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The social media source of selfies and influencers has been a mainstay on mobile phones since 2010. In 2016 they released an app on PC for those that wanted to trade thumb swipes for mouse wheels. It delivers much of the same experience. You decide which Instagram accounts to follow and are treated to a scrolling deluge of photos, captions, and comments. You can like the photos, leave a comment, or send to another friend on Instagram. You can also watch Instagram Stories, which are videos that people upload for all of their followers to see. The strongest use case for the Windows platform is that you can use a keyboard for writing, so any Direct Message (DM for short) power users will have an easier time. It seems more of a supplement to Instagram though, as you cannot upload photos with a standard PC. You need a touch screen PC for that. So for every day browsing it gets the job done but leaves a little to be desired in the functionality category.

Show your lifestyle to the world

Instagram still plays best on phones and but the PC version lets you scratch the IG itch almost as well.

Instagram for Windows is available for download from the Microsoft store. You can either go to the website or the store app directly on your Windows PC. After 80 megabytes of downloading and installation you’re prompted to sign up. It took a minute to find the login option for current users and the designers should have made it clearer.

Once you’re up and running, the interface will be immediately familiar. It looks the same as it does on the mobile app. The top rung of the app has a camera icon where you can take a snapshot from your webcam, a refresh icon to update your feed, and the DM icon that looks like paper plane. Here is where the PC version shows a strength. If you work in the social media field and have to do a lot of DM writing – perhaps you’re selling a product or doing other sorts of outreach – a keyboard is an infinitely better tool for writing than a mobile phone touchscreen.

The bottom rung of the interface has the same four icons of a home button, the magnifying glass search button, the heart button, and finally your profile.

Home: Brings you to the main Instagram feed where each new scroll introduces a new post on which you can like (therefore feeding some algorithm-suggestions about future content you might enjoy), leave a comment, direct message to someone else, or make the post a bookmark. -Search: You can search for people, tags, and places. Unfortunately the Windows UI does not work too well here and the search still brings up every result in a single list format. Great for phones, not for monitors. -Heart: Shows you which posts were liked by people you follow and which of your posts received a like. -Profile: See how others see your profile and it’s where you can make any profile changes to your account.

Drawbacks to Instagram for Windows have to do with its optimization. Or rather, it’s lack of creativity for the port. First, you can’t post photos to your Instagram account if you’re using a standard PC with a mouse and keyboard. You’ll need a touchscreen system to post photos. The developers who ported the mobile app to the desktop version also seemed to not add a single feature; just subtract. It ought to have a multi-tiled interface that lets you see multiple photos in a tiled format as PC monitors are wider than they are tall. Something along the lines of 4x4 that expand or contract based on how you resize the app. They could also have combined some of the separate features together given a much bigger screen than the mobile phone. Simply put, it feels like the developers copy and pasted Instagram mobile onto the PC and then went to lunch. Forever. The best use case for IG on Windows is for the Direct Message power users, as you can type faster than you can text, but it’s a stretch for a good enough reason to move beyond the mobile app.

Where can you run this program?

Instagram runs on Windows but should also be a mainstay on your mobile device.

Is there a better alternative?

The mobile app is still the best way to experience Instagram. It contains all of the features of the app without any of the drawbacks found with the Windows version. Alternative social media applications are of course Facebook and Snapchat that emphasize interactions with people. If you’re solely interested in photographs and not the human element, Pinterest and Tumblr can handle that directive. And every day there seems to be a new take on social media. Vero is considered a main competitor to Instagram as it focuses on an ad-free, user-controlled approach to sharing media. 

Our take

No social media presence is complete without an Instagram account. It changed the way people shared photographs and built their media persona. It’s a shame that the Windows version doesn’t build off of the Instagram impact and try to reinvent it in any way, as monitor-centric UI could enhance the Instagram experience. For better or worse, you’ll get about the same experience as you do on the mobile app. Hopefully the developers take a second look at future enhancements to the Windows app.  

Should you download it?

Yes. The use case for the Windows version is heavily dependent on whether you have a phone, need a keyboard, or simply cannot go without Instagram until you get your phone back. Perhaps you’re in class or had it taken away for too much scroll time. The Windows version accomplishes the passive, viewing element, but you’ll always need a touchscreen to upload.

Instagram Download for PC (Windows 11,10,8,7)

Are you looking for Instagram Download for PC?

This article will guide you on how you can use Instagram on your Windows 7,8,10 and 11 PC in a few simple steps.

Instagram one of the world’s most leading social networking Apps is now available for download on pc (Instagram web).

If you are on social media then the chances are high about your visit to this app at least once in your life.

This app is loved by millions with over 1. 21 billion monthly active users around the world. People use this app because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Many leading business corporations, Public figures, and even startups use this platform to showcase their services and products.

It is considered the most used social networking app just after Facebook and WhatsApp.

In 2012 Instagram was sold to Facebook for $1Billion and it has been installed 1 billion times on the Google Play store alone.

So in this article, we are providing you with the best ways to download Instagram on PC and how to use it.


Table Of Contents

  • Can I download Instagram on my PC / Laptop?
  • How To Download Instagram For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 )?
    • Using The Instagram Website, Instagram On Chrome/ Firefox (Instagram web)
    • Using Instagram For PC App Download
  • Instagram Download for PC On Windows 10?
  • Download Instagram On Windows 11
  • How To Use Instagram On Windows PC?

Can I download Instagram on my PC / Laptop?

Yes, you can easily download and use Instagram on a Windows 10, 8, 7 PC, or a macOS computer.

Furthermore, using the Instagram app for Windows 10 you can even post photos and send direct messages.

How To Download Instagram For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 )?

There are basically two ways to use Instagram on a windows pc or laptop.

The first and most basic way to use Instagram is by using its official website or downloading an Instagram app for Windows PC.

If you are not interested in these ways then you have an option of using third-party software or an android emulator called Bluestacks.

Using The Instagram Website, Instagram On Chrome/ Firefox (Instagram web)

In this method, you can use Instagram on your PC without having to download the app.


First: Type on your favorite browser and press enter.

In our testing, we have opened the Instagram website on google chrome

Second: Then you will be automatically directed to the official website of Instagram where you can log in with your account and start using Instagram.

Instagram has now enabled options to use DMs using the web browser. Luckily, Instagram has also added the ability to directly upload photos and videos from the website using the plus icon. This button can be found in the upper right corner.

That said if you still don’t have this option, then you can use the old toggle device toolbar method to upload posts.

Follow these simple steps to upload images and videos using the Instagram website.

  1. Right-click anywhere and click on inspect.
  2. Now on the upper right-hand side locate the toggle device toolbar and click on it.
  3. Lastly, refresh the webpage to upload images.

You can even watch the video linked at the beginning to follow the aforementioned steps.

Using Instagram For PC App Download

  1. Download Instagram For PC app. Open Start by clicking the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen, then do the following:
  • Type in store
  • Click Microsoft Store
  • Click the “Search” text box.
  • Type in Instagram
  • Click Instagram in the drop-down menu.

  • Click Get

After downloading the PC app of Instagram you will be easily able to use it on your pc.

Cons: This app still has several bugs and does not work properly.

A recent update to Instagram’s progressive web app has brought support for Direct Message on PC. Using which user can send Instagram DMs on PC.

Instagram Download for PC On Windows 10?

BlueStack is an android emulator which can be used to access all your favourite apps on pc.

  1. Just Open the BlueStacks website. Go to in your web browser. This will open the site from which you can download the BlueStacks player.
  2. Click Download BLUESTACKS. It’s a green button in the middle of the page.
  3. Then Install BlueStacks. To do so, double-click the BlueStacks EXE file, then do the following:
    • Click Yes and then
    • Click Install now and
    • Wait for BlueStacks to install.
  4. Once the software is installed you can search it on the taskbar.
  5. Open the BlueStacks Download and install Instagram in order to use it.

Features: Using an android emulator to use Instagram on PC allows full features on Instagram unlike those on Instagram web and its PC app. Some of the features include-

  • Post to Instagram from PC
  • Use Instagram messages on PC (Send and receive an Instagram message on PC)

Download Instagram On Windows 11

Windows 11 now allows users to natively run Android apps and games. To make the entire process much easier, Microsoft has also introduced the Amazon Android app store on Windows 11.

You can effortlessly download the Instagram app on your PC using the aforementioned store. Furthermore, you can even sideload and manually install the Instagram APK on your Windows 11 computer.

How To Use Instagram On Windows PC?

If you want to use a full-fledged version of Instagram that’s capable of sending direct messages, viewing your feed, and watching Instagram stories without the trouble of installing anything then use the Opera browser.

The browser now offers Instagram built into the sidebar. Once logged in you will have complete access to Instagram. Additionally, it can also be used to upload Instagram photos from desktop.


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So these were some methods to download Instagram for pc Windows 11,10,8 or 7.

You can either Download Instagram for PC or directly use it online in your browser using the tips provided.

If you have any better options let us know in the comment section below.

Install instagram for pc, in simple words it is convenient to send photos from a regular computer, not a phone. I'll tell you a really working method, tested by me personally. This information will help you develop your account more rationally and attract more and more subscribers. The best part is that it won't take you long to make this decision.

I will install and run instagram on a computer with Windows 10 Redstone operating system, which is currently the latest OS. Unfortunately, there is no official client for a windows computer from instagram, but there is a solution, this is emulation of the application, or rather the Android operating system. I have already written a series of articles about the android tablet emulator. An emulator is a kind of environment in which you can run Android applications.

Instagram for windows computer will work in it. It's called BlueStacks 2, there are of course others, but I like this one.

You can download BlueStacks 2 from the link

there is nothing complicated here, click Download bluestacks and choose where to save it, the distribution itself takes 300 mb.

Earlier I told you how to install BlueStacks 2, everything is trivial there, I will only show some points here. As you run, you will see a warning window from Windows UAC, you must allow the installation.

Next, the usual installation wizard, then you're done.

as a result, BlueStacks 2 will open. The most important tab is Android, in which you will install instagram for PC.

The next step, you need to select Settings, because you need to change the keyboard language to English.

Next, go to the Language and input item,

In the keyboard and input methods item, click Default, if you have only Russian, then you need to add a language.

Click the input method setting.

Next, go to the AT Translated Set 2 keyboard item, this item will allow you to select additional input languages.

Select Customize keyboard layouts.

Add the necessary languages ​​by checking the boxes and click back, and who said that installing instagram for a windows computer would be simple 🙂

well, actually, we all choose the Latin language and go ahead to install instagram.

Go to the Android tab and select the Search icon.

in the search bar, enter instagram pc

The keyboard shortcut CTL + Space allows you to change the keyboard layout in BlueStacks 2

You will be shown that there are no active Google accounts and you will be asked to log in or create a new one on, click Existing

Enter your login and password from your mail and agree to the terms.

Since I have two-factor authentication

you will receive an SMS with a code linked to your Google account on your phone, enter it and click done.

Unsubscribe and you can backup your data.

Now open either the Play Store or search for instagram pc through the search, you may pop up a window accepting the terms of Google Play.

Click to start working.

Find instagram and click on its icon.

We poke to install, please note that the BlueStacks 2 emulator receives the Internet from your computer, so check that it is not blocked by anything there.

Your download is 16 megabytes.

Go to the main settings and launch the instagram pc application.

Instagram App for PC

Our entire Instagram app for PC is almost ready to use. Since I do not have an account from this service yet, I choose to register using mobile

Choose our country +7 and enter the desired mobile phone number.

You receive a verification code on your mobile phone, enter it.

Specify what your login and password will be to enter.

Specify the username that other people will see.

You can find friends from other social networks, in fact instagram for a windows computer you have installed inside the android emulator. Below I will tell you how to put the necessary photos in this emulator so that Instagram can see it.

then select the item Gallery> Other

Select the item Select them Windows, as everything is thought out.

I have here a photograph of a map of Russia.

We process everything as you need and press the right arrow.

Add various metadata and click submit.

The whole entry is published and everything is done on a computer, albeit with a trick.

You can also transfer a file from Windows inside the BlueStacks 2 emulator through Settings > Import Windows Files.

We say continue and then everything is intuitive. Through the explorer, select your file.

As he sees, due to modern virtualization and emulation of operating systems, you can run mobile applications on a personal computer with Windows.

how to register, add and edit photos if you don't have a mobile device

  • They don't have a mobile device that works on Mac or Android.
  • They want to take high-quality photos (for example, with a DSLR), process them in Photoshop, and only then upload them to Instagram.
  • At work, they only have a computer at their disposal, and somehow they don’t want to use a personal tablet or smartphone for this purpose (a reason that is relevant for SMM managers).

If you want to learn how to use Instagram without using mobile devices, we'll show you how. We will tell you how to register on Instagram, how to set an avatar, upload and process photos. And all this with the help of a computer.

Table of contents:

How to register on Instagram from a computer?

How to set an avatar?

How do I add a photo from my computer?

How do I prepare images for posting on Instagram?

Final advice

Table of contents:

How to register on Instagram from a computer?

How to set an avatar?

How do I add a photo from my computer?

How do I prepare images for posting on Instagram?

Final advice

How to register on Instagram from a computer?

The easiest way to get on Instagram is to ask colleagues or friends who have the right tablet or smartphone for help. But what if this is not possible? What if you only have a computer or laptop at your disposal, and registering on Instagram is vital for you today? Follow our advice.

1. Download the Bluestacks emulator. Follow the link and click on the big green button in the left corner of the screen. The application works on all modern versions of Windows. Linux, unfortunately, is not supported, so if you are the owner of this OS, you still have to ask for help from your comrades.

Download Bluestacks emulator

2. Install the downloaded application . I recommend not changing the settings, just click "Continue" and "Next". Once the installation is complete, the application will launch automatically. To exit full screen, press F11 - it's more convenient to work. After installation, you will have two icons on your desktop. Start Bluestacks is the icon that launches the emulator itself, and Apps is the icon that lets you navigate to the apps installed on your virtual mobile device.

The icon that will appear on the desktop after installing Bluestacks

3. Go to the "Search" section . Type “instagram” in Russian from your computer keyboard and press enter.

Searching for applications in the Bluestacks emulator

4. In the window that opens, click Continue .


5. Enter your details . In the next window that opens, enter your gmail email and password (if you use Google+, you can take an existing account, if not, create a new one). By default, you have a Cyrillic layout and you cannot change it from this application screen. Therefore, to enter your data, simply copy it from a Word document, long press on an empty field and press paste.

Filling in the required fields in Bluestacks

6. Enter your data again . After you enter your details for the first time and press enter, you will need to do this again, but in a different window. Here, by the way, a long click does not work. To enter information, use ctrl+c, ctrl+v.

Sign in with your Google+ account

7. Click "Let's go!" .

Setup Successful" title="Setup Successful

8. Enter the word "instagram" in the search .

Search Instagram app on Google Play

9. Click the icon and install app.

Go to the found application and install it

10. Open Instagram and choose a convenient registration method . This can be done using a Facebook account or a simple email.

Instagram registration

11. Fill in the fields and enjoy the result .

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How to set an avatar?

Once you have registered on Instagram, you can go to the official website of Instagram, log in with your username and password, look at your profile and fill in all the necessary data.

Editing your Instagram profile

However, you can't upload avatars and photos on this site, so you'll have to use third-party apps to do so. To set an avatar, we will use the Bluestacks application, and to upload a photo, we will use the Gramblr application (we will talk about it a little later).

So how do you change your avatar with Bluestacks?

1. Go to your profile and click on the circle with the avatar . You will see a dialog box with several commands.

Set Instagram avatar via computer

2. Select the desired command. If you want to take a photo with your webcam, click Take a photo. And if you want to upload a photo from your computer, click "Select from collection" - "Select from Windows".

Loading an avatar from the computer's hard disk

3. Select the desired photo and the area that will be visible on the avatar . Please note that the part you need fits into the designated circle, the photo must be square. The ideal size is 650 x 650.

Our company's Instagram profile picture

How do I add a photo from my computer?

In theory, you can add photos to Instagram using the above Bluestacks application, but this function does not work in it. When you start uploading a photo, the emulator freezes in this position.

Bluestacks emulator can't load photo

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Therefore, we will use another application called Gramblr.

1. Go to on the link . Download and install the Gramblr app on your computer.

Link to download the Gramblr application

2. Launch it and log in with your Instagram account .

Enter your data

3. Select a photo to upload . Please note that its size should be 650 by 650 pixels, and its weight should not exceed 500 kilobytes. And of course in . jpg format!!! Otherwise, the photo will not load.

4. Create a signature.

Caption for the uploaded photo

5. If you want, share the link with your friends .

Last step when uploading photos using Gramblr

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How do I prepare images for posting on Instagram?

1. Resize the photo to fit . To do this, follow the link. Upload your photo, select Instagram Lightbox Image from the options, and determine which area of ​​the photo will go into it.

Resize photo to upload to Instagram

2. Apply filters . To do this, use the service instagramer. Click on the computer icon, upload a photo and select the appropriate filter.

Select filter

3. Click save and come up with a name.

Name of the edited photo

Final tip

You can view updates, comments and likes, as I said above, on the official instagram website.

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