How do you delete a photo from instagram

How to Delete One Photo from a Carousel Post or Stories on Instagram

Earlier, if you wanted to delete one photo from a carousel post on Instagram, you had to re-upload the entire post. Fortunately, you no longer need to do so, as Instagram has introduced a native feature to delete one photo out of multiple on Instagram. This article will take a look at how to do that as well as how to remove pictures without deleting them on Instagram.

  • How to Delete One Photo from a Carousel Post on Instagram
  • How to Edit Photos in a Carousel Post
  • How to Delete One Photo from Instagram Stories
  • How to Recover Deleted Photos from Posts and Stories
  • How to Remove Photos without Deleting Them from Instagram
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How to Delete One Photo from a Carousel Post on Instagram

To remove an unwanted photo from an Instagram post with multiple pictures, follow these steps:

  1. Open the multiple-picture or carousel post that includes that unwanted photo.
  2. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select “Edit” from the menu. Do not tap on the “Delete” option, as that will delete the entire post.
  1. Scroll around the picture that is showing and find the Trash icon at the top corner. If you find it, you have the feature.
  2. Go to the picture you want to delete and tap on the Trash icon. The “Delete media” confirmation pop-up will appear. Tap on “Delete.”
  1. The deleted photo will be sent to the “Recently deleted” folder where it will stay for 30 days before getting deleted permanently. For the next 30 days, you can either recover the photo (as shown below) and send it back to the carousel or delete it permanently.
  2. Similarly, delete other pictures from the carousel.
  3. Tap on the “Done” button to save the changes.

How to Edit Photos in a Carousel Post

Apart from deleting photos, you can tag people, edit alt text, and add locations to individual photos. However, you cannot add filters to photos in a carousel after publishing them.

  1. Tap on the three-dot icon on the post and select “Edit” from the menu.
  2. On the photo you want to edit, tap on the option you want to edit: “Tag people,” “Edit Alt Text,” or “Add location.” You can also modify the caption of the entire post.

How to Delete One Photo from Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories makes it easy to delete one photo. As each story acts as an independent entity, you can remove any of them if you have added multiple photos or videos together.

Open the story you want to delete. Tap on the three-dot icon and select “Delete” from the menu.

Similar to the post, the deleted story will be taken to the “Recently deleted” photos section. However, since the lifespan of stories is only 24 hours, you can only recover it within that time frame. After that, the story will be deleted permanently.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Posts and Stories

If you accidentally remove the wrong photo/video or delete the entire post, you can easily recover it. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the profile screen.
  2. Tap on the three-bar icon at the top and select “Your activity.”
  3. Tap on “Recently deleted.”

Note: if you don’t find “Recently deleted” under “Your activity,” go to “Settings → Account → Recently deleted.”

  1. You will find all the recently deleted pictures here. Open the one you want to restore.
  1. Hit the three-dot icon and select “Restore.”

The deleted photo will appear at its original location or the end of the multiple post if you deleted it from a carousel post.

How to Remove Photos without Deleting Them from Instagram

If you don’t have the feature to delete a photo from multiple posts or want to hide photos without deleting them, Instagram lets you archive the post. Please note that you can archive the entire post and not individual photos. For the unaware, archiving a post will hide it from the profile view.

To archive a post, follow these steps:

  1. Open the post you want to archive.
  2. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select “Archive” from the options.

The post will be taken to the “Archived” section, and you won’t find it on your profile.

To unarchive a post:

  1. Go to the profile screen and tap on the three-bar icon. Choose “Archive.”
  1. Tap on the “Stories Archive” option at the top and select “Posts archive.” You will see the archived posts.
  2. Open the post you want to send back to your profile by tapping on the three-dot icon and selecting “Show on profile.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the order of photos in a carousel post?

You can, indeed, reorder photos (and videos) in a carousel post. To do so, you must first remove the desired photos from the post. Make sure to keep at least two items in the carousel. The deleted photos will be moved to the “Recently deleted” section, where they must be restored. Recovered photos will appear at the end of the carousel, so reinsert them in the order you want them to appear.

2. Can I add photos to an Instagram carousel post after it is live?

No. Instagram doesn’t let you add more photos to an Instagram carousel after it is published.

3. Why can’t I see the Trash option to delete a carousel photo?

Deleting a photo from a carousel post is a new feature. You must update the Instagram app if you don’t see the Trash icon on your carousel photos. If the Trash icon still doesn’t appear, try re-logging in to your Instagram account or reinstalling the app. the Instagram app.

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Can You Delete a Single Instagram Photo from a Post with Multiple Images

A “Carousel Post” on Instagram is one that consists of multiple images that viewers are able to scroll through to see each photo. This is a great way to share a collection of pictures in a single post, but what if you decide you want to delete one of the photos from the gallery?

Unfortunately, Instagram makes it incredibly difficult to remove one single photo from a post. In this article, we’ll walk you through a few options for posting the perfect carousel the easiest way.

Can You Delete a Single Photo from a Carousel Post on Instagram?

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  • Can You Delete a Single Photo from a Carousel Post on Instagram?
    • The Workaround
  • How to Edit Multiple Photos on Instagram After Posting?
  • Share the Right Photos the First Time
  • Delete an Instagram Post
  • Delete an Instagram Carousel Post
  • Hide Instagram Images Instead of Deleting Them
    • Adding Archived Photos Back
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can I add a photo to a carousel post?
    • Can I edit an Instagram post after uploading photos?
  • Final Thoughts

If you accidentally include a picture you don’t like in your carousel post or decide later that you want to remove a single picture from the post, you probably don’t want to have to remove the whole post and redo it.

Unfortunately, once you click the “share” button there isn’t a way to remove a single image. The only way to delete an image or video from a carousel post is to delete the whole post.

Hopefully, Instagram will eventually introduce this feature, but until then, you’ll have to be mindful about which pictures you include in your multi-image posts. In this article, we’ll review a few options that you do have so that you can accomplish your Instagram post goals.

The Workaround

If you’re here it’s likely because you need to remove a photo from an Instagram post. Perhaps, you’re looking for the easiest way to do this since Instagram doesn’t allow you to do it. If you still have the original photos simply create a new post and upload them. If you don’t, unfortunately, Instagram won’t let you save them to your device. Here is what you can do if you no longer have access to the photos:

  1. Take a screenshot of each photo you DO want in your post.
  2. Crop them using your phone’s native editing app or another third-party editing app.
  3. Repost the edited images.

As you take screenshots of your photos you’ll notice that Instagram has added a numbering system (1/3 or something like that) in the right-hand corner of your picture. This can be annoying but based on our tests of this workaround, if you scroll to the image you’re about to screenshot and leave the screen alone for a few seconds, the number will disappear allowing you to screenshot the original image without the numbers in the right corner.

Once you’ve reposted your Carousel, delete the old one. We have the instructions for this below.

Since Instagram doesn’t give us a lot of options here, this is the fastest way to fix your Instagram post that doesn’t require any sketchy third-party services.

How to Edit Multiple Photos on Instagram After Posting?

So you can’t delete a single image from a carousel post, but can you edit one?

Not really, but there are some things you can do. Clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post will allow you to make some minor edits to your carousel post. This function will not allow you to remove photos, add photos, or change filters, though.

Instead, it simply allows you to tag people, change the text, or change the location. We do have an article on the subject to help you edit your Instagram post after posting here.

If you want to actually edit the picture itself, you’ll have to redo the post entirely.

Share the Right Photos the First Time

As there is no way to make substantial edits or add/delete photos after hitting the “Share” button, it’s important to get the post right the first time. Creating the perfect carousel post means understanding Instagram’s limitations and how to post.

  1. Click the + icon in the bottom center to create a new Instagram post.
  2. Select the Select Multiple icon at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select up to ten images or videos. The order you select them in is the order in which they will appear.
  4. Select Next.
  5. You can apply filters to all the images you selected, or individually select the images for editing and filtering with the Edit button.
  6. When you’re finished making changes, select Next.
  7. Finally, you can add a caption, tag people, add your location, or set additional posting options, and make any settings changes you wish.
  8. After that, just select Share.

Scroll through the photos before clicking Next at the top right-hand corner of the app. This will ensure no major edits are needed later on.

Delete an Instagram Post

Getting rid of a single image post on Instagram is very straightforward.

  1. Open Instagram and tap the small profile icon on the lower right-hand corner.
  2. Scroll down your feed to the image post you want to delete.
  3. Select the three-dot menu icon in the top right.
  4. Select Delete.

Once you delete the Instagram post you can simply re-add it back the way you want assuming you still have the photos.

Delete an Instagram Carousel Post

For those who want to delete an Instagram post with multiple images, the process is just the same as it is for Instagram posts with a single image.

  1. Open the post containing the images you want to delete.
  2. Select the three-dot menu icon in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Delete and confirm.

This will delete the entire Instagram post, including the image(s) you wanted to get rid of to begin with. You can now create a new carousel post using the photos you wanted to keep so your followers don’t miss out on anything important.

Hide Instagram Images Instead of Deleting Them

The Instagram archive function is a very effective way to hide your old images without having to delete them. If they are the only copies of the images you have and you don’t want to lose them, this is a way of keeping them without leaving them on display.

  1. Select the post you want to archive.
  2. Select the three-dot menu icon in the top right.
  3. Select “Archive.” This will instantly remove the image/images from your profile.

With this method you can always bring your posts back to life later on.

Adding Archived Photos Back

  1. From your profile screen, select the three line menu icon.
  2. Select Archive from the list of options.
  3. From there, you’ll either see all of your Instagram stories or all of your archived Instagram posts.
    1. If you see your stories instead of your archived posts, tap the word Archive at the top of the screen and choose Posts from the drop-down menu.
  4. To restore an archived post to your Instagram profile, select it in the Archive, and select the three-dot menu in the top right of the post.
  5. Choose Show on Profile.

There have been a few reports that archives disappear if you temporarily shut down your Instagram account. Although rare, it’s important to be aware of this when archiving posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a photo to a carousel post?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer the ability to add a photo to an existing post. Although it seems unreasonable for everyday users, the option to add a photo after you’ve posted something on Instagram simply isn’t there.

You can always upload a new post with the photo or follow the steps above to re-post content the way you want then delete the original post.

Can I edit an Instagram post after uploading photos?

You can change the caption and hashtags but that’s really about it. Instagram won’t let you change the filters or alter the images after uploading.

We do have a full article on this subject here that will give you some tips and all of the information you need to know about editing Instagram posts after uploading.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to delete a single picture from a carousel post on Instagram. While Instagram will hopefully introduce this feature in the near future, but you’ll have to settle for deleting and redoing the entire post until then.

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How to delete your Instagram photos from stories, carousels and posts

Deleting Instagram photos from a computer is as easy as removing photos from a mobile device. Also, the user can completely clear all the information that was previously published on the social network. How to delete all marked photos 90

Through a computer

To delete a post using a PC, the page owner needs to log in to the social network and go to the posts in the Feed.

How to quickly delete a photo on Instagram using the browser version:

  1. Access Instagram from a browser.
  2. Log in using your data: login and password.
  3. Right click on free space - View code .
  4. Go to any of the entries.
  5. Press the top three dots - Delete post.

The system will require confirmation of actions, after which the entry will be deleted from the profile. The second way is to use emulators. Through Bluestacks or Memu Play, the user gets access to the full functionality of the application.

To authorize on Instagram, you need to install an emulator, and after that, find the application in the Play Market. After installation, the procedure for signing in and deleting is the same as on mobile devices.

Via phone

You can delete Instagram photos from your phone through the official app. The user can delete only one photo or the whole carousel if it is a series of pictures.

To clear the Feed of unnecessary publications:

  1. Go to Instagram - log in.
  2. Go to your posts - click on the top three dots above the post.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear - select: "Delete".
  4. Confirm action.

But in this case, the record will disappear forever and cannot be restored. Another way to delete a lot of photos on Instagram or just one post is to move them to the archive. In the same pop-up menu, the function is available: " Archive ". By clicking on it, the entry will be moved to the "Archive" and is available only to the owner of the page.

In the future, the record can be restored if you go to the "Archive" section and click on " Restore in profile ". But in this case, the photo or video will be re-published on the original date.

From the carousel

You cannot remove only one picture from the selected series and the already published one. In this case, the user will have to re-publish and select other pictures. You can add other photos or remove any during editing.

How to remove one photo from the series:

  1. Create a publication - specify: " Carousel" .
  2. Select photos to be published.
  3. If they don't fit, go back and uncheck the box next to the one you don't need.
  4. Continue placement.

That is, to remove one picture, you need to delete the entire publication. After - place again using other settings and selected photos. You can add both photos and videos to the Carousel. The only drawback is the same size for all objects in the series.

From post

You cannot remove or replace a picture from a publication, but you can republish it again. In this case, you must first delete the record, and after that - create a new one. For a published post, only the description editing function is available.

To edit the text below the post:

  1. Click the three dots above the photo or video.
  2. Edit - enter new text.
  3. Save.

You can only change the description from a mobile device, even if the post was published more than a week ago. You can also share photos on Instagram in Direct by sending a picture to a friend. There are temporary and permanent ones: the first ones self-destruct after 15 seconds, the permanent ones must be removed with your own hands.

How to delete a photo from Instagram Direct:

  1. Go to personal correspondence.
  2. Hold your finger on a sent message.
  3. Select: " Cancel sending " - Confirm the action.

Now the photo will not be in the correspondence, but if the recipient has already viewed it, it is available to the interlocutor.

From Stories

The page owner can work with temporary publications and individual sections in "Actual ". In Stories, you can delete each post separately, when in Actual - this is a whole section.

To remove a single temporary entry:

  1. Go to Stories.
  2. Click on the latest posts that have been posted.
  3. Click three dots below the photo or video: "Delete".
  4. Confirm.

Even with the settings for saving to the Archive, it will be impossible to find or restore the publication.

Instructions on how to remove the pinned « Actual »:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click on the Current icon: Delete.
  3. Confirm or cancel an action.

In this case, not all entries that were added to the "Actual" are deleted, but only the section itself. You can find pictures in the Archive if the user has set the save settings.

How to remove one photo from Featured on Instagram:

  1. Go to the selected section in Featured.
  2. Scroll through the list to the desired photo.
  3. Press three dots below - Remove from Current.

The entry will be moved to the Archive, where the function is available: Save to mobile device or add entry to another " Actual ".

How to delete marked photos

There is an option in the page's privacy settings: hide photos and videos with me. If the user checks this option, all publications where it is checked will not be shown in the profile. The tag on another profile can be removed if the owner of the other page does not want a direct link to his page in the photo.

  1. Go to Instagram - section " Posts where I was tagged ".
  2. Select a specific entry - hold your finger on one of the marks.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select: "Delete".

To hide any marks on the photo, you need:

  1. Go to Instagram - Settings .
  2. Privacy - Tags .
  3. Hide photos and videos - move the pointer to the active state.

Now, profile visitors will not be able to see photos that have marked the owner of the account. Additionally, it is possible to restrict access through the section: "Notifications", hiding any messages about the mark that has appeared.

How to delete all photos at once

One way to delete all photos at once is to use the computer version of Instagram Creator Studio. This is the official tool from Facebook, available to business profile holders. Available through the web version, where you can edit posts from Instagram, delete and add new ones with a timer.

How to use:

  1. Connect your Instagram business profile.
  2. Follow the link - open the section: "Publications".
  3. Click next to each one you want to remove the check mark.
  4. Top "Delete" - wait until the entries are deleted.

But Creator Studio works only if the profile owner connects to the public page and Facebook, that is, performs a full link. You do not need to install third-party applications or programs to work - the tool is free and also suitable for scheduling recordings.

How to delete photos from Instagram: simple instructions How to delete photos from Instagram: simple instructions


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  2. How to delete photos from Instagram from phone
  3. Android system
  4. iOS system
  5. How to delete a photo from the Instagram carousel
  6. How to delete a photo from Instagram in messages
  7. How to delete a photo from Instagram in direct from a smartphone
  8. Delete message on PC or laptop
  9. Send disappearing messages
  10. Tip to delete all Instagram photos at once
  11. Add and remove photos from Instagram drafts
  12. Delete locked photo
  13. Options to delete Instagram photos from computer

    7 View and

    8 recovering deleted photos on Instagram

  14. 3 reasons why Instagram photos are not deleted
  15. Technical bug
  16. Bad internet
  17. The post is participating in the promo

Updated on July 5, 2022

All users would like to know how to delete photos from Instagram if any of the pictures seemed superfluous or no longer relevant. Or, after posting another post, you might find that you would like to replace the one posted for personal reasons and do it as soon as possible. How to achieve this?

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to delete photos from the most popular social network both from your phone and from your computer. You will also learn how you can get back deleted photos and where exactly they are stored. Very useful information for enthusiastic Instagram users!

Is it possible to delete photos from Instagram

Of course, there are ways to delete photos from the Instagram network, but there are some subtleties to consider.

Any user data can only be deleted by the user himself. Very rarely there are cases when an administrator can do this. This can happen in a situation where the information does not comply with the rules outlined in the user agreement.

Authors who do not have access to their personal page are not allowed to delete or edit published posts.

Instructions for deleting photos on Instagram from a phone

As a rule, Instagram is used with a smartphone. This is a fairly popular platform for both communication and business activities. Therefore, the tape needs regular editing, removal of unnecessary publications, video and photo materials.

The method of deleting information will depend on which smartphone the user has. For example, if the mobile phone works from the iOS or Android platform, then the removal procedure is almost the same.

Android system

So, how to delete a photo from an Instagram post if the owner has an Android smartphone:

  • Log in to your Instagram profile on your smartphone.
  • Select unwanted photo.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • In the menu that appears, select "Delete".

iOS system

If you go to Instagram from an iPhone, you can delete photos in the same way:

  • Go to the Instagram application.
  • Find an unwanted photo.
  • Click on the three dots at the top, selecting delete.
  • Confirm action.

In fact, it turns out that the photo deletion operations are the same on both Android and iPhone.

How to delete photos from Instagram carousel

How to delete photos from Instagram without deleting text? In order to remove photos from the published carousel, you need to act in this order:

  • Go to your profile in the application and click on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Select "Saved".
  • Go to Collections.
  • Click on a set to edit.
  • Click on three dots.
  • Select editing and delete unwanted photo.

Guide to deleting Instagram photos in messages

Before removing a message from a conversation, carefully consider the pros and cons before acting. You can either delete a photo from Instagram in a conversation or a text, but you need to take into account some points:

  • When you delete one message from a chat, it is deleted for all its participants. In other words, the text can be removed not only for a specific person, but for all members of the general conversation.
  • If you delete the entire chat, and not each message separately, then the rest of the participants will keep the conversation, regardless of whether it was public or private. In other words, you can completely remove correspondence only from your profile, and for other people communicating, everything will remain unchanged.
  • Chats that you delete cannot be restored (unless the conversation is reported by other people). Unlike stories, a directive does not have an archive, so it is impossible to restore correspondence as memories.
  • It is possible to unsend the message or delete it. However, keep in mind that the participants in the conversation may have time to see it before you destroy it. Therefore, it is better to measure seven times, and send once, so as not to regret the incorrect information sent.

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Consider the following situations: how to delete 1 photo or message on Instagram, how to delete a complete conversation, and how to delete all or several dialogues in a profile.

Keep in mind : If a phrase is removed from a conversation, neither you nor the other party can see it anymore. But if another user complains about this correspondence, then the information will be restored for verification.

Don't send confidential information or private photos in personal correspondence; Do not store your profile login information on your device.

In the case when you delete a dialogue, there is a possibility that the interlocutor took a screenshot of the correspondence and this text was saved.

How to delete a photo from Instagram in direct from a smartphone

To delete a specific message on Instagram from a smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Click on the icon in the upper right corner to open messages in Direct.
  • Select the conversation you want to edit.
  • Long press on the desired message or photo.
  • In the lower right corner, click on the "More" function, in the menu - on "Cancel sending".

In this way, you can edit the correspondence if you want to delete messages not only from yourself, but also from the recipient.

Deleting a message on a PC or laptop

Consider the nuances of how to delete one or more photos or messages on Instagram using a PC:

  • Log in to your Instagram profile on a computer, open Direct.
  • Find a conversation in which to delete a message.
  • Hover over unwanted text, three icons will pop up on the left.
  • Click on the three dots, the following options will appear: Share, Forward, Copy, Cancel Send. To delete a message, select the last one.

Send disappearing messages

In order to avoid unnecessary actions to delete correspondence, it is worth making sure and send the disappearing message in advance.

This function is applicable not only to text, but also to photos or videos. After the message is viewed, it immediately disappears, and there is no way to see it a second time.

To send disappearing photo or video messages, proceed as follows:

  • Go to private messages, open a dialogue or group conversation.
  • Click on the camera icon. In the open camera mode, take a picture, if necessary - apply special effects.
  • Move the line with viewing modes under the photo and select the one you need: "One-time viewing", "Allow repeat viewing" or "Leave in chat".

Disappearing messages are a great option for not having to puzzle over how to delete photos from Instagram forever.

Hint for deleting all photos on Instagram at once

Over time, the photos in the feed become irrelevant, they can be removed. The Instagram website and application are not designed to clean up several posts at once, but you can find ways to do so.

Below are tips on how to delete photos from Instagram if there are several.

You can go to Google Play or the App Store, there are applications for deleting several pictures at once from this social network - for example, InstaCleaner. To use it follow these steps:

  • Download the application to your smartphone, open it. Log in using your Instagram profile details.
  • Open the menu, enter the "Media" tab.
  • To delete multiple publications, select them. If you want to clear all posts, you need to click on the checkmark in the upper right corner and click "Select All".
  • Click on the arrow icon.
  • In the window that opens, select "Delete".

It is clear that it is not easy to remove a photo from a series on Instagram, but it is possible.

Adding and deleting photos from drafts on Instagram

If you are not sure whether you will post photos later or not, you can first send them to drafts. But in this section, try to make everything clear and accessible in the future for publishing records.

So, the steps for deleting photos from a draft on Instagram:

  • Go to creating a post.
  • Above the pictures in the "Gallery" tab, select the "Manage" button.
  • Select the "Edit" option in the upper right corner.
  • Mark publications with ticks. Then click the "Finish" button at the top right.
  • Click Reset.

Deleting a blocked photo

It happens that Instagram blocks the publication if the user violates the rules of the social network. They can also be banned if any of the users file a complaint about the photo.

In this case, you do not need to get rid of the blocked publication, as it will automatically disappear from your page.

It happens that the user wonders how to get back deleted photos on Instagram. If you really want to, you can appeal the blocking, and if you wish, delete the publication in the usual way.

Options for deleting Instagram photos from a computer

As already reported, the Instagram social network is designed primarily for mobile devices. Not surprisingly, it is difficult for many users to use it using a computer.

The creators of Instagram provided for the use of the official website through a PC, but the functions of the social network are significantly limited.

For example, you can register an account, but access to it will be provided only in view mode. This means you won't be able to post or delete photos and posts on from your computer.

Instructions on the Internet will recommend that you install additional software or a browser extension on your PC. But we will look at how this is done using one Google Chrome browser.

Procedure :

  • Log into your Instagram profile on your computer.
  • Press "Menu", then - "Additional Tools", then - "Developer Tools".
  • Click on the mobile device icon, refresh the page.
  • This will bring up the photo control panel.

Now it is clear that you can easily use the social network not only from your mobile phone, but also from a PC or laptop, while adding and deleting photos, videos and publications.

There are various options for computer applications, but it is pointless to review them, because their popularity is negligible and security often leaves much to be desired.

View and recover deleted photos on Instagram

In the settings, you can recover all deleted content: posts in the feed, photos and videos, IGTV and Reels videos. Any posts you remove will be removed from your profile and moved to the Recently Deleted section.

Posts completely destroyed on Instagram cannot be restored.

Data from the "Recently Deleted" section disappears automatically after a month, and posts removed from the feed - after a day. Within a month, you can restore the content from the profile or destroy it permanently.

To do this, go to the "Recently Deleted" section. If you did not find the content you need in this section, it means that it was deleted more than a month ago, or the history is more than a day old.

3 reasons why photos are not deleted from Instagram

There are times when you cannot delete a photo from an Instagram post. These are rare cases, and possible causes of problems are as follows:

Technical bug

Be aware that technical problems can occur in any downloaded application.

Learn more