How to save a us number on whatsapp

How To Make WhatsApp Account with US Number (+1) FREE

Learn how I managed to make a WhatsApp account with a US number and verify it in less than 5 minutes.

Getting a free US number for WhatsApp has never been this easy. We will be using a virtual US number to create a WhatsApp account. This way, you are not required to have an actual US sim card to make a WhatsApp account.

What’s more interesting is that not just WhatsApp accounts; you can create accounts on any social media platform, including Facebook or Instagram.

And no, you are not required to submit your ID to grab an American number, and no verification is needed either.


How To Create WhatsApp Account With Free US Number (+1)

Watch the video tutorial to see how you can get a virtual US number to verify your WhatsApp account. You can learn more about creating US numbers for WhatsApp from the video below.

Follow the step-by-step guide given below to create your very first international American number that starts with a +1 country code.

  • First, download the app called 2ndLine from the Google Play Store with the link below


  • Open up the ap and tap on the “Get a Free Phone Number” button
  • After that, a new page will appear asking you to enter your email and password
  • You can enter any random username and password or even give your primary email address and tap on Create Account
  • No, you are not required to verify your email address
  • Now, the app will ask for seven permissions on your device. Just tap Yes for all permissions.
  • Now, you have to select an Area code for the US. There are tons of Area codes that you can find. For this article, I will be using area code 513, which is of Ohio. You can also select any from New York, Mexico, etc.,
  • And click Continue
  • Now a list of 5 different US numbers will appear with the Area code we provided. You can select any one of them or wait for a minute. Those numbers will get refreshed, and new numbers will appear.
  • Click Continue
  • You will be taken to the dashboard, which will display your new US Number.

Follow the next step to create a WhatsApp account with this number. There is a little bit of a trick here.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Enter your new number with +1 country code
  • Now, click OK on the popup
  • Here comes the main part, WhatsApp will fail to send the text messages to the number, showing an error message. Now all you want to do is tap on the Call Me button.
  • You will receive a call within the 2nd Line app; keep the application open.
  • Attend the call, and it will tell you the verification code.
  • Just enter the verification code in WhatsApp and verify your new account.

Voila! You have just verified your new WhatsApp account.

Below, I am sharing the step-by-step guide you need to follow to get a US number and create a WhatsApp account with that number. We will first register the US number and verify that number for creating the WhatsApp account. Make sure you have a working internet connection.

Also, look at our dedicated guide on registering and using a US number from any country for free.

Get a Fake American Number to Make WhatsApp Account
  1. First, download the Primo application from Play Store using the link below.

Primo for Android

Primo for iOS

(Download link has been updated to the latest version in the recent update. As App UI has changed in the new update, All the screenshots below also have been updated.)

2. Install and open the app

3. Once opened, it will ask you to register an account, enter your real mobile number and click on the Sign Up button.

4. Enter the OTP and verify your mobile number in the Primo app.

5. Complete the verification process.

6. Click the Activate button next to the “Primo US Phone Number” option.

7. Now, it will show a US number. Just note it down or copy it.

Now, you might be thinking, Ohh! I cannot uninstall my current WhatsApp, but I need to use this US Number. What will do I? Well, I got an answer to your question. Dual Whatsapp!

Follow the tutorial mentioned in the below-given link and learn how to install multiple instances of WhatsApp on a single phone.

I assume that you have followed the abovementioned article and now are using two or multiple WhatsApp on your smartphone. Then, proceed.

8. Install WhatsApp from the link below (If not done already)

9. Install and open WhatsApp.


11. Select country code as +1 [select country as the United States] and type your US number that we copied earlier from the Primo app and click on Continue.

12. Wait for some time, and you will see a “Call Me” option on WhatsApp. Just click on it.

13. Now a call will come to your phone via Primo App from WhatsApp.

14. Attend the call and note down your verification code.

15. Now, enter the code in WhatsApp and verify your mobile number.

16. Once everything is done, set a DP and name.

Your fresh new WhatsApp account with US number(+1) is ready to use. Start sending messages to your friends from this US number and make them feel surprised.

Many apps in the Play Store provide you with free US numbers for calling and messaging. Numbers provided by most of the Apps found in the Play Store are not working in WhatsApp because they have blocked that series of numbers for some privacy issues.

But at last, I managed to find an App called Primo. Primo App works well with WhatsApp without any problem. Now, without wasting more time, let’s quickly jump into the article and see How to use WhatsApp with a United States number that starts with a +1 country code.

What is US Number for Whatsapp Verification?

You can use this virtual phone number to create a WhatsApp account without providing your original number. This international number for WhatsApp starts with a +1 country code. You can easily use the generated virtual phone number to complete WhatsApp verification. You will receive the verification code to this number, which you must enter in WhatsApp to complete the verification process.

You can hide your original WhatsApp number and create a secondary Whatsapp account using these phone numbers. And what’s more interesting is that it is a US number for WhatsApp.

What Else Can You Do With This Number?

This US number can be used on WhatsApp and any other websites or apps. You can use this Number to verify your account on Facebook, Snapchat, or any other platform to create a free account with a US mobile number.

Primo also has some significant advantages. Primo is not only for generating US numbers, but you can also use this number within the Primo app. You can use the Primo app to make free phone calls to any number with this US Number or send unlimited SMS to any number you like.

Apps to Get FREE US Number for WhatsApp

Below, you will find a list of apps for Android and iOS that you can use to get a free American number for OTP verification. If some don’t work for you, you can always try others on the list and check if that work.

  • Telos
  • Text Me
  • 2nd Phone Number
  • TextMe Up

How to Activate WhatsApp with US Number

The procedure will be pretty much similar to method 1. I will guide you through the process of getting a new US Number of your choice from the app mentioned below.

Note – You are free to select and customize your number. You can delete your current number and get a new one in less than a minute.

  • Download the app mentioned below and Install it on your smartphone from the Google Play Store

textPlus for Android

textPlus for iOS

  • Install the App and Open it up
  • Tap on Create New Account
  • Enter your name, mobile number, email address, and password, and Create your fresh new account.
  • Now, click on the Account options tab
  • Tap on Get Your Free textPlus Number!
  • Now a customization option will appear. Here, you can edit your number, choose your location of number (i.e., Florida, etc.), and select the number.
  • Now, you will see a popup with your brand new US-based number.
  • Copy the number and proceed to WhatsApp
  • Follow the guide above to learn How to create a WhatsApp account with your new number.
  • On WhatsApp, enter the new USA number in the mobile number field and proceed with OTP verification.
  • Enter the verification code received on the textPlus app and complete the signup process.


Here is an example of the verification code that I got while I tried to verify a YouTube channel with this Number.

Frequently Asked Questions on US number for Whatsapp

Here are some FAQs about WhatsApp verification with US Numbers.

How do I get a US number for WhatsApp?

There are various apps like Primo or textPlus that provides free USA number upon registration. Just head over to Play Store or App Store and install the app on your smartphone to register a new US number.

Which app gives actual US numbers?

textPlus, 2ndLine, etc., are examples of apps providing US numbers.

Is this US Number for WhatsApp Free?

Yes, This virtual phone number is a 100% free phone number, and you are not required to spend any money. There is no hidden cost as you are not required to link any payment methods.

How to complete WhatsApp Verification?

To complete WhatsApp verification, you’ll receive an OTP to the virtual phone number. All you have to do is enter the same to complete the WhatsApp verification.

Can I use this WhatsApp number for phone calls?

Yes, you can do both WhatsApp and a regular call with this virtual phone number. To do normal calls with the virtual number, you must add some money (credits) to the respective app. After recharging, you can make phone calls to any international number.

Wrap Up: Free US Number For Whatsapp

Creating a WhatsApp account with US number is as easy as downloading an app from App Store and creating a new account. Not just WhatsApp, you can create accounts on any social media platforms following the guide mentioned above.

For some reason, if any of the apps mentioned above didn’t work for you, then make sure to try alternative apps with same feature which provides +1 mobile numbers for free.

Get USA (+1) Phone Number for WhatsApp Accounts (Working 2022)

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps for sending text messages and multimedia files. To connect with your friends on WhatsApp, you will have to get their phone number or share yours. WhatsApp is secure, fast, and very easy to use. It is one of the most downloaded applications in all the stores. Also, it holds the record for most active users in a day for an application.

There are already tons of tricks that are available on the Internet which are cool and It is possible to create a WhatsApp account with the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), or Canada phone number if you prefer not to give out your primary phone number to anyone.

WhatsApp US/UK/CA Number Working 2022

You can share the USA/UK number you created with the people you don’t want to send your real contact, and they will be able to contact you on WhatsApp on your secondary virtual number. This number can also be added to groups if you don’t want other group members to contact you on your personal number. You can easily create your WhatsApp account with USA/UK/CA number, and In this article, We’ll go over how to make a WhatsApp account with a US or UK number in 2022.

Everyone uses WhatsApp daily but do you know WhatsApp’s hidden tricks? Ah! If not then read this tutorial, here today itechhacks comes with the best WhatsApp trick of 2022 to make your WhatsApp account with a USA number, and this method is fully tested and will 100% work. With the help of this WhatsApp trick, you can easily make pranks on your friends and relatives and do let them know that you are smart users by Making Your WhatsApp with a USA or UK, or Canada Number.

Recently, Our readers asked us to write an article about how to make a USA or UK Whatsapp number without having a phone number in the United States. Getting a physical sim card in the UK or the US isn’t easy. It could be difficult many times. That’s why we decided to put this article on our site.


  • 1 Benefits of Having US and UK Number
  • 2 Creating WhatsApp Account With USA/UK Number
    • 2. 1 Getting USA/UK Number
    • 2.2 Creating WhatsApp With The USA/UK Number
  • 3 Make Your WhatsApp with USA/UK Number 2022
  • 4 Is It Helpful or Not?
  • 5 Make WhatsApp Account with American or Canadian Number (Alternative)
  • 6 Apps To Get USA/UK/AU/CA Virtual Numbers
  • 7 Make WhatsApp Account Using Text-Plus App
  • 8 International WhatsApp Account Using Numero eSIM

Benefits of Having US and UK Number

Privacy: For people who don’t want to give out their phone numbers, this trick is crazy. As you are using WhatsApp from a fake number, your real number will not be shown to anyone.

Creating WhatsApp Account With USA/UK Number

We have divided the complete process into two parts, the first part discusses how you can create a USA/UK number, and the second part of the article discusses how you can register that number for WhatsApp. Before you continue with the steps, ensure you have a working internet connection because you will have to download certain apps on your device.

Getting USA/UK Number

Firstly, you will have to get the USA/UK number to create the WhatsApp account. There are various apps that let you create an international number for free, and in this article, we will be using TextNow. To use TextNow to get USA/UK number to follow the steps given below-

  • Download TextNow from the PlayStore (on Android) or App Store (on iOS). Open the respective app store on your device and search for and install the TextNow app.

Note- Do note that this application may or may not be available in your region. If the app is not available, you will have to use an Android phone to download and install the application. You can download the APK of the application form here and then install it on your device. In this case, you will not be able to use an iPhone.

  • After you have installed the app, open it on your device. You will be asked to register your account. Click on Sign up to register yourself. When you click on Sign up, you will be asked whether you want to sign up with Google, Facebook, or your email. Click on the option of your choice and then follow the on-screen instructions to register. If you already have an account, click on Log In and sign in with your account credentials.

  • Next, you will be asked whether you want to set up Text Now for messages and calls. Tap on the Not now option and then tap on Skip.

  • When asked to get a phone number in your area code, tap on Don’t Use Location. 

  • You will be asked to enter the three-digit area code of the place you live in. For instance, 773 is the area code of Chicago. After you have entered the area code, tap on Continue. You will now see a list of phone numbers. Select any phone number, and then tap on Continue.  Ensure you note down the number somewhere.

Creating WhatsApp With The USA/UK Number

After creating the USA/UK number, you can create a WhatsApp account using it. Many phones have the feature to create dual apps, and if your phone has it, you can create a clone WhatsApp app using it. If you don’t have this feature, you can use third-party apps to create dual WhatsApp. For Android, you can use Parallel App, while for iPhone, you can use Parallel Space. Create a secondary WhatsApp, and then follow the steps given below-

  • Now open the secondary WhatsApp on your device and tap on Agree And Continue. 

  • Next, enter the phone number you created earlier and tap on Next. 

  • On the next pop-up window, tap on OK. 
  • You will be sent a 6-digit code on the number. You will get this message on Text Now. Open the Text Now app on your phone, copy the OTP, and paste it on WhatsApp.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions, and you will be able to create your WhatsApp account with USA/UK number.


Every number you pick from TextNow may or may not work for WhatsApp, and you might get an invalid number error. So, you will have to try multiple numbers listed on the TextNow app and keep refreshing until you get a valid number that you can use. Instead of Text Now, you can use other applications like Talkatone and textPlus to create a USA/UK number and create a WhatsApp account.

Make Your WhatsApp with USA/UK Number 2022

To Make your WhatsApp account with US Number legally and working is very simple as a one-click hack method you can say. but be genuine, let us think if you need to make your WhatsApp account with a US Number with country code (+1) you should have to be the residence of another country first.

Is It Helpful or Not?

  • This Latest WhatsApp Trick Provides you with more privacy.
  • It makes your identity personal even no one can trace you.
  • The more interesting thing you to have a USA No. (International Number).

Make WhatsApp Account with American or Canadian Number (Alternative)

Well, This is the only and fastest working method at the moment that anyone can use to create their private or Anonymous WhatsApp account by using the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada Phone numbers. You can simply bypass the WhatsApp Verification process by using this simple app.

Step 1: Download and Install the 2ndLine US Phone Numbers App.

Step 2: After installing this app, Create an Account using the Signup Option using email id and password (Follow the Screenshots)

2ndLine USA Phone Number App

Step 3: After successful signup, you will be redirected to the next page where the app will ask you to enter the country code. We recommend you to enter (201). If you have any particular Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and hit next.

USA/UK/Canada Phone Numbers

Step 4: Choose any of the desired numbers from the list and copy the number and paste it on your WhatsApp.

Step 5: It’s time to create a new WhatsApp account from your US or Canada number. Open your WhatsApp, use the mobile number you noted, and click on the verify button.

Verification Call

Step 6: If WhatsApp sends OTP then you can see it on 2ndLine App. But in some cases, the OTP couldn’t get right into the app. So to verify this you need to be patient and wait for some time until the Call Me option gets enabled. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.

NOTE: These are disposable numbers so don’t quote us on the issues of Account Banning. Proper use of VPN and use these tricks for entertainment purposes only.

Apps To Get USA/UK/AU/CA Virtual Numbers

This method uses a third-party application named “GROOVE IP” which helps us to create a virtual US-based mobile number for free. You can make calls and send SMS too using this application. But those features need some money from your pocket. Let us discuss what we need to use Whatsapp from US / UK. First of all download the application GROOVE IP from your play store / App store.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Download Groove IP

This application is available in your App store you won’t have security-related questions Right? With our long-time usage, we felt this application won’t ask you any irrelevant permissions.

• After installing GROOVE IP application on your mobile, you need to sign up with your E-mail address.

• Now fill up your details and complete your registration.

Choose any US/UK Number

• That’s it. Now you have been prompted to specify an Area code. If you have any particular Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and hit next. Now you can select a mobile number from the list of numbers. Select any of the numbers.

Your International Number is Ready

• Note that number. It’s time to create a new WhatsApp account from your US number. Open your WhatsApp, use the mobile number you noted, and click on the verify button.

• Now be patient and wait for some time until the Call Me option gets enabled. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.

• Whatsapp bot will call now within seconds to your GROOVE IP number which tells you the verification code. Now you are done with the process of creating a Whatsapp account using a US number.

Make WhatsApp Account Using Text-Plus App

This method is almost similar to the previous method except we use different applications on these two methods. But this application has some benefits over Groove IP. You can customize your virtual mobile number with this application Text Plus. First of all download this text plus application from your play store or from your App store.


• Download and install this application on your mobile.


• Now click on Create account which is appearing on your splash screen.

• Enter all your personal details like email, mobile… and create your account on this application.

• After successful sign-up, open this application and sign in with your credentials.

• Now click on the Account menu and select Tap to get free US number on this option.

• After that, you are prompted with the dialog box asking you for the location of the number. You can keep it default or you can change to get a number from the selected location.

• Now you are popped up with the brand new mobile number which is based on the location you chose.

• Note the number and open you’re WhatsApp.

• Paste the copied number and click next to get the verification code from WhatsApp.

• Now you will receive an SMS in your text plus application. Enter your verification code and start rocking with your new WhatsApp.

Now you will have a US-based WhatsApp account without a mobile number in the US. Hope these two tricks worked for all of you.

International WhatsApp Account Using Numero eSIM

Step 1: First you need to download and install NumeroeSIM App on your Android.

Numero eSIM is a VoIP App available on both Google Play Store which provides a virtual phone number. Using the Virtual phone number, you can make internet calling and send & receive SMS based on the plan. There are many other advantages of using a virtual phone number. Since Numero eSIM supports numbers, you can easily handle mobile numbers from these countries.

The rest steps are almost the same as we have described in the above methods.


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This is how you can create a WhatsApp account using a phone number from the United States of America or the United Kingdom. Having a secondary WhatsApp account with a USA/UK phone number may be advantageous if you want to prevent others from knowing your phone number while still allowing them to contact you via WhatsApp.

With these methods, you can easily replace your WhatsApp number with a USA number, which will also help you protect your identity. Create Your WhatsApp with a USA Number, but if you run into any difficulties with any of the points, feel free to leave a comment below. and don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

How to save all files from WhatsApp and transfer chats to Telegram

WhatsApp users began to actively prepare to leave the messenger. It is known that so far no restrictions are planned for the application, however, experts believe that it will not hurt to be ready in advance. About how to save all information from WhatsApp, transfer it to Telegram, to another smartphone or PC - in the material of Gazeta.Ru.

Better early

In connection with the blocking of the Instagram photo service in Russia, users of the WhatsApp messenger should, just in case, pay attention to ways to back up all data from the application. The reason is that WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by the same company, Meta (formerly Facebook).

It is now known that no restrictive actions are planned for the messenger.

Nevertheless, more and more users are interested in how to switch to other services, with the help of which you can quickly send and receive messages, but at the same time not lose years of correspondence both with friends and relatives, and on work or business issues.

Any messenger has a backup function that allows you to protect data and restore it in case of unforeseen events, Ivan Samoylenko, managing partner of B&C Agency, told Gazeta.Ru.

“Of course, users can take many screenshots of conversations or copy contacts to a text file, but people tend to have dozens of chats. This will take a significant amount of time,” the expert added.

According to the analyst, there are three ways that are much more effective than such practices.

The first way - third-party programs

Transferring backups using third-party programs is possible on smartphones with both iOS and Android, Samoylenko explained. Typically, such programs are used if you need to move WhatsApp data between smartphones with different mobile operating systems. However, for the purpose of creating a backup, they are also suitable.

Among the most frequently used programs are MobileTrans, WutsApper, WhatsApp Transfer and others.

The method of copying them may differ, but, as a rule, you need to connect both devices to the system: a gadget with data and a smartphone that will store the copy.

Such programs are also capable of more complex actions. For example, MobileTrans allows you to transfer all data, including photos and videos. The program has the functions of backing up WhatsApp to a computer and restoring a copy from a PC to a smartphone.

The second way is to Telegram

Users whose version of the messenger has been updated to a version higher than 7.4 will be able to copy WhatsApp chats (including group ones) to Telegram.

You need to launch WhatsApp on the device, select a chat, swipe it from right to left and click the "More" button, Samoylenko said. In the menu that appears, select "Export chat". Here you need to specify whether media files will be transferred - audio, photo and video recordings.

“Next, we indicate with which programs we want to share the correspondence. In our case, with Telegram. In this application, you can create a separate group in advance for your own correspondence, or save chats in "Favorites," the analyst noted.

The last step is to select the desired chat and click the "Import" button. According to the expert, you should not save personal correspondence in group chats, as they will be available to all their participants. When the data transfer is complete, "Imported" will appear.

The third way is in Google Drive

A Google Drive cloud backup can help if multiple users need access and the account is registered for doing business.

According to Samoilenko, for this method you need to log in to your Google account and be connected to the Internet.

“Next, open WhatsApp, the tab “Other options”, and in it “Settings”. In the “Chats” item, select “Backup Chats”, and then “Backup to Google Drive,” the expert said.

After that, you must also specify how often the data will be automatically transferred and stored in your Google account. For example, once a day at night (usually at two in the morning, when the owner is no longer using the application).

“This will allow you to have an up-to-date copy of correspondence every day and not save them manually every day. These backups can then be used to restore on a new device,” added Samoylenko. He clarified that it is also possible to store photos and videos in cloud services separately from correspondence.

According to the expert, the backup can also be transferred from Google Drive to a computer's hard drive, to another cloud service, or to a flash drive. The more backups a user has, the more chances to save data, the analyst concluded.

‎App Store: 2Number: Second phone number

Screenshots (iPhone)


Cheap calls for work and personal calls worldwide


The 2Number application allows you to use several numbers in one phone without having to purchase an additional SIM card. You can make calls to other countries or send international SMS quickly, easily and cheaply! And most importantly, you have the opportunity to hide the phone number that you use in everyday life.

Use additional numbers to make calls, send SMS, and receive calls and messages anywhere in the world. Just imagine, no additional SIM cards! Changing your phone number has never been so easy - just select a number from the list and start calling. And if you no longer need a number, just delete it.

Without any contract, you can get several numbers and use them instead of your real number for different purposes:
• Buying and selling on various Internet platforms: use a separate number to post ads and communicate with potential customers, and when the transaction is completed, it's easy delete it!
• Dating and online dating. Giving out your personal number right away can be unsafe. First, get to know each other better!
• For business - as a separate work number. This is very convenient when your professional and personal life are separated. Try it!
• Booking accommodation and renting a car on trips. "2Number" will help you stay anonymous when using public services.
• Register on various sites that require you to provide your phone number.

Only share your phone number with people you trust. For everyone else, there is "2Number"!

App features:
- Get additional numbers for calls and SMS
- Call within 25 countries
- Record phone conversations, save and export audio recordings of calls
- Send SMS and view your message history
- Save your contacts in the app
- Create names for your numbers to find them faster
- Delete unwanted numbers

In addition, you will get:
- Ability to call online without a SIM card
- Access to your contact list and the ability to synchronize it with the application
- Easy number change - just delete the old number and choose a new one!
- Send MMS (only for numbers in the US and Canada)
- Set "Hours of Operation" - and all incoming calls outside of this time will be forwarded to voicemail (only available for US numbers)

Please note:
Phone numbers of the following countries are available in the application: USA, Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico and UK.

• You can purchase a subscription for unlimited access to all features of the application
• The subscription will be billed automatically, depending on the selected plan.

By using the app, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

Still have questions? Check the FAQ page at
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Version 2.44

Thank you for choosing 2Number!
In the new version:
- Fixed bugs and improved performance

Don't forget to send your suggestions and wishes to [email protected], and leave your feedback in the App Store!

Ratings and reviews

Ratings: 2. 6k


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What is this????

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What are you guys was thinking about?????


Why did they withdraw 500 ₽
Return !!!!

App Store subscriptions automatically renew until the user cancels them. Unfortunately, we cannot manage subscriptions on our end, so only the user can cancel the subscription in the iTunes settings (the process for managing subscriptions is described on the Apple Support page: https://support. We also warn about this on the app description page in the App Store so that the user can review this information before installing the app.
Sorry, developers are unable to process refunds as this process is controlled by iTunes. Application developers do not have access to customer-identifying information, so we cannot issue refunds or manage user subscriptions.
Please follow the instructions to request a refund for an app purchase:
1) Open the Apple Problem Reporting page in a web browser:;
2) Sign in with your Apple ID username and password;
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5) Click "Select an issue" and select "I would like to request a refund" or "I did not want to buy this product" if you did not want to buy an application or a subscription;
6) Fill in the additional information and click the Submit button.
You can also check all available refund methods in this YouTube video:



Virtual phone number

International calls and messages (SMS, MMS).

Trial subscription

The developer of BPMobile has indicated that, in accordance with the application's privacy policy, data may be processed as described below. Detailed information is available in the developer's privacy policy.

Data used for tracking information

The following data may be used to track user information on apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Purchases
  • Identifiers
  • Usage data
  • Other data

Related with user data

The following data may be collected that is related to the user's identity:

  • Purchases
  • Contact details
  • Contacts
  • User Content
  • Identifiers
  • Usage data
  • Diagnostics
  • Other data

Sensitive data may be used differently depending on your age, features involved, or other factors.

Learn more