How to create space in instagram posts

How to Put Blank Spaces in Instagram Post Captions

  • You can put blank spaces in an Instagram post caption to break up lines of text using recent versions of the app.
  • If you don't yet have the option, you can write the original text in an external app, like the iPhone Notes app or Google Docs (Android), and copy it over.
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Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, a recent Instagram update made it possible to quickly and easily add line breaks within your captions — without having to copy over your text from another app.

Being able to add those kinds of breaks is important. Not only does it allow you to space things out the way you want them to appear within Instagram's feed, it also helps make your posts easier to read and understand.

Plus, it can allow you to hide long lists of hashtags that many people use to help boost their visibility. While those can be helpful, they can also be something of an eyesore, and line breaks solve that problem.

For those who aren't familiar, here's what you need to know about using the new option, what to do if it isn't yet available to you, and more tips for formatting your Instagram posts:.

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How to put spaces in an Instagram post caption

If you have the new option to add line breaks within the app, the process is simple: You just need to hit the "enter" or "return" key and format it as you'd like it to appear, creating the rest of the post as normal.

Up-to-date versions of Instagram will let you add line breaks freely. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

However, if you aren't yet able to use the line-break option, it may be worth updating your app. If that doesn't work, though, there is still a way to add those line breaks to your posts. Here's how:

1. Open your notes app of choice, and create a new note.

2. Add your text, then select it and hit "Copy."

You can type your caption out in another app first. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

3. Open Instagram and log into your account, if needed.

4. Create and edit your new post, but don't publish it yet.

5. For the caption section, long-press on the blank space and select "Paste."

6. Remove any periods from the last sentence that precedes each line break.

Your text should then copy over, including your formatting. Post it.

Once posted, double-check that the formatting's been done correctly. If it hasn't, delete the post and try again.

Formatting tips and tricks

Formatting can drastically change how your followers perceive and interact with your posts, so knowing different techniques is essential as a creator. Again, if you don't have the new invisible line-break option, or you just want to try something different, here are some tricks you should add to your Instagram game:

Create line breaks using symbols

You could use a specific symbol of your choosing on the lines where you don't wish text to appear. By doing so, you give the old version of the app something that acts as a placeholder and thereby gives you the overall effect of having line breaks. But the symbols you use, of course, will still be visible. So while it's a better option that relying on huge chunks of text, it's not perfect.

You can use emojis to separate your lines. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

Hide hashtags with periods

As mentioned earlier, hashtag groups are commonly found at the end of captions, which can help the reader focus on what's important: Your message. However, if you don't have a long caption ahead of it, those groups can still be distracting. To get around this, you may choose to use a period placed on each line break to visually differentiate between the caption and the hashtag group.

You can create vertical ellipses to break up your text. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

Try a dedicated space maker tool

If you've tried your usual note-taking apps but still aren't getting the line-break effect you desire, a dedicated tool, like, can be a solid option. With that site, you'd create and format your post as desired within the site, then click "Copy" and paste it into your Instagram caption.

Some third-party apps will add the breaks for you, too. Devon Delfino/Business Insider
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How to Add Spaces on Instagram Captions & Bios [2022 Update]

Adding spaces on Instagram isn't rocket science. Yet many people have trouble getting it right.

Most people are on Instagram so they can consume content that's entertaining and/or aesthetically pleasing. They're not there to read a story. So coming across a lengthy, unformatted caption can irk them. The same goes for unformatted bios that are just plain messy.

But for some brands and influencers, there are times you need to write a lengthy message for your caption. In such a case, adding spaces in-between lines isn't something you can just overlook. 

For instance, maybe you need to create a post to promote a contest or giveaway. And you need to make sure that you include all of the details about how to enter and some important disclaimers in the caption.

So you obviously need a lengthy caption. In such instances, adding a line break can improve readability.

As for your Instagram bio section, you need to make sure that you list all your important achievements when describing yourself.

You may have a lot of information to share through your captions, hashtags, and bio. But that means you'll risk making it too difficult to read without proper formatting. In which case, you'll end up losing the interest of people you're trying to impress or engage.

That's why I decided to write this blog post to guide you on how to add spaces in your Instagram bio section and captions.

In this post, you'll gain a better understanding of all of the steps you need to take to properly format your Instagram bio and captions to attract and engage your audience.


Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links. This means that if you click on them, I will get a commission, without any extra cost to you. So, feel free to check these out as I only recommend products or services that I personally tested and highly recommend. For more information, please read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.


Why It’s Necessary to Add Spaces on Instagram Bios and Captions

There's a reason why everyone is adding spaces to their Instagram bios and captions. It makes the content look cleaner and more organized. Plus, it allows you to add more information without overcrowding your profile.

Take a look at an example:

Image via Instagram

Isn’t it super neat?

Here are a few other reasons why you should consider adding spaces to your Instagram bio and caption. It:

  • Makes the caption or bio content easier to read.
  • Helps break up the text and makes it more visually appealing.
  • Allows you to include more information without making your profile look cluttered.
  • Makes your profile look more professional and polished.
  • Shows that you're paying attention to detail and care about the appearance of your 
  • You use a lot of Instagram hashtags, line breaks can easily hide them, making your Instagram caption look neater.

Adding spaces to your Instagram bio and caption is a simple way to make your profile look more put together and professional. 

Plus, it's a great way to add more information without overcrowding your profile. So if you're looking for a way to make your profile stand out, adding spaces is a great option.

How to Add Spaces on Instagram Bios and Captions: 2022 Instagram Update

Instagram is always coming up with new updates to make the app more user-friendly. And their latest update is sure to please anyone who's ever struggled with adding spaces in their bio or caption. With the new update, you can easily add spaces between words or paragraphs.

Until now, you had to either copy and paste your caption from the notes app or use a third-party app to add blank spaces between paragraphs in Instagram captions.  

Or you could add line breaks in Instagram bios and captions with symbols. [We’re going to talk about these methods too, in detail, in the next section.]

But the latest update makes it so much easier to add blank spaces on Instagram.

This is a game-changer for those of us who like to keep our bios or captions neat and clean. No more having to squish everything together! Now we can add some much-needed breathing room.

How to do it? Let’s take a quick look at that. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, you can use these steps to add spaces in Instagram bio and captions:

You just need to click on the “Enter” button or the “Return” key on your keyboard. Next, format your caption as you would like to see it in the published version.

Image via Business Insider

This option is only available in the updated version of the app. So, if you try it out and see that you are not getting these options, it’s time to go to your app store and update the app. Most likely, you’ll get the option then.

But what if you still don’t see any option to add line breaks?

Then you can try any of the other methods to put spaces in Instagram bio and captions that are listed below.

How to Add Spaces on Instagram Bio and Captions: 3 Different Ways Explained

There are a few different ways that you can add spaces to your Instagram bio and captions. In this section, we'll explain three different methods that you can use to get the perfect spacing for your needs.

Option 1 to Add Spaces: Make Line Breaks With Symbols or Emojis

The easiest way to add spaces in your Instagram bio and captions is by using symbols or emoticons. It’s also the fastest option to add line breaks and you can still type directly into the Instagram app. This means it's a lot easier to put spaces in your Instagram bio and captions this way.

If you want to use symbols, here are some options you can use:

  • Period OR (.)
  • Dash OR (-)
  • Em Dash OR —
  • Asterisk OR ✱ 

You can use these characters wherever you need a line break in your Instagram bio or caption. And this extra character will act as the space between paragraphs, effectively creating line breaks in your Instagram bio, comment, or caption.

Alternatively, you can even add emoticons to add an element of fun to your captions. If you're like most people, you probably use emoticons to add a little bit of personality to your texts. But did you know that emoticons can also be used to add visual interest to your Instagram posts?

Adding spaces between paragraphs on Instagram can be helpful in a number of ways. First, it can break up the monotony of a long block of text. 

Second, it can help draw attention to specific parts of your caption. And third, it can make your post more visually appealing overall.

Here is an example:

Image via Instagram

The main problem with this option for adding spaces and line breaks in Instagram captions and bios is that the symbol will be visible in your Instagram bio or caption. If that’s not a problem for you, you should go ahead with this method. Get creative with symbols and emojis and make your caption look more appealing.

Here’s how you can add spaces and line breaks using this option:

  1. Type your Instagram bio or caption into the bio or caption area on Instagram.
  2. When you need a line break, tap on the “Enter” or “Return” button on your keypad.
  3. Add the symbol or emoji in the next line. You can add a period to make it as minimally visible as possible in your Instagram bio or caption.
  4. Tap on “Enter” or “Return” again and start typing the next paragraph.
  5. If you want more line breaks between two paragraphs, you can keep repeating steps 1 and 2 in your Instagram bio or caption, as needed.

Option 2 to Add Spaces: Make Invisible Line Breaks With Your Phone’s Notes App

What if you don’t want lines or symbols in your Instagram bio or captions but you still want to add line breaks? It can be frustrating to try adding spaces in your Instagram caption  only to have all paragraphs run together. It's the worst. 

But luckily, there's a workaround that doesn't involve any fancy apps or difficult workarounds to create spaces between paragraphs on Instagram. 

If you want to add invisible line breaks in your Instagram bio, caption, or comment, there’s a way to do it using the Notes app on your phone. If you use any scheduling app, you can also use that to create your draft instead of the Notes app.

Here are the steps you need to follow to add an invisible line break to your Instagram bio or caption using this option:

Type your Instagram bio or caption in the app.

  1. When you need to add a line break, paste these invisible spaces into the next line. The spaces are inside the brackets.
  2. Paste it multiple times if you want to add more than one line break.
  3. Remove the brackets.
  4. Copy the whole draft and then paste it into the Instagram bio or caption space, if you’re using a Notes app.

So next time you're struggling with formatting your Instagram captions, remember this little trick. It'll save you a lot of frustration.

If you’re using a scheduling app to type your draft, you can just send it to Instagram as usual. You will see the line breaks automatically copied along with the rest of the copy. Just post it as is and Instagram will publish your caption with the necessary spaced formatting.

In the screenshot below, you can see invisible line breaks between the two paragraphs in the caption. They make the whole caption look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Image via Instagram

Option 3 to Add Spaces: Use GramSpacer

You can also use the GramSpacer app to add spaces and line breaks in your Instagram bio, captions, and comments. The best part is that you don’t have to use characters like dots and hyphens, which can look messy in your caption copy.

Here are the steps you need to follow to use this tool to add spaces:

#1. Follow the hyperlink to the website given above.

#2. Download their app on your iOS or Android device.

#3. Start typing your caption copy in GramSpacer as you want it to appear on Instagram.

Image via GramSpacer

#4. Once you’re done, hit the “Copy Caption” button above the box. This action will automatically copy whatever you’ve typed to your clipboard.

#5. Open Instagram and simply paste this copy into your Instagram bio, captions, or comments to create line breaks.

These tactics can help you create impressive, well-formatted captions and bios that can engage your audience on Instagram.

However, this isn’t enough. You need to carefully plan, create, and schedule your content for Instagram to drive maximum reach and engagement. You should also track the performance of each of your Instagram posts to make sure that you’re on the right path.

Other Useful Instagram Tools to Format Your Instagram Captions and Bios

There are a few other great Instagram tools out there that can help you format and add invisible line breaks to your captions and bios. Here are a few of our favorites:



This line break generator app analyzes your Instagram account and finds the most appropriate hashtags to help you grow your reach on the platform. Additionally, you can get detailed analytics for each hashtag using this tool to figure out which ones can work the best for you.

2. Kicksta

Using this tool, you can auto-engage with real Instagram users who follow profiles similar to yours. This can help you gain millions of authentic Instagram followers and boost your organic growth.

3. Inflact

This is a tool that you can use to grow your Instagram followers and engagement, the right way. It uses advanced targeting filters to find your target audience and a bot that auto-engages with them from your account.

Note: Want to try Inflact? Use the coupon code “SHANEBARKER” to get a 10% discount on all their paid tools.

4. Qualtrics XM Discover

Not only for Instagram but across all social media platforms the XM Discover products enable complete social listening across all platforms. Business professionals can understand what customers and potential prospects are saying about their brand and act accordingly.


Q1. How can you add spaces in Instagram post captions?

A. There are multiple options to add spaces in Instagram post captions, which include:
– Adding symbols such as hyphens and periods
– Copy-pasting blank spaces from the Notes app on your phone
– Using third-party tools and apps such as GramSpacer
– If you have the new line break option on Instagram, hit the “return” or “Enter” key in your Instagram caption.

Q2. How can you add paragraph spaces in your Instagram captions and bio?

A. You can add paragraph spaces in your Instagram bio and captions by using the below method:

– Write your caption.
– Press “Enter” or the “Return” key when you want to end a paragraph.

With the new Instagram update, this method will add line breaks between paragraphs in your Instagram captions. If it doesn’t work, you can update your app. Alternatively, you can use third-pa

Q3. How can you add line breaks/spaces in your Instagram bio?

A. The new Instagram update adds breaks or spaces in Instagram captions and bios automatically when you hit “Enter” or the “Return” key. If the method doesn't work, you can try updating your app
Or here is an alternative method:
To add line breaks and spaces in your Instagram bio, you need to use apps such as GramSpacer. You can also copy-paste bio content from the Notes app on the phone to add line breaks and spaces.
Another way to add line breaks and spaces in your Instagram bio is to use symbols such as hyphens and periods and press “Enter.”

Q4. How can you get spaces in Instagram comm ents?

A. Just like in captions and bio, you can get spaces in Instagram comments using apps like GramSpacer. You can also copy-paste well-spaced content from the Notes app into your Instagram comments section to get spaces.

Q5. Why don’t return spaces appear in my Instagram posts?

A. You may be using an older version of the app. The latest Instagram update allows users to add line breaks between paragraphs when they press “Enter” or the “Return” key.

When you type captions on Instagram with return spaces and line breaks, the formatting you do will disappear when you publish the post.
To avoid this, you should type your captions in the Notes app or in apps such as GramSpacer and copy-paste them from there to your Instagram post. This will help you add spaces and line breaks in your Instagram posts.

Q6. How can you put spaces in your Instagram bio using the mobile app?

A. If you have the latest version of the Instagram app, you should be able to add line breaks between paragraphs by simply clicking on the “Enter” or “Return” key. If you don’t get that option, you can try updating your app. Alternatively, you can use third party apps like GramSpacer.

Q7. How to go down a line in Instagram bio?

If you want to start a new line while typing your Instagram bio, you simply need to press “Enter” or “Return” key. If you don’t get the option on your app, try updating it to the latest version. Alternatively, you could use a third-party app like GramSpacer.

Q8. How can you make your bio on Instagram into a list?

To make your bio on Instagram into a list, you should press on “Enter” or the “return” key when you want to start a new line. That way, you will be able to create a list on your Instagram bio. This option should work in the latest version of the Instagram app. 

If it doesn’t work for you, please try updating your app. Alternatively, you can use apps like GramSpacer to add line breaks in Instagram bios.

Q9. How to make Instagram bio into multiple lines?

To make your Instagram bio go on for multiple lines, you can simply press “Return” or “Enter” key when you want to make a new line in your Instagram bio.  

Ready to Make Your Instagram Bio & Captions Look Neat and Aesthetically Pleasing?

If you're anything like me, you're probably guilty of posting the occasional “wall of text” on Instagram. And while I'm all for getting my point across in as few words as possible, I know that sometimes you need to be a little verbose. 

In such instances, blank space can go a long way in making your post more readable (and, let's be honest, more visually appealing).

Adding line breaks on Instagram bio and captions can significantly improve the user experience as well. So the next time you sit to write your Instagram captions or bio, use any of the methods listed in this post. It'll make a world of difference!

Did you find this guide helpful? Have you faced any issues related to adding spaces in your Instagram bio or captions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links. This means that if you click on them, I will get a commission, without any extra cost to you. So, feel free to check these out as I only recommend products or services that I personally tested and highly recommend. For more information, please read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

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How to create a geolocation and add a place on Instagram


Geolocation should be understood as a point that indicates the location of a particular object. A car in a traffic jam, a place of an appointed rest, a place where your lost cat was last seen, and much more can act as such a point. Geolocation can be used to bind a certain place to it - a store, cafe, beauty salon, fitness club, and so on, and then use this place in profile description or in posts. Thanks to this, customers will be able to quickly find the location of your points of sale.

In this article, we will look at how to create a geolocation on Instagram, add a location and specify a geotag when publishing a post.

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Why do you need geolocation on Instagram?

From the user's point of view, setting a geolocation in a post is an opportunity, no matter how trite it may be, to mark your location. Place of work, restaurant, popular resort and much more.

You can also use geolocation to promote your business. In addition to using a geotag in your profile, you can post using the most popular ones in your city. In addition, you can to collect the target audience for geolocations located in close proximity to your points of sale using the program SocialKit , and then for the collected audience launch a mass subscription .

Each user has the ability to create their own point and attach it to the post. For example, you visited a beautiful place and marked it with geodata. This place can be seen by any Instagram user. In addition to the fact that a person will be able to see the name of the place / address, he will be able to open a map where, with the help of a guide, a route to this place will be built. This option is useful not only for commercial enterprises, but also for those who travel a lot and blog on Instagram.

Who must use this Instagram feature?

It has been said before that geolocation is of particular importance for those who are promoting their company. Thus, you will not only advertise your business, but you will also be able to find it in the "Where are you" column. The recognition of the institution due to geolocation will increase significantly, and people who are or live nearby will definitely find out about this place.

How to add a place on Instagram

The process of creating a new geolocation is quite simple, but it is not done on Instagram itself. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, adding space happens when you create a Facebook business page for the subsequent transition to an Instagram business profile.

If it was previously created by someone else, then you can safely use this geodata. To create a geolocation, it is best to use the phone, but there are applications that are adapted for PC.

Adding geolocation via Facebook

After you have downloaded the application, you need to register a new profile or log in if you have already registered.

Next, create a business page for the company.

In the information section, enter the exact address.

This completes all the steps. The point on the map has been created, the place has been added. Now you can attach the created place in two social networks to any of your publications.

Why is Instagram not detecting location?

If your phone cannot detect your geopoint, then the reason is either in the smartphone settings or in the geosensor. Rebooting the device and checking the internet connection may help. If this does not help, then most likely the reason is in the smartphone settings. You must ensure that location detection is enabled, as it is mandatory.

Enable Location: Android

To enable the function in question, you need to go to the phone settings. We find "Personal data" and open "Location" there. Here you need to move the slider to enable this feature. Everything is quite simple. The location is now turned on and you can see the apps that collect your location. Facebook and Instagram must be on the list of those who are eligible for this fee.

Enable location: IOS

To enable the option, go to settings and find "Privacy". In the window that opens, select "Location Services". Drag the slider and that's it. Before using location data on Instagram, make sure that the permission for it and Facebook is activated.

Adding a geotag to an Instagram post

Once a geopoint has been created, you can easily use it and add it to posts. The hotspot is available to all users and can be installed an infinite number of times. When searching for a point, drive it in exactly the same way as it was called on Facebook. The option to set geolocation is very useful for various businesses and establishments promoting themselves on Instagram.

How to create a geolocation on Instagram in 5 minutes: complete instructions

* Meta Platforms Inc. (and its social networks Instagram, Facebook) is recognized as an extremist organization, its activities are prohibited in Russia.

From this article you will learn:

  • What is geolocation and why is it needed.
  • How to create a geolocation on Instagram.
  • How to add a geotag to a post and stories.
  • Let's figure out why the created label does not work.

All methods described are relevant in 2022.

Contents (expand ↴)

What is geolocation and why is it needed?

Geolocation on Instagram is a useful marketing tool that will help you promote your business. The owner of a coffee shop, bookstore (or any other establishment) can mark his offline point on the map. This will increase the reach of posts and account traffic.

Moreover, with the help of the created geotag, other Instagram users will be able to find your profile, as well as posts with reviews about the institution. Therefore, if you have an offline business, then spend 10 minutes of your personal time creating your own geotag.

Benefits of geolocation for business:

  • It will be easier for users of the social network to find your establishment.
  • Geotagging can be used in stories to increase reach.
  • Customers and visitors of your offline outlet will tag the establishment in their posts. This is another way to increase brand reach and awareness.

The Instagram algorithm works like this: The more often users use a geotag, the higher it rises in the search results in the category of similar tags.

How to create your own geolocation: step-by-step instructions

Creating a geolocation in the Instagram app will not work. To do this, you will have to use Facebook and create a location tag in this social network.

In the first step, create a Facebook business page and link it to your Instagram account.

  • Don't know how to link a business page? Read our article "How to link Instagram to Facebook".

Important: Before proceeding to the next step, be sure to enable geolocation on your smartphone.

Now open your business profile and click Create Post. In the opened window for creating a new post, there is a menu - it is located at the bottom of the interface. Here, select the "Mark Visit" function.

In the search bar, enter the name of the location you want to add. If this geotag is not on Facebook, the system will offer to create a new tag. To do this, click "Add" new label name "".

Now you need to select a category: home, entertainment, events, restaurant, ATM. The category depends on the type of your activity. To quickly find the category you need, use the search.

The next step is to choose a place for people to check in. Here, simply enter the city where the geotag is located.

The last section is "Create a place". Check basic information: tag name, category. You can upload a photo to illustrate this place - to do this, click on the camera icon to the right of the name.

In the "Location" subsection, enter the exact address of the point: this is a very useful option for restaurants, cafes, shops. It will be much easier for users to find you on the map. Add a zip code if you wish.

If you don't want to enter an address, activate the "I'm here now" function. The app will automatically detect your location. In this case, you must be in the created geopoint.

Geolocation settings completed - Click the Create button to complete the process of creating a new geotag.

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The first results of the promotion (new subscribers and clients) are already 2-3 hours after the start.

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How to add geolocation to Instagram

Now let's add geolocation to the profile. Open the Instagram app and start posting a new post. In the "New Post" window, select the "Specify Location" option.

In the "Places" window, enter the name of your tag and set it as the geolocation for the publication.

It is not necessary to create a new post - you can edit an existing one and add a geotag to it. To do this, open the publication and go to the menu (3 dots in the upper right corner). Click the Change button.

Under the nickname is the option "Add a place". Click in this area to enter a geolocation.

Similarly, you can attach an existing geotag to a post. For example, you visited a museum and took a photo against the backdrop of a beautiful and unusual exhibit. In the publication, indicate which museum you went on an excursion to.

Can I add geolocation to my profile header?

Marking the location in Stories

To add the created geolocation to the story, start publishing a new story. At the top of the interface, click on the square smiley icon. In the widget window that opens, select "Location".

The search window will open again - enter the name of the geolocation: a tag that you created through Facebook or a previously created geotag. The geotag will now show up in your history.

Why doesn't geolocation work?

Users often encounter a problem: the created geotag does not work - it is not placed in the publication, because it is simply not in the list.

Learn more