How to make whatsapp group only admin can send messages

WhatsApp Group Admins can now control who sends messages: A look at all new features

Written by Shruti Dhapola

New Delhi | Updated: July 3, 2018 5:06:58 pm

WhatsApp Group Admins can now control who can send messages on the groups. Here’s a look at all the new settings for Group Admins that WhatsApp has rolled out recently.

WhatsApp has been adding new features across groups, especially for group admins in order to make it easier for some to control the kind of conversations that take place. The latest WhatsApp feature for Group Admins will make it easy for them to restrict who can send messages to the entire group. This is an important setting, which is being rolled out for iOS and Android users of the popular messaging app. Here’s a look at all the new features regarding WhatsApp Groups and for Group Admins.

WhatsApp new features for Group Admins: Control messages

“Today, we’re launching a new group setting where only admins are able to send messages to a group. One way people use groups is to receive important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations. We’ve introduced this new setting so admins can have better tools for these use cases, ” WhatsApp said in a blog post. This one-way broadcast feature is being compared to a similar one on rival messaging app Telegram.

WhatsApp users who are admins of a group can access the feature by tapping on Group Settings> Send Messages and choosing from two options: All Participants and Only Admins. The Group Settings option is available when one taps on the name of the Group to look for more details around the participants, group description, etc. If the Admin picks ‘All Participants’, then all members of a group can send messages, but the ‘Only Admins’ feature will restrict messaging to only group admins. It means that regular users of the group will not able to reply to messages, and the group will turn into a one-way broadcast.

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For example, if there is a group started by a school to make key announcements for parents, they can restrict the option for sending messages to only admins, which in this case would be the teachers and school administration. Thus, the group will be limited to just announcements, rather than everyone messaging and important alerts getting lost in long conversation threads. Of course, it also means parents cannot raises questions in such a group and may need another group to serve that purpose.

Currently there is no option for ensuring that some members of the group, who are not admins can also send messages. WhatsApp is limiting the options to all members or just admins.  WhatsApp says this setting is rolling out to all users around the world on the latest supported versions of the app. Users will have to update their iOS, Android app from the respective app store in order to get the new feature.

WhatsApp has been rolling out more controls for admins. (Image source: Reuters)

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WhatsApp Group: More Admin controls

In group settings, there is a new control option, which lets admins restrict who can change the group’s subject, icon, and description. The setting also lets users edit Group admins and remove some as admins without removing them from the group, which was not possible before.

Admins can go to Group Settings > Edit Group Info and choose between All Participants or Only Group Admins for this setting. Also group creators can no longer be removed from the group they started. More importantly users can no longer be repeatedly added to groups they left earlier.

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WhatsApp Groups: Add description feature

WhatsApp rolled out this feature earlier this year and it allows admins, other participants to add a description to group chats. Say there are multiple office groups, each for a distinct purpose, then the admin can add the group description at the bottom of the name for more clarity. WhatsApp users need to tap on the group name where they would like to add a description.

Next tap on “Group Info” section, followed by “Description” section right below the name of the group and add the desired description. When a new person joins a group, the description will show up at the top of the chat, says WhatsApp. Admins can restrict who can add descriptions, be it all participants or just those who are designated as admins.

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Your WhatsApp group admin will soon be able to delete your messages

By Chandraveer Mathur

The feature is making its way to beta users now, and will come to the stable channel soon

WhatsApp certainly didn’t pioneer group chats, but it was instrumental in making them an indispensable part of our lives. The Meta-owned service has been around for over a decade now, and group chats have been a WhatsApp feature since 2011. However, group administrators don’t have much control over the chat itself. To fix this for good, we learned WhatsApp is beta testing powerful controls, so administrators can delete messages sent by other members.

Presently WhatsApp group administrators can only boot members and control who joins, who can send messages, and how disappearing messages are configured. Tools for moderating activity in the chat are extremely limited, and it's currently not possible to delete messages. Interestingly, the company is testing that exact capability.

WABetaInfo reports upcoming builds of the messaging app could let group admins delete messages sent by participants, simply by long-tapping them and selecting the ‘delete for everyone’ option. The chat will retain a placeholder for the deleted message mentioning the name of the administrator who deleted it. This will make it clear to all participants that it was an action performed by administrators and not the original sender.

Source: WABetaInfo  

WhatsApp isn’t introducing a new or novel feature here. It is merely catching up to rival feature-rich services such as Telegram and Discord. The feature isn't even entirely new to WhatsApp itself. We saw it first in December, and again in May during what seemed like internal testing. It's now a part of the public beta channel.

Reports suggest the rollout is painfully slow on the beta channel, and it could be a while before a majority of WhatsApp users get this feature. If you’re signed up for the WhatsApp beta, you could see this feature show up in the coming weeks. Until then, you’ll have to let members off with warnings or just show them the door to keep your group chats civil.

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How to create restricted groups on WhatsApp

You may have heard people complain that WhatsApp is out of control. When they say this, they don't want to discount all the good things about WhatsApp (and there are many). What they really complain about is WhatsApp Groups.

Until now, members of WhatsApp groups were free to do whatever they wanted. They can change the group name, profile picture, and even send unlimited messages (read spam). However, this has completely changed with the new Restricted Group settings introduced recently.

WhatsApp group administrators now have more powers and rights than before. They can restrict changes to group information or even create a group in one direction. That is, only the admin can send messages.

In this post, we will go over all the details related to setting up restricted groups. By the end, you'll learn what restricted groups are and how to create them.

Let's jump.

WhatsApp Restricted Groups

A simple group, in simple terms, refers to a group in which there are certain restrictions on the rights of members. These new settings help make group chats more reliable (and less annoying).

To avoid spam and unnecessary group messages, WhatsApp has introduced two new options for administrators. With these new rights, administrators have more control over groups. Previously, the only powers an admin had were to add or remove members and grant admin rights to anyone else. But now the administrator can monitor the participants more closely.

How to enable restricted groups

You do not need to create a new group to restrict it. All existing groups can be restricted by changing a few settings.

As mentioned above, administrators can restrict two important things related to groups. First, the administrator can restrict changes to group information. Secondly, the admin can block groups.

Restrict group information

Previously, because the admins didn't have much control, any Tom, Dick, and Harry could change the group name and profile picture. This won't be a problem in the case of family and friends groups, but for business or professional groups it has been a headache. Any notorious person will change the information, making it inconvenient for everyone in the group.

Fortunately, administrators can now prevent members from changing any information about a group, including the group's name, image, and description. Since there can be multiple administrators in a group, all administrators have the right to change these settings.

To restrict group information options, follow these steps:

Step 1 . Open the WhatsApp group whose privacy settings you want to change.

Step 2: Click on the top bar where the name of the group is written. You will be taken to the settings page. Here, click on the group settings option.

Step 3: In the Group Settings section, click on Edit Group Information. A pop-up window will appear asking you to choose from all members or only administrators. If you want only administrators to make changes to group information, select Administrators only.

Once you enable the setting, the group will be notified that the administrator has changed the group setting.

Instead of the edit icon, members will now see a surrounded i icon, and clicking the icon will pop up a message that only an administrator can edit that group's information.

Restrict group messages

As an alternative to broadcast lists, WhatsApp has introduced a one-way group messaging feature. When enabled, only admins will be able to send messages to the group. Other members will not be able to reply to messages in the group, they can only read them. However, unlike broadcasts, group members will still be able to see each other in the group.

To restrict group messages, do the following:

Step 1: Open the group you want to restrict and tap the top bar. Then click on the Group Settings option.

Step 2: Click Send Messages. You will be asked to choose who can send messages to the group in a pop-up window. Select the appropriate option and touch Ok.

If you change it to Admins only, a message will appear in the chat saying that the group settings have been changed. The response or message box in such a group will be replaced with text that says that only administrators can send messages. Clicking on the word admin will show all admins the ability to send messages to them. Messages that the administrator receives will have the group name as a quoted message.

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So here's how you can create and manage a restricted WhatsApp group. Now use your admin rights to show members who their real boss is.

Whatsapp Group Chat what and how it works

Today, the question of how group chat works is very relevant, because this is one of the main advantages of the WhatsApp application, which has practically eradicated standard SMS messages and simple text notifications. You can create up to 50 groups at the same time, each of which can include up to 100 contacts and friends. You can always stay in touch with loved ones or colleagues. Group chats are one of the advantages of WhatsApp over other messengers, so be sure to install the WhatsApp application on your computer for even more options.

How to create and use a chat?

To create your own group in the application, follow the following instructions:

  • Run the program and find the section with chats in it;

  • In the upper field of the screen you will see the "New Group" button. Click on it to create a new dialogue;
  • Come up with a name for your group chat - all participants will see it and this will help you navigate;

  • Invite to chat everyone you want to see there;

  • Click Done to complete the chat.

Adding new participants to an existing chat

Sometimes there are situations when you need to add a user to existing conversations. In this case, you need to be the leader of the group and keep in mind that it does not fit more than a hundred people. To add new friends to the chat you need:

  • Open a dialogue;
  • Go to the topic of the group and go from there to the page with information about this chat;
  • Click on the "Add new member" button;
  • Choose who exactly you want to see in this dialog and click "done".

Removing users from WhatsApp chats

In addition to adding users, you can also delete them. This must be done by the creator or administrator of the chat. Here is the instruction:

  • Open the whole group dialog;
  • From there, go to the "Groups" tab;
  • Tap on the number or name of the person you would like to remove from the chat;
  • In the menu that appears, select the "Delete" option.

Administering groups in WhatsApp

Each chat can have as many administrators as you want - each admin can appoint another user as an administrator or manager. If you want to make someone an admin of a group, then follow these simple steps:

  • Open a group dialog;
  • Tap on the topic group to display additional parameters and the "Information about the group" window;
  • Click on it;
  • Edit administrator details and save.

How to change the group avatar

Any member of the conference can change the group's header image. To do this, you need:

  • Open a chat;
  • Click on the data with the topic of the group and select the page of settings and information about the chat;
  • Select the "mute" option;
  • Set the time limit during which you do not want to receive sound notifications.

How to leave a WhatsApp group?

A user who decides to leave the WhatsApp group will no longer receive fresh notifications, but the dialogue itself will remain in the chat lists, and if you want, you can read the message history.

Learn more