How to make story promotion on instagram

8 Tips for Creating Highly Effective Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories have captured the hearts (and eyeballs) of Instagram users across the world. So is it any surprise, then, that Instagram Story Ads are one of the very best ways to advertise on the platform?

With more than 500 million people using Instagram Stories daily, brands have a massive opportunity to make an impression. In fact, 58% of Instagram users report being more interested in a brand or product after watching their Stories.

So if Instagram is part of your brand’s social media strategy: it’s Story time, baby! Here’s everything you need to know about making effective, engaging Instagram Story ads.

What are Instagram Story ads?

How to publish an Instagram Story ad

Instagram Story ads design requirements

Meta ad guidelines for Stories

How much do Instagram Story ads cost?

8 tips for creating highly effective Instagram stories ads

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What are Instagram Story ads?

An Instagram Story ad is paid content that appears as users are watching Stories on Instagram.

Source: Instagram Business

Instagram Stories are vertical, full-screen photos and videos that appear at the top of the Instagram app, rather than in the news feed.

Organic Stories disappear after 24 hours; Instagram Story ads will continue to be served up as long as your campaign is running.

Stories incorporate fun, interactive components like stickers, filters and effects. They’ve become incredibly popular since launching in 2017, and brands have reaped the benefits. In a survey of Instagram users, half reported visiting a business’ website to make a purchase after seeing it in Stories.

TLDR: For brands on Instagram, Story Ads are a powerfully effective avenue for sharing your message. Get that ROI! Get it!

Source: Instagram Business

How to publish an Instagram Story ad

You’ll be creating your Instagram Story through the Meta Ads Manager on your computer or through the Meta Ads Manager app. (At this point in time, you can’t publish an Instagram Story ad directly through Instagram.)

1. Go to Meta Ads Manager and select the + icon (aka, the Create button).

2. Choose a marketing objective, like Website Traffic, Reach, or Page Likes. (One key note: “Post Engagement” does not offer an Instagram Story ad option.)

3. Select your creative from your camera roll or from an existing Instagram post.

4. Fill in the details (which vary depending on the marketing objective).

5. Then, tap on Placements. Toggle Manual to see all of your platform distribution options. Tap Instagram and select Stories.

6. Continue on to the next page to set your ad audience. You can select people who are already interacting with you (for instance, “People who engaged with your page”) or create a new target audience.

7. Set your campaign budget and schedule.

8. The final step will allow you to review and preview your campaign. Tap Place Order to seal the deal.

Instagram Story ads design requirements

For best results, use Meta’s recommended dimensions and formats as you’re designing your Story ad. Otherwise, you may risk an unflattering crop or sketchy-looking stretch.

Aspect Ratio9:16
Recommended Dimensions1080px x 1920px
Minimum Dimensions600px x 1067px
Video File Type.mp4 or .mov
Photo File Type. jpg or .png
Max Video File Size250MB
Max Photo File Size30MB
Video Length60 minutes
Supported Video CodecsH.264, VP8
Supported Audio CodecsAAC, Vorbis

In case this chart isn’t enough of an inspiration (ok, weird??), check out our list of 20 creative Instagram Story ideas!

Meta ad guidelines for Stories

Buying an Instagram Story ad doesn’t give you carte blanche to do what you want — this isn’t Westworld, people.

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has policies in place to try to create a user-friendly experience. If your ad doesn’t meet these guidelines, it may not make the cut.

Ads should not violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines. You can read the full rundown here, but basically: don’t be a jerk! Here’s the bullet-point version of prohibited content:

  • Illegal products or services
  • Discriminatory practices
  • Tobacco and related products
  • Unsafe substances
  • Adult products or services
  • Adult content
  • Third-party infringement
  • “Sensational” content
  • Personal attributes
  • Misinformation
  • Controversial content
  • Non-functional landing pages
  • Cheating and deceitful practices
  • Grammar and profanity
  • … plus a laundry list of predatory businesses like payday loans or multi-level marketing.

Wow, I guess Meta just hates fun??? (JK, JK, JK! Online safety: we love to see it!)

In addition to this list of outright no-nos, there is also content that Meta restricts, such as:

  • ads for online gambling
  • promotion of online pharmacies
  • Alcohol related advertisments
  • promotions for dating services

To advertise a business focused on these products or services, you’ll need to request special permission or comply with applicable local laws.

If you put together an ad in violation of Meta’s advertising policies (uh ohhh!), you’ll receive a notification that your ad has been denied, and it won’t run.

However, if you think your denial was unfair, you can always request a review of the decision. Typically, that review happens within 24 hours.

Dive deeper into Meta’s ad policies here, or Instagram’s Community Guidelines here.

How much do Instagram Story ads cost?

Instagram Story ads cost as much as you want to spend. As Instagram itself puts it, “the cost to advertise is up to you.

A draft campaign is the best way to see what bang you’re going to get for your buck.

Set the budget, the duration, and the audience that works for you as you’re planning your campaign. This will give you a clear estimate of just how much reach you’ll get. Adjust as necessary.

We know you probably want a clear prescription here, but there’s honestly no best practice for how much to spend on Instagram Story ads. Sorry!

Start with a few bucks, see how it goes, and add on from there. We’re all social media scientists, just trying to make our way in this crazy, mixed-up life.

For more Instagram advertising wisdom, check out our 5 Step Guide to Instagram Ads.

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8 tips for creating highly effective Instagram stories ads

Now that you know how to buy an Instagram Story ad, let’s dig into how to make the most of your moment in the spotlight.

Take advantage of fullscreen

When you’re creating your content for your Instagram Story ad, shoot it in a vertical format. That’s how your audience is most likely to be viewing it, after all.

Take advantage of the fullscreen vertical canvas and design creative specifically proportioned for the mobile experience.

Along those same lines: consider planning out which Stories add-ons and tools you’ll be using in the final product. That way, you can compose your video or photo scenes strategically to make visual space for stickers, polls, or effects., for instance, created this vertically oriented ad with space around their spokesperson to pepper in fun stickers.

Source: Instagram Business

Emphasize your CTA

A CTA — or “call to action”— is what you’re asking the viewer to do. For instance: “Swipe up,” “Shop now,” “Get your tickets,” or “Place your vote.” (Explore our list of compelling CTA ideas here. )

ClassPass asked the audience to Swipe Up for more info on a free trial. Even though the video itself is fast-paced, we don’t miss the point since that CTA is front and center: ClassPass would love if we just give a lil swipey.

Don’t let that important detail get lost in the thick of your graphic design or fun stickers: make sure your mission or ask is crystal clear for the person tapping by your ad.

Instagram reports that campaigns perform far better when they emphasize their CTAs and make the product or service the vocal point. Say it loud and proud!

Add text overlays

Visuals can say a lot but sometimes words can say it better. Instagram recommends pairing text with a visual focal point for best results in your Story Ad.

According to internal research, there’s actually a 75% chance of better performance with central-placed text for add-to-cart objectives.

Clinique layered in text onto dynamic, colorful product shots to hammer home the benefits of each of its new hydrating gels. Now I know it’s green and refreshing and treats irritation! I’ll take 12!

Here are 19 helpful tools for designing cool Instagram Story graphics and creating thumb-stopping text treatments.

Enhance your ad with audio

Sound can be a powerful tool to set a mood or hammer home the value of your ad.

Experiment with voice-overs and music to enhance your Instagram Story ad. Chances are, it’ll pay off; Instagram has found that 80% of Stories with audio (voiceover or music) enjoy better results than ads without sound.

This VW ad features fun (and dare we say, funky?) music to enhance the cool-factor of its mini car commercial.

Get interactive

Elements like polls or “tap to hold” games give your audience a moment of fun.They also encourage users to actually stop and take the time to interact with your brand instead of flipping by.

For instance, this Doritos poll — sure to inspire a fiery debate.

Another cool idea: this interactive Ritz ad gave the viewers a surprise result when they hit pause. (Suddenly, I’m craving strawberries on crackers?)

Design with your brand in mind

Every second counts in the fast-paced world of Stories, so make sure you’re integrating your brand right off the bat. Elements like products or logos at the very beginning of your Story will help capture attention and build positive brand recall.

Sephora makes sure to start off its Instagram Story ads with its logo and beautiful, on-brand imagery.

Try one of our 72 free Instagram Stories templates to get you started.

Make those Stories move

Motion catches the eye and captures attention, so if you have the opportunity to enhance a static image with a little bit of movement… do it! Studies show that ads that use motion regularly receive more views and purchases than still images. So get moving, why dontcha?

Arlo Skye’s Story ad flips between images of its carry-on suitcases, which creates a dynamic movement despite the fact that the product shots themselves are static.

Can’t wait to see your captivating Story ads as we’re flipping through our Stories soon. Want more marketing ideas for Instagram? Dig into our Instagram marketing cheat sheet here.

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Instagram Story Ads | Create Instagram Story Ads Easily

Create Instagram Story Ads that Convert

Create Instagram Story Ads that Convert

Maximize the potential of Instagram Stories Ads with an ad that gets your audience to stop and take notice. Sharing through Instagram Stories is quickly expected to surpass sharing on the feed. The opportunity for increased brand awareness is huge.

Don’t be left behind because you assume high-quality video production is out of your league. is for everyone: small businesses, large businesses, and medium-sized businesses. Everyone can benefit from using the Instagram Story ad maker.

Our Instagram Story ad templates make success easy. First, choose a template that aligns with your specific advertising goal. Then, customize your story using our massive library of gorgeous themed video clips, thousands of hours of royalty-free music, and lots of text formatting options. Pull it all together in as little as five minutes thanks to our straightforward drag-and-drop editor.

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Step 4

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Promote Your Business With

Instagram Story Ads

Promote Your Business With

Instagram Story Ads

Anyone who has advertised anything in the last five years agrees. There are so many social media platforms and so many design specifications; it’s hard to nail the technical requirements for each specific project. At, we’ve ironed out the technical bits for you. Just choose an Instagram Story ad template and you are good to go.

All our Instagram Story ad templates are optimized for Instagram ad design specifications:

  • 15-second maximum length (or make them as long as you want!)
  • Attention-grabbing visuals
  • Clear calls to action
  • Vertical playback
  • Scaled to fit full-screen 9:16 aspect ratio
  • High-resolution footage
  • Instagram-supported downloadable file formats

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Immersive Ad Templates

Immersive Ad Templates

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Dust Off Your Shorts

Mother Knows

Winter Dosen't Last Forever

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Stars, Strips & Savings

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Easter Rush

X Customize



Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

What are Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram Story Ads exist within Instagram Stories right at the top of the News Feed. The ad automatically appears in between your targeted audience’s organic Instagram Stories. They display just like regular stories, except they last only 15 seconds. Just like regular stories, ads are full screen, vertical, and clickable. But unlike regular Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours, you choose how long you want to run your ad.

What are some Instagram Story Ad best practices?

Stop the instinctive swipe-through with an eye-catching story ad. At, we make it easy to achieve an Instagram advertising victory. Here are seven keys to success:

  1. Target the right audience
  2. Set a clear marketing goal
  3. Add interest by using multiple scenes
  4. Display your brand logo clearly
  5. Use sound to add relevance
  6. Don’t forget a call to action
  7. Use A/B testing to track results

How do you add ads to Instagram stories?

  • First, go to the Ads Manager
  • Choose your ad objective. This can be brand awareness, reach, video views, conversions, app installs, lead generation, or traffic
  • Select your ad placement and make sure Instagram Stories is turned on
  • Continue building your ad campaign and click Confirm to publish
  • The ad you created will now appear in your Instagram Stories

Can you boost an Instagram story?

Yes. Instagram has what is called Promote for Stories. It works much like the Facebook Boost option that lets users pay to show their feed posts to more users. You can also boost an existing post from your Story and target it to appear in you followers’ Stories.

How long can Instagram story ads be?

Instagram Story ads that are videos have a max length of 15 seconds, while photos can stay on the screen for up to 5 seconds.

What kind of videos can I create with

  • Video Ads
  • Intro Videos
  • Outro Videos
  • Product Review Videos
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Business Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • and many more…

How much does cost?

Start by signing up for for free, with no credit card information required. You’ll have access to all the tools available on’s YouTube video maker, including a full library of professionally-designed templates and free images, videos, and music.

When you are ready to download your video, offers flexible subscription plans to best suit your company’s needs. Visit our Pricing Page to find a plan that meets your needs. Sign up, download, and your video is ready for YouTube.

Where can I use my videos?

Anywhere you want! All videos you create and download are 100% yours to use, however, whenever, wherever, and as often as you’d like. You can post, publish, upload, share or create an ad with your video on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and embed it in websites, blogs, and emails.

There’s no limit to what you can do when you’ve got the power of the online video creator at your fingertips. Video making and video editing have never been easier.

What can I edit in my videos?

Everything! You can add, remove, and trim video clips to fit your vision. Write and edit video text, incorporate music, choose a color filter, add photos from Shutterstock and Getty, or upload your own to uniquely perfect each video. Complete it by adding your logo to make it truly yours.

Or, you can keep it simple and choose one of our ready-made templates already optimized for online success.

What if I need help with something?

No problem. We have a 5-star customer support team available in addition to in-depth articles in our knowledge-base, marketing, and educational materials on our blog, and loads of fun and inspirational content on our own social media channels.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Not Sure Where to Start?

Browse our blog for great video creation and marketing inspiration:

How to advertise stories through promotions on Instagram? Instruction - Marketing on

Hello everyone! Instagram has new changes. Now every user can promote their Stories through promotions.

49 121 views

What opportunities does this give to those who are aimed at effective promotion in social media and will it give a new and tangible impetus to the field of Internet promotion? All answers are below.

The idea itself is not new, and before Instagram, it was actively used in Snapchat. Why reinvent something that works so well?

They did the same here, finalizing and refining the already proven mechanisms for attracting customers and expanding their subscriber base to the required number. And polished perfectly, that's what we can say.

Praise the Scandinavian gods for the fact that now promotion within Instagram is possible directly through already created Stories. The test mode was launched at the end of 2018, but now the function is available to every user who has an activated business profile.

How do I set up and run ads for my Stories?

Having a business profile is the main prerequisite. Now we need to decide on the content that we want to show the public. It doesn't have to be photographs. The platform allows the use of video and carousel.

  • In the case of photographs, the aspect ratio must be 9:16
  • Video: no more than 15 seconds.
  • More text - more "cursing". With a large amount of text, you risk getting a smaller audience reach.

List of things that could prevent your story from being published:

  • Poor video quality
  • Old Stories
  • Copyright infringement
  • And most importantly: no elements like mentions, geolocation and hashtags. Any touch elements will prevent your story from being promoted directly through the service.

What if it still doesn't work?

Check if permissions are enabled on your Facebook account. The second reason could be that there is a debt on your ad account. In the first case, you can simply try to unlink and relink your page to a business account. In the second - to replenish the balance.

A few tips on how to make your Stories more sold:

1. For a potential buyer, the question of "Where to click" should be intuitively solved at the first viewing of the ad. Therefore, pay attention to ensure that the person immediately understands in which part of the screen he can order your product or service.

2. Do not forget that the key to a successful sale and high conversion is also in a well-written text. Get a little creative and inventive. "Swipe up" is already boring.

3. Learning how to make beautiful

Here we have compiled a list of the most interesting applications that will help make your story more colorful and stand out:

1. VSCO . High-quality and professional filters, several heads higher than those built into Instagram 9 itself0003

2. Hype Type. Very good variations for creating animated text.

3. Spark Post. Same thing + cool processing and processing effects for your photos

4. Chromic. Too many filters, but for video.

Now our Stories can be called potentially high-quality content that can and will sell. What to do next?

First step

Of course, all the conditions for a successful and "correct" advertising post, which was written above, must be met. Select the desired story and swipe up. We see the image of a zigzak going up, and click on it.

Alternative: Go to your Stories and look for the "More" button in the lower right corner. In the menu that opens, we see the “Promote” button and click.

Second step

Specify the parameters that your potential audience must meet.

Here you can specify not only gender, age and interests, but also geolocation. Automatic selection also available


Promoting your product through Strories is a powerful tool if used correctly, and with the latest changes it has become much easier and faster to do.

This is not a revolution in online sales. This is just a good tool through which you can “bring” the right audience to your product.

The key here is that it works, and with the amount of advertising you need to spend, the tool is not only effective, but also low-cost. And with the latest update, it's even simpler.

Know that in the end it all depends on your attentiveness and the relevance of the product that you want to present to your customers.

Love, kindness and good sales to all. Peace!

The article was prepared by the service team

How to promote stories on Instagram: tips, life hacks, instructions

December 27, 2021

11 minutes

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How to choose a creative

Experts recommend creating creatives for Instagram Stories separately, not taking ready-made ones from the content on the page. And think over options for several target audience groups:

Experiences the brand for the first time

Plans to make a purchase

Purchased before

Loyal customer

Consider format and size – Instagram has several types of ads and different placements. The choice is influenced by many factors, in particular, the interest of the audience. What people watch more often, stories or social media posts. From the features of the proposed product - some goods / services are easier to present in a picture with text than to shoot a full-fledged video. It is difficult to guess a successful format in advance, it is worth trying all the available formats and observing the reaction.

Advertising on Instagram should be posted more often in video format.

Vertical videos are very popular now, this format is easier for the audience to perceive and a moving picture is more interesting than a static one.

In addition, it gives more space to express yourself, to tell a story without scaring people with long text.

It's easier - it's better not to demonstrate the best right away. A lot of disparate elements and complex text are more likely to scare away potential customers. Ease of presentation of material works more efficiently, without overloading the elements in the frame.

Time is the enemy. Stories are only 15 seconds long, ads are often turned off even earlier. People are annoyed by irrelevant offers or uninteresting content. It is necessary to make stories short, capacious and immediately convey the essence.

Choosing an image - on Instagram, the focus is on the visual. Image selection is important for Instagram stories. Successful pictures stimulate the desire to learn more, read the advertising post and click on the link, opening the profile.

It is important to consider the interests of your audience. Choose bright illustrations or a restrained style, depending on what product or service the brand offers. Stock pictures and graphics do not look good. For photographic materials, it is better to take your own shots, and stock solutions need to be personalized. To make color correction for photographs, adding corporate shades, in graphics - to select elements for the corporate identity. Strongly overload the visual with additional elements is not worth it. The main thing is to highlight the main thesis and supplement it with a couple of words.

Get ahead of the target audience

Expert opinion

Andrey Kuzmin

Instagram marketer

Identifying your target audience is an important step on which the success of an advertising campaign depends. The more accurate the results of the survey, the more sales and the number of interested customers will be in the end. There are several effective ways.

First: researching current subscribers

The profile has a small audience, you can do a little research on it. A manual method is also suitable - open the accounts of your subscribers, view their interests. You can write data to a table for comparison. What unites people. The method does not work with "gray" subscribers collected using third-party resources. If the audience is medium or large, internal Instagram statistics will help.

Second: competitor analysis

This method is successfully combined with the first, if the account is not yet well known. Reveal the pages of competitors working on similar topics. Open them and view: reactions, read comments, what issues are being discussed. Accounts of the most active users, marks, interests.

It is useful to study the posts posted by competitors. It is easy to understand whether they act according to a pre-planned plan or are guided by the situation. In what style and how often new content is posted. It is worth subscribing yourself from the "left" page to the profiles of several competitors and for some time to observe the activities of the group from the inside.

Third: search for clients by setting up an advertising campaign

Gain an audience with targeted advertising via Instagram or Facebook by opening an advertising account. In addition to the basic characteristics of the target audience - gender, age, geolocation - you can set detailed targeting parameters. For example, advertising should be shown to entrepreneurs. Then in the field "interests" choose - business and entrepreneurship.

Broad interests give more coverage, they are in highly competitive topics and developed markets. Launching advertising on such a scale is costly, and in addition, ineffective. It is better to narrow down the audience by adding 1-2 criteria. Combining different characteristics and interests, you can get unique target audience segments:

Use a maximum of 1-4 parameters when targeting an ad group in detail

Don't mix interests and demographics with job titles and behavioral factors. It is better to narrow the audience

Fourth: look for a "warm" audience

You can promote the story within the current audience, increasing their interest in the product.

By opening the "Audience" section inside the advertising account - "Create an audience" - "Custom audience". Then select the source of analysis and follow the menu prompts.

A target audience segment is created based on its interaction with the posted content / resource. For example, people who watched the video.

Fifth: look for a similar audience

It complements the previous method. If you have a database of site visitors or potential customers, you can use social media search algorithms to find people with similar interests. There is a chance that they will be attracted by a promotional offer.

Promotion through Facebook

Creation and promotion of stories within the Facebook advertising account is possible if the profiles of two social networks are linked. The user logs into his FB - Ads Manager ad account and creates a new campaign there.

The goal depends on the objectives of the advertisement. In the settings, you should select - automatic placement or check the box against the "Stories" item of the Instagram section. Then the new material will automatically appear on the specified site.

You may find it useful

beautiful font

Choose a beautiful font in Russian and upgrade your profile

Hashtag selection

Social hashtag generator: collections by topic

Promotion through Instagram

Instagram stories are more effective as a promotion tool, because they appear at the top of the list and can be seen by many subscribers. For more promotion, you can:

Increase engagement

By recording stories with which viewers will interact actively. For example, answering questions, choosing from several options shown, following calls to action by clicking on links. Forward stories via private messages. How to achieve:

Run giveaways, where the condition is to answer the story

Run quizzes

Ask simple questions asking for answers

Post material more often than competitors

Run a promotion

After opening the story, you need to click on the icon with 3 dots Next, set the reach settings for 4 parameters:




How to increase the reach

The reach affects the scale and number of views. To increase this parameter, you should:


Post 1-5 different stories daily. According to research, this will keep people interested by 70%. Videos are more popular than simple pictures


Use masks, they give originality to the format, at the same time help to correct bad moments




Periodically use ads

At the bottom of each story there is a button to promote, so Instagram itself helps users to promote their account. Healthy! Act according to a predetermined plan. It looks like an Excel table with days and even times of publications. It is developed for a certain time, it will help to be disciplined.

Ad Requirements

Before posting ads in Stories, it is useful to review the Instagram requirements:

Unbranded and without clickable elements

Open to all users

Shot with a social network camera, has the correct aspect ratio

Shot recently, not 1-2 years ago

Unable to promote a story on Instagram

Sometimes, after launching an ad, Instagram gives a notification that further actions are impossible. The reason is that the stories do not comply with the rules or other errors occur:


Instagram Stories shouldn't contain hashtags, links, geotags, or other things that need to be clicked on. Quizzes with polls also count. Only filters and simple emoji to highlight the significance

Closed story

When you post a story to friends, normal profile visitors will not see it. Accordingly, the information will be closed to other people who are not subscribed to the author

Old content

Technically, users can promote a story even saved 2 months ago or archived. However, the “older” the content, the higher the risk of its rejection by the administration


You can't promote square or rectangular images that aren't shot in Instagram's standard aspect ratios. It is better to record through the social network interface

Low funds

When there is not enough money on the Facebook account, the launch of advertising is rejected. Also, the operation will be impossible if the FB page is blocked


Now you know everything about promotion in Instagram stories. If you liked the article, we recommend that you read others on a similar topic: How to hide hashtags on Instagram, Instagram profile header: what it is and how to design it beautifully, Beautiful fonts for Instagram in Russian and English: TOP-20.

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