Skype, Viber, Telegram and others appeared. Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here's what makes WhatsApp different from similar products and other forms of communication:

    1. All you need to communicate is an Internet connection, which saves a lot of money, because you can call or send a message anywhere: even to Japan, even to Portugal. If you call and write regular SMS there, you can go broke.
    2. The application works on various operating systems, so you can chat on WhatsApp on your Android or iOS phone equally easily. Windows.
    3. Instant messaging.
    4. Low consumption of memory and Internet traffic, thanks to which we get stable operation of the application, it does not hang and does not load for 2-3 minutes, as is the case with similar programs.
    5. Secure storage of personal data.
    6. Messages are always encrypted in the program, so they can only be read on the sender's or recipient's device.
    7. Synchronization with phone contacts so you don't have to add them manually.

      Learn more