How to request for verification on instagram

How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2022 [6 Simple Steps]

If you want to know how to get verified on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to apply for that coveted blue badge (that’s the easy part) and provide some tips to help you qualify (that’s the hard part).

What does Instagram verification mean?

Who can get verified on Instagram?

How to get verified on Instagram in 6 steps

10 tips to get verified on Instagram

Instagram verification FAQ

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What does Instagram verification mean?

Instagram verification is the process of getting a blue checkmark badge that tells other users on the platform that an account really belongs to the user, artist, brand, or organization it represents.

You’ve probably seen plenty of verification badges around. As with Twitter, Facebook and, yes, Tinder, the little blue checkmarks are meant to indicate that the platform has confirmed the account in question is trustworthy, or at least they are who they say they are.

These badges are designed to make the real accounts stand out, so that Instagram users can be sure they’re following the right person or brand. They’re easy to spot in search results and on profiles, and they convey authority.

Source: @creators

It’s easy to see why verification badges are also a coveted status symbol. They’re rare, and exclusivity lends a certain amount of prestige—which may or may not translate to better engagement.

That said, Instagram is clear that verified accounts (just like business accounts) don’t get special treatment from the Instagram algorithm. In other words: if it is true that verified accounts earn higher engagement on average, it’s because they’re posting great content that resonates with their audience.

Who can get verified on Instagram?

Anyone can request a verified badge on Instagram. However, Instagram is notoriously picky (and in many ways mysterious) about who actually gets verified. So, if you’re running an account that’s right on the cusp of “notable,” how do you know if you meet the criteria?

Just because you have a blue checkmark on Twitter or Facebook, for instance, doesn’t guarantee you’ll get one on Instagram.

Instagram is blunt, saying that “Only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges on Instagram.” In other words: “only accounts with a high likelihood of being impersonated.”

Here is what we do know about eligibility.

First, you must adhere to the network’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. On top of that, your account must meet each of these criteria:

  • Authentic: does your account represent a real person, registered business, or brand? You cannot be a meme page or a fan account.
  • Unique: only one account per person or business can get Instagram verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.
  • Public: private Instagram accounts do not qualify for verification.
  • Complete: do you have a complete bio, profile picture, and at least one post?
  • Notable: this is where things get subjective, but Instagram defines a notable name as one that is “well-known” and “highly searched for.”

If you’re relatively confident you meet these criteria, or you just feel like rolling the dice, it’s time to go ahead and verify your Instagram account.

How to get verified on Instagram in 6 steps

If you’re a visual learner, watch our video that covers everything you need to know about getting verified on Instagram. Otherwise, keep reading!

The verification process on Instagram is actually quite simple:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Account
  4. Tap Request Verification
  5. Fill in the application form.
    • Your legal name
    • Your “known as” or working name (if applicable)
    • Select your category or industry (for example: blogger/influencer, sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, etc.)
    • You also need to submit a photo of your official government ID. For individuals, that could be a driver’s license or passport. For businesses, a utility bill, an official business document, or tax filings will do.
  6. Tap Send.

According to Instagram, after their team reviews your application, you’ll receive a response in your notifications tab. Because of historical and ongoing issues with scammers, Instagram is very clear that they will never email you, ask for money, or otherwise reach out.

Within a few days or a week (some say it can take up to 30 days), you’ll receive a direct yes or no. No feedback or explanation.

This is what a no looks like:

And here’s a yes, break out the bubbly:

10 tips to get verified on Instagram

So, yes, anyone can apply for verification on Instagram. But actually getting approved is a lot tougher.

We’ve gone ahead and compiled all the best practices that will maximize your chances of getting verified as you move forward with your quest to prove your brand’s noteworthiness.

1. Don’t try to buy an Instagram verification badge

We’ll get this one out of the way first: that guy in your comments who says his friend works for Instagram? Please do not give him money.

The same goes for any third-party app or random account that offers “full refunds. ” And for any random account that DMs you because they want to sell you their badge because they “don’t need it anymore.”

Instagram scammers know that people and businesses feel outsized emotions about the blue check, and some are pretty effective at appearing legit, so stay on your guard. And remember that Instagram will never request payment, and will never contact you.

Tl;dr: The only way to get verified is through the official form, unless you are Jennifer Aniston (in which case, scroll down to Tip #7: Work with an agency or publicist, or maybe stop reading this article entirely because you’re doing great!).

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2. Monitor for impostor accounts

If you’re struggling with persistent unauthorized, fake, or fan accounts impersonating your brand, then we have good news for you. You’re a prime candidate for verification on Instagram. After all, distinguishing real accounts from fake ones is verification’s stated purpose.

Your annual social media audit should make it clear whether impostor accounts are a problem for you. You’ll want to monitor and document these accounts using a social media monitoring tool like Zerofox’s Hootsuite integration.

3. Get more (real) followers

Look, we don’t have the numbers but it honestly feels sometimes like you need a ridiculous number of followers in order to get verified. There is absolutely no evidence that this is a real rule, but—it can’t hurt? Or maybe correlation does not imply causation after all?

Actually, what is more likely is that as people or brands get more noteworthy on and off Instagram, follower counts rise alongside.

If you want to hedge your bets and play it both ways—chicken and egg—here’s some inspiration for how to get more Instagram followers.

Pro Tip: Just don’t try to take a shortcut and buy your Instagram followers. (Plus, breaking the Community Guidelines and then asking Instagram to examine your account is a very effective way to get your account shut down.)

4. Delete any cross-platform links in your bio

In what some might call a slightly petty move (we would never dare), Instagram insists that verified accounts can’t have so-called “add me” links to other social media services in their Instagram profiles. You can include links to your website, landing pages, or other online properties, just definitely don’t link to your YouTube or Twitter account.

On the other hand, if you have a blue checkmark on your Facebook profile but not on your Instagram account, Instagram does explicitly encourage you to link to your Instagram account from your Facebook page to help prove your authenticity.

5. Be highly-searched for

Social media is all about serendipitous, organic discovery (this is what the Instagram Explore page is for, anyway—and making it big there can have a real impact on your engagement and follower count).

But when it comes to verification, Instagram wants to know if people care about you enough to tear themselves away from the seductions of the feed and spontaneously type your name into the search bar.

While Instagram doesn’t provide analytics on this data, we’d put money on the fact that Instagram’s verification team does have access, and will check up on how often users are searching for you. Which leads us to our next point…

6. Apply when your name is in the news

Google yourself. Has your brand been featured in multiple news sources? Did a recent press release or white paper get picked up? Do you have a sound bite or a profile in a major international publication? Paid or promotional content definitely does not count.

If PR hasn’t been a priority for your brand thus far, you might have a more difficult time proving how “notable” you are. Especially because there’s no place to submit your proof: Instagram does its own research, so it’s up to you to make sure your news is above the fold and impossible to ignore.

If you’ve recently experienced a windfall of attention, or you’re planning a big announcement, think about capitalizing on it and applying for that checkmark while your name is hot.

7. Work with an agency or publicist

If you have the budget and the ambition, hire a reputable digital agency that has access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support tools. Your publicist or agent will be able to submit requests to claim usernames, merge accounts, and get accounts verified through their industry-only portal.

Is verification guaranteed? Of course not. But a request from an industry professional through the Media Partner Support panel carries more weight and distinguishes you from the crowd.

8. Be honest

This tip should be a no-brainer, but because the consequences are dire we feel compelled to highlight it. In your application to be verified, you have to be truthful above all else.

Use your real name. Choose an appropriate category. Definitely don’t falsify any government documents.

If you stretch the truth anywhere in your application, Instagram says that it will not only deny your request, but it may delete your account as well.

9. Make sure your profile and bio are complete and effective

Instagram’s listed requirements for verification (a bio, a profile pic and one post? really?) are a low bar. You don’t just want to meet it. You want to hurtle over it.

Optimizing your Instagram bio will not just impress the verification team when they come to check you out, but can pay ongoing dividends in the form of new followers and conversions.

10. If you’re turned down the first time, try again

If, after all your hard work, Instagram comes back with a rejection, embrace the opportunity to zero in on your goals and redouble your efforts.

Hone your Instagram strategy, build a dedicated following, and earn buzz off the platform as well.

And then, whether you wait the 30 required days or spend a few fiscal quarters hitting your KPIs, you can apply again.

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Instagram verification FAQ

How many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram?

Technically, there is no minimum follower count for getting verified on Instagram. As long as you are able to prove that you are a “notable,” or highly searched for, person (or your account represents a widely recognized business or organization), you can get your account verified regardless of your number of followers. 

How much does it cost to get IG verified?

Instagram verification is free. Instagram will never ask for payment for the verification badge, and if someone is offering to verify your account for money, they are trying to scam you. 

How do you get a blue check on Instagram without being famous?

To get a blue check on Instagram, you have to prove that your account may be impersonated because you are a notable public figure or represent a widely recognized organization.  

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10 Essential Steps on How to Get Verified on Instagram

For brands and social media creators on Instagram, getting verified is the greatest form of validation. Securing that “blue tick” not only validates your authenticity, it gives you more control over your online presence by ensuring your profile is the only one representing your brand.

Now, getting Instagram verified is not easy, and it’s not something that everyone is able to do. But if you want to earn this recognition, this article will guide you on how to successfully apply for and receive the coveted verification badge on Instagram.

Let’s get started.

What does Instagram verified mean?

In Instagram’s words, getting verified means that the platform has confirmed your profile as “the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

So, if you come across an Instagram account that has a blue tick in their bio, it means you’re looking at the official account of that brand or personality, as opposed to a fake, unofficial or fan account.

Here’s an example of Netflix’s Instagram profile showcasing the blue verified badge:

Instagram’s verification badges help brands and creators stand out, look credible and avoid getting impersonated. At the same time, they help Instagram users find the right profile when searching for their favorite brand or personality.

To qualify for Instagram verification, however, you need to meet certain criteria.

What are the requirements to apply for a verified badge on Instagram?

Anyone can request verification on Instagram, but you need to meet certain criteria to get approved for the blue tick.

Although the exact process and requirements for getting a verification badge on Instagram are unclear, the platform offers some guidelines to help you find out if you’re eligible.

First, make sure you’re adhering to Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Other than that, your account also needs to be:

  • Authentic: Your account should belong to a real person, business, brand or entity.
  • Public: Private Instagram accounts are not eligible for verification.
  • Complete: Your profile should have a bio and photo, and you must be active on the platform. We have a whole guide on how to create an Instagram business profile, if you need to get started.
  • Unique: Your account must be the only one representing your unique self or business. Instagram does not verify multiple accounts for the same person or business. Also, general interest accounts are not eligible, only individuals or businesses.
  • Notable: Your account must represent a publicly known, highly-searched for person or business that has been featured in multiple, authentic news sources. Paid or sponsored media sources do not count.

Keep in mind that there’s no exact number of followers you need to have to qualify for a verification badge. Whether you have 100,000+ followers or less than 10,000 followers, you can still apply if you meet the criteria noted above.

Also, note that even if the Facebook Page that’s linked to your Instagram account is already verified, you will still need to apply for a verification badge on Instagram.

How to request verification on Instagram

  1. Log into your account and navigate to Settings from the menu on the top right.
  2. Inside Settings, click on “Account” and select “Request Verification.”
  3. Complete the required fields and then hit send to start the review process.

As Instagram states, just because your account may be eligible for verification doesn’t necessarily mean it will be designated as such. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed timeline for when you’ll be notified whether or not you’ve been verified. But if denied, you’ll have to wait 30 days before attempting to request verification again.

10 Helpful tips for getting verified on Instagram

If you’re ready to apply for verification on Instagram, we’ve got some tips you can implement to increase your chances of scoring the blue badge.

If it doesn’t work out, or if you decide not to go for the verification process, you can still find success on Instagram in general by keeping these best practices in mind.

1. Complete your Instagram profile

One of the ways Instagram verifies your identity is by looking at your profile.

Make sure your profile is 100% complete by adding a well-written bio and a profile photo that represents your business, brand or self. For example, you can add your company’s logo to the profile photo, and your brand’s tagline and website in the bio.

Ensuring your profile is complete and authentic can also help you build credibility to your audience, which is a great way to get more followers, engagement and media attention.

2. Build your social profiles

Establishing a strong following on other platforms can help make your Instagram account appear especially genuine.

For instance, there are strong links between Twitter and press announcements. Use that to your advantage! When your name appears in the news or media, use that exposure to build your social profiles and following.

How do you get more followers on Instagram and other platforms? Try these tips:

  • Build your personality with a consistent voice and theme: A lot of brands try a shotgun approach to connecting with their audience. However, it’s much easier to make a strong connection with people if you show your unique voice online.
  • Post frequently and consistently: With any social network the more active you are the more likely you are to convince people to engage with your account.
  • Develop great content: Just as you’d post great pictures on Instagram to improve your following you should be developing insightful content for your other channels too. Find out what your followers are looking for from you and adhere to their needs.

3. Look out for impersonator profiles

While claiming that your identity is at risk might feel a bit like crying wolf–this tip actually comes straight from Instagram:

“Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated.”

Your verified badge sets you apart as the one-and-only you. It builds trust in your followers by letting them know that they’re not following a random impersonator. People want to know that they’re following the real deal.

Letting Instagram know that you’re at risk of being impersonated may help push them to act.

4. Stay active on your account

This may seem obvious but you’ll likely never be Instagram verified if you don’t actively use the platform. When admins come to see if you’re worth Instagram verification they’ll be looking for regular activity. If you’re not using the platform, there’s no benefit in initiating the verification process.

It goes the other way, too. What’s the point of verification if you’re not active on Instagram? To improve your chances of getting that blue Instagram verified badge:

  • Stock up on great photos: Instagram is all about aesthetics. Influencers earn followers because they know how to appeal to their audience. Find out what your followers like to see on your page and get snapping.
  • Take advantage of Insights: Head to your Instagram business page and use your Insights to plan content that resonates with people on your feed. Make sure to post at the time when your followers are most active. Use third-party tools like Sprout Social to learn more about your social followers and adjust your campaigns.
  • Engage with your audience: Don’t forget to spend time responding to comments, liking posts and exploring relevant hashtags. Engagement is key on any social platform.

Sprout’s Instagram Audience Engagement Report provides detailed insights into trends, hashtag usage, likes and other engagement metrics. This is critical for any brand trying to make analysis easier across accounts or brands.

5. Boost your earned media

Want Instagram to give you that seal of approval? Show them you’re worth it.

Google yourself to see what comes up. Nothing? Fix that, because if you don’t have a widely recognized brand, there’s nothing to verify.

Remember, it’s not an algorithm deciding who should get a blue button on their Instagram account. Real people review every request manually and they likely head to search engines like Google to see what comes up for outside credibility.

Ultimately, figuring out how to get verified on Instagram involves putting in the work before you make a request.

It’s tough, but that’s why verification badges are so highly sought-after.

6. Don’t try to buy an Instagram verification badge

The only way to get verified on Instagram is to apply through the app or via Facebook’s media partners. Don’t try to take any shortcuts, like buying your way in.

Trying to purchase a verification badge is not only ineffective and a waste of your money, but you can get penalized for violating Instagram’s community guidelines.

For instance, providing any false or misleading information during the process can get your account removed from the platform altogether.

Instead, try to get more real Instagram followers by creating engaging and useful content. While there’s no proven correlation between a high number of followers and getting verified on Instagram, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Plus, the more followers you have, the more likely you are to become notable and talked about on authentic news or media sources.

7. Remove Any Cross-Platform Links From Your Bio

According to Instagram, verified accounts are not allowed to encourage users to add or follow other social media profiles in their bio, such as Facebook or YouTube.

However, you can still add links to your website, landing page and other web pages in your bio. Think of the Instagram link in bio as another strategy avenue to drive traffic to multiple campaigns, profiles or sites.

Avoid adding cross-platform links that promote your other social profiles to increase your chances of getting verified on Instagram.

Alternatively, be sure to add links to your Instagram profile on your business’ website, in marketing emails or on your other social media profiles. While it may seem hypocritical to avoid cross-platform linking on Instagram, using your other social profiles to link to you Instagram shows validity in your profile ownership.

8. Improve your searchability

One of the key requirements for getting verified on Instagram is to be well-known and highly-searched for. This means you need to be more active on the PR front and try to get your name out there organically.

For example, you might want to publish press releases for upcoming company announcements or product launches. Instagram does its own research, so applying when your name has recently been in the news can fire up your chances of getting verified.

Another thing you can do to get verified faster is to optimize your posts with branded hashtags.

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This can help you appear in organic searches and on Instagram’s Explore page. The more searchable you are, the more likely you are to get verified.

9. Personalize your posts

Creating and maintaining an account that is unique and authentic is extremely important for getting verified on Instagram.

That’s why we recommend personalizing your posts to help you differentiate your account from impersonators.

For example, you could adopt a specific brand voice, visual style, feed aesthetic, content theme or hashtag strategy that’s unique to your account and difficult (or impossible) to replicate.

Other ways you can personalize your posts? Share behind-the-scenes content to give your audience an inside look at your brand! Who else would have this type of unique content besides you?

Alternatively, encourage followers to tag you in posts to increase brand awareness and engagement through user-generated content (UGC) or branded hashtags.

10. Hire a publicist or agency to help

If you’d rather hire someone to help you with the process, look into a professional PR or digital agency that has access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support tools.

They will be able to submit requests for verifying your account, claiming usernames and merging accounts on your behalf through the industry-only portal they’re able to access.

Keep in mind that the method above is a legitimate source of assistance on the process, unlike “buy” or bot tools that provide you with artificial likes, engagement or verification in exchange for money. So while there’s no guarantee that a digital agency will be successful in your IG verification, it can increase your changes.

Losing the verification badge or not getting verified on Instagram

Even if you do get verified on Instagram, know that you can lose that blue tick. This is usually the case if you fail to follow Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, or if Instagram finds that you provided misleading or false information ini your verification application.

To keep your verified status, make sure you play by the rules, stay active on the platform, publish unique and engaging content and keep your account public at all times.

If you fail to get verified for any reason, you can re-apply for verification after 30 days.

If you’re still unable to get verified or aren’t eligible for applying, continue to use these tips outlined above to guide you to demonstrate your authenticity and build credibility in front of your audience.

Remember, getting verified is just the tip of the iceberg. Building an audience, establishing your credibility and demonstrating authenticity takes time. It’s a long-term strategy to regularly engage with your followers and produce unique and helpful content. And by doing so you’ll hopefully earn and keep your verified status on not just Instagram, but also any other social media profiles.

Is getting Instagram verified worth it?

There’s a lot of planning and effort involved in Instagram verification, so make sure you have a good reason before you get started. Fortunately, there are plenty of benefits to being verified, from better brand credibility to a stronger social search presence.

IG verification differentiates you from the crowd and makes it easier for you to reach the people that matter most to you. Used correctly, it makes you more trustworthy on social media and boosts your conversion rates. All you need to do is show that you’re worthy.

Still looking for ways to boost your Instagram strategy? These tips on what to post on Instagram can help guide you.

How to get verified and get a tick on Instagram

Many influencers, athletes, musicians and various media people, as well as brands, try to get a tick on Instagram, but not everyone succeeds and often not the first time. In the article, we analyze what the blue tick on Instagram means, to whom it is given and what needs to be done for this. We share tips on how to increase the chances of verification.

  • What does the blue tick on Instagram mean?
  • What are the benefits of having a check mark on Instagram?
  • Who Can Get a Tick on Instagram
  • Why they give a tick on Instagram: account requirements
  • Is it possible to buy a blue tick on Instagram
  • How to get a blue tick on Instagram
  • How to increase your chances of getting ticked on Instagram

What does the blue tick mean on Instagram

Some Instagram profiles are marked with a badge with a tick. This means that the account belongs to a famous person or brand, and the owner has confirmed its authenticity.

An example of a verified account

What are the benefits of a check mark on Instagram

It is believed that verification on Instagram increases coverage and reduces the likelihood of a ban. There is no evidence for this, however, a tick in the profile still provides some advantages.

People who have achieved a certain popularity sooner or later have fans and imitators. When trying to find an account of a famous person through the search bar, there will be many "left" pages. If the profile is ticked, the target audience will immediately understand who to follow. The same goes for brands.

A verified account is immediately highlighted.

Another plus is that the checkmark reduces reputational risks. As your fame grows, you may encounter a common problem: scammers create fake pages and deceive gullible people on your behalf. For example, they offer to buy merch or an information product, invest in a “reliable project”, and the like.

It is much more difficult to do this with a verified profile. When searching, users will first of all pay attention to an account with a check mark. In the header, you can indicate that this is the only genuine page, and all others are fakes. If you are in sales, having a badge will increase the confidence of potential buyers.

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Select the desired segments among subscribers: by age, interests, gender.

Who can get a tick on Instagram

Instagram profile can be verified by public figures who are something of themselves and have reached a certain level of media: actors, athletes, models, politicians, musicians, various representatives of the arts, and so on. There are verified accounts of various areas - makeup artists, lawyers, authors of information products and much more.

Brands that have gained some recognition and fame, at least locally, can also get a tick on Instagram.

Why they give a tick on Instagram: account requirements

There are a number of criteria that a profile must meet in order to receive a badge:

  • authenticity - belongs to a real person or an officially registered company;
  • uniqueness - this allows the presence of accounts of the same brand in different languages;
  • completeness - all information in the bio is indicated, there is an avatar and at least one publication;
  • publicity - a community has been formed around an individual or brand, as evidenced by media mentions.

Of course, the account must comply with Instagram's terms and conditions of use.

Is it possible to buy a blue tick on Instagram

The official position of Instagram management: accounts that meet all the requirements are verified for free. Any attempt to get a tick around the rules is considered fraud. If the fact of this is revealed, the page will be blocked.

However, there are people who offer to buy a tick, and the demand for this service is quite high. It is safer to cooperate with agencies that work under a contract with a guarantee against deletion and take payment only after verification. However, you need to understand that you agree at your own peril and risk and may lose your profile if something goes wrong. In addition, the cost of the service reaches several thousand dollars, so weigh the pros and cons.

How to get a blue checkmark on Instagram

Go to settings, click "Account" and select "Request Verification".

Select the desired item in the settings

An application form for verifying an Instagram account will open. First step: you need to add an official document proving your identity or company registration. Options:

  • passport;
  • state-issued identity card;
  • driver's license;
  • tax documents;
  • utility bill;
  • founding documents of the company.

A nickname will be automatically loaded in the "Username" line, and below you need to specify the full name.

How to get a blue tick on Instagram: fill out the verification application

How to get a blue tick on Instagram: fill out a verification application

Second step: confirm that the person or brand you represent is of public interest. Choose a category that characterizes the direction of your profile: media, sports, music, digital content creator, and so on. Indicate the country or region in which you are most popular.

How to get a tick on Instagram: provide as much information as possible

You can also describe your audience: who these people are, what their interests are and why they follow you. Next, list the names or titles by which the person or brand is known. Both items are optional, but we recommend that you complete them to increase your chances of getting a checkmark.

Add links to publications in the media, accounts in other social networks and other sources that prove that you are interesting to people and have a certain media weight. All information is carefully analyzed, so custom articles and other paid content can harm your reputation.

Check the specified data and send a request for verification. Within 30 days you will receive a response with approval or refusal. In the latter case, read the reasons and try again after a month.

How to increase your chances of getting a check mark on Instagram

Even if your account is 100% compliant with the requirements above, there is no guarantee that you will receive a verification badge. It is useful to take a number of actions that will increase the chances of success.

Grow your audience on Instagram

Accounts with more followers are more likely to get ticked. This is not a mandatory requirement, but there is such an observation. We have articles on how to increase reach and gain an audience on Instagram.

Draw is one of the effective ways to promote

Promote on other platforms

Develop accounts on YouTube, Telegram, TikTok and other social networks. Gain followers so that Instagram staff sees interest in you across platforms. It’s great if you can confirm profiles on other sites - this contributes to a positive decision on verification on Instagram.

Increase media exposure

Try to increase the number of mentions of yourself in the media. Participate in events, express an expert opinion on the topics you specialize in, write articles, agree to interviews - perhaps you yourself will be able to propose your candidacy.

We advise you to read:

  • “What is a personal brand, how to create and promote it”;
  • "Brand promotion on the Internet - how to make the company name recognizable."

Regularly create and publish unique content

A full account creates a positive impression of the owner. It is advisable to post content at least a couple of times a week, while its uniqueness is important. At this stage, it is better not to duplicate photos and videos from other social networks on Instagram, especially those with a TikTok watermark.

Recommended reading:

  • “How to create a content plan for Instagram. Rules, tips, examples”;
  • “Ideas for posts. 50 ideas for any public and business”;
  • "Educational content: how to create and use it in mailing lists";
  • “How to write an engaging Instagram post”;
  • "Instagram ideas to spice up your business account";
  • "How to create a high-quality visual on Instagram."

Do not invite your audience to other social networks

All social networks compete with each other, so you should not invite subscribers to YouTube or TikTok in posts, headers and pinned stories - at least until you get a tick. Show that you are primarily interested in growing your Instagram account. Alternatively, you can place a multilink and specify all links there.

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Creating a multilink in the SendPulse constructor

A couple more tips

If you want to verify your identity, it is better to take a photo of documents next to your face so that Instagram employees have no doubts about authenticity.

It is also desirable that the usernames on Instagram and other social networks to which you provide links are the same or as similar as possible.

Monitor the internet for fake accounts with your name and content. If you find such pages, file a complaint immediately.


Find out what the Instagram checkmark means, who can get it and how to do it.

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How to get verified on Instagram in 2022

We bet you have seen a blue check next to the name on the accounts of celebrities, popular bloggers and brands? We understand why it is needed, what benefits it gives and how to get it.

What is verification

Blue check marks on Instagram are official verified accounts. It confirms that this page is not fake, but really belongs to the individual or brand. It looks like this:

Why verification is needed

1. Identity or project verification

Accounts of actors, musical groups, athletes, brands, official media, websites, government agencies and even city pages can receive verification.

2. Increasing the credibility of the page

And preventing fake twin accounts that scammers can use.

3. Monetization

Verified accounts that host ads can charge higher prices for ads. But this is more about a personal brand than business accounts of companies.

Remember that the blue checkmark does not mean increased priority for displaying posts in the user's feed, access to technical support, additional protection of the account from hacking, or other privileges.

How to get verification: instructions

First of all, the page should not violate the rules of using Instagram and comply with the user agreement. The chances of getting verified are higher if your account:

- Authentic

Represents a real person, company or organization.

- Unique

The only exception applies to accounts of the same brand in different languages.

- Full

With all the necessary information in the profile, as well as previously posted publications.

- Noticeable

Users should be interested in your profile, and your company should also be mentioned in several different news sources besides Instagram itself.

Algorithm for getting a tick on Instagram for a company:

  1. Open "Settings", then "Account" and select "Request confirmation".
  1. Confirm the existence of the company and the right to own the account. To do this, indicate the real name and surname of the owner, attach an identity card, upload documents on registration of a legal entity or other materials that can confirm the authenticity of the company.
  1. Send an application for consideration and wait for a response from Facebook.

Not all accounts can become "Favorites". Instagram considers each application separately and decides whether to reward the profile with a blue tick or not.

Tips for getting a verification checkmark

A few important points in the end or how to manage Instagram so that verification is not denied:

1. Link pages on other social networks to Instagram.

This will help confirm the authenticity of the account and the active presence of the brand on the Internet.

2. Do not use cheat services.

During verification, the account is carefully checked. If he was previously convicted of unfair promotion, then the blue checkmark does not shine for you.

3. Post a variety of content regularly.

The more and more actively your account develops, the more favorable Instagram will be. A profile with multiple photos will definitely be denied verification.

4. Clean up spam.

Even if you promoted your account according to all the rules, sometimes you need to clean it from spam comments and dubious followers. When considering an application for verification, Instagram looks not only at the quality of the content, but also at the subscribers.

5. Grow an active audience.

The more your account will be mentioned in posts, stories, write adequate comments or drive in the search, the more likely that Instagram will approve verification.

Submitting a request for verification of your Instagram account is easy. Especially for large companies. All the main work is for the brand before the application is submitted.

Instagram verification FAQ

This is a confirmation of the authenticity of the account. The verification badge looks like a white check mark on a blue round background on the profile next to the username. It is also visible in all posts and is displayed next to the nickname in the search.

Everyone. Both companies and famous personalities.

It will protect against the creation of fake accounts, give visibility and significantly increase the trust of users. Verified accounts can post external links in Stories even if they have less than 10,000 followers.

Send a formal request to Facebook and wait for a decision.

The account must represent a real company or person. It should be an active Instagram account, visible in the media space, with high activity and regular posting.

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