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by Hemant Mendiratta

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On Facebook, you can easily see your friend’s activity on your news feed. But how about Instagram? The news feed in the app doesn’t show anything else other than the photos or videos posted from users, hashtags you are following and ads of course.

You cannot see anymore what photos and videos someone liked on Instagram in the Instagram app since Instagram has removed this feature.  It is not possible to view someone’s Instagram activity from the website either.

To help with this, we share a method to view someone’s Instagram activity and see their liked posts (photos and videos) and even comments.

Our method also allows you to see the Instagram activity of a certain user or a user without following (anonymously). In addition, we have mentioned a tip that will help you to see when someone was last online on Instagram.


  • 1 See Someone’s Liked Photos, Videos, Comments, And Likes On Instagram Anonymously
    • 1.1 What Is Snoopreport And How It Works?
    • 1.2 How To Use Snoopreport
  • 2 Using Instagram Spy Apps
  • 3 See When Someone Was Last Online On Instagram
  • 4 Conclusion

See Someone’s Liked Photos, Videos, Comments, And Likes On Instagram Anonymously

If you want to see the Instagram activity of a certain user or a user you don’t follow. What should you do in this situation?

Here is an answer!

Use Snoopreport tool to be aware of the likes, comments and follows of the Instagram users that you’re interested in.

What Is Snoopreport And How It Works?

Snoopreport is the Instagram monitoring service that lets you track Instagram accounts actions.

You just need to add Instagram accounts for monitoring and the service will provide a complete report containing likes, comments and follows made by an individual or a business Instagram accounts during the monitored weeks.

How To Use Snoopreport

Follow the steps below to see every photo someone likes on Instagram:

1. Before you can manage Instagram accounts for monitoring in a user-friendly dashboard you need to create an account. Click “Sign Up” button on their homepage and enter your Email and password.

2. After registration, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. Here you can add and delete Instagram accounts, buy the time packages for monitoring, look through the reports and more! But first, you should start by adding an account. You can add one or several accounts for tracking: when entering multiple usernames use a comma or a row list.

While entering the username, Snoopreport prompts the Instagram users in a dropdown list, you need to select the correct one. But be aware that the service can snoop only on public accounts, not the private ones.

3. After adding the account you should buy a time package of 4, 26 or 52 weeks to start the monitoring. The weeks will be credited to a single account in your dashboard or if you added several – you can distribute the weeks among them the way you want.

Example: you add 14 accounts to your dashboard and you buy 26 weeks and split them this way: 10 weeks to one account, 5 weeks to another and all the rest 11 accounts can get 1 week each.

4. After the time is added to accounts, the monitoring starts automatically. If you add more accounts later, you can start their monitoring just by clicking the “buy time” button on them.

For the accounts “Instagram” and “jlo” the monitoring is enabled, for the “jessicaalba” it is disabled.

5. The first report with user’s likes and follows will be available in a week. To see it just choose the time frame of the report and click on it. You’ll be able to view every photo someone liked on Instagram.

Here’s how the report with the Instagram account’s likes provided by Snoopreport looks like.

The report displays all the user activity on Instagram. The largest part is dedicated to the likes made by a user, namely: the photos and videos liked and the user that posted them and the change in the monitored user’s engagement with the other accounts.

The reports contain additional features such as follows, comments (available in future), downloading in PDF and CSV formats, and generating a group report.

Using Instagram Spy Apps

If you want to have more thorough access to the Instagram data of someone, you should use an Instagram spy app.

However, installing it requires physical access to the phone of that person. Once you get it, install one of the Instagram spy apps.

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See When Someone Was Last Online On Instagram

Instagram has a feature that shows the last active time next to the name of the friend in the Direct section.

It not only shows the time when you last used the app but also the online status. The activity status can be seen in Instagram Direct section. The option is turned on by default for all accounts but you can easily disable it if you don’t want others to know about your online status on Instagram.

Earlier you could get an idea of someone’s last activity by looking at their liked posts and comments. But this information was far from accurate when it came to learning about anyone’s last seen.

But with this option, you can see last seen and online status for accounts with whom you have chatted on Direct previously. Here’s how.

Update the Instagram app from the respective app stores and follow the simple steps below.

  • Open the app and go to Instagram Direct. You can do so either by swiping left on the news feed screen or tap on the paper plane icon at the top right.
  • Here, you will be able to the last seen of the users whom you have had a conversation with below their username. It will be mentioned in the following manner – “Active x hours ago“, “Active x minutes ago” or “Active now“.

As you can see apart from last seen you can also tell if someone is online at a particular point in time.

You won’t be able to see this information for the user(s) who have disabled the activity status in settings.

In case you turn it off for your account then you too won’t be able to see anyone’s last activity on Instagram. Similar to how last seen works on WhatsApp.

This update is quite debatable as it is a kind of breach of privacy. Having said that, they have given you full control to enable or disable it. So, how are you going to deal with this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Instagram no longer shows what photos and videos Instagram users like.

If you’re eager to see friends Instagram likes or view Instagram photos of your boyfriend or girlfriend has liked, use Snoopreport for monitoring.

The biggest advantage of Snoopreport is that you can track Instagram account even if you don’t follow it. Give it a try from this link.

We hope that you were able to successfully view someone else’s liked photos and videos on Instagram. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts about this feature in the comments below.

How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram


As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks today. It is increasing this popularity with the updates it develops for its application day by day. The users generally like the features that Instagram offers to its users, and it enables the users to enjoy this platform more. Of course, there may be some exceptions. Sometimes, Instagram can remove features that it has already offered, and users may not like this situation. Unfortunately, the feature we will cover is one of them. We will explain how to see what someone likes on Instagram, which used to be quite an easy thing in the past.

How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram?

In the past, it was possible to see what people you follow on Instagram like or comment on. There was a section called Following. In this section, you had follower requests and notifications. You could also see the activities of the people you follow. You were able to see what they liked and what photo they commented on. 

Unfortunately, on October 2019, Instagram removed this feature. Therefore, it is no longer possible to see what a user likes on Instagram. But, for example, if you want to find out if your boyfriend likes a specific user on Instagram, there is a way to check that out. You can find out by clicking on the photos of that person and searching for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name among the people who liked this photo. Or if you can log in to that person’s account, you can find out what they liked from their like history. 

However, we think that trying the first method will be better for the health of your relationship. Since this feature has been removed, it is only possible to find out what someone likes on Instagram in this and similar ways. You can also use third-party applications to see what someone likes on Instagram. However, the safety of these applications is debatable.

Why Did the Following Tab on Instagram Disappear?

If you are someone who likes to stalk your friends, you might be upset and wondering the reason. It has been a feature on Instagram for years. So it is quite reasonable that you are wondering why it is no longer there and has been removed. 

Many users wonder why Instagram made such a decision. In fact, the thing is that Instagram was using this system not to let people stalk each other. The actual purpose was to increase interaction. Of course, users were following each other and each other’s activities on this application thanks to this feature. But with the increasing popularity of Instagram, the issue of data privacy has become much more important. It has caused Instagram to take a step back in this regard. So Instagram wanted to make this platform a more personal place, perhaps as it should have been from the beginning. 

If you look at it from your perspective, this was actually a feature that explicitly presented to other users what you were doing on Instagram, who you are liking, who’ you commented on, or who you started following at that moment. And Instagram has now started to see this part as a part that violates personal information privacy. As a result, we were forced to say goodbye to Instagram’s Following tab. So there is no longer a situation where you can use the Following tab and see others’ actions.

Concluding User Activity

With this article, we wanted to inform you about how to see what someone likes on Instagram. We hope that after reading this article, you have been able to find answers to such questions that you previously asked yourself about the Following tab and how you can see what someone likes on Instagram. 


Instagram is a social networking service that people use to share photos and videos. Since 2010, it has become one of the most popular social media to...

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. People are also posting reels by sharing posts on their Instagram profiles. But eve...

Of course, this feature that Instagram offers to its users was an indispensable feature for most users, and it was a super useful feature. But remember, Instagram has removed this feature to prevent privacy violations. Some people, of course, may not want to share their activities with other users, and this may cause privacy violations at some point where they cannot prevent this. If you are one of the people who care a lot about the likes on Instagram, you can see how to get them easily.

So users who think this way justify and support this decision made by Instagram and the removal of the Following tab on Instagram. In addition, they think that the same measures and the same decision should be taken and implemented on other social media platforms.

If you want to learn more about Instagram and its features, please read our latest articles about it. You may be interested in what is Instagram’s privacy policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to bring back the Following section on Instagram?

The Instagram Following section is now completely gone forever after Instagram removing this feature, so there is no way you can bring this tab back. Please note that this feature has been removed to protect your personal confidential data.

Is it possible to find out what someone likes on Instagram in another way?

If you follow the same Instagram accounts with this person, you can already see it on your homepage when that person likes a post of one of these accounts. If you are not following or if you are avoiding following that person, you can also find a solution to this issue through a fake account.

Is it possible to see someone’s activities on Instagram through third-party apps?

There are tracker apps created to follow someone’s activities on Instagram in application markets such as Google Play and App Store. However, we would like you to know that there is no legitimate way to see someone’s activities on Instagram.

How to see your own and other people's likes on Instagram

Good afternoon, friends.

We continue to dive into the rules and features of working with social networks.

And today we will figure out how to see likes on Instagram. On the one hand, we want to know how many likes our posts have earned, and who exactly appreciated our photo work.

On the other hand, sometimes we remember an interesting photo or video that we didn't bookmark, but definitely liked, and there is a need to return to them and review, reread.

Therefore, let's consider the question from two sides: how to get information about your own and other people's likes.

Why study what posts other users like

Perhaps when you want to know who tags and comments on your posts and other people's photos, you are driven by simple curiosity.

But for those who promote their profile on Instagram and want to make money on a social network, the number of hearts under posts can say a lot:

  1. what topics and format of publications are most interesting to subscribers;
  2. which photos and videos were ignored. This information tells us that such material should not be posted in the future;
  3. what people like in the accounts of your competitors are ideas for a content plan;
  4. the number of active subscribers helps to analyze the pages. This is especially important if you want to advertise on Instagram bloggers and in thematic communities.

Studying the interest of the public helps to promote the page, attract new subscribers and grow your business. Posts with a lot of likes appear at the top of the feed and in the recommendations section of members of the target audience who have not yet followed you. Therefore, while you are only on the way to popularity, it makes sense to gradually wind up likes.

How to see who liked my photos and videos

If you want to see who liked a particular photo, tap on it in your profile and click on the "Like" caption.

In the window that opens, all the people who liked the post will appear, you can search for a specific person if you need.

The same actions can be done on the computer, only you need to click on the word “more”.

You can also find out who tagged photos and videos by clicking on the heart icon in the bottom bar of the application.

In the window that opens, you will see all notifications about likes and subscriptions.

If you click on the heart on the web version of Instagram, you can also get information about the actions of other people under your photos and videos: hearts, subscriptions, replies to comments.

How to see other people's photos tagged

It's as easy as finding out the people who rated your photo. Open the feed or a specific entry and click on the word “Like” followed by the number of likes.

A window will open showing all network users who have flagged this publication.

You can do the same in the web version, but first you need to like the photo yourself, and then click on the word “more” or “Like”.

How to find out the total number of hearts to your posts for a certain period

If you are seriously engaged in the analysis and promotion of your Instagram page, it makes sense to transfer it from a personal to a business account. In this case, the “Statistics” section will appear in the menu.

This feature helps to study the actions of users under posts: marks, comments, saving to bookmarks and much more.

In addition, there are special applications and services that provide detailed statistics on your and other people's pages on the social network. Here are the most popular ones:

  1. LiveDune,
  2. Zengram,
  3. Popsters,
  4. Iconosquare.

Using these programs, you can analyze competitors and your activities, find people for cooperation and advertising in a social network, and improve performance.

Where to find your likes

To find out who you liked and what photo you liked, open Instagram on your phone and go to your personal section.

Go to menu and then to settings.

Open the "Account" item and tap on the inscription "Posts you like".

A window will open with the content you liked. You can open each of them, remember the author, comment, bookmark or unmark.

Also, this section can be helpful if you suspect you have been hacked. In this case, you will see photos that you did not mark as liked. If suspicions are confirmed, you should change your credentials.

You won't be able to find "liked" photos on your computer in the browser version of Instagram. This option is only available in the app.


We have analyzed all the ways to study the likes to your own and other people's publications, as well as to find out which posts have become the most popular with a friend or competitor. Now we can study what our subscribers are interested in and find materials that we liked ourselves.

If you have any questions, write them under this article. Share it with your comrades on social networks and subscribe to our news to keep abreast of all the trends on the Internet.

Good day, friends. See you again.

How to find out who likes whom on Instagram


Do you actively promote on Instagram? Do you want to know how your subscribers and competitors behave? Who follows whom and what posts likes? Today we will tell you how to get this information.

By studying the preferences of subscribers and conducting reconnaissance of the actions of competitors, you can get invaluable information to improve your content and increase the effectiveness of actions aimed at promotion.

Program for promotion on Instagram - SocialKit:

  • Collecting and filtering the target audience
  • Masslooking, massfollowing, massliking
  • Delayed posting of photos, videos and stories
  • Mailing in Direct, autoresponder

Registration >>>

Let's see who liked whom on Instagram

Every Instagram user intuitively wants to get an assessment of their actions. The rating is positive. Therefore, social networks have a “like” function. Instagram is no exception.

To find out the actions of your followers, their marks, you need to go to the "Actions" tab - a page with all the marks of actions and users - "Subscriptions". Before you is a list of all the actions of the followers you are subscribed to.

To see who liked you, click on your profile picture/video. Near the “like” mark, the number of those who liked the post is indicated, and when you click on the “more” button, you can see a list of everyone who liked the post.

Updated likes for your post will immediately be displayed on the bottom panel near the heart. Everything about your profile (likes, new followers, comments) is shown in the action section.

How to view likes from a computer

If you go to Instagram from a computer and look at any post, your own or a competitor, then when you hover over the photo with the mouse, the number of likes and comments will appear (views and comments for the video).

To find out who left likes under the selected post, open it and click on the number of likes - a pop-up window will appear with a list of those who liked the post.

Who likes and subscribes to competitors

First, subscribe to the account you are interested in. But their actions will not immediately appear in the list - from the time of subscription, any activity must be performed from the account to which you subscribed.

Monitoring Instagram activity statistics will be useful for analyzing your target users. You will be able to understand what content your target audience likes, what trends are in trend and how to adapt content to existing conditions.

How to build an active audience on Instagram

In essence, what we have described are manual methods that provide only superficial information, and in a small amount. In order to use this for promotion of your profile, you need to collect a like audience. If a user likes or comments on competitors' posts, he is at least loyal to them, and at most ready to buy and choose between similar offers. And in those areas where the client's life cycle is quite large (cafes, beauty salons, barber shops), this is a real way to lure customers.

So, go to the creation of the task in the SocialKit program and go to the “Audience formation” tab, where we select “By active audience”.

Next, set the following settings in the interface in order.

Step 1. Formation of the list of competitors.

We add technical accounts with which parsing will be carried out, the larger the list being processed, the more technical accounts are needed (no more than 5000 requests per 1 account).

Then we create a list of competitors or users whose active audience we will collect. The easiest way is to find competitors by keyword or city where you are promoting your services.

Also, in the rightmost column, you can enter a username and add it to the list.

Step 2. Formation of the list of users.

Let's move on to collecting an active audience and first select the technical accounts that we will use when collecting (we leave the settings by default).

Next, specify where the collected data will be written, displayed as a list in the program interface, or downloaded to a file on a computer.

Learn more