How to become an instagram model and get paid

How Do Instagram Models Make Money and How Much Do They Get

As television is losing its grip of the audiences, social networks get increasingly more influential. In the world where social media accounts get all the attention, companies have drastically changed their marketing strategies. It’s online influencers with large followings they prefer to deal with now. That’s how we all got introduced to the whole Instagram model phenomenon.

Well, you are in luck, because that’s exactly what I’m going to research here. So join me for this ride. Hopefully, this will help you decide if Instagram modeling is really what you want to do.

Who Is An Instagram Model?

If you are unfamiliar with the Instagram modeling scene, the “Instagram model” term might seem weird or even ridiculous to you. Trust me, it’s anything but. Kylie Jenner with her 155 million followers earns over a million us dollars per post. Ariana Grande (nearly 170 mln followers) isn’t far behind with almost a million dollars per post. Cristiano Ronaldo with his massive following of 195 mln earns around a million dollars every time he posts too. Does it still look funny to you?

But these people are celebrities in their own right. They didn’t become famous thanks to Instagram. The beauty of Instagram is that it gives you an opportunity to go from zero to hero if you have what it takes.

Basically, an Instagram model is a woman or a man using Instagram as a modeling scene. This way of modeling offers a great deal of freedom. You don’t have to search for modeling agencies or use any kind of intermediaries. You are self-employed and if you work hard enough on building a decent following, brands notice you and want to work with you.

Today brands are in constant search of fresh faces and vivid personalities. And more often than not, they look for these faces online.

The social influence Instagram models wield is extremely attractive to companies and brands. The reason is simple: this social influence can be easily converted into credibility, customer inflow, and, subsequently, increased profit. And successful models, in their turn, can count on big-name contracts and a hefty paycheck. A win-win all around.

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The Difference Between Instagram Models and Regular Models

They say that Instagram has transformed the whole view on modeling. And that’s completely true. The old-fashioned model scouting is all but fading into obscurity. Instagram models don’t need to pound the pavement looking for a modeling agency to represent them. Most often than not, they need no agents at all: brand representatives contact them directly. There is no need to scour the streets of big cities and small towns in search of talent. It can be easily found online.

Instagram account is an ultimate digitalized model’s portfolio. It’s not only the photos and the person in them that matters. It’s the following and the extent of its involvement manifesting in the number of views and likes, comments and shares. More importantly, it’s the window to the model’s everyday life, their lifestyle, their personality. It offers a great deal more than any lookbook would.

Instagram models are seen as more authentic, natural. While traditional modeling industry often promotes unrealistically glamorous standards, Instagram modeling offers an image of a more down-to-earth, “next-door” person. This image understandably seems more appealing to modern audiences and, as a result, is more financially attractive to brands.

To summarize, here’s what generally differs Instagram models from traditional models:

  1. Traditional modeling places strict restrictions on looks, weight and body type. Instagram models are known for pushing the envelope as much as possible.
  2. Oldschool modeling is all about the fashion industry and beauty products. Instagram models can advertise a wide range of products, from makeup to indoor trainers to teeth whiteners.
  3. Instagram models monetize their online presence by gaining a large following and getting direct contracts from brands. Regular models take part in castings and send their portfolios to scouts and modeling agencies in the hope of getting hired.

Do Instagram Models Get Paid?

Yes, they very much do. However, don’t expect that you will monetize your IG account as soon as you pop up on the scene. That takes some time and effort. But most importantly, don’t try IG modeling if earning money is your only goal. If you make monetization your topmost priority, you will most likely not succeed. Do it only if you have something to say and something to show. If you are capable of thinking out of the box, showcasing every side of your life and not only high-end glamour shots, then go for it.

No brand will be interested in your account if all it has is a million standard selfies. Don’t be afraid to be versatile, to open up a door into your life, and show what you are like in various situations. Sometimes it’s the ability to go beyond normal that works.

How do Instagram Models Make Money

One word: sponsorships. Sponsorship can be done in a few different ways but it all comes down to this: companies and brands pay you for advertising their products. It can be a one-time partnership or continuous collaboration. But the basics are the same: a brand gets interested in your niche audience, they offer you a deal, they pay for your sponsored posts.

Here are several ways to make this work:

  • partnership with brands that might be interested in your niche following. For example, if your account is all about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, a company might hire you to advertise their health products.
  • affiliation marketing. You promote a product and get an affiliate commission from product sales.
  • creating your own brand and selling your own products and/or services
  • selling licensing to your media content

It’s worth mentioning that if all you intend to do is post selfies and patiently wait for brands to notice you without taking any action, you might never get that sponsorship. Start acting. There are numerous IG accounts that belong to brands seeking new faces. Sometimes they launch campaigns and contests to choose a person who would represent them. Follow these accounts, comment on their posts, take part in their contests. Chances are they’ll notice you and want to work with you.

How Much do Instagram Models Make?

As I said earlier, top-tier celebs can earn ridiculous amounts of money for each sponsored post they make. People like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per sponsored post. Some models of a lower-tier can count on a $50, 000 paycheck.

But what if you are not a celebrity and don’t have an established brand of your own? Well, it largely depends on the number of your followers and your niche. Most likely, you won’t get contracts from the biggest world’s brands if you don’t have at least a hundred thousand followers. This is no reason to throw in the towel, though. You can still earn hundreds to thousands of dollars for advertising some local brand or product.

Once again, remember: starting an IG model career with nothing but great earnings in mind is not a good way to go. Start small, develop your brand, make them notice you. With some effort and dedication, you might one day become one of those top-tier queens.

How Much Should You Charge As An Instagram Model?

I get it, you want simple and understandable numbers that will tell you everything you need to know. However, this question doesn’t have a single definitive answer. Each influencer, each aspiring Instagram model must do his or her own research.

The problem is when you are only beginning to interact with sponsors, you don’t know how much to charge for your sponsored content. If you ask too much, you can scare a potential sponsor away and lose your chance to earn. If you try to be modest and ask too little, you might miss an opportunity to earn more and to grow.

There are lots of factors that affect an IG model’s rates. Some of them are as follows:

  • number of followers
  • niche content and demand for it
  • level of audience engagement (likes and comments)
  • influencer’s location
  • content quality.

If you do your own research, you might hear that sponsors usually pay around $1000 USD for each 100, 000 of your followers. But while this might be true in some cases, it’s not a rule set in stone. Big-time influencers earn much more per their 100, 000 followers, some smaller ones earn a lot less.

There are lots of smaller brands interested in IG models with smaller followings. Why? Because as a rule, an audience of 20, 000 followers has a much higher level of engagement than an audience of a few million people. This means that a product will be noticed by more potential customers.

The trick is not to aim at top-tier brands right from the start. Smaller companies might not offer fantastic amounts for your sponsored posts but they can be a great stepping stone in your career.

In case you want to calculate your rates as an IG model, you can use one of many IG influencer earnings calculators online. They can be a great tool for building a monetizing strategy.

Examples of Successful Models

But what are all the words without living examples? There are many successful IG models to look at for inspiration and guidance. I’ve made a list of just a few of them, but obviously, you can find more.

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister is one of the most successful models as of today. She’s got it all: a multimillion army of fans and six-figure contracts. Her IG photos and videos show Kendall love her life to the fullest in the most beautiful world’s locations.
At the moment she has a huge following of 120 million. According to various sources, she charges from $400, 000 to $600, 000 per sponsored post.

2. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid followed the steps of her older sister, Bella, and made herself a name in the modeling world. The American supermodel, Victoria’s Secret Angel, and TV personality appeared on many magazines’ front pages, took part in countless advertising campaigns and became the face of Tom Ford brand. Her Instagram account is full of vibrant high-fashion scene pictures and sentimental family photos.
Gigi has a little over 51 million followers. Her sponsored posts cost from $300, 000 to $400, 000.

3. Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is a true IG model. Unlike the models listed above who didn’t become famous thanks to Instagram, Sommer wasn’t widely known before the start of her Instagram career.
Coming from a family of bodybuilders, Sommer made her IG account all about fitness. She charges around $30, 000 per sponsored post.

4. Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren started her modeling career at the young age of 13, but true fame came as she blew up on Instagram, big time. Her Instagram account is a collection of fashion photoshoots and everyday life photos, filled with energy and creativity.
Alexis has 13, 6 million followers. Surprisingly, she chooses not to post sponsored content on her Instagram account.

5. Jen Selter

Jen Selter is another sports & fitness enthusiast and model who made herself famous on Instagram. Fitness, health, and beauty are her main IG themes. She has 12, 8 million followers and charges $15, 000 per sponsored post.


Who can become an IG model? Literally anyone. However, everyone who dreams of building a career on Instagram must be prepared for some hard work. Thousands of followers don’t pop out of thin air. They come for quality content and stay for a vivid, charming personality.

Even if you don’t have a large following right now, don’t give up. Go on and do what you enjoy doing. Thigs can change very quickly!

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4 Simple Steps to Become an Instagram Model and Get Paid

4 Simple Steps to Become an Instagram Model and Get Paid

October 5, 2018

Posted by Mark

in Activity | Making Money


There is no question that Instagram is one of the most popular social network platforms available online. The outlet became so big in 2012 that it was bought by the grand-daddy of social media platforms, Facebook. The investment has paid off big time for everyone involved.
While regular users still post casual pictures with meals, pets and special moments, thousands of business brands use the platform to engage their customer base and make themselves recognizable for their products or services.
Modeling is not exempt from this equation as some of the most beautiful women in the world promote themselves on Instagram, and many of them manage to score big time deals by following the right marketing strategy.
If you are looking to become an Instagram Model and score a big payday, you need to pay attention to these steps to make your name recognizable in a very competitive field. Lay down and take a moment to think how you can apply each of these strategies to make your name a household brand.

Make an Outline of your True Purpose

To become an Instagram model and get paid, you will need to have a pretty clear idea of what you are going to do to make yourself known on it. While Instagram allows people to share temporary statuses and short videos, the strength of the platform relies on the ability to share images and pictures.
If you are a model, you need to have a clear idea of the following you want to build. Internet darlings such as Sarah Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski are known for posing using light clothes or bikinis, while most models under the Suicide Girl brand are known for modeling lingerie.
Make a quick study along a few considerations to learn what suits you best!

Think Cross-Platforms at All Moments

One of the most exceptional features we found on Instagram, is the ability to share your content by default to some of the most popular social networks after placing a few settings in place. As you generate content on your Instagram account, make sure the text going with the pictures lead to your other social networks.
The strategy allows many struggling models to find their audiences and project their image, where they can be seen by the people willing to notice. If you are looking for modeling gigs, you can place contact information in the description or header of your social network profiles.

Build a Following

Instagram allows anyone with the right number of followers to monetize their accounts, the revenue generated it’s not exactly high, but it can help you to cover the expenses of your new career initiative. To reach the right number of followers you need to be constant with your social media efforts. Be disciplined about it and put yourself out there in a way that results inviting to your followers.
While it’s true that many models gather a large male following, they also get the prying eyes of their competitors on their backs. Don’t be afraid! They are also a support system of sorts. Follow them back and advertise them. Most likely they will do the same for you, and that could lead to high-paid modeling gigs. If the strategy is not working out as quickly as you want, you can buy an Instagram account with an established following base here.

Take Care of your Instagram followers and turn them into Ambassadors

Our Instagram followers will become Our fans, and they will become our bread and butter as we grow as a model. At some point, we will notice what likes them the most about we content. We have to make sure to thread them to more of it on a weekly basis. Avoid buying bots, they are not helpful at all for social media strategies, and Instagram can see right through them.
With the right strategy, you can get them to spread the word about you by sharing your posts on other social media platforms. This strategy will inevitably expand your fan base, and it will make it easier for you to be identifiable by the big players in the modeling field (and it will also help you monetize your accounts)
There is a lot more to say to become an Instagram model and of course to get paid, but these basic tips will help you start the path to Instagram modeling with the right foot. Let’s hope you remember us when you become a star!
If you have an Instagram business, here’s how you can promote your business on Instagram


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How to make money on Instagram: all the ways

How to make money on Instagram* from scratch? You can become an SMM specialist and set up Instagram ads for your clients*. Or maintain their profiles so that they receive new orders - money is paid for all this. But it is much more interesting to maintain your profile and earn income.

Yes, someone keeps an account "for fun", and someone - to earn money. We tell you exactly how you can earn money on Instagram * on your profile, how much you can receive and what you need for this.

Ways to make money on Instagram*

Sell ads

The most obvious and common way to make money from your Instagram profile* is to sell ad integrations. You can do this in different ways:

  • mention the account in the next post or story;
  • talk about the product, just show it or mention that you use it yourself;
  • place a link to the advertiser's website in the profile description or stories;
  • to agitate to do something or express "one's" opinion in publications, and so on.

Advertising can be anything. For example, many bloggers said that they would go to the polls themselves and called on the audience to do so. Some campaigned for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and also received money for this.

Usually an ad on Instagram* looks something like this: a blogger shows a product and links to a profile where you can learn more about it

Advertisers will pay you not for the number of people who came from you, but simply for the fact itself advertising placement. But at the same time, they will track the results, and if they don’t like them, they are unlikely to contact you again.

And to tell advertisers that you are ready to place ad integrations, you can create a second account on Instagram* and leave a link to it in your profile description. Or indicate there a phone number or email address where you can be contacted.

An example of how you can leave contacts for communication about advertising integrations

And if there are not many subscribers yet, but you want to earn money right now, it is better to additionally register on the blogger exchanges: on Epicstars, LabelUp and others. Advertisers can look for bloggers with a small audience there, and you can get clients from both your Instagram profile* and exchanges.

Traffic arbitrage

It's like advertising integrations - you also have to promote some product or product. But the earnings scheme is arranged a little differently:

  • traffic (people) will have to be directed directly to the advertiser's website, and for this - place a link in the description of the main profile or create an additional account and first promote it;
  • you will be paid not for the very fact of placing an advertisement, but for the targeted actions of users who clicked on it: for example, 2% of the order of all those who came from you.

The more loyal the audience is and the more purchases (orders, registrations) it makes, the more you earn.

Traffic arbitrage may look like this: a person offers to get a card with a favorable service, and he is charged money for each card issued

To be able to earn money in this way, you need to look for advertisers who are willing to pay according to a similar scheme. This can be done in CPA networks: this is the name of the "catalogues" of affiliate programs. The largest CPA network in Russia is Admitad: M.Video, Lamoda, OZON and other brands offer their programs there.

Optimal Instagram* is suitable for making money on the following products:

  • Goods for beauty, fitness, weight loss.
  • Gadgets, fashion novelties, accessories, various wow-goods. Everything from which it is easy to make a beautiful picture and is designed for an impulse purchase.
  • Offers for training or employment of students and recent graduates.

Accepting donations

In practice, this way of making money on Instagram* is rarely used. The bottom line is that you simply accept donations (voluntary money transfers) from subscribers. They can throw off money for different purposes: buying a new computer, overexposure of a sick animal, restoring a passport.

People are more willing to donate to people who really need help: those who find themselves in a difficult situation, get sick or organize a pet shelter

at DonationAlerts. If you make a link, people will be able to transfer money to you in different ways: from a card, from a mobile account or from electronic wallets.

Selling services

One of the most popular ways to make money on Instagram* is selling your services. Many manicurists, SMM specialists, psychologists, cosmetologists and other specialists promote their profile in order to receive orders from there. Tarologists, business coaches, English teachers are not far behind - the list can be long.

This is what the profile of a specialist who sells his services on Instagram looks like*

In order to sell services and make money from it, you need to be able to create high-quality interesting content, communicate with the audience, and work out objections.

Sale of information products

Another opportunity to make money, which famous bloggers often resort to, is the sale of their own information courses. You can teach your audience something you know yourself: promote your Instagram profile*, bake delicious cakes, sew handmade soft toys, and so on.

Elena Blinovskaya, for example, runs a wish-fulfillment marathon and has already sold an information product to more than 150,000 people time. Despite the fact that in an interview Sobchak did not show Elena Blinovskaya in the most favorable light, the subscribers of the information businesswoman supported her.

To make money selling information products, you need a loyal audience that will trust you. And for this, pumping a personal brand is important - it is it that allows you to create an image of an expert in the eyes of users and increase loyalty to you.

Sale of merchandise

Merch is a product with the symbols of a certain brand, person, team, and so on. You can sell merch immediately if you are engaged in the production of some goods. In this case, you will first create a profile, then you will recruit an audience.

Designer Olga, for example, sells her dresses all over the world, and additionally offers a franchise.

You can do the opposite - gain an audience, and then offer them to buy a hoodie or dress with a pattern that you personally made. Your fans will certainly want to get some kind of product that will help them "join" you. True, you will have to look for someone who can produce these goods.

An example of how a blogger first got subscribers and then created his own merch

Many bloggers release something of their own: they create production from scratch or negotiate with factories to release goods with certain symbols. Media personalities sell clothes, accessories and even cosmetics and perfumes under their own name.

Oksana Samoilova sells a whole line of different cosmetics

Draining traffic to other sites

Another indirect way to make money on Instagram* is to attract followers to other sites. Where direct monetization is available or where you also earn by selling services, goods or accepting donations.

For example, you can leave a link in your Instagram profile* to a YouTube channel. Some users will subscribe to you there and watch the video, and you will be able to connect to the YouTube affiliate program and get paid for showing ads in your videos to users.

Artists often do this: for example, Alexey Vorobyov also drives traffic on YouTube

Shop on Instagram*

Instagram Shopping is the integration of an e-commerce store into your Instagram profile*. This is the only way to sell directly to subscribers through posts, stories, the Browse tab, and the Store tab. Shoppers can check the price of an item on the app and then go to the store with the click of a button.

Let's say you represent a clothing store on Instagram* and want to promote your brand. Simply upload a photo of a model wearing your outfit and Instagram* will allow you to tag up to five products per post or up to 20 products per carousel. You can also use stories and videos.

For example, Clever publishing house sells children's books on Instagram*

Read more about the nuances of work and settings in the article "Instagram* Shopping - how to set it up in 2021".

Photos for sale

Instagram* is basically a photo-sharing app. And photos are assets that can be licensed, printed, and sold in a variety of ways.

If you have cool photos, you can put them on marketplaces where brands and publishers can license them. For example, 500px or Twenty20.

Another option is to sell your photos as prints on other products such as posters, phone cases, pillows. All you need is to find a suitable service that will not only make the desired print, but also take care of the delivery. You will only have sales. There are such organizations in almost every more or less large city.

Daniel Arnold, a Brooklyn-based photographer, went from $90 to $15,000 in one day, according to Forbes. At that time, Arnold had a little over 20,000 subscribers. Now there are 329,000 of them.

One of Arnold's popular photos

Brand Ambassador

Unlike a blogger who sells many one-time ad integrations, an ambassador works with the same brand for a long time.

Most companies benefit from establishing a long-term relationship with an influencer who regularly promotes the company in a positive way. The fact is that most often an opinion leader who becomes a brand ambassador already uses the company's product or a similar one, or broadcasts in a certain niche. He has an interested target audience who will not be surprised that a blogger supports and recommends a particular cosmetics or coffee variety.

What brand ambassadors do:

  • Give away free products in experimental campaigns.
  • Broadcast speeches at conferences or stores to promote the brand.
  • Interaction with consumers on your page.
  • Increasing brand awareness. For example, a blogger wears branded T-shirts, caps, suits.
  • Post quality content to increase user engagement.

Sale of AR masks

Augmented reality (AR) filters are various effects that are superimposed on what your camera shows.

Facebook's* Spark AR Studio platform allows users to create their own interactive augmented reality filters. They can be used in Instagram* and Facebook* Stories, as well as in Facebook* Messenger and Video Chat Portal with Friends.

Such masks can be sold to various brands, because AR masks are useful because:

  • They help to emphasize the individuality of the brand, stand out from the competition.
  • Communicate with the audience. Interactive elements in Stories increased 3-second views 9 out of 10 times, says Facebook*, and 60% of businesses use them to increase monthly engagement.
  • Allows users to "try on" a product before buying or "wear" branded clothing.
  • Increase brand awareness. An AR mask can be a company logo or mascot. And if the filter is not advertising, it will be displayed in the effects gallery, where it is available to anyone. In addition, when users take a selfie with a brand's AR mask, their followers will learn about the company.
Mercedes logically uses cars in AR filters. But there are masks from designer @ johwska . She added a beautiful glossy effect on her face

Instagram augmented reality filter skills* can make good money.

It's all about making money on Instagram* from your account. I will not consider the option of how to make money without investments on likes, subscribers and views - it takes a lot of time and brings very little money, and this type of income is not pleasant to me. Most often, it harms business, spoils statistics, helps scammers advance, and algorithms do not like it.

How much you can earn on Instagram*

Everything will depend on the quantity and quality of your audience. The more people follow you, the more you can charge for one ad integration or the more donations you can get. In the case of advertising integrations, you set the prices yourself.

A blogger with just over 500,000 subscribers charges 25,000 ₽ for one advertising integration

Those with more than 1 million subscribers can charge from 100,000 ₽ for one advertising post. And media personalities like Olga Buzova, Natalya Rudova, Nastasya Samburskaya can charge 200-300 thousand rubles for one post.

If you make money by selling information products, merchandise or services, everything will depend on how many people buy your product. But with a large audience, the amounts are impressive. For example, let's calculate the earnings of Elena Blinovskaya.

She herself says that she received more than 150,000 reviews, which means that there were no less sales. The cost of the marathon is changing: let's take 3,000 ₽ - the amount that is most often mentioned in reviews. It turns out that Elena earned about 450 million rubles for the entire time the marathon was sold. Yes, she spent time creating it and is now spending money on supporting the information product (hiring employees), but the amount itself is impressive.

In general, more than 2.6 million people subscribed to the marathon page - sales can be much higher

How much money you earn on Instagram * depends only on how you invest in the development of your account, and how many audiences you gain. The more loyal subscribers you get, the more income you can get from one way of earning. And you can use several - for example, advertise someone's services and sell your information product at the same time.

How to get your first sales in social networks, we tell on the online course for beginners "First Orders on Instagram*". The course is suitable for anyone who wants to earn money by promoting their services or product on an online platform.

What to do to earn a lot

Promote your profile and get a lot of followers: the more the better. There are two ways to go:

  • gain an audience quickly with the help of advertising from bloggers;
  • make interesting and high-quality content and gain subscribers slowly.

Content is needed even if you want to use paid promotion: after all, people will follow you only if they like your account. It's just that with the help of advertising you will get followers much faster than with organic promotion.

You will find all the necessary tools for content production in one application, which will save a lot of time to promote your business. Auto-posting, photo and video editor, story builder, post analytics, teamwork opportunities - this and much more is in SMMplanner.

You will be able to work faster and more efficiently - get more done in the same amount of time. Register using the link and you will have 14 days of access to the professional tariff "Initial" instead of the standard week. Explore the possibilities, then choose the appropriate tariff or use the free version of the service - it depends on your needs.

There is another way - a quick and free recruitment of a new audience through hype. So Diana Shurygina, Ekaterina Didenko and Daria Zoteeva (Instasamka) became popular. The only question is what is the price of their popularity: hype will bring subscribers, but not a loyal audience. Because of black PR, subscribers, advertisers and those with whom the blogger did joint projects may turn away. This was the case with Daria Zoteeva, when, due to another scandalous trick, Klava Koka refused to cooperate with her, and her voice was replaced with another one in the cartoon “100% Wolf”.

Promoting your profile on Instagram* requires a lot of time, effort and nerves. We have collected materials that can help attract loyal followers:

  • 9 ways to promote on Instagram for free*
  • 8 free social media contest services
  • Post idea generator

Decide for yourself which promotion method to use. The most important thing is to gain the first few thousand subscribers. Even with 1-2 thousand followers, you can start earning and investing in the further development of your account in order to get more audience and, accordingly, earn more.

The article has been updated. First published: March 26, 2021

Top 10 Highest Earning Instagram Models

While the vast majority of people view work as an inevitable and annoying distraction from their upcoming, sweet, worries-free death, there are others who have managed to make earning fun and... easy. While we are digging somewhere, waddle dancing to someone's tune, listening to old farts, somewhere there are real geniuses.

They can get fabulous money just because they have a sense of style and an account in Instagram . The most successful models of Instagram receive thousands of dollars in brand advertising, while followers look at them with either admiration or envy. Here we look at the 10 most successful representatives of such a career.

It is worth noting the business idea of ​​the models mentioned here, and how they used social media fame and get good money from the representatives of emerging brands, showing not only smartness, but also style and appearance. You might be interested in the article Top 10 Highest Paid Photo Models of 2015.

10. Aimee Song

Owner of the fashion and interior design blog " Song of style ", Aimee Song once said she regretted publishing designer items for free when she had so much money to invest in the business. Amy has now corrected the mistake. Her blog has 72,000 readers and Instagram has 950,000 followers, which means that when she shoots in certain clothes, she sells out in one day.

Such popularity in social networks allows you to receive about $ 50,000 for cooperation with the largest brands, so we will put it in the top lines of earning people Instagram . Check out 6 benefits of blogging.

9. Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein, 22, runs the hugely popular fashion blog " We Wore What ", with just over 1 million followers on Instagram . Her popularity on social media has made her one of the most recognizable and successful models in the fashion industry, she has collaborated with well-known brands such as Virgin Hotels and Lancome and was once paid for permission New Yorker publish brand ads on the account.

It has been estimated that Danielle receives $5,000-15,000 per post from brand representatives, but this figure can rise depending on the number of items of clothing, and she offers deals to the brand herself. Bernstein can rake in a huge annual salary with these deals - " I hate talking about money, but I'll be honest, it's more than I could ever imagine at 22. I'm fully self-sufficient, which is about five zeros " she stated. , Sarinana maintains her own incredibly popular blog " Sincerely Jules ", which is read by thousands of users every day. a hefty fee; by modest credit calculations, she is a blogger with a net fee of $150,000, but keep in mind that bloggers and instagrammers with the same attractiveness as Sarinan can easily earn $70,000-100,000 per year only with documents, so this figure can be a root higher.0003

7. Andreas Wijk

22-year-old Swedish model and singer Andreas Wijk is instantly recognizable by many Instagrammers. Unlike many of the other models mentioned in the article, Wake does not run a fashion blog, instead he has focused on a thriving music career. However, his Instagram currently has nearly 150,000 followers, which not only makes him an important figure in the modeling world, but also dramatically increases his earning potential.

Users of Instagram with more than 100.000 followers and therefore a popular photo stream can find themselves in the same field. According to Brian DiFeo, these users typically make $5,000-10,000 a month through support and sponsorship alone.

6. Wendy Nguyen

UC Berkeley psychology graduate Wendy Nguyen is considered a social media phenomenon. Along with Facebook accounts and Twitter with a huge following, she is also famous on YouTube because of the video titled " 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes " which has been viewed 25 million times.

Nguyen's " Wendy's Lookbook " blog and Instagram accounts are also insanely popular, which is what Wendy needs to be not only one of the original, but also the most powerful fashion blogger. The popularity of 's Instagram account has led to speculation that Nguyen, who has never reported earnings, is likely to be among the blogging elite, one of those who make over $1,000,000 a year.

5. Jane Aldridge

16-year-old Jane Aldridge was introduced to the world's attention by none other than Kanye West in 2009. Her blog " Sea of ​​Shoes " was featured in the pages of teen magazine Vogue and a fascinated Kanye tweeted a link to her page to increase her readership to 400,000 today.

The petite red-haired girl is considered one of the top five fashion bloggers with 164,000 followers in Instagram , this number continues to increase. Jane's lawyer noticed that she charges $20,000 for attending an event in person and an average of $5,000 for a promotional post on Instagram .

4. Julia Engel

665.000 followers on Instagram, blog " Gal Meets Glam " thanks to Julia Engel - one of the most recognizable models in the article. The San Francisco resident was one of the first fashion bloggers to use a shopping assistant site developed in the city of Dallas by Internet hard workers RewardStyle , which is called " LIKEtoKNOW. it .

When readers of Engel's " " " page likes a clothing-focused photo, the site sends an email to the user with the details of her image and a link to retail sites. Engel is paid a commission from all By adding sponsorship to her and paying to support her media accounts and blogspace , Engel, with a seven-figure income, quietly enters the club of fashion Instagrammers.

3. Liz Eswain

Along with Instagram 's strict models, Liz Eswain is arguably the most successful and influential Instagram user who lives on " the other " side of the camera lens. Eswain, who only took up photography four years ago, now earns up to $15,000 for a single photo posted to her account.

She partnered with @newyorkcity and qualified for her early days online. Over 1,200,000 subscribers signed up for it, which allowed Eswain to pick up brands, hoping to earn six-figure sums from the popularity of the tag in 6-12 months of cooperation. By attracting brands such as Puma, Armani and Samsung Eswain made over $1,000,000 in her first 18 months on the site.

2. Cara Delevingne

It's not just fashion bloggers who use 's huge Instagram popularity to make extra money. Even models and socialites such as Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne only took clothes from branded firms for photos in Instagram . Kara in particular is incredibly popular on the social network and has over 20,000,000 followers.

According to " Guardian ", models with over 10,000,000 followers can earn $100,000 for a single photo promoting a brand or item of clothing. It is also promised that users with this level of popularity will be charged a set fee for " likes ", meaning that viral posts will become extremely lucrative. Kara is included in the ranking of the 15 sexiest star sisters.

1. Chiara Ferragni

When she was still a law student in Milan and ran a fashion blog " Blond Salad ", she has already been seen as one of the most influential personalities in the international fashion world.

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