How to see private instagram account pictures

Top 4 Insta Profile Viewer Sites

Since its inception exactly a decade ago, people from all around the world have flocked to Instagram. Founded in 2010, the online photo and video sharing service have rapidly grown in popularity. It is still going strong now, despite many years of expansion and the inclusion of new features and exciting money streams.

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features, allowing users to share photographs and videos that are only available for 24 hours at a time. When you upload your story, you gain instant access to everyone who has seen it. Seeing another user’s experience while keeping your own identity disguised is an acceptable desire for various reasons.

It’s a good thing some methods allow you to stay entirely anonymous while browsing Instagram stories or visiting a private account. Instagram story viewers are a vast category of internet solutions that can help you browse Instagram and the numerous user profiles in total privacy.

Even if you are not an Instagram user, you can use these tools to view the accounts of other Instagram users. This article will go through a few of the best private Instagram Viewer sites. We are confident in recommending the following resources based on our own positive experiences.

Private Instagram Profile Viewer That Works In 2022 
  1. Glassagram – Overall Best Site To View Private Instagram Accounts
  2. EyeZy – Premium Site For Access To Private Instagram Profiles
  3. mSpy – Top Rated Instagram Private Profile Viewer Platform
  4. UMobix – Popular Website To Check On Private Insta Profiles

#1. GlassagramOverall Best Site To View Private Instagram Accounts


To provide transparency, Glassagram offers a complete look through over other instagram accounts anonymously. The USP of Glassagram is that they allow you to view any instagram account without having the profile owner to know. 

This way, one can get access to all the information you need to know about that particular social media account. In order to grow on platforms like instagram, one needs to do their due diligence so that the information can help them grow their account and business too. The only way is to enter the account from the inside. Glassagram is curated to serve this exact particular purpose. 

Also, Glassagram can be installed on android & IOS devices so that the user can access the information remotely. With the help of real time updates, the user need not keep a constant check on the account, Glassagram does that for you. You can set your desired timer to get automatic notifications and real time updates. 

All of this, without the person knowing that someone is inside. The intent is to provide all the requisite information for the user to get a heads up on how they should target their audience and grow their instagram account organically. People use this feature for several other reasons as well. For example, to check on their partner on the things they might be hiding, for people who have a hard time letting others know about their activity and many more.

The reason can be yours, but the execution will be ours. 


The first and foremost highlight of Glassagram is that they have a 5 minute setup process. This means that your Glassagram account can be up and running in under 5 minutes and you can now anonymously view big and popular instagram accounts from the inside. 

Firstly, install the app on your android device, and choose your subscription plan according to your requirements and needs. After making the purchase, set up your account and link the desired instagram profile. 

Now, you can customize your account and preferences according to your wishes and instant access the account thoroughly. You can even keep a check on the kind of DMs the person receives to get insights on how to communicate with people on instagram.  

Even if you wish to check up on other people using your private account, do not sweat over it. Glassagram allows everything. 

The software is 100% safe and secure, the data collected is never outsourced to any third party. 


  • Best platform to anonymously view instagram accounts
  • Data is safe and secure
  • Easy to use interface
  • Real time updates 


  • The IOS platform restricts of the same features

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Glassagram

#2. EyeZy  – Premium Site For Access To Private Instagram Profiles



To sum up, EyeZy is a new breed of phone tracker that uses artificial intelligence to keep tabs on multiple phones at once. They use artificial intelligence to improve their spying capabilities to give you the most accurate reports possible. Make sure you don’t miss a thing with EyeZy advanced tracking capabilities. EyeZy can help you track everything your target phone does, from physical movements to text, calls, browsing activity, and activity on various apps, such as Instagram.

According to our EyeZy review, EyeZy is a wallet-friendly app, which means it isn’t overpriced. Many customers can benefit from this technology, including employees, parents, and even people who want to keep tabs on their ex-spouses. They’re a cinch to work with because of their broad range of compatibility.

They are therefore compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can also select from various installation options, depending on your tracking needs and your level of technological expertise. This means that you can either jailbreak or not jailbreak the phone. Regardless of your level of technological expertise, they’ll make it simple for you to get started.


If you want to keep tabs on someone’s Instagram activity, EyeZy is a good choice. Viewing their private Instagram chats, which include private messages they’re trying to hide, is part of this service. It’s easy to see what they post on their feed with EyeZy, too, if that’s something you want to do. Every message they’ve sent or received includes the time and date so that you can follow an Instagram account down to the smallest detail.

You have to pay for many of the Instagram activity tracking apps. EyeZy is reasonably priced, as you can see from the previous discussion of its pricing. Fortunately, you won’t have to break the bank to sign up for a subscription plan with them. We think their prices are fair compared to similar apps on the market.

  • Quick and simple setup
  • Support for multiple languages
  • All messages and media files are accessible
  • Keeping an eye on and blocking access to certain websites
  • Logging of keyboard activities
  • Infrared lock and wipe
  • Media files can be accessed (photos, videos, music)
  • Keeping tabs on your mobile and web apps
  • Monitoring of the Wi-Fi system
  • No cons available
  • Customer Experience

    You should check out eyeZy if you’re seeking a private Instagram viewer who can help you see all those private Instagram profiles without requesting a follow. They claim that you can not only examine private Instagram accounts in general but also their chats, which contain hidden messages they don’t want you to read.

    You can look at their posts and check the time and date information. As a result, you’ll be able to determine when each message was sent and received, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

    ⇒ Visit the Official Website of EyeZy

    #3. mSpy – Top Rated Instagram Private Profile Viewer Platform



    mSpy is a spy app for Instagram that focuses on direct messages and tracking. One of the most dangerous features of Instagram is direct messages and the ease with which predators can contact children.

    Thanks to this application, you’ll always be alerted if your children receive messages from strangers. You can keep these people from harming your children if you use this method to block their path. You can read the text messages your children send to you and any links they include. You’ll be able to manipulate text messages, phone calls, GPS coordinates, and a host of other things with this app.

    This app will give you all the data to keep your children secure. You’ll get everything you need to spy on an account under one roof. In addition, this app’s prices are very reasonable, and it offers a lot of value for money. The features of this app are of the highest quality and ease of use.

    Whenever a potential customer has a problem, this type of privacy software is always available via live chat to help solve it for them. If you have any questions about the service, don’t hesitate to contact their helpful staff. Even if you’re not a computer whiz, you won’t have a problem using this service! Please do not hesitate to contact the mSpy website team, who are available 24/7, anywhere in the world, to answer any questions.


    You can track all of the websites your child or target user has visited using this mSpy feature, including the bookmarks they’ve made. The app can also notify you immediately if any specific keyword is typed into the phone. Parents will appreciate the ability to see what their children are searching for and watching on the Internet if this feature becomes widely available. In addition, if the monitored individual uses any of the most popular web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, or a native Android browser, you can block specific websites.

    • It’s one of the most affordable spying apps on the market
    • It’s a way to keep tabs on someone’s mobile activities without them knowing about it
    • As long as you know how to use other apps on your phone, you can easily install and use this one
    • You can track the location of the target user at all times with the help of GPS tracking technology
    • You can find everything you need to know about mobile activities here
    • Android and iPhone users can use it
    • It is also compatible with devices that have been jailbroken
    • mSpy. com provides round-the-clock customer service that’s friendly and helpful
    • mSpy offers a free trial to new customers
    • One strategy for one device
    Customer Experience

    If this is your first time using a service like this, their website has all the information you need. If you have any questions, you may also contact their extremely helpful customer service. Aside from that, there will be no surveys to complete, and you will not be required to show that you are a human when utilizing this service. It’s a straightforward and effective solution that’s simple to set up and utilize. They feature a simple user interface. You don’t need to go through anything to begin using their services.

    You’ll only need to give them the target profile’s username, and you’ll have full access to the stuff on those profiles. The Theory website contains a lot of information about using their services and what you can do with them. You can also contact them thanks to their active customer service.

    ⇒ Visit the Official Website of mSpy

#4. UMobix – Popular Website To Check On Private Insta Profiles

If you’re a parent who wants to monitor the activities of your children’s Instagram accounts but can’t access them because they’ve been set to private, UMobix is a lifesaver. To begin with, you can get a free trial to see if it works for you before making a long-term commitment to this site that allows people who want to view private Instagram accounts access.

The second benefit is that you can keep tabs on over 30 popular social media platforms and apps from a single dashboard. With this app, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re falling behind because they are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Installing uMobix for iPhone does not necessitate having physical access to the target device. Since UMobix can be installed remotely on iOS devices using the target phone’s iCloud credentials, you can perform UMobix remote installation on iOS devices. No matter what smartphone brand you own, the app will work with it without a hitch. It’s compatible with any Android-powered smartphone or tablet running version 4 or higher.

There is a search bar on the vendor’s website. Please enter the model and brand of your phone or tablet and click on the “Check” button if you are unsure if the app will work on your device or not. Toward the bottom right-hand corner of the vendor’s website is a help icon. You can contact them by filling out the form and sending it if you have any questions or concerns. Soon, you’ll receive an email response to your query.


Instagram has become enormously popular among today’s youth. For the sake of their children, parents must have access to this platform. This can be as simple as using vulgar language or putting up explicit content online. Parents can also protect their children from criminals and other harmful influences.

You can also see a variety of information about a target’s Instagram profile here. It isn’t enough to look at people’s profiles or direct messages (DMs). You have full control over your child’s Instagram account if you have an iPhone. Real-time information will be available to you through this method. The only thing Android users have access to is screenshots of their child’s activities within the app.

Is it any surprise to you that text messaging is on the decline? WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram are young people’s most popular messaging apps. And UMobix doesn’t stop there. Every photo, video, and message that has been sent or received can be viewed. Apps from all of the major platforms are covered.

  • It’s a good deal for the money
  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • A root or jailbreak isn’t required
  • Undetectable
  • Effortless data synchronization
  • It’s easy to use
  • Real-time display of app usage
  • All the features of Instagram and Facebook will be available to you
  • Few features are only available on the iOS platform
Customer Experience

It also has several capabilities that Instagram lacks, such as downloading profile photographs, watching videos on full screen, downloading posts, and a superior user experience. Type in a username and click “submit”, UMobix will display the private Instagram profile picture and material to get the photographs you need. There’s no need to be concerned about your data or any other sensitive information being revealed. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of UMobix

How We Pick These Sites To Check Private Instagram Accounts & Insta Story Profiles?

Choosing a private Instagram app can raise many questions for customers, so we’ll try to answer them all in this article. Some of the things to keep in mind as you select private Instagram viewing sites as outlined in the following sections:

Choose The Safest Platform

When selecting a private Instagram viewer’s website, it is important to consider whether or not the website is safe. If you accidentally view a Private Account using an unreliable account, you may face future difficulties. As a result, selecting a safe and secure platform is imperative, and 256-bit SSL protection is ideal.


It’s important to think about how much a website will charge for a set amount of work when looking for a way to view any private account. So, before making a final decision, you must compare the costs of various platforms and choose the one that best fits your budget.


You may run into problems if you purchase an unreliable Private Instagram Viewer Membership in the future. Always check the privacy settings of the platform before making a purchase. Numerous websites present their services openly and honestly.

It is best to use these services from a reputable site to protect your privacy. Your Instagram account will only be able to see the data you permit it to see this way. Note that a trustworthy site will never ask for your account information.

Customer Service

Customer service availability is an additional factor to consider when selecting the best company. If you have any inquiries or concerns, you’ll want to find someone who can converse with you.

In addition to email addresses and phone numbers. If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure the company’s customer service representatives are promptly responding to your inquiries. Make sure the customer service team is always available to answer your questions.

A physical address is also an option when looking for the best provider. As a result, having a physical address serves as concrete evidence that you intend to provide honest and sincere service.


The company’s reputation should also be taken into consideration when choosing. With a little bit of research, you can find out how well-known a company is. Reading online reviews is a good place to start. A company’s track record of complaints can help you decide if it’s worthwhile to use it.

If a company has a bad reputation, don’t take any chances. As a result, you’ll benefit greatly from working with the most reputable service provider in the industry. A guarantee of high-quality service is available in this case.

Reading Online Reviews

Consider online reviews if you aren’t satisfied with your information from trusted family members or friends. Many companies are allowing customers to leave reviews on their websites. It’s easier to understand how they perform and what to expect when reading about them.

How To View Private Instagram Profiles?

Send A Follow Request

Sending a follow request to someone who has a private Instagram account is the quickest way to access their content. You can see their profile and posts and stories if they allow it. Using this method, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to malware or scams. Instagram’s terms of service or any other laws are not violated. It’s the only sensible option, in a nutshell. For whatever reason, it may be in your best interest to reevaluate the importance of seeing that person’s content in the first place before requesting to be followed.

Create A Fake Instagram Profile

If you’d like to follow a private Instagram account secretly for some reason, you can always create a fictitious Instagram account and send a request to follow. However, this is explicitly prohibited by Instagram’s terms of service. If you do, you risk being permanently barred from using the app in the future. Catfishing doesn’t have to be morally repugnant. Take care, of course.

Search Username On Google Images

You can find images from private Instagram accounts by performing a Google Image search. A guarantee isn’t possible because it would only work with photos posted before the account was made public. The person’s account will not appear in Google if it has always been private. But it’s worth a shot from time to time. Sending a follow request is the best and most efficient way to view private Instagram profiles. The only alternatives are morally questionable and possibly illegal.

Conduct A Search On Other Social Media Platforms.

Many Instagram users are also active on other social media platforms when it comes to social media. After searching for your target on Instagram, you may want to check out their other social media accounts to see if any of them have shared the URL for their Instagram profile. There is, of course, the possibility that their other social media accounts will be restricted as well. Nevertheless, you should give this method a shot because you never know if you’ll be able to see some of their posts on other platforms.

Take A Peek Via A Friend’s Account

Your target may have mutual friends who are already following your target, or you may know someone who is already following your target and would allow you to view your target’s profile through their account. You could also ask this person if they would allow you to view your target’s profile using their account. If you have a close relationship with this person, you can also ask them to send you photos and screenshots of their social media accounts.

Use Third-party Apps

Apps that offer “private profile viewer tools” for the Instagram platform are plentiful. The majority of these apps are not what they appear to be, and they are designed to infect your devices with malware or ransomware; others may take your money, if you’re lucky, or steal your personal information. Some of the most popular apps mentioned above are listed here.

Why Do You Need A Third Party Instagram Viewer App?

Instagram users login to their accounts using the app’s built-in functions in most cases. However, a private account viewer app is preferred by some Instagram users. For the following reasons, a private Instagram viewer is a necessity.

Convenient Viewing

To view Instagram content more conveniently, you can use a private Instagram viewer. This is how Instagram displays images and videos by default. Thanks to a third-party Instagram viewer app, Instagram images and videos can now be viewed in a more relaxing, attractive, and convenient manner.

An Instagram private account viewer app allows the user to view the stories on their feeds more beautifully and conveniently than they would normally be.


A private Instagram account viewer app allows users to customize the viewing window and set it to their preference. In addition, you can customize many settings that are not available in the default Instagram app.

Check Private Content

The intimate images and videos on any Instagram profile can be viewed with a legitimate Instagram private account viewer app. Using the default Instagram app, no one can see these intimate images and videos of any Instagram profile because of restrictions.

FAQs Regarding Private Instagram Viewer Sites

Q1. What Is A Private Instagram Viewer?

The private Instagram viewer is the software that allows a person or stalker to examine images and other actions on private Instagram accounts. This tool aids the individual who has been blocked or whose follower the account owner has denied the request. You may see the content and activity of the target person on Instagram using the viewer tool, regardless of whether he has blocked you or has not accepted your follow request.

Q2. Should You Use A Private Instagram Viewer? 

People benefit greatly from social media, but the downside is that it can also be problematic. Social networking networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to share positive elements of their lives with friends, family, and other followers. It can help you expand your business, find new ways to make money, and make your name. On the other hand, social media use can lead to negative habits for some people, such as a lack of happiness and disappointment.

Unwanted, uncomfortable, or dangerous circumstances may arise for some people. A private Instagram viewer is controversial because it bypasses a user’s intentions and violates their privacy by allowing you to view their private Instagram account content. There’s a good reason why their account is set to private. You should think about your options before using a private Instagram viewer, including getting to know the person and requesting to view their profile. Is it really necessary to get to know someone if you don’t care about them?

Q3. Does Private Instagram Viewer Work? 

The private Instagram viewer that you’ve been looking for is right here. To gain access to a private Instagram profile, we tried a lot of different private Instagram viewers. We discovered this.

However, there’s a catch — most private Instagram viewers require you to provide personal information like your email address or phone number even to view the images uploaded to the account. All other content, such as the written content, can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Once they requested human verification, the viewers of private Instagram were connected to an external source. You’ll be required to act, such as playing a game or completing a survey. This is the point at which things start to go south. Several of the external links are untrustworthy and illegitimate.

With these tools, if you want to see a private Instagram account, you’ll have to give up personal information and interact with websites that aren’t well-known or secure. If you’re up for it, you can use the service.

Q4. Is It Ethical To Use A Private Instagram Viewer? 

Social media has many benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. There are many opportunities for users to spread good vibes about their lives, and you can take advantage of that to market your business and your products. In addition, you can use it to generate additional revenue streams and gain a wider audience. However, some people may develop unhealthy habits due to their use of these platforms.

Some people may find themselves in dangerous or unwanted situations. It’s possible to gain access to Instagram users’ personal information and media content with the help of a private viewer. In other words, you’ve gone too far in this direction and have thus violated the terms of service. Before using a private Instagram viewer, you should think about a few things. Ask a mutual acquaintance to allow you to view their profile or send them a private message to request access.

Q5. Can My Device Get A Virus Using These Private Instagram Viewer Apps?

More than a few users have complained that private Instagram viewer apps expose their devices to malware and viruses when used. Because many of these apps originate from untrusted sources, this is the case. You can get a virus if you use an app hosted on a different server or system. Even if you have a virus on your phone, getting one on a computer may be more difficult.

However, phishing and hacking are still possible, putting you at risk. Don’t use any apps that require you to submit a survey or human verification because doing so exposes your system to attack.

Q6. How To Use A Private Instagram Viewer?

Using a Google search for “Private Instagram Viewer” is a common method of finding private Instagram accounts. Pick the top results from a search for their followers’ Instagram usernames. Some basic information about your account will be featured in the commercial. You may come across old posts and images they’ve shared.

When you connect to a private Instagram account, you’ll see a “Request” button. After they’ve approved, you’ll need to send them an invitation to view the media. One possibility is that they accept your request immediately and grant you access; the other is that they reject it, and you must wait a time before they accept it.

Q7. What Is A Private And Public Instagram Account?

One of the most prominent features of Instagram is that it has two profile modes: private and public. If you have Instagram set to “public”, anyone can see your posts and follow you without your permission.

Only your followers can see your posts when you’re in a private mood on Instagram. In addition, you can accept or reject follow requests in private mode. You’ll have to switch back to your account if you have a business to go private.

Q8. Can You View Private Instagram Profiles Online?

A private viewer is a term used to describe the apps listed above. You can access any private Instagram accounts or profiles with these apps. These online surfers are easy to track down. Type “Instagram private account viewer” or “Instagram private profile viewer” into the search bar using a search engine.

Q9. What Should You Be Careful Of As A Private Instagram Profiles Viewer?

If you want to browse Instagram profiles, you’ll need to choose trustworthy ones. As a result, some are false and may cause you problems in the future. It would help if you chose the appropriate decision to visit Insta Social Network without infringing any privacy policies or terms and restrictions. Because these tools are internet services, you can use them without restrictions. It’s also crucial to choose someone that works quickly, as you’ll be checking the people you want to target with your posts.

In today’s modern and digital world, Instagram is without a doubt one of the most popular social media networks. This social networking tool is recognizable to almost everyone on the planet. Facebook, Inc. owns this social networking site. You can share movies and photographs on your Instagram profile viewer with this platform. It’s also compatible with various devices, so you can take Instagram everywhere you go.

Q10. Can We See Private Instagram Profiles?

Viewing private Instagram profiles can be done in ethical and unethical ways, but none of them is guaranteed to yield the results we desire. To see private instagram photos and videos without following them has been an ongoing quest for as long as Instagram has been in use. Whenever you see an Instagram user’s story, do you wonder who they are? Thanks to a new feature, people you don’t follow can now see your stories on Instagram.

If you’re one of the Instagram stalkers, you’re not doing yourself any favors by constantly checking out private accounts. However, some valid reasons exist for viewing a person’s private profile without following them.

Q11. How To Make Your Instagram Profile Private?

To ensure our safety and privacy on Instagram, we always recommend that we use a private Instagram account. People who are addicted to stalking others on social media won’t be able to see our postings or our accounts thanks to this.

So, unless you’re an influencer or have a corporate account, it’s best to keep a private profile on social media.

To make your Instagram profile private, follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a look at Instagram on any device.
  2. Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. In the upper right area of your Instagram profile, you’ll see a 3-horizontal-line emblem.
  4. In the lower right corner of the screen, click the gear symbol (settings).
  5. The ‘Private account’ option can be found by scrolling down and clicking the switch.

When you accept a follower’s request on Instagram, your profile and posts are visible exclusively to those who accept the request.

Q12. Why And When To Use A Private Instagram Viewer App?

It’s possible to use Instagram anonymously for various reasons, including privacy concerns. Researching a potential employee or business partner can be a major factor. As a result, this helps to ensure that the partnership will be successful.

Any brand or business on Instagram can be tracked via Instagram stories — feeds are also useful. Still, IG stories provide a more current update with additional personal information since it disappears after 24 hours.

You don’t have to be concerned about accidentally liking a post or commenting on a post if you use a private Instagram viewer app. It’s completely legal, simple, and safe to use Instagram anonymously; you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

Q13. Does Instagram Use Anyone’s Personal Information For Its Own Use?

As far as we know, Instagram processes information from your account, but the information that Instagram collects depends on how you use the product. Using Instagram can recommend features such as masks and filters that you might enjoy.

As a result of this, the system will be able to tell them what they can expect and how they can benefit from it.

The information you provide about your religious and philosophical beliefs and perspectives will be shared with Facebook only if it is given special protection under local laws.

If you choose to allow it, Instagram will also collect information about how you use and interact with the product and what other people post about you on social media, based on your privacy settings. In any case, viewing private Instagram profiles is unaffected.

Q14. What Does Instagram Do With A Spam Account? What Are The Safety Measures That Instagram Follows?

In Singapore, 80% of teens and young adults have a spam account. What a mind-blowing discovery! It is not uncommon for spam accounts to be created to disseminate unfinished images to a small group of people. In general, it’s a secure location where people can post whatever they want without fear of being spied on.

Some users may post vulnerable and hurtful comments that could cause concern because they could easily injure the other user. A data theft investigation is underway at Facebook, which owns Instagram.

However, in this case, we’re discussing Instagram. You may already be working with Instagram, and you may be looking for a massive deal with them if someone is good at hacking a user’s Instagram account.

A security breach has significant implications for a company worth $1 billion. As a result, they’ve already secured the services of a professional with a hefty million-dollar contract.

The second most popular social media platform worldwide, right behind Facebook, is Instagram. It cares about its user base and doesn’t want to see it shrink in terms of users and market share.

Web Story Profile & Instagram Private Account Viewer: Final Thoughts

Insta is always fun, but you probably don’t use it as much as you should. It’s impossible to avoid being stalked once you’ve tried these best private Instagram viewer applications and websites. From the preceding information about viewing a private Instagram profile, it is clear that these sites are excellent and dependable tools for accessing any private Instagram account. You must carefully follow the instructions outlined above to access your desired accounts in seconds.

This article explains how to view anyone’s private Instagram accounts. You are free to visit any of them at any time. For the most part, people start by taking the most obvious path. In every way, it appears to be a safe and secure solution. Please leave your views and opinions in the space provided below if you liked the article.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts without Human Verification in 2022



People who value their privacy want to keep their private Instagram profiles private.

That said, parents with young children or teens and people with potentially cheating partners understand the need to know how to view private Instagram accounts without human verification. 

One thing you should remember about this kind of spy tool is to respect Instagrammers’ privacy.

It’s one thing to check up on your partner or your kids, but it’s quite another to pry, gossip, or otherwise compromise another person’s privacy by using private Instagram viewers.  

Instagram is a highly visible and popular social media platform with more than 1.3 billion active monthly users.

We all know that videos, photos, images, memes, infographics, and other forms of visual media are the exclusive ways people upload and share content.

It’s within these content guidelines that Instagram is used for marketing, personal content, and business-related content.

That said, it’s very common for personal accounts to be set to private, while influencers, brands, and businesses’ Instagram profiles are quite public. 

In the following article, we will discuss how to view private Instagram accounts using special third-party apps or websites. 

Access Their Instagram Here

What if you come across a person who shares your interests with a private IG profile.

What happens is that you cannot see their content, only a few minor details about them show up on the profile. It will tell you that this profile is private.

While it’s possible to circumvent the privacy settings when you know how to view private Instagram accounts, should you do that?

It’s not a recommended activity unless you have a valid reason for it.  

Also, no one will know you have been there, but you also don’t want to spread anything malicious if you find out something about them.

That would be a huge privacy infringement.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts without Human Verification in 2022

More often than not, there are only a few purposes to learn how to view private Instagram accounts. 

One, if you suspect or find out that your child/teen has a secret account with private settings.

Two, if you have a reasonable suspicion that your partner/spouse is cheating on you. 

Three, if you have gotten a message from someone with a private account that wants you to follow them, but you need to see what kind of content they share first.

This reason is a bit subjective, but it’s understandable why one might want to check them out.

We have put together a list of sites and apps that allow you to look at private accounts and how to view private Instagram accounts. 

While many of these work across various social media accounts, on cell phones, etc, for purposes of this article, we are reviewing these viewing apps and sites for your consideration for Instagram.

1. xMobi – The Best By Far

xMobi is a ”hacking” app that shows you how to view private Instagram accounts without human verification or surveys, which can give you peace of mind in some cases, or just so you can find out if someone is worth following.

Access Their Instagram Here

The app itself is very simple, just like the service. There is no need to log into your Instagram to use this application.

You just go to the site, enter the private Instagram account you want to view, and get started. 

2. uMobix

uMobix is specifically designed for parents who want to track and monitor their kids to keep them safe. As a parent, it’s important to know how to view private Instagram accounts. 

Kids today are prone to making two or more IG accounts. One that their parents see, and one or two that are private and hidden from parents’ “prying” eyes.

This kind of activity has proven to be problematic, leaving children and teens susceptible to predators.

The private Instagram viewing service takes about 5 minutes to set up even if you’re not tech savvy.

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This is definitely a parent’s essential tool for tracking calls, social media interactions, location, videos they stream, and more. 

Another thing about this service is that it allows parents to access the settings on their child’s phone. 

That means they can restrict access to certain phone features and apps.

It offers app restrictions, app deletions, call restrictions, data storage, website blocking, Wi-Fi blocking, device blocking, and other useful features suitable for parents who want to do everything to protect their kids.

Most parents use this app under the radar of their kids for good reasons.

You can trust your kids, but you don’t have to trust their Instagram, social media, and phone contacts.

3. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch’s website says this is the best Instagram tracker app. And from my research, it could be.

Hoverwatch it is an online software program that allows for anonymous viewing of private profiles, Instagram Stories, Direct Messages, and Likes.

Also, it’s used as a location and video tracker. 

Whether it’s the best or not is less important than the fact that it’s the most popular among its users for how to view private Instagram accounts.

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This says a lot about the company. You don’t get this popular without doing things right.

So, what is it that this company does so right?

First, it’s an award-winning Instagram private profile viewer that makes it easy to spy on your chosen locked IG profile. 

Of course, it is totally anonymous, so you are never discovered when looking through the user’s content and even direct messages. 

Hoverwatch makes signing up fast and easy.

You just click the “Try Now” button on the page, choose a subscription plan, install the app on the targeted Android device, then visit your account and wait for the devices to link and start sending data at your end.

Now you can monitor and track your kids, spouse/partner, or other loved one.

4. eyeZy

Number three on our list of private Instagram profile viewers is eyeZy. This phone spy app lets you easily figure out how to view private Instagram accounts among other things. 

While this app allows you to remotely access your loved ones smartphones, we are addressing its Instagram private profile viewing solutions.

This is one of the features that this spy app is ready and willing to help clients with.

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One of the most popular things about EyeZy is that it’s affordable, so nearly anyone can use it for monitoring, tracking, and peeking into a person’s private Instagram profile across multiple devices from just about anywhere.

You can set this up on your phone also so that you don’t have to wait until you get to your computer.

As a parent, you can protect your kids without them knowing it, so they are free to interact as usual without knowing you’re protecting them.

So, instead of nagging them to see their phones or hovering over them, you can covertly watch over them.

If you’re curious about the app, the website features a demo you can watch to see it in action. That way, you know what you’re getting into before you decide to invest in it. 

5. mSpy

The mSpy Instagram tracker is one of several features this spy app offers, and is the one thing we will focus on in this article. 

This Instagram tracker is easy to install, works without you following anyone, offers 24/7 customer support, gives you access to everything (texts, images, videos, etc.), is completely anonymous, and keeps your personal data safe and secure. 

This app shows you how to view private Instagram accounts, monitor phone calls, read existing and deleted direct messages, view pictures and videos your kids or partner/spouse are watching, and even view their contact list.

What do you need to protect your children from online? While you already know, we will mention this list of things that can happen when kids have their own phone and Instagram account.  

You want to protect them from predators, cyberbullying, and looking at videos or images of inappropriate content or violent content.

That is what MSpy and the other services we put on this list can help you do.

This app is compatible with iOS and Android, and only takes a few minutes to get up and running.

So, no matter where you are, you can feel peace of mind in the fact that you’re doing all you can to protect your loved ones. 

MSpy happens to have a feature that alerts you if there is something dangerous happening on your child’s mobile device, so you can intercede. 

Apps like this have also been useful in catching cheating spouses or partners. 

6. PrivateInsta

Yet another option available that shows you how to view private Instagram accounts, is PrivateInsta.

This application is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, etc. It’s well-known and has built a reliable reputation.

A positive aspect of this Instagram private profile viewing service is that there is no need to sign into your profile to look at the private data.

However, this one offers a survey that you fill out first. We normally don’t go for that option, but this company has earned its good reputation, so it’s on the list. 

As always, make sure you are comfortable with these kinds of apps and services before you pay for or use them for free.

You don’t want to have your device or data compromised. That said, once you complete the survey, simply input the IG username you want to view and submit the page to use the Instagram Story viewer and profile viewer.

PrivateInsta is simple, secure, consistent, and offers wide compatibility. 

7. IGLookup

For IGLookup, you just go to the website, input the Instagram user profile name into the block and submit the information. You will click on “Spy Now” to get started. 

IGLookup is a popular and well-known app when you want to know how to view private Instagram accounts.

You will be viewing the profile of your choice in complete anonymity. That way, no one knows you’re “spying” on them.

A couple of ways this kind of app is used is to check up on the kids or a spouse/partner.

Please note, the process may take a bit before you gain access to look at private posts. 

8. InstaDP

InstaDP is on this list of spy apps that show you how to view private Instagram accounts without human verification quickly and easily. 

Not only can you access Instagram private profiles, you can also download videos, photos, profile pictures, IG Reels, and IG Stories. 

This one is just a little bit different from other private Instagram profile viewing apps you can use.

The first step for using this service is to get the username profile and input into the provided box. Then click “download” to get access. 

Then, you will see the targeted IG profile image. You will right click to save it to your device. Once you do that, you can view their IG content whenever you desire.

9. InstaLooker

InstaLooker markets its service as a private Instagram viewer. You will learn how to view private Instagram accounts like your kid’s or partner’s accounts. You can better protect your kids and make sure your spouse/partner is being faithful.

There is nothing to download with this service since it’s all web-based. You will enjoy total anonymity, which is one reason it’s on this list.

You just go to the website, click “Spy Now”, enter the username of the private Instagram profile you want, and then click on “Start Viewer”. 

It’s very simple, safe and secure, and delivers results. InstaLooker also has an export solution that allows you to download photos and videos from the private profile you have chosen. 

10. InstaRipper

InstaRipper is an app that you download. This app is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so almost all devices.  

This is how to view private Instagram accounts using this service.

It will request the username of the private IG profile and provide a link that will give you access to that private profile.  

This tool is easy to use, so you can access other accounts without anyone’s knowledge. 

11. Insta-Downloader

If you want to know how to view private Instagram accounts using Insta-Downloader, you will simply follow the site’s instructions. Here is an overview of how it works.

Copy the URL of the photo/image or video that you want to download, paste it into the text box on the website, and you will be able to download profile images. 

This is more of a downloader than it is an account viewer, but if you’re just checking to see what your kids or partner are looking at, this will work well enough.

You won’t need to sign into your IG account to do this since you will be going through this website.

It is easy, quick, and secure. You can download videos and photos with one click from public or private accounts. 

The kicker is that you can download this media in its original resolution.

12. Private Instagram Viewer

Last, but not least on our list of 12. Private Instagram Viewerprivate Instagram account viewers is Private Instagram Viewer. We will discuss how to view private Instagram accounts with this service. 

This is a tool that uses the web to get into private Instagram accounts.

You will be going to the site, entering the Instagram username without the asterisk, click search and you’ll be viewing the profile once you verify that you have the correct profile. 

Again, this method is totally anonymous, so no one will know you are or have been viewing their profile content.

There is a lot of helpful information on this website about Instagram profile viewers and more.


What Does It Mean to Have a Private Instagram Profile?

Private IG accounts are set to private, not public because the user wants to choose who can see their content and engage with them.

Some people do this to narrow their contacts to real friends and family. Some people are just private and want that level of security for their profile.

When your Instagram account is private, you have total control over who gets to follow you. Many personal IG accounts choose the private option, whereas businesses, brands, and influencers are public in most cases.

You can switch your profile back and forth from public to private and private to public as needed.

Are Instagram Viewing Services a Legitimate Way to View Private Ig Profiles?

When you want to know how to view private Instagram accounts using legitimate sources, here is how that works.

The most ethical and legitimate method for viewing private Instagram accounts is to follow them.

However, you do have to request to follow them and wait for their response before you gain access. That is the only real way to legitimately engage with these users.

While you can use “spy apps” for Instagram to view private profiles, this is not the most ethical thing to do.

Naturally, if you have children or teens that you worry about, these apps are effective for keeping them safe from people who might bully them or wish to do harm.

Also, if you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating on you, you can use this kind of service. That doesn’t make it legitimate, but you may feel justified.

Are Free Instagram Private Profile Viewers Okay to Use?

You are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make online, including those regarding using free Instagram private account viewers.

Since they are free, you do need to learn more about them to protect your device and your data.

Free versions may be limited or restricted, so you may only use them for a short time. Also, you may be required to fill out surveys or other forms, which is sometimes a sign of a service that is suspect.

Paying for this kind of service is one way to ensure your safety.

What Are Some Other Ways to View Private Instagram Profiles?

Besides using these apps and services to look at private profiles, you can create a new identity on a temporary or duplicate account and request access to the private profile.

If the person knows you and isn’t going to approve your request, this is another method of getting them to approve your follow request.

There is still no guarantee that the IG user will accept your follow request, plus creating duplicate or fake accounts is a good way to get suspended or banned from Instagram.


As you might suspect, learning how to view private Instagram accounts without human verification can be a questionable business.

It’s unwise to spy on people you don’t know or people who won’t accept your follow request. Sometimes, it’s just easier and smarter to let it go.

However, if you have kids or teens, you know how dangerous the social media realm can be, so it may be a good thing to monitor, track, and check out what they are doing on Instagram before something happens. This is when it’s good to know how to view private Instagram accounts.

Whether you decide to tell your kids you are going to be monitoring their Instagram, social media, texts, calls, location, etc. is up to you.

Most of the time, it’s better if they don’t know you are protecting them from afar. They will engage as usual without being afraid to do so.

There is a fine line drawn when it comes to interfering with people’s privacy like when you stalk or spy on Instagram private profiles.

It’s one thing to desire to monitor and track your kids or your spouse/partner, but it’s another to intervene in a stranger’s privacy. 

You do need to know how your kids are engaging on Instagram and other social media sites.

Kids today will create a second account that they make private to prevent their parents from seeing their activities. 

Parents are not always trying to be controlling. They just want to keep predators and bullies away from their kids. Who can blame them? 

We simply recommend great caution when deciding to learn how to view private Instagram accounts.

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How to view photos in a closed Instagram profile without a subscription

It's no secret that one of the most popular social networks - Instagram * - has open and closed accounts. And about how to see a photo in a closed Instagram profile * and whether it is possible to do this at all, at least once, probably, everyone thought.

Today we will consider the most effective options.

UPD (dated April 20, 22): On March 21, 2022, Meta Platforms Inc., which owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, was recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation.

Of the remaining social networks, the most real platform is Telegram, so I invite you to my telegram channel. Let's develop there 👌

Content of the article:

  • 1 Closed account - what is it
  • 2 Effective ways to see photos in a closed profile
    • 2. 1 Subscribe to a closed profile
    • 2.2 Through other social networks 9 0102
    • 2.4 Through mutual friends
    • 2.5 Yandex Pictures
  • 3 What ways to see photos in a closed account do not work
    • 3.1 through likes
    • 3.2 through the hashtags
    • 3.3 through Reels
  • 4 What should not be done

Closed closed closed closed account - what is it

Let's start with the concept itself. A private account is a profile of a person or brand whose content is hidden from prying eyes. Everything that happens on such a page - images, posts, stories, IGTV - is seen only by those users who are subscribed to it. If you are not following a closed account, the following data will be available to you:

  • avatar;
  • number of subscribers;
  • number of subscriptions;
  • number of publications.

If you have common contacts in the Instagram app*, you will see this information. And by clicking on it, you can see a specific list with the nicknames of your mutual friends.

And even after you press the "subscribe" button, this will not happen automatically. The person will have to approve your request, and only after that the information on his page will be available to you.

Anyone can close an account. This is done in the settings.

  1. Go to your profile in the app and click on the three horizontal bars icon in the top right corner.
  1. Select "settings", then "privacy".
  1. Close your account. To do this, move the slider next to the "closed account" line. If it is highlighted in blue, then the profile is already closed.

Effective ways to view private profile photos

So what should you do if you want to see the page of a person who has closed his profile, and you are not his subscriber? Let's look at the options that really work.

Subscribe to a private profile

The first way is obscenely banal and simple - just subscribe to the profile of the person whose photos you want to see. When he sees and approves your subscription request, you will be able to view all the information on his page. The only exception is that a user can separately hide their stories from you, and then you will see everything except them.

When sending a subscription request, you can add a message to it. To do this, on the closed profile page, click on the icon in the form of three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner and click on "send message".

This method has one significant drawback - it cannot be used if you want to remain incognito. And if a person is quite famous, and many users of a social network subscribe to him, it will most likely take a long time to wait.

Via new account

This option is just right when you don't want to be recognized. Instagram* is loyal to the second and even third accounts of its users. The main thing is that there is at least some information there and new content appears periodically.

You don't even have to leave the application to create another page. Just go to your account and click on the nickname. Then click on "add account" and select "create a new account".

Do not make an empty profile. Be sure to design an avatar and post at least a few images. Ideally, create a profile on the topic that is of interest to the person whose account you want to see.

For example, if the user is interested in programming, tell the latest news from the IT field. After at least the minimum filling of the page, you can send a subscription request. In the worst case, it will be rejected, in the best (especially if you accompany the request with the right message), your request will be approved, and you will be able to monitor the account of the person of interest.

Benefits include:

  • ease of use - the second page is created in just a couple of minutes, you don't even have to log out of your account;
  • this way you can "spy" on different closed pages.

To increase the likelihood of approval, in addition to the completed profile, it is desirable that you already have at least a few other subscribers. The more the account is “packed”, the better.

Through other social networks

As a rule, each person has pages in different social networks. And for the most part, the content is the same everywhere. Therefore, you can try to find the account of interest in the same VK, on ​​Odnoklassniki, on Facebook *, Tik Tok, etc. If a person has a business account on Instagram*, linking to Facebook* should be mandatory.

Yes, there is also a chance that the profile will be closed everywhere. However, not all profiles are always hidden, and you can try. Just enter the data of the person you are interested in in the address bar of any search engine and see what it will give out. “Walk” through the pages, perhaps there will be even more content than on Insta.

Through mutual friends

You probably have mutual friends with the person whose account you want to see. In this case, you can turn to them for help: ask them to go to their Instagram page and see their private profile. This method is not without its drawbacks. For example, with a mutual acquaintance, you may be physically far from each other. Or you just don’t want him to know that you are interested in the private profile of a particular person.

Yandex Pictures

Another good option is to view photos from a private account. If you enter the data of a person whose Insta is closed into Yandex search, you can see photos uploaded from other sources to Yandex pictures.

Of course, there will not be such a clear feed as in social networks, but at least some pictures will appear.

Another way is to search for information about a person through images.

  1. Open his page in the Instagram application*, click on the menu in the upper right corner and click "copy page URL".
  1. Enter the received link in the address bar of your browser. When the system prompts you to go to the application, refuse. Press ava and select "save photo". It will download in full size to your device.
  2. Then open the Yandex search engine, select "pictures" and click on the camera icon in the search bar.
  1. In the window that opens in the lower right part of the screen, click on the camera icon again and upload a photo from the phone's gallery.
  1. After the search is launched, go to the "sites" tab. There you will see all sites where there is this image. Try looking at them. Perhaps there will be other photos or some other interesting data.

Which ways to view photos in a closed account do not work

You can find other tips on the Internet, but they do not work. Let's take a look at three of the most popular.

Through likes

It is believed that if you subscribe to a person who is subscribed to a private profile you are interested in and regularly likes posts there, you will be able to see these same posts. Allegedly, you can go to "actions", go to subscriptions and see. This method doesn't work.

Let's start with the fact that now on Instagram* there are no "you" and "followers" tabs in the actions. At least on Android. And the rules of the social network say that “likes” of posts of a closed account will not appear in the “actions” tab.

Through hashtags

Another method that is often recommended is to search for photos of a person with a closed account using the hashtags they use. This doesn't work either. The social network takes care of its subscribers and reliably protects their desire to remain hidden from most people.

It's in the rules. If a person has a private account and adds a hashtag to a post, that post will not be publicly available on that hashtag page. Only your subscribers will be able to see the post. Reels Yes, when making rails, you can get into "interesting" and "recommended". However, if a person has a closed account, only subscribers will be able to watch short videos - all this, again, is spelled out in the rules of Instagram *. And even if someone shares a rill from a private account on their profile, only people approved by the author will be able to see it.

What not to do

Now let's talk about what you definitely shouldn't do. You can find tips to hack a closed account on Instagram *. This is not necessary at once for several reasons.

  • This is an illegal act that can be punished.
  • The Instagram* system is very reliable in protecting the data of its users and has a multi-level security system that is quite difficult to bypass.
  • You can simply waste your time looking for a specialist and money to pay for his work.

Also on the net you can find a lot of tips to view a closed account through an online application for iPhone or Android. These methods also do not work. In the best case, you will simply spend your time downloading the service, registering and performing various actions. At worst, you can get viruses and “merge” your personal data.

Some apps that claim to guarantee you a private profile will ask you to confirm that you are not a robot. And for this you need to download any two applications from the list. You download them, but absolutely nothing changes. And believe me, this is not the worst option. For the same reason, you should not use Telegram bots.


There are no legal ways to just go to Instagram* and see the private profile of any user. You can try to find information by workarounds, which we described above. But you should not use fraudulent ways in the form of hacking or viewing your account through the application.

* Meta Platforms Inc., which owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, is recognized in the Russian Federation as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited.

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A tricky way to view photos from a private profile on Instagram without registering

Hello everyone! Let's figure out how to view private profiles on Instagram. There are several such ways, for example, you can:

  • Buy a hacked account
  • Create a left account
  • Google the account name and go to the "photo" section in the search engine

How private accounts work

When a user opens a new page, the page is open to everyone in the default system settings.

To make your profile private, you need to go to your personal account and change your privacy settings - switch the account type from "IG" to "private".

After that, all materials will be available only to subscribers. Other visitors to the page will see the name, avatar, basic information and a notice that the account has been closed.

Are there ways to hack a private Instagram account?

The social network Instagram is a huge corporation with an elaborate security system.

It has a cyclopean number of developers working on its software, with salaries starting at $10,000 per month. It is impossible to hack Instagram.

A couple of times I came across advertisements for programs that can open a private profile. All such announcements are a hoax, or even worse, bullshit.

How to view a private profile

There are several ways to view private pages on Instagram:

1. Use the Google Images service by typing the name of the desired user in it.

If the user posted his photos, shared them before he closed the page, they will remain in the search history.

2. Create a new profile with fake data. This method is illegal, you need to remember this. From a fake page, you can try to add friends to the right person.

To make the new page look believable and make you want to approve the request, there are a few tricks:

  • in the profile, the data and interests must match the data of the desired user, this increases the likelihood that he will approve the request;
  • photos on the avatar with a female young face inspire more confidence than with a male one;
  • the profile must be made private, this will inspire confidence in the owner of such an account;
  • stories should not be empty, fill it with photos and videos, add descriptions to them;
  • Be active: leave a few comments, likes under other people's posts. It should give the impression that the page is run by a live person.

3. Address a person openly - try to add him as a friend, there is a high probability that he will accept him without question.

This is a legal and easy way to browse private pages. To increase your credibility, write in the accompanying message, the reason for your desire. This increases the likelihood of approval.

4. Follow one of the friends of the person who interests you so much.

Next, look at the actions of your mutual friend and in the list of posts that he liked, look for a person who worries you. So you can see some of the posts.

Phone apps are a scam?

There are special applications that offer you to view private profiles. All such programs are fraudulent.

Their purpose is to collect user data. Before granting access, a person is invited to fill out a questionnaire, indicating in it all the information about himself.

Don't be fooled by such advertisements! This is a scammer!

Subsequently, fraudsters can use it in criminal activities, such as financial theft or spamming on behalf of the profile owner.

Learn more