How to make money with 1000 followers on instagram

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram with 1000 Followers In 2022

Are you wondering how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers?

Do you have 1000 followers on Instagram? Perhaps you are asking, can you make money on Instagram with 1000 followers?

I always thought that you needed to have millions of followers to make ANY money on Instagram. However, this month, I did my weekly income calculation and noticed I made just over $1,000 from Instagram!

No one was more surprised than me!

You see, I do not have a huge following and I don’t have a seamless chic and pretty account, with a perfectly curated Instagram feed like all these big Instagram influencers seem to have.

I started making money once I hit 1,000 followers and I still have a small instagram following, but I make money every month from my small but mighty Instagram account !

My Instagram has stupid videos of me dancing, and lots of pictures of good views because I love traveling. You can check out my Instagram profile here.

Despite my small following, I still made money. So, I sat down and analyzed how it happened and what I did differently to start making money.

Just like how you would trust your favorite influencer in any piece of advice they give out, for micro-influencers, the premise is the same: with the correct method, your audience will start to perceive you as one of their actual friends.

The more people rely on your recommendations while making purchase decisions, the more likely you are to be sponsored.

DISCLAIMER I didn’t plan to make money on Instagram and it isn’t my plan or intention to make it part of my business revenue. It just happened organically which is great!

For the sake of honesty and transparency, I don’t follow all the good rules of making money on Instagram myself.

HOWEVER, if I was planning on learning how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1,000 followers and make SERIOUS money on Instagram, and use it to make me a full-time income… I would probably follow all the tips I recommend below.

If you DO want Instagram to bring you a full-time income and learn how to get paid on Instagram properly, I would also take this incredible course that teaches you how to :

  • Getting the attention of brands
  • Landing high partnerships and press trips (free travel anyone?)

I particularly like the fact that some of her course students have made a significant amount of money with a small following (one of them had 1,300 Followers and landed a brand partnership! )

It is the perfect course that teaches you how to make money with 1k followers on Instagram!

She also has a FREE course that teaches you how to make money from your travels in a short period of time.

Jessie is highly respected in the industry and knows what she’s taking about !

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Thank you for your support. 

How To Get Sponsored On Instagram With 1000 Followers

Here are a few different ways you can make money on Instagram:

  • Sponsorships – People pay you a fee to talk/write about and promote their product
  • Affiliate Marketing – You promote other people’s products and get a commission every time someone buys the product
  • Own products – You have a physical or digital product and people buy it
  • Own services – You run workshops or classes and people sign up and pay to attend

Note– I made money from sponsorships, affiliate programs, and my own services on Instagram.

I earn money from my blog too, but today I am only mentioning the income I derived directly from Instagram.

Here are some tips on how you can start making money on Instagram with 1,000 followers too:

1. Turn Your IG Account Into A Business One

It is FREE to turn your personal Instagram account into a business one. The huge benefit of a business IG profile is you can get access to analytics.

You can see the times when your followers are most active, which posts have the most engagement, and also, where your followers are from.

This data can help you make really useful decisions such as what and when to post.

2. Find Your Niche

If you do not have a specific niche, it does not matter how many followers you have, it is unlikely that you will get into any Instagram sponsorship program.

What is a niche and why is it important?

For example, say you are searching for a new cleanser and you come across Instagram ads that lead you to a business that sells all skincare items. Now, what if you were directed to a business that sells everything under the roof, books, skincare products, and bicycle parts?

Who are you most likely to buy from? The business that is specialized in skincare products!

As an Instagram user, everyone has a specific interest or passion which can be the niche of your brand. Are you an advocate for plus-size models? Are you trying to spread awareness about sustainability?

Get specific.

Having an Instagram account with a specific niche will help attract brand deals and business partners because you are showing them your authority and expertise in a particular sector.

Regardless of which niche you are targeting to secure brand deals on your Instagram profile, be it fashion, travel, books, or food, you will need to discover a method that will ensure your Instagram page stands out.

Here are some ways how to find a niche market:

  • Discover your passion and interests
  • Identify any problems of instagram followers that needs to be solved
  • Study the competition
  • Define the profitability of your niche

As an Instagram influencer, you want to have a follower count that is engaging and valuable. You would want an audience who values your content even if they are sponsored posts because they can relate to them.

3. Specify Your Brand And Focus

I’d say this is the most important tip if you want to know how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1,000 followers

I say this because my Instagram didn’t really have a focus or a consistent theme. So, you can see that my profile and pictures are a bit all over the place.

If I feel like posting a picture of my fat cat…. then I do. But this isn’t a good business decision!

Once is started talking more about saving and making extra money, I started getting approached by finance brands.

So, think about your theme and the brand deals that could potentially pay you.

Do you want to get paid by a travel brand? Post lots of beautiful travel-related pictures, and travel quotes.

Fashion or makeup? Whatever band you want to work with, keep your Instagram theme consistent with that.

So, if I wanted to get sponsored by fashion brands, I would probably put pictures of me in chic, beautiful clothing that would resonate with my followers, who would also be into fashion.

 Your IG profile aligns with your brand focus

In line with this, keep your profile in line with your brand focus.

So my Instagram profile says ‘I help people earn, save and travel more

This could potentially interest finance and travel brands because their products can help my followers save money

4. Beautiful Pictures

If you want to learn how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers, you need to start by growing your followers.

If you want to grow your Instagram account and attract lots of new followers .. your pictures need to be good.

If you don’t want to spend all your time fiddling and editing them then you can just get some cool presets that do all the hard work for you!

Sponsored posts have to catch the attention of your audience. You can’t expect to secure deals with any brand no matter how many times you pitch if users just scroll through your pictures.

Creating a cohesive aesthetic that reflects your brand will help in influencer marketing. Even though it is not a must to have a color-coordinated feed, there are some brands that prefer beautifully curated pictures and an aesthetically-pleasing feed for a sponsored post.

You can find the beautiful presets here.

Presets are cheap, easy, and save you lots of time.

5. Hashtags and Geotags

Hashtags are so important. It allows your profile to get seen by a potential audience that will be interested in what you have to say and post.

Use relevant hashtags to your theme and niche. If you don’t know what hashtags to use, google them.

For example, ‘fashion hashtags’, ‘travel hashtags’, fitness and health hashtags’… you get the gist.

Geotags are great to connect with an audience in a certain region.

So, for example, when I wanted to run some face-to-face workshops in Malaysia, I used the Geotag ‘Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur’, to ensure my posts were seen by Malaysians.

I did the same for events in Spain and London.

6. Post Consistently

It makes complete sense to post when your audience is on Instagram.

Think about when people are most likely to be scrolling on their Instagram app. Normally lunchtime, evenings, and weekends are peak scrolling times, the best times to put out sponsored posts.

If you convert your personal account to a business one, you will get access to this data and insight on the best times to post.

Consistent posting is essential for building and engaging your audience. Before agreeing to sponsor you, a brand will look at how active your page is.

Create a batch of sponsored posts once a week to save yourself some time and effort in organizing your content. Take some time say every Sunday to think of all the sponsored posts you would like to put out. Use a tool like Planoly to plan and schedule out Instagram stories, reels, or pictures.

However, you must choose what works best for you and your target audience. When you publish three times a day, your audience may feel swamped, or they may love it.

Perhaps your audience responds to your postings the most in the morning when they are commuting to work. Either way, this will take some trial and error before you can nail the timing of your post.

Alright. Let’s say you have done all the above and now you want to #getpaid!

The easiest way is to start applying to influencer platforms who will then send you possible collaborations Instagram sponsorships.

7. Build A Commuity

One of the easiest ways to secure Instagram sponsorships is to build a community.

What does a community have to do with an Instagram sponsorship?

Every Instagram page may be thought of as its own community, a social network made up of the influencer and their followers.

Every post or story may be viewed as a way for members of the community to interact over a common interest in the topic. As a result, involvement is a proxy for the community’s strength.


How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1k Followers?


Instagram Sponsorships and collaborations   $1,000

Own services                                   $800

Affiliate Marketing                             $1,000

Workshops                                       $2500*

Own Products : $500

Total                                                $5,800

Just in case you are thinking, ohhhh she only booked out her workshops due to her blog, and I can’t do the same!

Let me clarify and reassure you of this fact :

A total of 90% of people who booked my online workshops were strangers who found me on Instagram, started following me, and over time, decided I was worth their hard-earned money.

Quite a lot of my Instagram followers have never read my blog or even know I have one!

So, get rid of that pesky doubt ASAP!

Why Do Brands Pay Social Media Influencers For Marketing?

When it comes to an Instagram sponsorship, companies are allocating more money to social media promotions now than ever before. Influencer marketing has grown into a multibillion-dollar business.


An influencer’s sponsored posts can help a firm reach a certain audience. Companies are free to specialize as much as they wish! Their items may also be seen in a variety of places be it with another brand or any micro-influencers.

Businesses may collaborate with influencers all around the world to have their products included in marketing materials, wherein in normal circumstances, they would normally have to pay a production crew to make in small batches depending on the location.

Brands are aware that paid Instagram sponsorship is a convenient way to do marketing and they have fully utilized this new marketing method!

What Are SomeUseful Instagram Courses?

This Instagram course is one of the best ones out there.

She had to grow and monetize her IG herself so get the challenges we face having a small IG following.

She is also really nice and helpful – very important in my opinion because you will need her help and guidance.

She will teach you how to get sponsored on instagram with a small following.

If you want to learn how to grow and make money from Instagram, but you are on a super tight budget you can check out these other courses.


What Are The Best Influencer Platforms?

The below platforms will offer you Instagram-sponsored posts.

  • Tribe – $75- $150 for a following of 3k.
  • Webfluential – Influencer platforms that offer additional Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook campaigns
  • Ifleunz
  • Aspireiq
  • Trend
  • Acorn
  • Globalinfluence
  • IZEA
  • Influence Her Collective
  • Linqia
  • Tap Influence
  • Triberr

The above influencer networks are just a few mentioned but there are HUNDREDS out there!

If you don’t think any of these align with your brand, my recommendation would be to google: ‘Influencer programs’ to find many may more.

What do I charge?

 On your journey of learning how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers, you will need to learn what to charge and get paid.

I can only speak from personal experience. I charged $75 when I had 1,000 followers.

But the key here is also engagement. You could have thousands of followers, but if they don’t care about you or are not engaged with your brand, it’s not valuable.

More on this later.

Also, I did a quick google and found this guide below from Ampjar:

  • $50-$150 per sponsored post from micro-influencers with 1,000-10,000 followers
  • $150-$500 per sponsored post from influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers
  • $500-$15,000+ per sponsored post from celebrities and huge influencers with over 100,000 followers

What Are The Rules For Success On Instagram Marketing?

1. Do NOT Be A Sellout!

The whole reason I spent ages avoiding making money on Instagram was that I didn’t want to be a sellout.

A sell-out is someone who will promote something, even if they don’t believe in it.

For example, I get approached by makeup brands wanting me to promote whitening products ALL THE TIME.

I have been offered up to $500 per post because my followers are super engaged.

Nevertheless, I never promote them, because I don’t like whitening products and I think brown skin is as beautiful as white skin.

Your audience will know if you are selling something you don’t believe in, and they will unfollow and forget you real quick if they think you are a sellout.

It is okay if you would like to engage in multiple brand deals but sure to practice authenticity. There are many Instagram accounts that aim to only sell products for the money, turning into a marketing channel, instead of promoting a brand deal they believe in. 

Before you promote a brand ask yourself:

  • Is this something I would buy with my own money?
  • Do I genuinely think this will help my followers?
  • Is this a brand I want to be associated with?

2. Engagement Is More Important Than Followers

 I mentioned above that I have under 3k followers, but my audience is SUPER engaged. I am interested in them and vice versa.

So, when I posted a writing workshop on my Instagram, it sold out in 2 days with one post.

My audience trusts me and what I have to say because I take the time to engage, respond to messages, and interact with them.

Brands like to see good engagement levels with your audience.  A strong indication of an engaged audience is lots of likes, comments, and messages.

There is no point if you are gaining more followers but they are not your target audience, leading to a poor engagement rate. 

You can also use higher engagement levels to negotiate a higher rate with brands (which I did).

A tip to increase your engagement is to post videos.

Increasing your interaction rate on your Instagram page by including high-quality video content is a good idea.

Instagram has introduced video-focused features such as Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels. When it comes to becoming sponsored, making and sharing videos has become increasingly significant.

Just take a look at any lifestyle blogger, for example, you are sure to find a youtube channel under their name because video sells. People tend to feel connected when they watch Instagram stories that ooze out the personal brand of an influencer.

Include some videos in your Instagram posts to have an engaged audience and recruit more followers!

3. Tag Brands

A really useful tip when you are learning how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers is to tag brands.

Tagging brands when you post pictures with products you use helps you get on their radar, especially if you are looking for Instagram sponsorship.

Brands reach out to users who love their products, so when you post regularly even if you are one of the many small accounts that post about a brand, by tagging brands, you are increasing the chance of being notified!

For example, I tagged a shoe brand that I use so often, they eventually approached me and gave me free shoes!

It doesn’t always happen that way but it’s a good way to get noticed.

4. Free Products

Now, once you start getting a following, you will get brands reaching out to you asking you to promote their products, in exchange for free goods. You will be creating sponsored content in exchange for these goods. 

It really depends on how much you value your time and if you need the product and whether you were going to buy it anyway. 

Bear in mind that the influencer business can be simple when you want it to. You can be a brand ambassador and secure multiple sponsorship deals if the business is something you would like to collaborate with. 

Ps; Remember the rule about not being a sellout.

Things To Watch Out For

1. Pretend Collaborations

From time to time, I get messages from companies asking me to promote their brands. Their subject emails are normally: ‘sponsorship or collaboration’.

In the beginning, I got really excited but then I realized that were just asking me to promote their products and I would get a percentage of the sale…. but ONLY if a sale was made.

Also, I would have to pay for shipping.

So essentially, it wasn’t a sponsorship at all, they were just asking me to promote their product.

This means that I could spend hours promoting their product, but if no one bought anything, I wouldn’t get paid.

Sponsorship means you get paid regardless of whether a customer buys the product or not. Your time and followers are valuable enough to command a fee with a sponsored Instagram post.

Instead of paying tens of thousands on expensive marketing campaigns on television and radio, they are paying you to talk about their brand instead!

Just keep beady on anyone that asks you to promote anything and respond with:

‘What is your budget for this collaboration?’

2. Do NOT Buy Followers

Occasionally, I also get messages from ‘experts’, offering to help me grow my IG followers…. for a price.

‘Grow your followers, get more sponsorships!’ is their sales pitch.


Fake followers are often flagged down by Instagram and they are not at all tolerated. They will just add fake bot followers to your profile that will damage your engagement percentages.

How To Get Sponsored On Instagram By Pitching Brands?

it goes without saying, that creating high-quality content is a must when it comes to being a content creator on Instagram. 

However, another way to find Instagram sponsors or to get your favorite brands to work with you is through pitching. 

The first step is to identify your niche market, favorite brands, or any ecommerce store you would like to form brand partnerships with. 

What you are going to do next is to describe yourself and what you do. Tell the business about your personal brand or business, and why you are the Instagram influencer that will be a good fit for them.

Even though your follower count matters, influencer marketing goes beyond these numbers.  

Include essential information such as the number of followers, engagement rate, and other critical details. These demonstrate why you would be an excellent candidate for promoting the brand in comparison to other social media accounts.

Your statistics also suggest that you understand what you will need to succeed with paid instagram sponsorship.

Now, what you should not do is make requests that do not make. You should be aware of your worth and be confident in requesting what you believe you are entitled to. However, you must be realistic, adaptable, and willing to debate your options when it comes to paid sponsorships.

Here are some pitching templates you can use to be business partners with brands you love!

  • 6 Email And Instagram DM Template For Influencer Outreach
  • 11 Outstanding Influencer Outreach Email Templates
  • 6 Brand Pitch Email Templates To Use

How Many Followers Do You Need To Be Sponsored On Instagram?

It is safe to say, that as one of the micro influencers on Instagram, you will need at least 1000 followers. When it comes to pitching brands, your reach is just as crucial as your engagement. Even if your interaction rates are excellent, if just 100 people view your content, you are of minimal use to businesses.

If you can show that you can get your audience to engage with smaller brands, and a well-defined target niche, you should be able to start getting compensated.

However, because that’s the low end of the spectrum, a more realistic goal would be 5,000 followers, especially if your area of specialty is a competitive one, and your posts aren’t receiving much response.

It all boils down to how much value you can offer your sponsors.

How To Manage Relationships With Brands?

Commincation is essential. Brands are not mind readers and neither are you. Working with brands, like any other collaboration, can turn nasty if expectations aren’t stated upfront.

You should take the initiative to establish the parameters of the relationship right away: is this a one-time deal, what you’ll offer, and when the brand will have to pay you.

While some of these issues may be sensitive, companies will appreciate that you took the time to establish clear relationship expectations.

Honest interactions with businesses will help you develop a good relationship with them and guarantee that you receive the chance to partner with them again and again.

If a sponsored post does well, the company will be more willing to sponsor you on Instagram in the future. Even if it does not do as well as you hoped, you can always suggest new methods to enhance it in the future.

Constantly provide value by offering ideas such as changing the content, promoting a different product, hosting giveaways, or offering a unique promotion that could transfer your profile as one of the marketing channels for the brand.

Stay authentic to you and your values while partnering with brands.


Well, there you have it, how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers.

Hopefully, this has answered any questions you have on how much Instagram pays for 1000 followers.

Because of its popularity, you may believe that Instagram is already too crowded for brands to get their eyes on you but here is the thing, multiple businesses across the globe are waking up to the potential of ordinary people to promote their products.

Everyone has something to offer and you can seize the opportunity of being an influencer with these tips mentioned in the article!

If you have any other questions, mention them in the comments below!

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11 Clever Ways How to Make Money On Instagram with 1000 Followers

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I make a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Disclosure here.


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Is there a way to make money on Instagram with only 1000 followers? Or can you make money on Instagram with 500 followers even? And when is the right time to start monetising your Instagram?

We’ll dive into all these questions in this post to get you started on the right track with monetising your Instagram.

It is a big misconception that you need a huge following to make money on Instagram. You can absolutely make money on Instagram with 500, 1000, 3000 followers.

You do not need to wait until you have the so-called-magical 10k followers count to have the swipe up feature.

Let’s talk about 11 clever way on how to start making money on Instagram even if you have only 1000 followers or less.

Some of these might be super obvious to you, but some of them might really surprise you.

Can I make money on Instagram with 1000 followers?

You can absolutely make money on Instagram with only 1,000 followers or even less. 

Here’s how: affiliate links, drive traffic to an affiliate blog post, sponsored posts, brand deals for content only, sell a physical, digital product or service, social media management services, use an email list, drive traffic to a blog post with display ads on it, sell through DMs (the right way).

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Affiliate links

You might already know this, but you can use affiliate links to monetise your Instagram easily.

In order to use affiliate links you will have to join an affiliate network. 

After you’ve joined a network you will then be able to place affiliate links to different products on your Instagram. 

The way this works is whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will then get a commission from that sale. 

Here are a few places where you can use affiliate links on your Instagram:

  • In your Instagram stories: You can mention a product that you like and if you don’t have the swipe up feature yet, you can send them to the link in your bio. Or if you do have the swipe up feature just add the affiliate link to the swipe up. Make sure you always disclose when you mention an affiliate link.
  • In your feed posts: If you mention an affiliate product in your post make sure to direct your followers to the link in bio so that they can click on the affiliate link there.

Income from affiliate links can be little in the beginning, but it adds up in time. Your commission also depends on the type of product that you recommend. But if done right and consistently, affiliate marketing can be a really great way to monetise your Instagram.

You can now also become an affiliate for Cappuccino and Fashion.

2. Drive traffic to affiliate post

Another way to monetise through affiliate marketing is to drive traffic from your Instagram to an affiliate blog post or YouTube video, for example. 

So instead of placing a direct affiliate link to a product on your Instagram, you will make people interested to find out more about your blog post or YouTube video. 

Make it enticing and give people a reason why they should click over to that post and what they are getting out of it. 

Always think about providing value to your reader through your content.

When they do go to your affiliate post, make sure it is a thorough guide, a review or a comparison type of post, so that you can help them make an informed decision before buying that product through your affiliate link.

This is likely to have a higher conversion rate than just a simple Instagram post, because people are getting more information about the product before they actually make a purchase.

3. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are one of the most popular ways to make money on Instagram and almost every influencer uses them to monetise their own Instagram account.

You might think that you need tens of thousands of followers in order to get sponsored posts on Instagram, but that is really not the case. You can absolutely start charging for your Instagram posts even if you have a smaller following, as long as your content is valuable and good quality.

Starting with gifted campaigns can be a really good place for you to build up a portfolio and some confidence. But I highly encourage you to start charging for your posts because creating content is a time-consuming task. And you really deserve to be monetised on that.

If you’re unsure how much to charge or when you can start charging for your influencer posts,  you can get the influencer rates cheat sheet and guide on how to start charging for your Instagram posts in the Insta Glow Up Kit.

This will give you a more accurate representation of how much you can charge for an in feed post, for a story, for an IGTV etc.

4. Brand deals for content only

This is a monetising way that not a lot of people are aware of. There are actually two types of brand deals you can make:

  • One of them is the one we have previously discussed where you pretty much sell the influence that you have on the platform. That is the traditional influencer sponsorship post, where you create content for a brand and post it on your feed in order for your audience to see and engage with that post. For this type of sponsored work, the brand is looking for brand awareness and conversion rates.
  • The second one, that you might not know about, is a brand deal that is for content creation only. This means you create content (AKA photos, videos, reels etc), you send it to the brand for them to use in their marketing, but you don’t have to post it on your own Instagram account.

This type of brand deal works really well for small instagrammers who don’t have a large following yet. 

You basically use your Instagram account as a portfolio of photos and editing skills that you have, and you simply sell photos/content to brands so that they can use those in their marketing campaigns online.

This is how I started monetising my Instagram when it was really small and even to this day, because you do not need to have a huge following in order to do this kind of campaign. It’s a really great way to start monetising as a beginner instagrammer.

The way that you find brand deals like this is through influencer apps that connect you to brands  or through pitching yourself directly to the brand.

We also go through the exact process for pitching to brands and how to get more brand deals this way in the Insta Glow Up Kit.

5. Sell a physical product

Another way to monetise your Instagram is through selling a physical product.  

This requires a lot more active work on your part, but it is a really great way to monetise your account as a small creator.

You can sell your physical products either on a website like Etsy or Shopify or you can create your own website where you can sell them easily.

Then you will use your Instagram to showcase your products, bring more awareness to them and drive more sales to your shop.

You can do this by using Instagram, especially reels these days, because it’s a great way to reach a larger audience for your products.

6. Sell a digital product

One of my favourite ways to monetise my Instagram account is through selling a digital product.

The reason why I prefer this method instead of the physical product method is because it’s a lot more passive work. 

You basically create your product once. Post it on your website or whatever platform you are selling it on. And then sell it over and over again without a lot of work on your part, except for maintenance and customer service.

There is a lot of work to be put in creating and setting up everything for digital products as well, but it is a lot less work after it’s been launched.

You can also find digital products to sell in almost any niche. For example: you could sell fitness cheat sheets, workout plans, meal planning kits, kids activities ebooks, workbooks, guides, planners etc.

7. Sell a niche service

Another way you can start making money on Instagram with a small following is to sell your services in your niche. 

For example, you can offer your services as a coach, consultant, designer, website developer,  content writer, photo editor, logo creator etc. 

Anything that would help someone who is looking to outsource some sort of project in their business.

You will need to have a website for this, because it is the best way for people to find out more about the services that you offer and it allows you to create a portfolio of previous clients that you have worked with.  

Testimonials and feedback in this type of business is what helps the most to get new clients.

It might sound intimidating at first, but it’s a really great way to monetise your Instagram even if you are just a beginner.

Ready to start your own website? I use and recommend Bluehost for your blog. If you have no idea where to begin, use my free ultimate guide on how to start a blog and make money blogging.

8. Offer social media services

Another way to monetise your Instagram is to offer your social media services. 

What this means is you can use your Instagram as a portfolio, again, to show your style and the type of content you can create. 

You will then use this to get clients that might need someone to manage their own social media platforms.

You can create Instagram photos for them or Facebook posts. Reply to their comments or Dms and just be their social media manager in general.

A lot of small businesses these days know they should have a social media presence, but they don’t have the time to spend being active on those platforms. Which is why they look to hire social media managers and assistants to help them stay consistent on those platforms and grow engagement for them.

You do not need to have a huge social media presence for this. You just need to show that you are serious, you know what types of posts would work well for their niche and you have the skills necessary to post consistently on Instagram, for example.

9. Add to email list

Something not a lot of people talk about when it comes to monetising your Instagram account is how important an email list is for this. 

An email list has one of the highest conversion rates out of any platform out there these days. 

It is the best way to have a direct connection to your audience, because you have their exact email address.   

If something were to happen to your Instagram account, you might lose access to all of your followers and not be able to get them back. 

But on your email list you can save a backup of that list of email addresses and you always have a way to contact them if anything should happen.

If you want this to be a full-time business for you, an email list is crucial in order to have a safety net. So you don’t panic if for some reason you lose all your followers or access to your account.

But how does this make you any money?

An email list is one of the best ways you can monetise, because people are more engaged and they trust you more. 

So regardless of what type of monetising you choose (whether it’s affiliates, sponsors or selling your own products or services), an email list will help you get more sales and a higher income faster.

10. Drive traffic to post with display ads

If you already have a blog, a great way to make money through Instagram is to drive that traffic from Instagram over to your blog.  

For example, if you have a blog post that is monetised through displaying ads, you can direct your audience from Instagram over to your blog.

You can do this by asking them to do so in your Instagram stories, giving them a reason why reading your blog post will help them. Obviously, the more traffic you can drive to that blog post,  the higher your income will be from it.

If you do this consistently and you have an engaged audience that you have grown in an organic way, you can start to see an income coming in even if you have a small audience.

11. Sell through DMs (the right way!)

Selling through DMs gets a bad reputation, because it is often done the wrong way.  

Cold messaging people in DMs is not an effective way to do this and I do not recommend this. 

This is viewed as spam these days and people don’t respond to it, so it is a complete waste of your time.

However, there is a right way to sell through DMs.

The way to do this is to create a connection to your audience through your stories and your post captions. Use engagement stickers, such as polls or question boxes, to get people who are interested in your story to engage with you.

When they reply to that engagement sticker, you can then DM them back and give them more info on what you have to offer or give them more help on that topic. 

This way, you are not cold messaging anyone and you’re not annoying people by spamming their accounts. 

Instead, you are simply messaging back someone who has shown an interest in what you have to say or how you can help them.


Can I make money on Instagram with 500 followers?

Yes, you can absolutely make money on Instagram with just 500 followers. You just have to get more creative on how you do this.

Simply waiting for sponsored posts will not be an effective way for you to monetise your Instagram if you only have 500 followers. But using some of the other methods in this post can work really well even with a small following.

For example, you could easily monetise your Instagram with 500 followers if you sell a physical or a digital product, if you offer a service of your own, if you become someone’s social media manager, if you do brand deals specifically for content creation etc.

Can you monetise Instagram posts?

Yes, you can monetise your Instagram posts easily. 

Most people are only aware of the traditional ways to make money on Instagram, such as affiliate links and sponsored posts from brands. 

However,  as you might have noticed from reading this, if you get creative you can actually start monetising your Instagram posts in a lot more ways than you might have expected.

How many followers on Instagram do you need to make $1000 per month?

You do not need a lot of followers in order to make your first $1,000 per month. 

Depending on your strategy and how much time you have to dedicate to this, you could easily make your first $1,000 per month from Instagram if you get creative and use a few of the ways presented in this post.

For example, if you strictly want to focus on sponsored posts, you will need 10 posts at $100 in order to make the $1,000 month. But this is only realistic if you do have a bit of a following already.

However, if you use some of the other methods you can start reaching that goal faster without having to wait for followers. 

You can offer a service package at $200 per month, which would mean you only need 5 sales for you to reach that income goal.

You could also sell a content creation package to brands even if you have a small following.

Or you could sell your physical or digital products in order to reach the $1,000 month goal. 

The number of followers is not everything. It really depends on how engaged and how niched down your audience is to the product or service that you sell.

How to make money on Instagram without followers?

In order to make money on Instagram without followers, you cannot count on sponsored posts.  But you can use the other methods to make money even if you don’t have a following yet. 

For example: selling a service, selling physical products, selling digital products, becoming a social media manager for other accounts, doing brand deals for content creation only or some of the other methods mentioned above.

How much does Instagram pay for 1k followers?

Instagram does not pay you simply for having a number of followers. 

This might be a feature to come sometime in the future, but at the moment it is completely up to you to monetise that audience. 

Some people have accounts with 500 followers and make the same amount of money as people who have 10K followers. 

Simply having a follower number does not mean anything, unless you know how to actually monetise your account.

Using the methods presented previously, you should be able to start monetising efficiently even if you only have 1k followers.

Does Instagram pay you for having a lot of followers?

No, Instagram does not directly pay you for having followers. At least not at the moment.

As mentioned above, it is completely up to you to monetise your Instagram and find ways to make money with the following that you have. 

However, using one of the 11 monetising ways presented above you should be able to start making money on Instagram without having a lot of followers. But obviously, the higher the engaged following, the more income opportunities you have.

How many followers on Instagram do you need to get paid?

You can start making money on Instagram without having to wait for follower counts. I would focus on creating an engaged audience for the first few weeks, but you can easily start implementing the monetising strategies above from the very beginning. 

If you already have 500 to 1,000 Instagram followers that are engaged and you have acquired in a real and organic way, I would highly recommend that you start using some of the monetising ways above.

Do Instagrammers get paid for swipe up?

Instagram does not directly pay you for using the swipe up feature. The way instagrammers monetise the swipe up feature is they add an affiliate link or a link to their products in the swipe up. 

Saying that, you do not need to wait to have the swipe up feature (AKA reach 10K followers) in order to start monetising your Instagram.  

You can easily use the link in bio to do so.Read how to create your own Linktree easily, so that you don’t have to use a service like that and you can do it for free, while being able to customize it yourself.

How to make money on Instagram as a teenager?

Congrats, the fact that you’re even thinking about monetising your Instagram as a teenager shows that you are one step ahead of a lot of other people.

Having a niche or a target audience in mind will really help you focus on the type of content that you need to create for them. 

And this in turn will help you find more ways to monetise your content. 

In order to make money on Instagram as a teenager you can use one of the following ways:  sponsored posts, affiliate links, brand deals for content only, selling your own products or services or any of the methods mentioned above. 

I hope these 11 clever ways on how to make money on Instagram with 1000 followers or less was helpful. 

Have you tried any of these methods before? 

Which way to make money on Instagram are you looking to try next? 


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14 methods to get 1000 subscribers in IG (free + paid)

The first thousand subscribers is a significant number for any blogger, and not only on Instagram. This is an indicator that the content has passed quality control and the process has moved off the ground. For commercial accounts, rising exposure helps increase sales, which is why many brands maintain their Instagram pages.

Before you start gaining subscribers, make sure your profile is complete and you have a content plan. It is important that you post regularly and explore your niche creatively - there will be no chance to make a first impression a second time. With this in mind, let's analyze from simple to complex what tools will help to collect the first thousand followers on Instagram and increase their number further.

Account design: 25 beautiful profilesHow to manage Instagram (50 chips) from a marketerHow to come up with a nickname on Instagram: 35 ideas for a business account and a personal blog on the internal functionality of the social network. Some tools work on the principle of "tagging": you set a description, hashtags, geotags, etc. , and the social network independently generates recommendations for users.

Other methods work for content diversity. Instagram allows you to create posts in various formats so that every blogger can reach their audience. This is what you will use to increase your reach and increase the likelihood that you will be noticed on Instagram.

1. Hashtags and keywords

They will help you get good coverage, get recommended and attract new followers to your Instagram account. But this will only work if the hashtags are relevant to the topic of your post. And do not abuse high-frequency tags: firstly, your post will be lost in the general stream, and secondly, there is a risk of being shadowbanned.

Use low-frequency tags - under which less than 10 thousand publications are placed, and medium-frequency - from 10 to 500 thousand. They belong to niche search and are more likely to attract the target audience.

For convenience, type a few dozen target hashtags and combine them under posts, but it's better to repeat them less often. The optimal number of tags under the post is up to ten.

And one more tip, which is not related to promotion, but will be useful for setting up an Instagram account. When you write all the hashtags, create a system of your own unique tags that no one uses. They will be needed for easy navigation through different sections of your posts.

Hashtags for publication

An important point that you should pay attention to when promoting on Instagram is the profile header. It is the profile header that is your "face", the first impression of the account. The role of the header is to give a concise answer about what is happening in the profile, to inspire confidence.

Strong text and use of keywords in the header convey positioning and brand benefits, influence the growth of subscriptions and sales. Do not get carried away with writing in a hat, be brief, but understandable. In addition, Instagram only skips 150 characters.

On the left is an example of how not to fill out a profile header, on the right - an ideal profile header

2. Geotags

Geotag your publications. On the map, this will look like a place of interest that can be visited for several reasons. For example, you sell your services there. Geotags can also be placed by your clients (not necessarily bloggers) who maintain their Instagram pages for friends and acquaintances. The person will see the mark on the map, read the post, look at your profile and, if he likes it, subscribe.

Even if you don't have a business, geotagging still makes sense. They help users who are interested in the life and blogosphere of their city. But the main factors determining whether a person subscribes or not remain the thematic niche of the profile and the quality of the content. Subject to all these conditions, it is a great way to get targeted followers on Instagram for free.


Life hack. Do you want to save time when working in social networks? To do this, you need SMMplanner, which will automatically publish a post or story with tagged users, geometers and hashtags. You can also set up automatic deletion of posts and comments. Click and test for free -> SMMplanner

3. Participation in challenges

Today you won't surprise anyone with Instagram marathons and challenges, but, nevertheless, in order to attract new subscribers, this method will come in handy. A challenge is a challenge that the account owner throws to his friends, the audience after performing certain actions. The main thing in challenges is not only to do something and show your coolness, but to encourage the audience to repeat after you, accept a challenge or throw a similar one to your friends, close circle, etc.

If the content responds to a large number of people, then they will repost it to their stories, comment, tag you. At first, you can resort to a little trick and arrange a discussion and reposting on a certain topic between you and your friends in order to attract the attention of the audience.

Challenge "10 year challenge"

4. Mutual PR

On Instagram, VP (mutual PR) is another of the coolest ways to gain an audience. It can be used by both novice bloggers and business accounts.

You need to carefully choose partners for mutual PR. They should have a target audience as close as possible to yours, approximately the same number of subscribers - and, of course, the conditions for cooperation should be suitable.

For example, a photographer and a make-up artist can promote each other's pages, since they have approximately the same target audience. In addition, this is an ideal tandem for further cooperation.

Mutual PR on Instagram - stories

5. Joint content (co-authorship)

Not so long ago, Instagram introduced a new user collaboration feature - joint publications and Reels. In addition, today brands, influencers and celebrities are more willing to cooperate than to compete. Now users can invite other people as authors of publications. Co-authorship in the IG will help increase the reach and engagement due to the fact that the post will be seen by a combined audience of all authors.

For collaboration, you can choose a partner not only from your niche. For example, a company selling building materials can cooperate with a furniture factory, and a beauty brand with beauty can cooperate with a blogger.

Co-authorship in IG

To find a suitable author or brand for a joint post, just check the match on the following parameters:

  • Your products/services do not compete with each other;
  • You have a similar target audience;
  • Goods/services complement each other;
  • Human factor: it is better to work with nice people, so your companion should inspire confidence and inspire sympathy.
Influencer and brand co-authorship

6. Blogger commenting

Comment on posts by bloggers with a similar target audience. Write not only an assessment, good or bad, but also ask questions, suggest an idea for the next post. Try to stand out, but delicately, without unnecessary criticism, so as not to end up in a bathhouse. In a word, show keen interest and competence in topics, and new potential subscribers will notice you.

7. Traffic flow

Attracting Instagram followers from other social networks is a great way to increase the number of followers for free at the first stage of promotion. Use all the social networks that you lead. Put a link to your Instagram in all your profiles. Write in the status that you are mastering a new format, publishing a photo of your life in IG.

Next, periodically remind your followers that you now have Instagram and invite them to visit your profile. Share news in posts: for example, you announced on VK that you would not release posts on weekends, you went to the sea, and photos from your vacation will be regularly uploaded to IG. This way you can organically increase the number of followers on Instagram without taking almost any action.

For example, if you have your own business, insert a link to your Instagram on your website, on e-mail newsletters and even Yandex.Maps and Gogle Maps. Thus, you will collect additional traffic from different sites.

Link to Instagram

8. Interactive stories

What is it about? Obviously, by posting regular stories to your profile, you won’t gain new subscribers in any way. This is where interactive stories come to the rescue - "add yours" or "add yours" stickers. Their essence is as follows: this sticker allows everyone to take part in discussions on the site. Users can respond to other people's stories with their photos and videos that match the topic of discussion. I think this is a cool opportunity to promote your profile

Participation in discussions in "Add yours"
  • Instagram games: 32 examples (posts + stories)
  • Instagram Story Ideas: 150+ with Example Stories



Facebook on Instagram has its Tik Tok analogue — Reels. In this section, you can post videos lasting from 15 to 60 seconds. Track trends, participate in challenges. Here you will also find an audience, draw attention to the blog.

Instagram seeks to promote a new content format. The algorithms of the social network are more favorable to videos made in Reels and display them more often in recommendations. Use this hack to get followers on Instagram before your competitors do.

Reels on Instagram

Important. If you have a TikTok account, you can upload your videos to Reels, but it's better to make them here - Instagram has a negative attitude towards TikTok icons on videos.

10. Tagging posts

Posting a link to your page with other users will draw attention to your Instagram profile and help you gain followers. Ask acquaintances, friends or clients to tag you in a photo or story. So you will collect targeted followers who are interested in the life of not a particular blogger, but also his circle of friends.

Link in the story to the profile

11. IGTV

Instagram allows you to upload long videos up to 1 hour. During this time, you will show your product or the entire new collection in detail, answer frequently asked questions, tell you about the business from the inside, etc. And here you can save recordings of live broadcasts.

This method, like the previous one, works to increase the coverage and recognition of the account. If you regularly post unique, useful and unusual "catchy" content, it will become easier to gain new followers on Instagram.

Long Instagram videos

IGTV (Instagram TV): complete guide + video chips

12. QR code

Create your own QR code and add it to business cards, ads, any other printed matter. In general, if you use offline advertising, feel free to place a code on it to quickly go to your Instagram account. This will help you gain traffic and expand your audience.

Qr-code on Instagram

13. Manual mass following

The essence of mass following is that you subscribe to users and like their publications. These should not be just random profiles, but your target audience. Seeing such notifications as in the screenshot, users will go to the page, look at posts and stories, and probably subscribe.

Massliking and massfollowing

Lifehack. The easiest way to promote an Instagram account is with the help of automatic mass following. He will independently do all the actions (likes, views of stories, subscription to users) that will promote the account and increase sales. Click and test -> Zengram (Promo code "INSCALEPROMO" -20% for everything)

Paid ways to attract subscribers

It is not easy to promote a page on Instagram with completely free methods, especially in the early stages - to get the first 1000 subscribers, you will have to try. Paid promotion methods will help speed up the process.

This includes external tools that expand the basic possibilities of page administration: show additional statistics, automate actions, wind up followers.

There will also be classic marketing techniques that involve having and planning a budget: targeting, buying ads from other bloggers, holding contests.

1. Targeted advertising

Advertising targeting is not an easy task: to search and segment the audience, design ads, calculate the budget. Each stage involves detailed study. If you are a beginner, then you run the risk of losing money. But the effect of achieving the goal is simply colossal, so targetologists are well paid.

Even if you are just approaching the milestone of 1000 followers and are not confident in your experience, it makes sense to study the principle of action and conduct the first "sighting" targeting with a small budget, and then see how much your number of followers on Instagram has increased.

Targeted advertising on Instagram

Life hack. Do you want to learn how to create vivid photo and video content that your audience will love? Then we recommend taking the course “promotion on Instagram”. After training, you will be able to independently launch targeted advertising, create unique and attractive content to attract new subscribers. Click and sign up for the course -> Promotion on Instagram

2. Advertising with bloggers

People trust other people more. Bloggers are trusted, as they recommend the product as if through their experience, give a balanced assessment with all the pros and cons (if they value their reputation). Therefore, advertising with them is a great way to get subscribers.

There are several criteria for finding the right blogger. First, it must have your target audience. Secondly, evaluate the reputation and credibility. Look in the comments under the posts and see what and how they write to him. And, thirdly, its subscribers must be alive, i.e. not twisted.

Publication from a blogger

Plus, advertising for an Instagram profile does not have to be purchased only in IG. For example, if you have your own women's clothing showroom, you can buy ads from a Tik Tok influencer. Moreover, this platform is gaining popularity with space progression.

Advertising in public

Another equally effective way to promote your profile is advertising in public (and not necessarily in the IG). A strong "exhaust" is given by advertising in VKontakte groups. The peculiarity of VK is that this social network brings together mainly Russian-speaking users, so it is perfect for promoting companies of almost any format.

So, an additional plus of VK can be called a significant number of thematic communities, applications and integration into third-party services, for example, on Instagram.

Instagram advertising exchange: TOP-5 services + 8 life hacks

How to get people to subscribe?

At the beginning of their journey to promotion in the IG, many users make a gross mistake - they gain subscribers for the sake of a beautiful number, while the quality of their content is the last thing they think about. Trite, but it's true - only if you regularly publish high-quality content, subscribers will be drawn to you.

Let's consider the option when you already have some kind of base of followers that are actively showing up on your account.

1. Subscription gift

It is a very common practice to motivate users to subscribe to you. So, some bloggers and entrepreneurs go to small tricks to get an influx of followers. For example, for a subscription, some bloggers thank their followers with their promotion guides or checklists ala "TOP useful photo editing apps from ...".

So, as a gift for a subscription, entrepreneurs give a discount on the first purchase in the store, or on the first visit to a beauty salon, as in the example below. And as practice shows, this method of attracting an audience has proven its effectiveness.

Gift for subscription

In order to make your life easier, below is a list of services with which you can set up an account check for a subscription to your page.

Service Cost per check
Instateleport 1 ₽
Instasub 2 ₽
Smmbot -

2. Direct mail

Use direct mail to draw attention to important information. This should not be a request to like or subscribe - users will consider such messages as spam. Direct is good when there is some news. For example, announce the same contest or tell that something really unusual has appeared on your page.

But don't get carried away: there is a limit on messages in Direct. An account that has been in existence for less than three months can send 30 messages per day. From three to six months, the limit is already wider: 40 messages. After six months from the moment of registration - up to 50 messages per day. If these conditions are not met, you can easily get a block.

Messages in direct

In the table below, I have collected for you some useful services for mass mailing in direct. They are arranged in the order in which we recommend them, the first three are the top ones, and then out of order.

Name Cost (per month) Promo code + trial period
Zengram From 1 490 ₽ (“INSCALEPROMO” 20% discount on everything) 3 days
Bridgit From 490 ₽ 1 day
Boss Direct From 990 ₽ “inscale” +5 days free
Zeus From 110 ₽ “INSCALE” +3 days free
Instaplus From 399 ₽ 5 days
SocialKit From 1100 ₽ 7 days

Newsletter in Direct: 30 services + 4 steps how to do it

By the way. Have you heard about the new method of promotion on Instagram? SocTool has a unique algorithm that allows you to intercept the target audience from competitors online. The service will instantly establish a contact (subscription, like, message in Direct) while the user is online. Click and test - SocTool

3. Contest

If you already have your "backbone" of active subscribers, then announce the contest on your page. Play a gift, and as one of the conditions for participation, indicate a subscription. The main thing is that there are other conditions that will help to fairly select the winners. Otherwise, the contest will turn into a simple giveaway, after which you will lose all subscribed participants.

The timing of the competition should be such that everyone who wants to complete the task has time, but not too long, so that people do not get tired of waiting for the prize. Optimal - 5-7 days.

Holding a contest on Instagram

Uploading comments to IG: TOP 5 services + how to do Instagram challenge: 13 ideas of 2021

Cheat followers on Instagram

The fastest method for recruiting followers - cheat programs. We do not support this method of promotion, as it is not reliable. It has a number of shortcomings, but at the initial stage it will give impetus to the development of the account in order to attract advertisers as quickly as possible.

- Sites for bulk purchases of subscribers

Subscribers are cheated by bulk purchases or through job exchanges. The meaning of the subscription package is that you order a lot and immediately in a couple of clicks. The table below contains the most popular resources operating in this mode:

Service Cost (per subscriber)
TmSmm From 0.14 ₽
Likemania From 0.35 ₽ ​​
Mrpopular From 0.08 RUB
Prostospec From 0.28 RUB
Prskill From 0.07 RUB
- Job exchanges

The second option - smm job exchanges. Here you independently compose the task, prescribe the conditions, set your own price for subscribing to you. The order will appear on the site, and only those users who have passed the selection criteria (suitable for gender, age, geolocation, etc.) will execute it.

As an advertisement

In addition to detailed task settings, such exchanges have one more advantage. They can also be used as a performer. By completing tasks, you earn internal currency (points) that you can spend on promoting your profile.

Service Cost (per subscriber)
Likeinsta Fully customizable
Vkserfing Minimum from 0.5 ₽
Unu Minimum from 1 ₽
Socpublic Minimum from 0.2 ₽

The main disadvantage of cheating live followers on Instagram is that it will not bring activity, will not show interest in the content, and, moreover, will not give any conversion and upward movement. Of course, this method will help to increase the number of followers on Instagram, but it will not be of great use.

Also, it's not worth getting a large number of subscribers at once because of the profile blocking. When there is not yet the first thousand subscribers, let's be specific: wind up from 50 to 100 custom, but no more. And as you reach the designated goal, be sure to delete inactive accounts and bots. A list of profile cleaning assistants is attached:

Service Cost
InstaHero 199 ₽ / 1 cleaning
SpamGuard Choose a personal tariff

- Mass actions

Programs select potential subscribers and carry out mass actions on their pages on your behalf: put likes, view stories, subscribe. It is possible to show which accounts to pay attention to: the search will be conducted by the audience of competitors, interests by hashtags and geotags under which you publish.

- Mass following and mass looking

Massollowing and masslooking automation. Set up the simultaneous execution of all actions or select any one desired option. The whole process is carried out through the cloud. Confirmed the task and calmly go about your business further. We give a list of programs that will subscribe you to a potential audience:

Service Cost (per month) Free period
Zengram 1 490 ₽ ("INSCALEPROMO" 20% discount on everything) 3 days
Bridgit 490 ₽ 1 day 299 ₽ 5 days

- Massliking

Software for mass liking posts of other social network users. The principle of operation is similar: a person will see that you like him, go to the page and subscribe if he likes posts and stories. A working option to increase the number of subscribers.

Service Cost (per month) Free period 299 ₽ 5 days
Bridgit 490 ₽ 1 day

briefly about the main thing

There is no universal formula for how to get a thousand followers and promote your Instagram account from scratch. Now you know what promotion methods are relevant for her.

I remind you that you need not only to gain subscribers, but also to be able to keep them. To do this, make a rule for yourself - post content every day. At least a few stories, if suddenly there is no time to write "long posts". The main thing is not to let your subscribers forget you.

What you do best (for example, photos of cityscapes) - will be the main theme for Instagram. Further, without detriment to the main direction, add new forms of content. Shoot streams from events in your city, post stories with other bloggers, share your impressions on IGTV. And so on, step by step, you will increase your reach and find your audience.

Always work with the profile. You can’t put a hashtag once, hold a contest, send out ads and wait for a steady influx of subscribers by inertia. Here, perhaps, is the main formula and the key to success.

Mutual PR on Instagram 2021: what it is + how to do itInstagram analytics: TOP 6 services + 12 main metrics

do's and don'ts Instagram. Initially, while you do not have an audience, this thousand is difficult to gain, because the mechanics of organic growth are not yet involved, that is, you cannot rely on the work of algorithms or engage in mutual PR. Most likely, marathons and competitions will also work poorly. Therefore, the question always arises, how to get the first thousand.

So, let's look at all the main options.

Targeted advertising

The most reliable option is targeted advertising.

There are several advantages of this approach:

  1. With the help of targeted advertising, you get the maximum target audience. You expose portrait, age, city, gender and many other formats.
  2. The second plus is the rapid growth. In a week, it’s really possible to attract a thousand subscribers.
  3. The audience that comes from a targeted ad converts well into subscribers, even if there are few subscribers.

The lack of targeted advertising is obvious - it's the budget. But Instagram is arranged in such a way that due to this high demand and high competition for the attention of the audience, the entry threshold is constantly increasing. Therefore, free tools either stop working or work slowly and not from the very beginning.

Content promotion

What does it mean? This means that you do not need to do anything other than maintaining an account. You can just run your channel, add posts, add Stories. Instagram has very limited opportunities for organic growth, but it does have hashtags and recommendations. The main disadvantage is a very slow format. Due to the high entry threshold and high competition, passive promotion works very poorly here.

Working with top recommendations

There are several tops on Instagram:

  • general top recommendations in the search section;
  • hashtag recommendations;
  • top geotagging recommendations;
  • IGTV recommendations;
  • product recommendations from the store.

There are algorithms for how to get into these tops, what parameters you need to consider in order for your content to be included in recommendations.

External promotion

External promotion means that you are leading an audience to Instagram from other sites. It can be other social networks, online in general or offline. For example, mailing to your customers. If you have a base of subscribers and customers - for example, their e-mail - you can tell that you launched Instagram by adding specific incentives for subscribing: talk about discounts, new products, give recommendations.

What else is related to external promotion? These are announcements in other social networks. The best conversion can be obtained from YouTube, Telegram and TikTok. These are three sites that convert very well on Instagram. This includes both online and offline events.

What NOT to do to promote your account


There is such an approach as commenting (not to be confused with mass commenting) - you comment on the accounts of bloggers who are opinion leaders in your industry. The comment must be substantive - you must read the post, express your opinion and be sure to argue your point of view. The comment will gain reactions, rise. People will want to go and see your account.

Why is it better not to resort to this method? First, it is a manipulative tool. If you give actual value in this comment, it reduces the manipulative format, but there is an aspect to it nonetheless. Secondly, it is labor intensive. You need to write a lot. This is a job comparable to writing individual posts.


Bots cannot be used not only at the start - at any moment of your profile life on absolutely any platform, bots should be an absolute taboo. And here the question is not in the ethical side, but in the fact that an account can be banned for their presence, or they can greatly reduce the reach of the audience. This is a guaranteed way to “kill” your account forever. You will never get rid of this, you will never be able to catch and delete these bots later, because many of them look like real people, and even special services consider them to be real people. Therefore, this is a direct path to blocking or serious sanctions.


Giveaways are special formats of competitions, within which a huge number of non-target audience comes to you.

Learn more