How to recover deleted photo on instagram

6 Genius Hacks on How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms for sharing photos and videos. All you have to do is click a picture and then upload it to your account. However, there is a common scenario where you delete your Instagram photos. If that sounds like you, here is how you can recover deleted Instagram photos with and without picture recovery software.

  • Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Photos?
  • How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos?
  • 2 Methods to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos on iPhone
  • Another 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Pictures
  • How to Delete Instagram Pictures?

Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Photos?

Instagram lets you capture your special moments and share them with the world. It is also used for marketing and advertising various services and products, not just eventful moments.

But what if you accidentally delete Instagram Photos or, for some reason, the present photos on your accounts get lost? You might try to recover photos via the app itself, but there is no trash bin present there in the app.

So, can you still retrieve deleted Instagram photos? Well, the answer is YES!

Several Instagram recovery tools and photo recovery software will help you get your pictures back. With a straightforward recovery process, this software acts as a viable option to recover the deleted files and gives your photos back in no time. Here is how you can retrieve the deleted Instagram photos.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos?

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

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Suppose your Instagram photos are lost from the computer. In that case, hard disk, flash drive, or an Android phone with an SD card, You can use photo recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit photo recovery tool that works for different scenarios of deleted media, including deleted Instagram Photos.

Using Wondershare Recoverit - Instagram Recovery Tool

Wondershare Recoverit is a photo recovery software that helps you recover the data from any storage device, with a recovery rate of 96%. It is easy to use and restores the photo formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TIF, DNG, RAW, etc.

This software has an advanced file recovery algorithm that helps you recover the photos without compromising quality. Moreover, it has multi-device compatibility and works seamlessly on Windows OS and Mac. Give it a try!

Free Download | Win Free Download | Mac

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Here are the steps you can follow to recover deleted Instagram photos with Recoverit Photo Recovery.

Step 1: Select the Location

Select the location where the photos were lost, then click the "Start" button to process.

We also provide the Snapchat photo recovery on your computer or the phone device.

Step 2: Scan the Photo Storage Location

Recoverit Photo Recovery will perform an "All-Around Recovery" scan, and after the scanning process, you can preview the photos. However, remember that the size of the file dictates the scanning speed.

Step 3: Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

After the photo recovery, preview them and choose the photos you want to recover. Now, click on the "Recover" button to get back the photos and save them in a safe location.

By following these simple steps, Recoverit Photo Recovery helps you get your deleted photos back easily. Moreover, it also provides you with the thumbnail of image files and supports a preview of the recoverable data while recovering the deleted photos.

Note: Do not save the recovered photos to the device from which it got lost before.

2 Methods to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos on iPhone

Now, we have discussed how to recover Instagram photos deleted from a computer or an Android phone with an SD card. What if you're an iPhone user. In this section, 2 feasible solutions are offered.

1. How to View Deleted Instagram Photos from Recently Deleted?

The iPhone comes with a feature that does not directly delete the photos. It keeps them for 30 days in your Recently Deleted folder, so there are chances that you might find your photos in that folder. Here is a step by step guide to viewing the deleted photos from Recently Deleted:

2. How to Find Deleted Instagram Photos via Instagram Archive Feature

You can also look for the deleted Instagram photos via the Instagram Archive feature. In 2017, a feature was integrated into Instagram, known as the "Archive feature." The archive is a temporary location of your photos, where photos are available until you empty them. Here are the steps to find the deleted Instagram photos via Instagram Archive feature:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Check your profile, and you will see an "Archive" icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Archive, and the recent photos will be displayed there.

Another 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Pictures

Apart from the above ways, here are a few easy methods that you can use to recover deleted Instagram pictures:

  • Look in The Gallery of Your Device: Instead of searching on Google for how to recover Instagram deleted photos, check your phone's gallery. When you upload a photo on Instagram using an Android device, it saves a copy of the photo in your gallery in the Instagram folder. The same case goes for iOS. In your Photos App, you have multiple albums, and the Instagram folder has the backup of your files.

  • Search for the Deleted Photos in File Manager: In Android, open the file manager app and go to the pictures' folder. Now, find the Instagram folder; there is a chance that you might find your deleted photos in this folder. For iOS, launch the Photos app, and look for the Recently Deleted folder. The deleted photos in the past 30 days are present in that folder. Find your deleted picture, and click restore.

  • Check Google Photos and iCloud: Your phone captures the photos you share through Instagram, and Google Photos automatically backs them up. So, if you can't find them in the Instagram folder, check for them in Google photos. If you are an iOS user, search for them in iCloud. Although images are in the raw (unedited) format in the drive, you'll be able to recover deleted Instagram photos. You can also use another Google service to recover your videos.

How to Delete Instagram Pictures?

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform that is owned by Facebook Inc. Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was launched in 2010 for iOS. However, a version for the Android device was also released half a year later. If you have been wondering what Instagram is and how you can delete Instagram pictures, read here:

So, you have uploaded a photo on your Instagram account, but now you want to delete it for certain reasons. You can delete the photos right from the Instagram iPhone or Android App. Here are the steps that you can follow to delete the pictures:

  • Open the Instagram app. Click on the profile icon at the bottom right part of the screen, as it will bring up the photos in your feed.
  • Go on the photo that you'd like to delete.
  • Now, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Confirm to delete and remove the photo from Instagram.

The above steps apply to the Instagram Android App as well.

The Bottom Line

So, whether you have deleted the photos accidentally or they got deleted due to some circumstances, the above solutions are sure to come to your help. However, if you want to save your time, and have a high recovery rate, look no further than Recoverit Photo Recovery Software. It is fast, easy to use, and will recover lost photos from Instagram and disk file systems, including exFAT, FAT, HFS, NTFS, etc.

Come to know how easy it is to recover photos from cameras.

Also, the next time you take a photo using the Instagram camera, make sure that you tap on the "Save Original" photo button. This way, you know that you have a copy of the picture on your device.

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Restore Deleted or Lost Instagram Photos and Videos

Summary: Have you deleted Instagram photos or videos? Are your Instagram photos or reel videos disappearing? This blog is a step-by-step guide to recover your lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos on Android, iPhone, and computer.


  • How to Recover Photos & Videos from Instagram
  • Tip: How to save Instagram Photos to Phone to avoid Photo Loss

You love Instagram. The magical medium not only connects you with your loved ones but also to your favorite celebrities, brands, and interesting people around the world. Further, it is fun to view and share photos with augmented reality, amazing filters, and stickers etc. , that grab ‘likes’ and attention. However, with so much to offer, sometimes managing so many Instagram photos and videos also becomes a strenuous task.

eMarketer reported, with over 1.07 billion active users in 2021, Instagram became one of the most used photo/ video sharing app. Another study by Statista Research, says Instagram was the most popular social media site used by U.S. teens and young adults in 2020 Pandemic year, after YouTube.

You may accidentally delete Instagram posts or suddenly notice Instagram photos are disappearing. Your Instagram reel drafts are deleted. Videos you created for uploading in the app can also go missing from your device due to virus attacks, formatting, or other reasons.

So is it possible to restore lost or deleted Instagram photos, videos, stories, IGTV videos, or reels? Thankfully yes.

Watch this video to know how to see deleted Instagram posts

Here in this blog you will know the different ways to restore lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos on Android, iPhone, iPad, and computer.

How to Recover Photos & Videos from Instagram

One way to recover Instagram photos and videos is from the app’s ‘Recently Deleted’ or ‘Archive’ folder. Another location where you should look for the Instagram files is in the photo albums of your device such as Gallery, Download folder, File Manager, Camera Roll, or others. You may also search for missing photos and videos in backup folder such as iCloud or Google Photos.

If you don’t find the deleted Instagram photos and videos at any location on your device or cloud backup, use a photo and video recovery software to retrieve the lost Instagram files from the storage device.

Way 1: Recover from ‘Recently Deleted’ folder on Instagram

‘Recently Deleted’ feature of Instagram helps to restore deleted content in the app. Photos, videos, IGTV videos, reels, and stories deleted from your account are first moved to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. The files stay in this folder for 30 days, except the stories, which remain only for 24 hours.

If you wish to undo the deletion and restore Instagram photos and videos during this 30 days period, do it by following the below steps. Before that, just make sure you are using the latest version of Instagram.

  • Open Instagram and click to follow Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.
  • Tap on the required photos and videos and click on the 3 dots at the top-right corner.
  • Click on Restore option. Confirm the action in the pop-up box to restore the deleted photos and videos.

If you choose Delete option, it will permanently delete the files from your Instagram account.

Way 2: Recover photos from Instagram Archive

Instagram launched the ‘Archive Posts’ feature in 2017 which proved to be of great help as it allowed the users to hide any photos and stories from being seen by anyone. You can also recover ‘deleted’ photos from the archive folder. However, if you delete a photo from the archive, there’s no guarantee that you can recover it again.

Follow the below steps to unhide or recover the deleted Instagram photos and videos from Archive:

  • Open Instagram app and click on your profile picture the bottom.
  • Click on the Menu icon at the top-right corner and select Archive.
  • As the Archive folder opens, click on the drop down and select from Stories archive, Posts archive, or Live archive options, from where you lost photos or videos.
  • Now click on the required image and click on the 3 dots. Choose Show on Profile. You will get the lost videos and photos back to your feed.

Way 3: Recover Instagram photos from Gallery/Albums on Android or iPhone

Whenever you upload any photo or video on Instagram, it gets automatically saved in Gallery Album of your Android under ‘Instagram’ named folder. On iPhone the uploaded file is saved in Albums in the Photos app.

If you have accidently deleted or can’t find photos or videos on Instagram, look for them in the ‘Instagram’ folder in Android Gallery or iPhone’s Album.

Read more: How to fix Instagram videos that won’t play.

Way 4: Restore Instagram files on Android from File Manager

If Instagram photos have disappeared, check and restore them from the File Manager on your Android device.

Follow the below steps to recover Instagram files from File Manger on Android:

  • Go to My Files > Pictures.
  • Select the Instagram folder. If you’re able to find the lost photos, restore select and restore them

Way 5: Recover from ‘Recently Deleted’ on iPhone or iPad

You can recover deleted Instagram photos on iPhone or iPad from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. The Photos app on the iOS device has the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder that keeps the deleted images and videos for 30 days. You may find here the photos and videos that you posted on Instagram but now deleted from the account.

Follow the below steps to restore Instagram photos from ‘Recently Deleted’ on iPhone/ iPad:

  • On your iOS device, launch the Photos app.
  • Tap on Albums > Recently Deleted.
  • Tap on the required photos or videos and select Recover.

Way 6: Restore Instagram Photos and Videos from Backup

This is where the Backup files serve the purpose. When you can’t find your Instagram files, then restore them from the backup present in cloud or storage drive. Check in iCloud, DropBox, Time Machine, or any other backup drive you use. If you have the required photos and videos, simply restore them, else follow the other method.

Way 7: Utilize a Software for Instagram photo recovery

The best bet to restore lost, deleted, or disappearing Instagram photos is to use an Instagram photo recovery software — Stellar Photo Recovery. It is a media files recovery tool, which can recover deleted photos from a PC, Mac, pen drive, SD card, or other media. By using the software you can retrieve bomb Instagram images, archive photos, or other posts, provided you have anytime saved them on your storage drive. With the robust scanning algorithm and straightforward recovery process, the software ensures deleted photos and videos of any format are back on your computer.

Further, Stellar Photo Recovery has a Free Edition with which you can restore up to 10 Instagram photos or videos.

To know the quick steps to recover lost/ deleted Instagram photos and videos using Stellar Photo Recovery click here.


Tip: How to save Instagram Photos to Phone to avoid Photo Loss

  1. Go to your profile and tap.
  2. Tap Settings > Account > Original Photos (iOS) or Original Posts (Android).
  3. Tap next to Save Original Photos (iOS) or Save Original Posts (Android) to turn it on.

When you turn on Save Original Photos or Save Original Posts, each photo with the post also is saved to your phone’s library.

Learn more Tips to Keep Your Videos and Photos Safe on Social Media

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How do I recover permanently deleted pictures from Instagram?

If the photos are permanently deleted from your Instagram handle, search for them in your device storage and backup locations by using the methods given in this post. You can also use Stellar Photo Recovery software to recover the photos from computer, pen drive, memory card etc. Once you recover the pictures, you have the option to upload them again on Instagram.

Q2. Can I recover deleted Instagram posts?

Yes, you can restore the deleted Instagram posts from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder in your Instagram account. For steps, read method 1 in the blog.

Q3. How to get back deleted Instagram Story?

Restore the deleted Instagram Story from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder of your Instagram account

Q4. How can I recover a permanently deleted Instagram account?

If the Instagram account is deleted or deactivated due to some reason, you cannot recover it. However, there’s an option to contact Instagram support for help to reactivate the account.

Q5. How to repair Instagram reel?

To repair Instagram reel videos, update to the latest version of the app, and clear all the cache. Learn more methods to repair Instagram reel.

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How to recover photos on Instagram ➤ Recently deleted on Instagram



  • 1 If you deleted photos on Instagram
  • 2 How to restore stories on Instagram
  • 3 How to restore photos from the archive on Instagram

  • function - recovery of deleted content if the user wants to publish his post again. It is available to all Instagrammers who regularly update the application. To use it, you need a phone and access to the profile.

    If you deleted a photo on Instagram

    If for some reason you cannot verify your identity during the recovery process, you will not be able to restore the content. Therefore, check your profile in advance: the linked phone number, mail and recovery codes if you have activated two-factor authentication on Instagram.

    When you are sure that you can verify your identity, proceed to content recovery.

    If you accidentally deleted important content from your account, you can get it back through a new feature on Instagram. Step by step video instruction:

    If you have deleted a post in your feed, you can restore it in a couple of clicks. To do this:

    1. Click on the three bars in your account.
    2. Go to settings.
    3. Find "Account" and open it.
    4. Tap on "Recently Deleted".
    5. You will see a section with a list of publications that you have deleted before. Choose the one you need.
    6. Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select the "Restore" function for the Instagram photo.
    7. Verify your identity using the method specified by Instagram.

    Once approved, the post will reappear in the feed.

    How to restore stories on Instagram

    In addition to posts, you can restore stories in this section. To do this:

    • When you go to the "Recently Deleted" section, you will see two icons at the top - a square and a circle. Click on the circle.
    • The system will display the stories you have recently deleted. Select the one you want and restore it.

    However, there is a caveat - in this section, Instagram only displays posts and stories that you deleted no more than 30 days ago. If you want to restore a photo that was deleted a couple of years ago, this is not possible - as long as Instagram does not store such old files.

    You will be interested: how to download videos from Instagram.

    How to restore photos from an Instagram archive

    An Instagram archive is a repository where you intentionally save content. Through this vault, you can restore a story or a post in order to post it again. For this:

    1. Go to Instagram and log in to your profile.
    2. Click on the three bars in the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. In the menu that appears, select the "Archive" section.
    4. The stories section opens by default. Select a story and restore it from the archive. To do this, click on the "Add to current" item.
    5. But if you want to post content again, you need to download the Instagram story to your phone - to do this, click on the three dots below and select the desired item.
    6. After that, you need to republish the story through the usual editor for adding stories.
    7. You can also share the story in the feed - click on the item "Share in publications" instead of download.

    To restore a photo from the archive on Instagram, you need to go to the "Archive". After that, click on the top bar and select posts instead of stories. Next, the system will display the posts that you have archived.

    Here you can also download the content or republish it in the feed. But the post will not appear in the list if you have not archived it before. The feature is available in the photo settings.

    To access them, open the publication and click on the three dots at the top. After that, tap on the "Archive" item - the post will automatically be saved to the archive.

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    messages detector

    Recover deleted messages? Try These Methods 4

    Last Updated September 21, 2022 Ian McEwan

    Why are my Instagram posts being deleted?

    Your well-composed Instagram Posts/Photos can be accidentally deleted or lost in any way. Most of the time, you actually remove them yourself.

    Perhaps you find the photos unattractive, offensive, or simply unnecessary when filling out your account and decide to delete them. Your photos can also be deleted when the post associated with them is deleted or if you accidentally disable your account.

    In other rare cases, photos may be deleted by third parties who gain unauthorized access to your account and decide to delete your photos without your knowledge.

    Want to get your deleted Instagram posts/photos back?

    One of the main reasons you want to get your photos back on Instagram is to enjoy the sweet memories immortalized in those photos. Indeed, Instagram is a gem of memories and those memories are often captured in our photos.

    You can also get your photos back if you previously disabled your account but forgot to save your photos. These photos will seamlessly drive traffic back to your Instagram profile as most of your fans and followers will easily identify with you.

    There may be times when you just want to prove your point, and the only way to do it is through Instagram photos. Therefore, the only solution is to recover deleted photos from Instagram.

    Is Instagram deleting right now?

    It is important to remember that there is no shopping cart on Instagram. However, for some reason, such as the need to comply with certain legal obligations, Instagram will store these deleted Instagram photos and messages on the company's server indefinitely.

    So if you want to recover deleted Instagram posts, you need to contact support or get a valid court order to get the company to retrieve those photos for you.

    Can Instagram Archive Help Recover a Deleted Instagram Post? NEVER!

    In 2017, Instagram added a new feature known as Archive Posts that allows you to hide photos and posts you'd like to keep private from your public profile.

    And you can get archived posts and put them back on your Instagram where they were before with all the comments and likes.

    Although the Instagram archive more or less resembles a trash can, Instagram posts can only be "restored" by pressing archive instead of tapping Remove from the three vertical dots of each post.

    Technically, you can't count on the Instagram archive if your Instagram posts have been deleted.

    However, if you have a question like “ Why are my Instagram posts disappearing? "Then you can try to check your archive with instructions here.

    So if you can't "recover" your photos with the above methods, you can use any of the methods below.

    How to recover deleted Instagram messages/photos? How can I see my deleted Instagram photos?

    Quick Navigation: 4 Methods to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

    • Method 1: Check Your Photo Albums (Including Recently Deleted Folder)
    • Method 2: Recover deleted photos from Instagram using photo and video recovery software
    • Method 3: Recover deleted Instagram photos/videos/comments/likes from Instagram data you uploaded before
    • Method 4: Restore photos from the cloud

    Method 1: Check your photo albums (including the recently deleted folder)

    Fortunately, Instagram will automatically save photos and videos to your smartphone's camera.

    Unless you choose to delete these photos from your phone, you can always find them in your phone's gallery, Downloads folder, Camera Roll, or wherever your photos are normally stored.

    The following process can help you recover deleted photos from Instagram .

    If you are an Android user:

    1. Go to My Files.
    2. Select Pictures and then the Instagram folder or other app folders if you use other photo editing apps like VSCO, Priime, Snapseed, etc. All these photo editing apps will save a copy in a separate folder on your Android before like you post on instagram.
    3. Check if the lost photos can be found, then restore them.

    For iPad and iPhone users;

    1. Select the Photos app directly from the home screen.
    2. Click on albums and then recently deleted.
    3. Find your lost photos, click on them and select "Recover".

    It is important to remember that this method only applies to photos that have been deleted in the last 30 days.

    Unlike Instagram on iPhone which can only save unedited/original photos and videos, Instagram for Android gives you two more options: Save Shared Photos and Save Shared Videos. This may save you time if you are looking for an edited version.

    If you're not sure if autosave is enabled, you can check here.

    • Go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the lower right panel.
    • For Android users: In the upper right corner, click on the three horizontal lines and select Settings at the bottom of the menu. Then go to Account > Original Posts Check.
    • For iPhone users: Click the gear icon. Then go to Account > Original photos

    Method 2: Recover Deleted Instagram Photos/Videos with Recovery Software

    Photo Recovery Software is perhaps the most effective method to recover deleted Instagram photos.

    There are so many photo recovery software out there and which one you choose depends on your preferences.

    However, the steps in using photo recovery software are more or less the same.

    1. Download and install the software on your computer.
    2. Start the software. (If you want to recover deleted Instagram photos from your phone, please connect it to your computer with a USB cable.)
    3. Click on what to restore. Usually there are options for photo, video or audio.
    4. Select the photo or photos you want to restore and click Restore.
    5. The software will prompt you to select a location where the recovered photo will be saved.
    6. Continue and check if the photo has been saved.

    List of the best Instagram photo and video recovery software for different devices:

    "About the company"

    Photo / Video Recovery for Mobile
    (iOS, Android)

    Photo / Video Recovery for Computer
    (Windows, macOS)



    • Recover lost/deleted data from iOS device, iTunes Backup file and iCloud Backup.
    • Recover lost/deleted photos, videos, contacts, call log, SMS, iMessages, whatsapp messages, notes, app data and more.
    • Fix many iOS bugs without data loss.
    • Support for all iOS device models.
    • Compatible with iOS 16 and works with the latest version of iTunes.


    • Easily deal with lost data problems: accidental deletion, formatted disk, hard disk corruption, system crash, virus attack, system interruptions, unexpected power failure and other abnormal operations.
    • Recover all lost/deleted/formatted/corrupted files including documents, images, videos, audio, email and other files from computer and other storage devices with NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, EXT
    • file system


    dr. fone

    • 1st iOS/Android/Photos recovery software in the world with the industry's fastest recovery rate.
    • Recover deleted original/published Instagram photos, videos and more from phone storage.
    • 100% safe, easy, fast and legal.
    • Support for most Android and iOS devices.


    • Retrieve all lost, deleted, formatted photos, videos and more from all storage devices, as well as crashes or inability to boot Windows/Mac systems.
    • All major graphic formats, including images created or edited with photo editing software and photos created with cameras, screenshots. - Supports up to 700 file types.

    Ease Us


    • Recover all deleted images/videos/audios directly from Android/iPhone devices in one go.
    • Recover Kik messages, Instagram messages and WhatsApp chat history.
    • Free update and technical support.

    Data recovery wizard

    • Free data recovery 2GB.
    • Recovery of deleted/formatted data from various data loss situations.
    • Support for recovery from a Time Machine backup drive.
    • Create a bootable data recovery USB for free.


    Star iPhone Data Recovery

    • Recovers deleted/lost photos, videos, camera, photo stream, etc.
    • Recovers selective data from iTunes and iCloud backup files and encrypted iTunes backup files.
    • Supports all iPhone and Android phone devices.
    • Extended support up to iOS 16.

    Star Phoenix Photo Restoration

    • Recovers digital images and videos in 3-simple mouse clicks.
    • Recovers deleted images with original date and time stamp and file names.
    • Works with all cards and hard drives - SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Seagate.
    • Supports all Action and Drone cameras such as GoPro, Garmin, Phantom.



    • Recover lost or deleted data on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
    • Smart restore from devices / iTunes / iCloud backup.
    • Restore Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Kik, Line photos, videos, etc.
    • Support all iOS versions and devices.


    • Recover deleted, lost, corrupted or formatted photos/videos from any storage device.
    • Over 1000+ file types supported.
    • Handle all data loss scenarios: empty recycle bin, accidentally deleted data, partition error, virus attack, formatted device, etc.

    Method 3: Recover deleted Instagram photos/videos/comments/likes from Instagram data you uploaded before

    If you have ever uploaded your data to Instagram, it will be pretty easy to get your deleted posts back on Instagram.

    The downloaded file includes all photos, videos, profile, check log, comment history, like history, etc.

    To get back deleted photos from Instagram, you can go to your photos folder and select the ones you want. All your Instagram photos will be sorted by date. However, compared to the original photos with 2 or 3 MB, the size of uploaded photos from Instagram varies from 20KB to 120KB. If you are looking for higher resolution photos, try method 2.

    Although you can't restore this deleted post back to your Instagram profile with all the comments and likes, you can check your comment history and likes history with "comments.json" and "likes.json" files that can be opened with using free Notepad++.

    Tips: For those who want to download a copy of Instagram data from desktop/iOS/Android, just follow the instructions here step by step: How to access or view your Instagram data?

    Method 4: Restore photos from the cloud

    This method is only applicable if you have backup files such as Google Photos. Apart from these backups, you should also make sure that there is an up-to-date backup for the files you are going to restore.

    If all is well, proceed as follows;

    1. Click on the menu bar in your profile.
    2. Click the Settings icon, then select Account.
    3. Go to original photos for iOS or original messages for Android devices.
    4. You will see Save Original-Photos or Save Original-Posts depending on your operating system. Click next to it to enable it.
    5. When you enable each of these features, photos will be automatically saved on your phone even if they are deleted. You can then restore them using method 1 above.

    Of all the ways to recover deleted Instagram photos, we would go for recovery software. Not only are these software plentiful, but they are much more reliable than any of the other methods highlighted above.

    Tips for saving your Instagram data / backing up your Instagram data.
    1. Turn on Keep original message.
    2. Upload your data to Instagram regularly.
    3. Save to Camera Roll / Save to archive.
    4. Archive your unwanted Instagram posts instead of deleting them.

    How do I unarchive an Instagram post?

    The archive is usually found as an icon on your profile page. This is symbolized by the clock button and is located on the top right side.

    The archive has options for archive images ( Messages ) and archive stories ( Archive stories ).

    Select Posts click on the photo you want to restore and from the three vertical dots select Show on Profile put it back on Instagram where it was before.

    It's important to remember that Archive Posts only offers temporary storage for deleted Instagram photos. If you delete photos from archived messages, they will be lost forever.

    Learn more