How to see exact instagram followers

How To See Exact Number of Followers on Instagram

When your follower count exceeds 9,999 on Instagram, “K” will be added to your follower count. This implies that from 10,000 followers upward, your followers’ count will be displayed as 10k. At this point, knowing the exact number of followers you have becomes difficult.

How then do you see the exact number of people following you? Well, there’s an easy trick to solve the problem. However, it isn’t exactly straightforward. You will need a PC to carry out the trick; it can’t be done on a mobile phone.

You can only check the exact number of your followers on your mobile phone if you have an Instagram business account.

Let’s dive into the tricks to solve your concern without further ado. Shall we?

Table of Contents

  1. How To See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram
    • Using Your Browser on Your PC/Laptop
    • Using Instagram Insights
  2. Conclusion
  3. FAQs

How To See the Exact Number of Followers on Instagram

There are two ways to go about this, just follow the steps below.

Using Your Browser on Your PC/Laptop

You can only apply this method using a PC. Below are the steps:

  1. Open your browser, navigate, and enter your account details to log in.
  2. As soon as you are logged into the Instagram website, you will find a search bar at the top middle; click on it.
  3. Type into the search box the account name you’re curious about.
  4. When the page comes up, hover the cursor over the person’s follower count. The exact number of people following the person will be displayed to you.

It might interest you to know that you don’t necessarily have to log in with your account if you don’t want to. You just need the username of the account you’re curious about. Here’s how to go about it.

Open your browser and go to For example, let’s assume you want to know the exact number of followers ITGeared has. Given that our username is itgeared, this is what you’ll type into the URL bar –

Viola! Mission accomplished. How easy was that? Do you think we exaggerated when we said, “however, it isn’t exactly straightforward”?

Using Instagram Insights

This method is more straightforward, except it can only be done on an Instagram business account using the mobile app. Below are the steps:

  1. Ensure your account on Instagram is a business account.
  2. View your profile by clicking on your profile icon. You’ll find it at the bottom right.
  3. Select Insights on your profile page.
  4. Finally, click on Audience, and you will be shown your exact number of followers.

Note that you can only use this method to see your exact number of followers. If you want to see other people’s followers count, you will have to adopt method one.


Applying any of those methods can help you see your exact follower count on Instagram if you or the account you want to check has up to 10k followers.

If you have less than 10k followers, you definitely do not need this. There’s no wasted knowledge, by the way. You could share this newly acquired knowledge by sharing the information with those who might need it or sharing this post.


A large follower count on Instagram indicates you can reach more users every day. When brands search for someone to promote their products or services on Instagram, they go for Instagram users with large follower counts.

The goal of every company is to reach a particular target audience, and the more people they’re able to get, the higher their sales. More sales equal more profit.

In summary, a lot of followers can fetch you money either as a content creator or a brand influencer.

As an Instagram user, if your account has a large number of followers, your account will be eligible for verification. However, there is no exact number that determines your eligibility. It is dependent on the company’s standards.

Usually, verified accounts have a minimum of about 30k followers. As a result, some users resort to buying followers to have a large number of followers to get verified by Instagram. 

The good thing is Instagram takes note of such fraudulence and removes users with fake profiles from the verification list. This implies that users who buy followers won’t be qualified for verification.

The answer is no, unfortunately. You cannot hide the number of people following you and the number of people you are following on Instagram. The figures are always visible.

Making your account private will only hide your posts and stories from people you disapprove of. The number of followers you have and the number of people you follow will always be visible to everyone.

How to see your exact follower count on Instagram (or anyone else's)

Just like Twitter, Instagram doesn't show the exact amount of followers that an account has once the number is over 10,000 - instead, it rounds down to the nearest hundred (or the nearest thousand or more for larger accounts). And unlike Twitter, Instagram always rounds down - never up.

For example, here is the Wired UK account on desktop - rounded down to 69.5K followers:

And it's the same thing on mobile:

Even when you are logged in to your account and looking at your own profile (in the app or on desktop), you will see a rounded figure. If you have over a million followers, Instagram will round down to the nearest hundred thousand - which means of course that you could be under-estimating your follower count by up to a hundred thousand!

Using Instagram Insights

The good news is that it is very straightforward to see an exact follower count for your own account, but only in the app - and only if you have an Instagram Business account. Here's how:

  1. Make sure your Instagram account is upgraded to a Business account
  2. In the Instagram app, view your profile (click on your profile icon in the bottom right)
  3. Click on Insights
  4. Click on Audience - et voila:

It's a little bit trickier to see an exact follower count for someone's else's account, and as far as I can work out this is only possible via a browser (not the app). Here are two ways you can do it:

Via the page source

  1. Go the account's profile page on Instagram (in a desktop browser) and view the page source. You can do this either by right clicking and selecting 'view page source', or - in most browsers including Chrome and Edge - using the keyboard shortcut Ctr+U.
  2. In the page source, use the keyboard shortcut Ctr+F to bring up the search box.
  3. In the search box, paste the following text: edge_followed_by
  4. This text should only be found once in the source code. The number almost immediately afterwards (highlighted below in blue) is the account's exact follower count. So you can see the number of followers for Wired UK as I write this is 69579:

Using browser developer tools

It's also possible to use browser developer tools. Here's how to do it using Chrome's DevTools (other browsers and other tools are available):

  1. Go to the Instagram account's profile page in Chrome
  2. Press F12 to bring up the DevTools panel
  3. In DevTools, click on the 'select element' icon (or use the keyboard shortcut Ctr+Shift+C)
  4. Hover over the follower count (the number exactly, not the word 'followers') on the profile page.
  5. If you've done it right, you should see something like this. The exact follower count appears in the ACCESSIBILITY section (highlighted by me in yellow):

The number of subscribers in social networks - what is it, how to look

Share the term ""


The number of followers (Followers) is the number of users subscribed to a particular social network account.

Data on the number of users subscribed to an account can be seen in the profile header - a specific number is displayed there. However, you can find more detailed information about subscribers in the account statistics.


On Instagram, the data on the number of followers is shown in the statistics of business accounts in the "Total followers" section.

Information can be sorted using temporary filters:

  • last 7 days,

  • last 14 days,

  • last 30 days,

  • last 90 days.

What data can be found on the Subscribers page:


The number of accounts that subscribed to the page for the selected period, minus unsubscribes and deleted Instagram accounts


Number of accounts that subscribed to the page for the selected period


Number of accounts that unfollowed the page or deleted their profile on Instagram for the selected period

Top locations

Places where the subscribers of account

are concentrated


Distribution of subscribers by age


Distribution of subscribers by gender


Times when page followers usually use Instagram


Days of maximum activity of page subscribers during the week

This section is only available for accounts with more than 100 followers.


Only users with a connected business account can view detailed statistics. The data is located in the "Settings and Privacy" section: you need to go to "Author Tools", click on the "Analytics" button and select the "Subscribers" tab.

What information can be found there:

Total subscribers

Total number of accounts following the page

New Subscribers

Number of accounts that subscribed to the page for the selected period

Growth rate

Number of new and departed subscribers compared to the previous period


Distribution of subscribers by gender

Popular places

Distribution of subscribers by region


Time when subscribers are most active


Days of the week when subscribers are most active

Business page on Facebook

To view subscriber data, select the "Statistics" section in the left menu bar, go to the "Subscribers" tab.

What data can be found there:

Total number of page subscribers

Information about the total number of page subscribers, which can be sorted by day

Followers of page

Data on the number of subscriptions in three slices:

  • unsubscribes,

  • organic followers,

  • paid subscribers.

Sources of page subscribers

Number of page subscribers by place of subscription:

If you want to learn more about subscribers, you can go to the "Audience" section and set the filter - "Current audience". If the business page is connected to the company's Instagram account, Instagram follower data will also be displayed in the Facebook page statistics.

What information can be found there:

Facebook page likes

The number of Likes on a Facebook Business Page

Followers on Instagram

Data on the number of followers in Instagram account

Age and sex

Cumulative subscriber demographics. In the left column - about subscribers in Facebook, in the right - in Instagram

Top cities

Cities where account subscribers are concentrated. In the left column - subscribers in Facebook, in the right - in Instagram

Top countries

Countries where account subscribers are concentrated. In the left column - subscribers in Facebook, in the right - in Instagram

Business page on VKontakte

In this social network, subscriber data looks a little different - it displays information not only about the audience of the business page, but also about their activity. To view the data, you need to go to the "Statistics" page and go to the "Attendance" section.

What information can be found there:

Unique visitors and views

Average daily number of unique visitors and total number of unique visitors in the last 30 days

Gender / Age

Distribution of subscribers by gender and age


Distribution of subscribers by region


Number of page views from desktop and mobile

Referral sources

Data about where users come from on page


Data on the current number of page subscribers, unsubscribed and recently subscribed users

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Instagram real-time followers

Promoting your Instagram profile is a serious job that requires special knowledge. The main goal is to attract as many followers as possible. Thanks to their activity, the account owner earns money. The easiest way to track is with the help of services for viewing Instagram followers in real time.

Unlike manual routine work, programs speed up the process of collecting statistics and help you find out the exact number of followers on Instagram. And not only their own, but also competitors. Consider popular services that provide the most accurate information in real time.


  • 1 Services for viewing subscribers online
    • 1.1 Instastatistics
    • 1.2 Instagum
    • 1.3 Socialblade
    • 1.4 InstaStat
    • 1.5 Picalytics

Instagram is not “sharpened” for issuing full-fledged information that will help decompose business activity data into its component parts. It is possible to see the approximate number of subscribers, but the mode here and now is not respected. How many followers come and go is not so easy to track - the process does not stop for a minute.

Therefore, in order to find and find out the exact number of followers on Instagram of their own and other users in real time, people resort to third-party services. Instagram does not approve of their use. Before you start deep excavation of other people's pages, it is worth taking the time to study the recommendations of selected resources.


Users like Instastatistics for fast work, reliable information about subscribers, which allows you to monitor their pages and promote your account faster.

Follower counter Instastatistics allows you to see online the exact number of followers on Instagram. Shows the profile description, the number of subscriptions and the site, if it is specified. The opportunity to share the collected information with your audience is provided. The service provides this data free of charge in real time.

Statistics - a clear indicator of how effectively the profile owner communicates with the audience.

Using the service is easy:
1) Copy the profile name;
2) Paste in the search bar, press Enter and get the result.


Instagum works on a similar principle, but gives extended statistics to Instagram users. The home page lists all Instagram account holders. The functionality allows you to sort in ascending and descending order by the number of subscribers, set the search range, sort by engagement.

In the search box, enter the username (without @) and click "search".
Together with the exact number of followers in real time, a summary of the last 15 days is generated. That's not all.

Subscribers and subscriptions graphs, engagement graph are built.

Shows the best posts of the page owner. If the user actively uses hashtags, they will form the Top.
The advantage of the service, in our opinion, is the ability to compare users.


Socialblade not only informs about the exact number of Instagram followers in real time, but also owns a huge database. If the user searched for information in a search engine, he automatically gets into the list, and the profile starts to be tracked. Therefore, if you need to find out information about the number of followers on Instagram, but you can’t find your page on Socialblade, you should add it manually to the database.

The service is equipped with the option to compare 3-5 pages at a time. So you can see in real time the dynamics of changes in the number of followers on Instagram and the selection of the strongest influencers. $4 co-pay increases the number of profiles to 15.


This is an Instagram analytics service. In terms of functionality and interface, it is similar to Instagum. Such data are generated as:

  • the number of followers in real time;
  • involvement;
  • activity;
  • account growth;
  • best posts;
  • hashtags;
  • mentions.

Users love the resource for the accuracy of information, including about competitors' sites, as well as for the search for opinion leaders at this time. Unlike other resources, an approximate forecast of the number of subscribers in the future is made.

Monitoring will help you understand how best to use to engage a larger audience.
It is profitable to use it - basic functions are free, but not limited.


Picalytics visualizes information in graphs. The advantage of the service is that the analysis is carried out for a specific period of time. Find out how many followers appeared on a particular day, as well as how many unsubscribed. Information is also provided on the ratio of bots to "live" subscribers. Useful feature when it comes to advertising.

If you're an advertiser, it's worth looking out for useless audience members. And if you are counting on advertisers, then do not forget that they see bots too.

Data on the gender and geography of users, the exact time of activity, topics that collect the most likes - this information is meticulously collected by Picalytics and presented in structured graphs.

Learn more