How to read delete msg in whatsapp

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Someone Sent you[2022]

It is possible to delete WhatsApp messages using a feature in WhatsApp known as “delete messages for everyone.”

This feature can be very useful if you send a message to the wrong contact or the message that you sent has a mistake. If someone sends you a message and then uses the “delete messages for everyone” feature to delete it, you will see “This message was deleted.” In this case, the solutions in this guide will help you read the deleted messages.

One of the ways that you can read deleted messages on WhatsApp is from the Notification log on Android devices. Follow these simple steps to access the notification log.

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Step 1: Long press anywhere on the home screen and tap on “Widgets.”

Step 2: Look for the “Settings” widget and then tap and hold on it.

Step 3: Tap on the “Notification Log” and it will appear as the “Notification Log” widget. Now all you have to do is tap on the widget every time you get a “This message was deleted” notification to see the actual message.

How to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp by Notification Log

You can also use an app known as “Notification History Log” to read deleted WhatsApp messages. This is a free app that can access deleted WhatsApp messages easily. Follow these simple steps to use it;

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and install the “Notifications History Log” app on to your device. It is completely free to use

Step 2: Launch the app and then tap on the “Notification History” button.

Step 3: Look for WhatsApp notifications and you should be able to read the deleted messages under “android.text.

How to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp with Notisave

You can also use the Notisave app to read deleted WhatsApp messages. Like “Notification History”, Notisave will also allow you to read the deleted message by giving you access to the notifications. Here’s how to use it;

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store to install the Notisave app on your devic

Step 2: Allow all the permissions that Notisave requests and the tap on the “auto-start” option

Step 3: Now all the messages you receive will be visible in Notisave, including deleted messages.

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp with Backup

Another very simple way to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp is to use MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer. This third-party solution allows users to easily restore the messages from a backup, an ideal solution if you want to restore the messages individually and you would rather not restore the whole backup. MobileTrans has a new WhatsApp message recovery feature that makes the process very easy; just follow these simple steps;

Step 1: Download and install MobileTrans on to your computer. When installation is complete, launch the program an in the main window, click on “Backup & Restore”

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Step 2: Click on “Deleted WhatsApp Data Restore” in the next window and select “Restore”.

Step 3: You should see a list of the backups in the next window. Select the backup with the messages that you would like to recover and click “Next.

Step 4: Finally, select the messages that you would like to recover and then select “Restore to Computer. ” For now, this process can only restore the messages to the computer. “Restore to Device” will be available soon.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages and recover them on Android

December 25, 2021 3:00am Comment Sumukh Rao

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging services across the globe. Whether you’re texting a friend or creating a group chat with members of your family, WhatsApp is generally the preferred app since almost everyone uses it. Due to its popularity, WhatsApp has been introducing several new features to the platform including multi-device support and more recently, disappearing messages. Quite some time back, WhatsApp added the ability to delete sent messages before the receiver read them. This can be useful if you made an error while typing the message or sent a message to the wrong contact. But this can also have the opposite effect on the receiver, making them more curious than usual in figuring out what was sent in the first place. While WhatsApp doesn’t officially let you read deleted messages, there’s a workaround that we’re going to discuss today. We’re going to tell you how to read deleted WhatsApp messages on your phone.

Note that this workaround only works on Android smartphones and will not work on iOS. We will be using a third-party app for this trick and the app will have notification access. This is NOT an official method and the app is in no way affiliated to WhatsApp. Notification access is also a very wide and potentially intrusive permission to grant to an app, so please be very thorough about your needs before you go ahead and grant the app such access.

Given that WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, there’s no way to actually recover a deleted message. The workaround is to use an app that keeps track of your WhatsApp notifications. This is more like accessing your notification history to figure out the deleted message. It works almost flawlessly though and I’ve been using it for over a year now without any issues. It even works with WhatsApp Business and other messaging apps like Instagram and Telegram. Here’s how you can read and recover deleted messages on WhatsApp:

  • Head to the Play Store and install WAMR on your phone. There are several apps that do the job but this is one that I’ve personally used for a while.
  • Once installed, open the app and read and accept the disclaimer. Tap on the Next arrow.
  • You’ll then be asked to select the apps you want to monitor. Select WhatsApp from the list along with any other messaging apps that you use if you want to.
  • Read through and keep swiping right across the menus till you get to the Setup screen. Here, tap on Enable next to Notification Reader.
  • You will now be redirected to your phone’s Settings app to grant notification access. Scroll down to find WAMR and tap on it.
  • Now, tap on the toggle next to Allow notification access and tap on Allow again.
  • Once you’ve granted access, go back to the WAMR app and tap on the Next arrow.
  • That’s pretty much it. You now have a service that stores your WhatsApp notification history. If someone deleted a message they sent you, WAMR will notify you, and you can read the message by tapping on the notification.
Deleted WhatsApp message
Notification from WAMR
Read the deleted message

  • Some phones tend to have aggressive RAM management which kills the WAMR process running in the background. We would recommend keeping the app running in the background at all times to prevent this from happening.


Developer: drilens

Price: Free

When someone sends you a message, WAMR stores the contents of the message from the notification that you get on your phone. That way, even if someone deletes a message, the contents of the message are already stored in WAMR via the notification and you can access it.

Since this is a workaround, there are certain limitations. If you have muted some contacts and they delete a message sent to you, you will not be able to recover it since notifications for muted contacts are disabled. If you have disabled media auto-download on WhatsApp, WAMR will not be able to save deleted media files. It will also not work if the message deleted was sent to you while your phone was not connected to the internet since you wouldn’t have received a notification.

If you can live with these shortcomings, this is a great way to read deleted WhatsApp messages and satisfy your curiosity! We would still recommend exercising your own discretion when choosing to use such apps.

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How to view deleted messages in whatsapp on android

WhatsApp has a function to delete messages in correspondence not only from yourself, but also from another participant in the conversation. This is a very useful option if you mistakenly sent the wrong text to the interlocutor or you need to hide some information. There are times when it is necessary for us to read deleted messages as they may contain very sensitive information. But how to recover deleted messages in whatsapp? Read this article until the end and you will find out0003 how to view deleted messages in whatsapp .

  • Method 1. How to view deleted messages in WhatsApp
  • Method 2. How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp
  • Method 3. How to get back deleted messages in WhatsApp
  • Method 4. How to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp using software

Method 1. How to view deleted messages on WhatsApp

The option to delete a WhatsApp message is available to all messenger users. During the correspondence, you may notice how the interlocutor deleted the message just sent. This happens when the participant in the conversation made a mistake and decided to immediately delete the text.

How to view deleted messages in whatsapp? Let's see, this is a fairly easy and quick procedure. But this method can be used if you have previously made backups manually or automatically. Also check if you have a stable Internet connection and if there is enough free memory on your Android device.

So, follow these steps to view deleted messages in WhatsApp application on Android:

  • First go to "Settings" on your device;
  • Next, go to the "Applications" section;
  • Find WhatsApp in the list of applications and go to its settings;
  • Then, in the "About" section, click on the "Uninstall" button. In no case do not click on "Clear all data", otherwise all WhatsApp correspondence will be deleted, including the application;

  • Re-download the WhatsApp application from the Google Play Market, install it on your Android device after verification and restore the necessary backup.
  • Check if deleted messages are displayed in WhatsApp application. If they could not be found, then most likely they were deleted before the backup was created. Pay attention to what frequency of backups you have set. As a rule, daily auto-saving of backups occurs once a day around 2 am.

    If this method does not help you, then look further at how to return deleted messages to WhatsApp.

Method 2. How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp

Restoring deleted messages in whatsapp messenger may seem like a rather difficult process at first glance. But this is absolutely not the case, we will prove the opposite to you. In this method, you will learn how to read deleted messages in whatsapp on android. Follow step by step instructions:

In order for the program to function correctly, check in advance in the settings of your device whether WhatsApp notifications are enabled.

Then follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Notification History Log application on your Android smartphone or tablet through the Google Play Market;
  • Launch the application - a notification will immediately appear that the program needs to open access to notifications, as well as set up universal access. Click on the first item first.

  • Then run the program and open the section for "History of notifications";
  • You will be taken to the phone settings. Activate the component using the toggle switch in the upper right and confirm the action.

  • Then click on notification access settings. Check the box next to Notification History. Then tap on OK in the program and everything is done.

Method 3.

How to get back deleted messages in WhatsApp

If a week has passed since the deletion of WhatsApp messages, you can only view it in the database stored on your phone. This may require third-party services that can open databases. How to recover deleted messages in whatsapp? Study this method to the end.

And that's all. With this, you can recover deleted whatsapp messages on android quickly and easily.

Method 4. How to recover deleted messages in WhatsApp using software

If none of the above methods helped you recover WhatsApp conversations, then check out Tenorshare UltData for Android. You will solve the problem of how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup using Tenorshare UltData for Android in just a couple of clicks without much effort.

Its main advantages is that it recovers deleted WhatsApp messages on Android without backup and root, and recovers deleted text messages, videos, contacts, voice messages, call logs, etc. Supports over 6,000 Android smartphones and tablets.

Let's see how to recover whatsapp messages with Tenorshare UltData for Android.

  • Download Tenorshare UltData for Android and install on PC or Mac;
  • Launch the program and click on the option "Restore WhatsApp data"; then connect your Android device with a USB cable to your computer;

  • Then turn on USB debugging as instructed;

  • After that, the program will detect your Android device and you will be taken to the next screen. Click the "Start" button to find the deleted WhatsApp data on your device;

  • Sign in to your WhatsApp account on your device. If you have already done so, click the "Yes, I want to continue" button;

    Note: To avoid data loss, follow the on-screen instructions to backup WhatsApp;

  • After Backup, UltData for Android will start scanning WhatsApp data on your device;

  • After scanning, all WhatsApp data will be displayed, including deleted data. Select the file you want to restore and then click the "Recover" button. Then your deleted messages are restored to your computer.


Today we will see 4 effective ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. You can choose the one that suits you best depending on your situation. But in my opinion, the program Tenorshare UltData for Android, which can handle such a task quickly and easily. The utility recovers WhatsApp data such as photos, videos, and documents. Performs a quick scan of over 1000 deleted Android photos.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages: Ways to View Deleted WhatsApp Conversations

Some WhatsApp users who are overly concerned about the privacy of WhatsApp conversations delete conversations shortly after sending messages.

WhatsApp messages can be deleted both in personal correspondence and in group chats using the "Delete for all" function. If desired, the user can also set up automatic deletion of messages after a certain time after sending (hour, day, week, and so on). The deleted message is replaced with an icon notifying you that the message has been deleted.

Many people think that it is impossible to restore correspondence after deletion, and this is almost always true. However, there are several ways to read messages - they can be stored, for example, in backups and other places. Let's talk about all the known methods for recovering deleted messages.

Is it possible to see deleted messages in WhatsApp

In short, you can. For example, you can examine notifications or try to restore data from a backup. Let's consider each method in more detail.

Backup is a useful thing to restore messages

A backup of all WhatsApp conversations is stored in the cloud (Apple iCloud for iOS users and Google Drive for Android smartphones and tablets). Data synchronization, that is, downloading the latest version of the correspondence with all changes (including new sent messages, deleted ones, and so on) is carried out in accordance with the settings in the WhatsApp application itself.

The user can create a backup copy of chats daily, weekly or monthly - it is enough to specify it once in the settings, then the whole process will be carried out automatically. The backup usually starts around 2:00 am local time.

Backup can be disabled, but then when you change the device itself, you will not be able to restore correspondence from the "cloud", and all chats will be empty.

How to recover and read deleted messages in WhatsApp

Reinstalling the application

This is the first way to recover data. Below are the detailed steps to implement it:

  • Delete WhatsApp from your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install WhatsApp again.
  • Enter the same phone number you used before and then enter the password that will be sent to you by SMS.
  • After that, you will have the opportunity to restore deleted messages from a backup copy (of course, it must be created in advance and in advance). WhatsApp itself will offer to start the procedure for restoring correspondence.
  • After downloading chats from the "cloud" copy, all correspondence saved during the most recent synchronization will be downloaded to the smartphone. Messages whose deletion information has not yet been backed up will be automatically restored. If the backup was created after the messages were deleted, then it will not be possible to restore them in this way.

Via notification history

Viewing deleted messages via notification history works on both Android and iOS devices. How it's done?

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification and switcher shade.
  • Find among the notifications those that relate to the WhatsApp messenger - they are marked with the corresponding “branded” green icon with a picture of a handset.
  • Click on any of them and then hold to open the preview window built into the system itself. If this does not happen, then you need to set the appropriate parameter in Android through the "Settings - Notifications" menu.
  • In the preview window that opens, you can see messages even if the sender deleted them beforehand. But it’s worth remembering that you can’t just tap on a message and then remove your finger from the screen - after that, the WhatsApp application will open, in which there will no longer be the messages you need (since they have already been deleted), and notifications may automatically disappear.

Restore via local storage

The third method only works on Android. What needs to be done for this?

  • Open WhatsApp settings and go to Database. It contains copies of chats created locally and ready to be uploaded to the cloud storage.
  • Find a file called msgstore.db.crypt12. This is a file that contains the most up-to-date information about correspondence that has not yet been uploaded to the cloud.
  • Press and hold on it to change the name (this function will appear in the menu that opens).
  • Change the file name to msgstore_backup. db.crypt12. This way you enable overwrite protection.
  • Find the most recent backup file (for example, msgstore22-06-2022.1.db.crypr12) and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt12. This is necessary in order to replace the most current version of the correspondence with a slightly outdated version, which still contains messages that have been deleted.
  • Open the Google Drive application (Google Drive) and find the "Backups" section in the top menu, which opens by clicking on the icon with three lines.
  • Delete WhatsApp backup from cloud storage.
  • Delete the WhatsApp app itself and download it again from the Google Play Store. After that, log in and start the procedure for restoring chats from a local copy (this copy will not be available in the Google cloud).

Special programs for recovering and viewing deleted WhatsApp messages

The method works on Android. How to use it?

  • Open the Google Play Store, find the WhatsRemoved+ app, install it.
  • Launch WhatsRemoved+ and allow it access to notifications the first time you launch it.
  • After that, it will be possible to read deleted messages - the application will "intercept" them from the notification section and copy them to itself. Important clarification: you can read only those deleted messages that were sent (and deleted) after installing the WhatsRemoved + application.
  • It is also worth remembering that the use of such applications may carry certain security risks. It is known that notifications may contain personal information. At the same time, there is no firm guarantee that WhatsRemoved + and other tools similar to it do not copy it to themselves, including it.

Notisave is an application similar to WhatsRemoved+ and works in a similar way.

What should I do if I accidentally deleted a message only from myself?

If this message contains some important information, then you can use the first method, which involves reinstalling WhatsApp.

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