How to create whatsapp chat link

How to create a link with your WhatsApp number [Guide 2022]

In this article we will explain how to create a link to allow your customers to communicate via WhatsApp with your company, with just one click


  • Creating a WhatsApp link: here’s how
  • How to customize a WhatsApp link
  • Generate a WhatsApp link online
  • How to integrate WhatsApp on a website
  • How to add a WhatsApp link to create Facebook ads
  • The advantages of using WhatsApp in your communication strategy

Creating a WhatsApp link: here’s how

With the expansion of the famous instant messaging app, there is an increasing need to be able to communicate quickly with companies through it. Many users simply need information or assistance about the products or services that brands offer.

Your company will have to make sure that your target audience can contact you hassle-free, via WhatsApp: this is why it will be necessary to create a link that redirects to the chat with your company.

It’s a click-to-chat to be inserted on your website or within posts on Facebook, Instagram or other social media pages that are used by the brand. So that your potential customers can be redirected to the WhatsApp chat, and start a conversation with you.

The link is structured as follows:

— — where refers to the full business telephone number and in its international format. Don’t include any zeroes, brackets, or hyphens when adding the number in international format.

Example: if your number is +39 34567879 the WhatsApp link will be

At this point, just one click will be enough to immediately start chatting, even if the telephone number was not previously saved in the customer’s phonebook.

Click on this link if you want to know all the questions and answers about WhatsApp Business

How to customize a WhatsApp link

As we have seen, creating a link that redirects to the WhatsApp chat is not at all complicated, the problem is that it is not easy to monitor exactly from where these conversations are generated.

For example, if we wanted to know from which product page a potential customer is contacting us, it will be necessary to add a pre-filled message, in order to have the elements on which to base the conversation beforehand.

To do this we have to options:

1) Adding the pre-filled message in the WhatsApp link: it is a quick and easy method, just use the text parameter within the WhatsApp URL, and enter the text you want as a pre-filled message.

The text contained in the URL must be encoded in ASCII characters, using % 20 instead of spaces. Below is an example of a URL with the pre-filled message “Hello, how can I create an account? Thanks”:,%20how%20can%20I%20create%20an%20account?%20Thanks

By clicking on the link, the user can start a conversation using the pre-filled message, which will give important information to the sales or service team about their intentions and make communication more effective.

2) Adding the pre-filled message with Google Tag Manager:  It is a method that requires a certain level of technical expertise, but it allows a more accurate conversation tracking.

To do this, we invite you to follow this guide.

The tracking of WhatsApp chats opens the way to very interesting insights, making it possible to illustrate the interest of users regarding a particular product or service offered.

Generate a WhatsApp link online

For all those who are not very tech-savvy, it is possible to generate a WhatsApp link through some sites that offer the possibility to do it online, by simply entering the phone number.

A first website you can rely on for generating a WhatsApp link is, which allows you to conveniently customize the pre-filled message, through a user friendly and intuitive interface. Furthermore, in its Premium version, the site will allow to monitor the statistics of each link created on the platform.

Alternatively, we suggest  WhatsHash, which offers an immediate solution to generate the WhatsApp link, also here with the possibility of setting up the pre-filled message.

The sites just mentioned will allow you to create, in a very easy and independent way, links that you can integrate within your website (as we will see in the next paragraph), or in a post on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks.

How to integrate WhatsApp on a website

In order for the users of your website to start a chat with your sales or customer support team, you will need to ensure that the previously generated link is well integrated within the web pages.

Tip: to drastically increase the chances that the traffic generated will convert into chats, you will need to make sure that the WhatsApp link appears on all pages of your website.

The first solution to integrate the WhatsApp link on your website is to simply copy the link within the web pages, and give the user the possibility to click when he/she wants to start a conversation.

This solution, however, is very basic and graphically uninviting. For this reason, a valid alternative would be to create a button that contains the link to open the WhatsApp chat. It will be sufficient to embed the WhatsApp link within an image, for example the WhatsApp icon itself, to encourage your visitors to start a conversation with you.

Finally, for a more professional solution, we recommend installing a chat widget, which is loaded on all pages of the website, which appears as a fixed element when scrolling the pages.

By doing so, the chat widget will show up in every page of your website that your user is viewing, so they can start communicating with you at any time, wherever they are. You can install our chat widget for free from this link.

Simply create an account on Callbell, copy the dashboard widget code and paste it on all the pages of your website. In this regard, we recommend that you install it via Google Tag Manager, following this short guide.

How to add a WhatsApp link to create Facebook ads

The recent pandemic has driven many companies to enter the digital world, looking for a way to expand their online communication, especially by focusing on social channels, especially Facebook.

Many have begun to take their first steps, creating sponsored ads to offer their products or services through the famous Zuckerberg social media. This, however, has exponentially increased competition within the platform.

The most daring advertisers had to strive to find new solutions, which could mitigate the increase in advertising costs. One of the solutions they found was to create ads that link to WhatsApp with one click.

These are ads that appear on Facebook or Instagram, which open a chat with the company through WhatsApp, once the user clicks on the call-to-action.

To create them, you need to have a WhatsApp Business account or integrate the WhatsApp Business APIs into an existing account. Here you have two alternatives:

1) Create ads with Traffic, Website Conversions, or Messages objective:

In this case, once you have created a new ad with one of these objectives, you select “Click to send a message” as the ad type. Then in the “Messaging app” section, select WhatsApp.

Note: The Messages objective is not available for ads targeting India and certain European Union countries.

2) Create ads with Reach, Brand awareness, Interactions, or Video views objectives:

Here, in the “Link” string, enter the URL of your website, and as a call-to-action select “Send a WhatsApp message”. In the drop-down menu, select your page with the linked WhatsApp number.

In both cases, you will have to choose the target audience, the positioning, the budget and the advertising format, then once you click on “Publish” your ad will be analyzed for approval by Facebook.

The advantages of using WhatsApp in your communication strategy

The integration of WhatsApp into your website or ads will allow you to immediately take advantage of all the benefits of conversational marketing. With the advent of messaging apps, in fact, the rules of online communication have profoundly changed.

Using WhatsApp is definitely useful, as it allows potential customers to get more insights on a particular feature of the product or service, directly through the WhatsApp chat.

It is a particularly effective channel for encouraging those emotionally engaged and impulse-buying users to purchase your product or service. This is because it is possible to create a relationship of greater trust and reciprocity.

Moreover, with the ability to share audio messages, photos or videos, you can enrich communication and make it more engaging, exchanging ideas, opinions and reviews on products or the company itself with the user.

This is the right time to start using WhatsApp for your business, if you have something to share, don’t forget to leave a comment and share this article. Thanks for reading!

Frequent Questions

How to create a WhatsApp link?

To create a WhatsApp link that you can send directly via chat with your company, you just have to follow these steps:

The link will be structured as follows:

– https://wa. me/ – where refers to the full business telephone number in international format. Don’t include zeros, brackets, or dashes when adding the number in international format.

Example: if your number is +39 99999999 the WhatsApp link will be

At this point, just one click is enough to start the conversation and start chatting immediately . Although the customer has not previously saved the phone number in your contacts, keep in mind that chats that are started through this method can be managed via Callbell.

How to generate a link for WhatsApp online?

For all those who are not very tech-savvy, you should know that it’s possible to generate a link for WhatsApp with the help of websites that offer the possibility to do it online, by simply entering the phone number.

A first reliable website to generate a link for WhatsApp is, which allows you to conveniently customize the default message through a particularly user-friendly and intuitive interface. Furthermore, in the Premium version, the site allows you to monitor the statistics of each link created on the platform.

Alternatively, you can also check out the following article in which we teach you how to create your own WhatsApp link.

Alan Trovò

About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct

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  • Why is there a website asking if I want to send a message?


    Sometimes, especially on desktop or laptop, when a user clicks a WhatsApp link the browser will open a new tab where the person is asked if they want to send a message to ###-###-### WhatsApp number. This is the way WhatsApp keeps the links safe for users, so if this is happening on your links you can rest assure it is working perfectly.

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How to redirect audience to WhatsApp chat now? And what about companies and freelancers who used such links in their social media profiles Answers are in this article

61 222 views

It seems that the blocking of Facebook and Instagram has hooked the and services. Companies and experts used these links in their social media profiles to redirect customers directly to the chat. Their convenience was that by clicking on the link, you immediately got into the messenger application installed on your phone.

For example, a link like

09090 could go to a chat with a WhatsApp user registered under the phone number +7 (900) 900-90-90. There was no need to add a user to your address book to start a chat.

What to do now?

👉 Use WhatsApp link constructors

These constructors help you get a special link that redirects you to the desired WhatsApp chat. The majority of such services use the mentioned, which does not currently work in the Russian Federation.

That's why we created our own ✅ free WhatsApp link builder , which does not depend on and works based on the official WhatsApp protocol. It is available to everyone for free without registration and advertising.

If the person has the WhatsApp application installed, the service will offer to switch to it. If the application is not installed, the button will lead to the web version.

👉 Use deep links

Deep links are the same links, only they lead not to websites, but to applications. Regular links start with http or https. Deeplinks, on the other hand, start with an application protocol.

For example, a Telegram deep link looks like this tg://resolve?domain=... Instead of an ellipsis, the user's nickname. For WhatsApp, you can use the following deep link: whatsapp://send?phone=7

09090. The phone number must be indicated without + and extra characters, only numbers.

If you want the person to have a preset text in the message after going to your chat, the deep link will look like this: whatsapp://send?phone=7

09090&text=Hello. Instead of "Hello" - your message.

There is a nuance . If you send such a deep link to someone in a chat or decide to add it to a social network profile, it will not work. Therefore, it needs to be turned into a regular link. To do this, use any free link shortener. It is also worth considering that if a person does not have an application installed, then nothing will happen.

👉 Use multilinks

Read more about multilinks in this article. In short, these are mobile micro-sites with an avatar, description and buttons that can lead to other sites and applications, including WhatsApp and Telegram.

Depending on the services, the functionality may differ. For example, in Tilda you can assemble a full-fledged landing page, and in Taplink you can add a slideshow, a question-answer, and other widgets.

If you need the simplest functionality to quickly combine links to all instant messengers and social networks in one place, you can use Clickbar. An example of such a link can be found in my profile or see the page of Daria, a confectioner.

Instead of conclusion

I hope it was helpful. Upvote this post if so 👍. Ask in the comments if something didn't work out. I will definitely help.

How to make a link to WhatsApp on Instagram or other messengers

A link on Instagram to WhatsApp, Viber or another messenger will allow subscribers to write to you in 1 click.

If only a phone number is added when creating an account on Instagram, the subscriber will have to take extra steps. To contact you, he needs to save the number, open the messenger, find you and only then write. In the process, some potential customers fall off. I didn’t have time or forgot to save the number, they distracted me, changed my mind, accidentally closed the page - minus the sale. The WhatsApp Chat link cuts those steps down to two steps - click and write a message. Less unnecessary actions - more calls and applications.

Start placing official ads in Telegram Ads. Get ahead of your competitors!

Register and sell goods or services in Telegram Ads using a turnkey solution from .

  • Budget from 3000 euros is much cheaper than working directly.
  • For legal entities and individuals - legal entities can receive closing documents, refund VAT. Individuals can run ads without communicating with managers.
  • 3 payment methods - pay for advertising with a card of an individual, from the organization's current account, with electronic money.

Read more>> Advertising

In this article, we will tell you how to make a link on Instagram to WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and other instant messengers/social networks. We will also share a free service for placing several links in your profile.

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How to make a link to WhatsApp in your Instagram profile

Set up links on your phone and on your computer.

On iOs and Android

  1. We go to Instagram and open the main page of the account. Click "Edit Profile".
  2. In the "Site" field, write , where instead of you need to write numbers without zeros, brackets and dashes.
  3. The phone number must be linked to a regular or business WhatsApp account. Example:


    (you can copy and write your phone number).

Link to WhatsApp with a message template

You can also make a link with pre-prepared text. It will automatically appear in the user's message field after clicking on the link. All he has to do is hit the send button.

To create such a link in the "Website" field, write: (where %20 is used to denote spaces).

WhatsApp message link, example:

00000?text=I%20want%20to leave an application.

More examples:

  • interested in your%20 offer
  • me%20%20please
  • https://wa. me/79235678900?text=I want%20buy%20product

Such links should be used to sell goods and services, collect contacts for mailing lists, subscribe to alerts about promotions and sales, sign up for a webinar, master class, trial lesson, and so on.

On a computer

If it is inconvenient to enter links from a gadget or there is simply no application, you can do it from a computer. To do this, go to and log in.

An active link to WhatsApp on Instagram is added in the same way as from a phone. open your page and click "Edit profile".

In the "Website" field, paste the previously created link with the phone number (


Important : WhatsApp link templates change periodically. The current template can always be found on the official website of the messenger.

Links to other messengers and social networks - Viber, Telegram, VK

If you want to link to any other messenger or social network, proceed as in the example above. Start editing your account and, depending on the messenger, enter the required url in the field for the site.

How to add a link to Viber on Instagram

Using the template: .

After clicking on the link, the user will need to click "Open", and he will be transferred to a chat with you.

How to put a link to Telegram on Instagram

Using the template:

Username is your nickname in the Telegram settings. Usually it is specified during registration, but some users add it later. To create or copy a link to your Telegram account, go to "Settings - Edit Profile - Username".

Nick must be added to the link without the "dog" - @.

How to make a link on Instagram to VK

Using the template: .

Change id1 in the link to your id. The subscriber will see your profile picture, and after a few seconds he will be transferred to the correspondence window.

How to add a link to Instagram on Facebook Messenger

Using the template:

Change Username (username) to your own.

Where is the username:

  • Click on the checkmark in the upper right corner, then "Settings".
  • In the general settings there is a line "Username". Copy existing or
  • click "Edit" if we want to change it.

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How to put a link to Skype on Instagram

Go to Skype. Click on the avatar, then "Skype Profile".
Click "Share Profile".

At the bottom there is a line "Copy to clipboard" and a link like .

Copy the link and paste it into the Instagram profile description.

How to add a link to your Instagram profile using a third-party service

MeConnect is a free multi-link service. By default, only one clickable link can be added to an Instagram profile. The service solves this problem. It allows you to place several active links in your profile at once:

  • to social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype)
  • photo and video sharing apps (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest),
  • site,
  • video hostings (Youtube, Vimeo),
  • email,
  • English sites (GitHub, Reddit),
  • portfolios in Behance,
  • google and yandex maps.

The subscriber clicks on the MeConnect link and gets to a separate business card page with buttons. Each leads to its own social network or messenger.

How to set up links in the MeConnect service

We go through registration - enter login, password, email. After registration, an email will be sent to the mail, where there will be an activation link - click.

Fill in information about yourself - on the right you can immediately see what the finished page looks like. Below is a link to embed in your Instagram profile.

In the "Design" section, select the size of the photo and set up the background - you can choose a color, an image, or a gradient fill.

You can create 26 links in the "Messengers" section. Fill in the required. We add a separate link to the website, if necessary.

We register the numbers of Yandex.Metrics, Google.Analytics counters, Facebook or VKontakte pixel numbers to track attendance.

In addition to the link, the service has a code for inserting into the site, as well as a QR code. In the "Statistics" section - detailed information on clicks and views of the business card.

You can delete the account completely if you wish. If you need more features, then it is better to choose a paid multilink service for Instagram.


Use the link to WhatsApp and other messengers to get more requests from subscribers and increase sales. The link allows you to contact you in 1 click.

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