How to get a lot of instagram likes fast

How to get More Instagram Likes (& Why They Still Matter)

Despite being one of the first social metrics that indicate post performance, Likes on Instagram still stand as a go-to indicator for many brands. It’s low cost for the viewer: a double tap is all that’s needed. And an Instagram Like gets wrapped into general engagement numbers.

Even as Instagram is in the testing stages of removing public Like counts from posts, the metric is here to stay as an internal measurement. Instagram Like removals have already been tested in several countries, including Australia and Canada, and as of this article’s publishing date, the test has been extended to the US as well. Right now, we don’t know what will ultimately happen with public Instagram Likes yet but importantly for brands and influencers, your analytics will still show the counts.

The below is a medley of tips that we’ve assembled to help increase your Instagram Like counts per post. We’ve skipped fundamentals like taking good photos and being consistent but it’s always a good idea to keep them in mind. These Instagram for business basics are the foundation for your strategy while these tips are the enhancers that can help you get the most out of your content.

9 ways to get more Likes on Instagram

1. Get inspired by other brands and industries

Where do you pull your inspiration from? If you’re only following your industry or your circle of friends, you won’t find fresh ideas. Instead, take time to research and find inspirational accounts to follow. Make this a combination of your industry, related industries and industries wildly outside your circle. Even if the customer base isn’t the same as yours, chances are that you’ll be able to find some inspiration in their posts’ strategy to extrapolate for your own.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Williams Sonoma (@williamssonoma)

Williams Sonoma uses illustrations to highlight some tips that otherwise might’ve been complicated with a photo. It’s clear, easy-to-read and ties in with the holidays in a timely manner. So while this particular topic might not be relevant to your brand, you can easily see the takeaway of using an illustration to talk about a tough topic.

2. Run a Like-based contest

Some of the highest engaging content on Instagram are centered around sales and giveaways. People love to enter contests and the easier they are to enter, the more engagement you’ll receive.

To run a Like-based photo contest, you’ll need one of the entry requirements to be that they must like the post. Usually, the other two requirements will include following the account and tagging a friend or two. Liking a post for an entry is such a low barrier that you’ll be sure to receive quite a lot of engagement.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Leesa (@leesasleep)

In this example, Soma upped the contest ante by partnering up with another brand and multiple influencers in the health and wellness space. The contest benefits all of them with brand exposure and they get the Instagram Like count boost, too.

3. Work on a hashtag strategy

One of the easiest ways to get noticed organically is to utilize hashtags to your brand’s benefit. That doesn’t mean spam tagging every post with #top, #amazing or #hair. It means being selective in your hashtags, both brand and industry. When you have a brand hashtag, it’s easier to find related content and influencers. Industry hashtags work to help you see what’s trending in your field and ensure you’re not missing out.

To find the best hashtags for you, start by reading up on hashtag strategies. You can also use analytics like Sprout’s Instagram report to see which hashtags received the most engagements. To go beyond the hashtags you’re using and discover more opportunity in your industry, you could use a social listening tool like Sprout’s to hone in on hashtags you may be missing from top posts in your niche.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Madewell (@madewell)

Madewell’s hashtag strategy on this post is pretty simple. It uses three brand hashtags: two of their own and one of the featured brand. It also added on a #collabs hashtag to put it into the rest of the collaboration posts out there. You’ll also notice that the hashtag in the caption is kept minimal: there’s only one. The remaining three hashtags are added as a comment to keep them from distracting from the caption.

4. Tag the right accounts

Give credit where credit is due. When relevant, tag on the post and in the caption those that you are working with. For example, if you have prominent products or people in your photo, tag them on the post. It takes little time and it gives credit to the makers. Oftentimes, these tags result in the brands liking your post and commenting on them.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CB2 (@cb2)

CB2 often reposts their customers’ photos or talk about who contributed to a space’s styling. In this particular post, they’ve tagged the designers, product and venue. For the company, tagging the designers and spaces that use their products enhances customer loyalty and acknowledges their work. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

5. Ask to tag a friend

Ever seen an Instagram post that was so interesting that you immediately wanted to tell a friend? When this happens, you usually have a few options: copy the link and text it to them, send it via DM or tag them in a comment. If you have content that is interesting or funny, asking users to tag a friend is an easy step. They were likely already going to tag someone anyway so this is just the next step.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by POPSUGAR Fitness (@popsugarfitness)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Girlboss® (@girlboss)

These two examples are different but they still produce the same results. One is informative while the other is plain silly. However, both directly ask followers to tag a friend. The result is plenty of likes and high engagement.

6. Tag your post’s location

Especially relevant to travel and retail brands, tagging a location ensures that your photo comes up when people are looking at a location. It’s easy enough to do and shouldn’t take more time out of your publishing time.

Many Instagram-savvy diners also use Instagram to research the best food and drink options at a restaurant. By opening up a tagged location, they can easily find photos of the meals they want to try out. If your content is good, the Instagram Likes will come in organically through the location tag.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Vogue Living (@vogueliving)

Vogue Living location tagged the city in this post. For those who want to visit or learn more about the place, they can explore all the posts in the location. It’s also possible that others will land on this post because they were looking at Puglia as a potential vacation spot. Those visitors are the ones who will add on to the likes.

7. Make your captions just as good as your photos

We all know already that excellent media is a key to creating a captive audience. But what about the accompanying caption? Don’t gloss over that section as unnecessary or go on autopilot with your words. With the right tone and voice, your captions can be just as captivating as your photos.

Developing good captions a priority means creating an expectation with your audience. They’ll look forward to the next post’s captions and spend more time with your posts. Writing engaging captions is a skill that can be developed over time.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by The New Yorker (@newyorkermag)

The New Yorker is known for its words and photos and their Instagram account doesn’t fail in this regard. With the right excerpt from a piece, the reader is drawn into the story and wants to learn more about the kid in the photo.

8. Go with a meme or trend

When used strategically, memes and trends in posts still drive engaging results. There are whole meme accounts on Instagram dedicated to themes and topics. To incorporate this into your own account, you’ll need to first make sure you have the right audience for this. This means that they’re knowledgeable about pop culture and are on the internet often enough to recognize a meme when they see it. For some brands where this type of humor isn’t a fit, a meme could be more alienating than helpful, so make sure you’re tuned into your audience before going with something just because it’s trending or viral.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by DFW International Airport (@dfwairport)

The DFW airport posted this meme in between photos of planes. It’s very specific to their account and is hilarious to those who understand the meme. It also has just the right amount of geek in it.

9. Mix up Instagram content types

With the introduction of Stories, Instagram’s content types expanded. Perhaps related, feed post engagement dropped at around the same time. However, engagement in general is just more spread out among the content types. The metric now includes video views, post likes and even Story replies.

What this means for you is that you should take advantage of the different types and cross promote them when you’re able to.

Trader Joe’s story did a single post on their newest feed post. It’s a common tactic to grab those who watch Stories more to drive them to the feed. If the user is interested, they’ll click through and like your post.

Drive more Instagram engagement

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How to organically increase your Instagram Likes

There are many ways to increase your Instagram posts’ Like count, even if the public metric might be hidden soon. From adding a location tag to trying out a meme, having more Instagram Likes is just one small way to help your brand get more visible on platform.

To ensure that you’re maximizing your post’s potential, use Instagram’s native analytics to find a tailored time for you or use recommended times like the chart below as a starting point.

Armed with these Instagram Like-boosting tips in mind, you’ll be on the path to greater success in your Instagram engagement. Tweet us @SproutSocial to share what strategies have worked for you.

How to Get Free Instagram Likes in 2022

How do you get more likes on your posts?

Well, first off: don’t buy Instagram likes. (Trust us.)

True ‘gram love don’t cost a thing. It just takes time and care to create high quality posts that are worthy of real Instagram likes from real people.

Ultimately, the goal on Instagram is to show your best side by sharing content that people value. It takes work, but if you’re ready to up your game, we have a ton of tips to get you started.

If you’re short on time, this video summarizes the top 7 tips on this list:

Users can now hide like counts on Instagram. Do they still matter?

How to get more likes on Instagram: 16 smart ways to get free Instagram likes

Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a fitness influencer used to grow from 0 to 600,000+ followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

Users can now hide like counts on Instagram. Do they still matter?

The answer is yes, of course. If you’re on Instagram, likes matter as much as ever.

In case you missed it: in mid-2019, Instagram started experimenting with not showing the number of likes a post has received (a. k.a. ‘like counts’) in the feeds of certain regions.

According to Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, the move was part of the company’s efforts to protect the mental health of the platform’s community. The idea was to make the whole experience healthier and less competitive for users. Instagram explained: “We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.”

The move had mixed success: some people liked being free of the pressure to keep up with the competition, while others felt they’d been left in the dark about what was popular.

Instagram’s solution was to announce in May 2021 that it would now give people the option to hide public like counts — either hiding counts on all posts, or just on your own feed so others can’t see.

But whether we can see Instagram likes or not, the Instagram algorithm continues to work like it always has, according to the platform. So whether they’re visible to the world or not, here are the best ways to get people to tap that heart button.

How to get more likes on Instagram: 16 smart ways to get free Instagram likes

1. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are a big key to expanding your Instagram audience. Use a hashtag, and your post (or Story!) will appear on the page for that hashtag.

People can also choose to follow hashtags, which means you could be showing up in a total stranger’s news feed. Surprise!

Illustrator Joe Taylor tagged this post with the likes of #illustration and #characterdesign to appear in those topic searches. 1,800-plus likes later, it’s looking like that was a great idea.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Joe Taylor (@joe.tay.lor)

Whether you’re using product or service hashtags, seasonal hashtags, acronym hashtags or location hashtags, the consensus is that keeping it under 11 hashtags is best practice.

2. Tag relevant users

Whether you’re tagging a collaborator, a new acquaintance or your childhood hero, the goal is to highlight how much you value them, and share that value with your audience.

And if it just so happens that their audience is likely to see your value in the process? Well, so be it.

Cool Ruggings — an account devoted to documenting cool rugs from around the world, of course — clearly tagged the designers of these hip, Brazillian-made camping chairs. It was a chance to share the love, but with the added bonus of a little bit of potential attention from those Instagram users and their own fan bases.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by ~ Cool Ruggings ~ (@coolruggings)

3. Write compelling captions

Whether you’re better off writing a novel that maxes out Instagram’s 2,200 character limit, or keeping things mysterious and punchy with a one-liner depends on your brand voice and message. But long or short, captions are a vital ingredient in a post’s success.

Great Instagram captions add context and personality, and compel your followers to take action. Don’t rush this part! Take a gander at these 264 examples of engaging Instagram captions and soak up some inspiration before you start typing.

Here, fibre artist H. H. Hooks shares the inspiration behind her latest work. (Yes, it’s another rug. We’re sorry, we’re in a mood right now!) It gives context to her cocktail image, and sparks conversation and engagement at the same time.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Hanna Eidson (@h.h.hooks)

4. Tag your location

More than just a humblebrag about your excellent taste in breweries or coworking spaces, geotagging your location is a way for more people to find and like your photos.

It’s even more helpful if you’re a brand with a brick and mortar location, as you build up a sense of community with your regulars and… potential regulars. (Just remember to make sure your physical coordinates are correct so that you appear on the map.)

The Keefer Bar made sure to tag its location in this post about its new fun outdoor mini-putt — who knows what lucky golfing boozer will stumble across it?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by The Keefer Bar (@thekeeferbar)

5. Get on the Explore page

Behind that little magnifying glass icon, the Explore page is a cornucopia of beautiful, entertaining content personalized for you by Instagram. Brands that show up there get a lot of eyeballs.

But how do brands get featured on the Instagram Explore tab in the first place? In short, you need a great engagement rate and an active community — and it doesn’t hurt to embrace whatever new feature Instagram is currently boosting in the algorithm. (Have you noticed that Reels are everywhere? That’s no coincidence!)

Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a fitness influencer used to grow from 0 to 600,000+ followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.

Get the free guide right now!

Dig a little deeper into our tips for getting onto the Explore tab here. (And just an FYI: we know this is a list of free ways to get likes, but Instagram started offering Explore tab ads in July 2019.)

6. Post at the right time

Instagram doesn’t show posts chronologically, but its algorithm does favor “recency.” This means that if you want to get in front of eyeballs, it’s important for you to know when your audience is actually looking at the app.

Which is… uh… when, exactly?

Well, every brand has its own sweet spot, based on its unique audience, so your own analytics will give you some guidance.

But we did a little number crunching and ran a few experiments to find the overall best time to post to Instagram, and it seems that in general, 11 a.m. on a Wednesday is a pretty good time to aim for. Start there, and tweak as you learn what’s working for your specific followers!

7. Run a like-to-win contest

Contests can take a little planning… or a lot. But a like-to-win contest is one of the simplest ways to rack up engagement in a given time period.

The key is to make sure your prize is desirable to your audience, but also specific enough that you’re attracting real fans, not opportunists (i.e., don’t give away cash, iPhones or trips to Ibiza).

Daring diners could win a brunch experience dangling above London’s O2 stadium with this contest from Design My Night.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by DesignMyNight (@designmynight)

We have more ideas for Instagram contests here, along with step-by-step instructions on how to pull one off efficiently and successfully.

8. Post good photos

Lest we forget that photography was an art before it was a marketing tool, we all have to own up to the fact that sometimes our taste exceeds our skill.

On Instagram, there’s no room for “good enough” shots. Time to level up.

Instead of posting just a construction shot of an ongoing project, Sturgess Architecture set up a carefully posed group photo in front of the eye-catching exterior that takes advantage of the natural light.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Sturgess Architecture (@sturgessarchitecture)

Whether that means taking a photography course to develop your eye, or devoting some budget to upgrading your equipment, figure out what the pros do differently than the hobbyists.

To get you started, here are some tips and tools for editing photos for Instagram like a pro.

9. Engage outside your feed

In its ongoing attempt to give the people what they want, the algorithm prioritizes Instagram posts from accounts that it thinks are “close.” How does it measure closeness? By monitoring how much accounts interact with each other.

So, if you want to expand your reach, and therefore your chances of getting likes, don’t be a wallflower: go forth and interact. Get generous with the likes and comments.

10. Post user-generated content

Sharing content from your followers is a sure-fire way to generate engagement. It’s a thrill for the user to be featured by a brand they like, for starters, but it also acts as social proof, confirming for your other followers that it’s more than okay to be a super fan.

It also showcases your authenticity and connection to the community. So go ahead: smash that share button!

TV show At Home with Amy Sedaris does a “Fan Art Friday” each week, posting drawings (or, in some cases, stop-motion animations with Barbie) from its audience.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by At Home With Amy Sedaris (@athomewithamysedaris)

11. Post behind-the-scenes content

Get a little vulnerable and show the less-than-glossy finished product — you’ll be rewarded.

People love seeing how something gets made, taking a glimpse behind the scenes of a photoshoot, and learning about the real struggles behind the glamor shots elsewhere in your feed.

In the lead-up to a sample sale, design brand Ilana Kohn shared a charming impromptu video of an employee roller skating through the warehouse. If that’s not enough to get you to click that heart button and then buy a drapey linen jumpsuit, we don’t know what is.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ilana Kohn (@ilanakohn)

12. Ask people for their opinions

“Ask a question in the caption” is common advice for bumping up engagement for a reason: it’s a direct call-to-action for followers to add a comment.

And if they’re already engaging, the likelihood that they’ll throw a like your way in the process grows. TLDR: It never hurts to ask!

Skincare brand Summer Fridays embodies its chill vibe by pairing dreamy clouds with a big question that prompted both likes and comments.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Summer Fridays (@summerfridays)

13. Host a takeover

If you’re comfortable handing over the keys to your account to a collaborator, Instagram takeovers are a great way to lure a new audience over to your page.

Of course, the brand or influencer taking over for you should be aligned with your values — you want any fans who migrate over to your page to like what they see and stick around.

Multi-platform artist community Panimation is a great example: they invite a rotating cast of illustrators and animators to hop onto their account to share their work with its audience of 65,000-plus.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Panimation (

14. Watch what works for your competitors

If you do have your Instagram set to see likes, you may be able to get a glimpse at what’s working (or flopping) for your competitors again. Keep your eyes peeled… or better yet, do a competitive analysis.

Make social listening part of your social media marketing strategy to gauge sentiment and identify trends across the industry. You don’t want to be left behind, or miss an opportunity to pick up where your competition may have dropped the ball.

15. Ask people to tag their friends

Doing this all the time gets a little old… but the initiation to “tag a friend” paired with the right post can result in a flurry of activity.

The key is to give them a good reason to tag a pal, whether that’s a funny punchline or a giveaway.

16. Embrace the memes

There’s a reason Instagram is full of memes and aggregation accounts: people can’t help but like and share funny gifs, poignant sayings or goofy gags.

Though some can certainly skew juvenile, there are tasteful ways for brands to jump on the meme bandwagon in a strategic, successful way — just keep the jokes appropriate for your voice, content and audience, and don’t overdo it. A little sprinkle of meme goes a long way!

Vancouver-based dog rescue Fur Bae mixes in photos of their foster and up-for-adoption pups in with cheeky, text-based “real talk” meme format. Almost as cute as the dogs themselves, really.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Fur Bae Rescue (@furbaerescue)

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TOP 16 ways to get likes on Instagram: fast, free, a lot

Likes on Instagram are one of the main goals of any account, from a simple user to an online store. But why? Likes are an indicator of coolness, success, if you like. Companies that promote their products and services need likes to earn money, win an audience and brand loyalty. For bloggers, a large number of likes helps in promotion and popularity, as well as in attracting potential advertisers.

Therefore, without preludes - I have collected for you the most popular ways to get likes on Instagram with and without services.

how to get likes through services

Another way to get likes is cheating. But, we do not approve of this method, because apart from a beautiful figure you will not get anything. And besides, this beautiful figure will resolve within a week. As a result, all the cheated subscribers will either run away or simply lie dead weight, bringing absolutely nothing to your account.

In the first table, we have collected the TOP of proven services that you can safely use.

Service Free version Cost
TmSMM Yes from 0.19 ₽/like
Likemania No from 0.14 ₽/like
TapLike No from 0.5 ₽/like
LikeInsta No from 0.40 ₽/like
PrSkill No from 44 ₽/1000 likes

In the second table you will find exchanges that will help you not only get likes on comments and posts, but also earn money on them.

Service Free version Cost (per like)
Socpublic No from 0.2 ₽
Unu No from 1 ₽
TaskPay No Non-fixed
VKserfing Yes from 0.1 ₽

Buy a small number of actions. It is better to spread the process over several days. This will protect you from blocking and suspicion from subscribers.

Important. Using wrapping, you do not see the real picture of which post is entered and which is not. You just create the illusion that everything is super in your account. Therefore, do not abuse, but look for real problems and solutions.

how to get likes yourself

Likes cheat services are an easy method, but not the only one. There are other ways to get likes on Instagram without cheating. But they are more likely to help attract an audience to your profile and at the same time increase the number of followers on Instagram. The rest already depends on how you manage it: the quality of the content, expertise, design, etc.

1. Quality content

Content quality is the first thing you should worry about if you want to collect hundreds or even thousands of likes. It is not only about a beautiful picture, but also about the text. It should be informative, without water and, of course, it should attract the eye and desire to read everything to the end. If you lack writing skills, then you can hire a copywriter whose job is to write quality posts.

As for the visual, the opinions of Instagram experts differ on this matter: some believe that the photo and text in one post should be inextricably linked, others argue that the main thing is that the photo does not stand out from the overall picture of the profile. In any case, the photo should be aesthetic, eye-catching, but not pretentious.

2. Keywords and hashtags

Another way to attract an audience and, accordingly, likes, is to use keywords and hashtags. But first things first.

Keywords are the very words by which potential subscribers can find you. For a clothing store, these are "dresses", "shoes", "suits". For a flower shop, this could be words like "bouquets", "flowers", etc.

Previously, it was enough to clearly define the topic of the blog, write who you are and what you do, what the blog is about, and so on. However, it is not suitable for beginner bloggers. You need to come up with a capacious description that will make your account unique and evoke emotions. Do not get carried away with writing in a hat, be brief, but understandable. In addition, Instagram only skips 150 characters.

On the left is an example of how not to fill out a profile header, on the right is an ideal profile header

As for hashtags, their use will help increase coverage, “fly in” recommendations and, of course, attract new subscribers. Of course, this will work if the hashtags are relevant to the topic of your post.

Do not overuse high-frequency tags: your post will be lost among thousands of others. It is advisable to use low-frequency tags, under which there are at least 10 thousand tags and mid-frequency - from 10 to 500 thousand. They belong to niche search and are more likely to attract the target audience.

Thematic hashtags

3. Geotags

Geotag all your posts. On the map, this will look like a place of interest that can be visited for several reasons. For example, you sell your services there. Geotags can also be placed by your clients (not necessarily bloggers) who maintain their Instagram pages for friends and acquaintances. The person will see the mark on the map, read the post, look at your profile and, if he likes it, subscribe.

Even if you don't have a business, geotagging still makes sense. They help users who are interested in the life and blogosphere of the city. But the main factors determining whether a person subscribes or not remain the thematic niche of the profile and the quality of the content. Subject to all these conditions, this is a great way to gain targeted followers on Instagram for free.

An example of a geotag in a publication

4. Time of publication

The question is quite broad. However, we can say that the timing for publishing content directly depends on your audience. What are we talking about? To determine the best time to post posts, you must form a portrait of your target audience: gender and age, geolocation, what she is interested in, and so on.

For example, you own an online cosmetics store. Your target audience is mostly girls from 18 to 24 years old, students. It is logical that they will not be active in the morning, which means that there is simply no point in publishing content at 9 or 10 am: the coverage will be minimal.

Based on your target audience, the optimal time for publishing posts can be considered the period from 17:00 to 22:00, since at this time the audience will be most active. If your audience is quite wide - mothers on maternity leave, students, teenagers, etc., then the only way to find the right time is to experiment. Post at 12:00 one day, post at 17:00 the next day, and so on. Then track the activity in the profile statistics and choose the best time to post.

Instagram statistics: how to see + 52 metrics

5. Posting in different formats

So that your subscribers do not get bored, dilute your feed with different post formats. You will see that the activity on your publications will increase.

- Carousel

Why is it necessary to do it now? Yes, just to keep the user on the page longer and show Instagram, they say, look at what good content I have, they spend a lot of time on it.

The Instagram carousel allows you to break the boundaries of the standard social network image format and, as it were, expand the screen. Thus, you can upload panoramic photos and they will not look cropped.

An example of a seamless carousel on Instagram
- Video

And in general, the approach to video content. Agree, they noticed behind themselves: they stumbled upon a video - even in an unfamiliar account - and froze. Why? Because it's beautiful, cool, cool transitions, bright shots, etc. So if you really care about how to get more likes - invest in this business: hire a specialist and do not spare money. Or read about how to edit video on Instagram.

- Reels

Facebook on Instagram has its Tik Tok analogue - Reels. In this section, you can post videos lasting from 15 to 60 seconds. Track trends, participate in challenges. Here you will find an audience and draw attention to the blog.

Instagram seeks to promote a new content format. The algorithms of the social network are more favorable to videos made in Reels and display them more often in recommendations.

Reels section on Instagram

6. Target

Targeted advertising is a useful tool that allows you to target an audience that may be interested in your product or profile. We will not talk about targeted advertising in detail here, we have already written articles about this.

I can only say that in order to get a bunch of likes, you can promote your photos, and select transitions to the profile as the target action. So users will like your other posts.

Targeted advertising: 5 types + description (instruction)

When setting up a target on Facebook, do not forget to clearly indicate the terms of the advertising campaign and limit the budget. Otherwise, FB will drive you into debt, constantly writing off funds for advertising.

Note. If you will set up different targeted advertising, I recommend doing this through the service Getuniq . The passage of moderation is easier, and there is also a bonus when replenishing the budget. But about this shhhh

7. Advertising with bloggers

Native advertising format is now popular, when a blogger does not directly talk about you, but reposts any of your publications or leaves something like a post-review, where he mentions your profile . Blogger subscribers rely on his authority and go to the specified account. And they like it, of course.

Life hack. If you want a guaranteed result, then discuss the terms of cooperation and submission with the blogger in advance. But before launching an ad, be sure to request the blogger’s up-to-date statistics and check him for cheats, for example, in LiveDune.

8. Repost posts in stories (and old ones too)

A very useful way to collect more likes is to repost posts. This will work effectively: some subscribers may simply not notice your new post due to Instagram algorithms, so it is useful to duplicate the post in stories.

Reposting old posts will not hurt either: it will help to collect additional likes from your new subscribers and increase the coverage of publications.

9. Cross-posting

If you want your brand to be on several platforms at once, but there is no time to create original content, then cross-posting will come to your aid. To make it clearer, cross-posting is the automatic or semi-automatic placement of one message on several sites and services.

Example of cross-posting in social networks

How else can you get likes?

Ways to get likes are not limited to a standard set of points, so below I have selected for you methods that are no less effective than those that we have already listed.

1. Hype, trends

Follow the news and build your posts based on them, express your position. If you react quickly, you can collect the asset in your account.

Kings of Hype Oksana Samoilova and Djigan

Life hack. No need to “build happiness on someone else’s misfortune”: be constructive and don’t hype on tragedies. Ask subscribers to express their opinion with likes and comments.

2. Audience Engagement

The good old "like like a brother" or "repost please" has not gone away and still remains one of the easiest ways to raise an asset. In the end, there is nothing wrong with asking your audience for help in case your asset sank. Just in case, I leave for you an on-duty phrase that works with a bang: "Support me with a like if ...." ;)

3. Bloggers commenting

about publications in order to respond quickly and have time to check in during the active time of the post. Read it and write your opinion on the topic.

Life hack: Use subtle humor in the comments, it always works well for the audience. In addition to the post itself, comment on the opinions of other users to draw more attention to yourself.

4. Mailing in Direct

To purposefully attract the attention of your audience to the post, you can use sending messages in Direct. The content of the messages can be different: ask people to like or describe your offer. Newsletter can be done both manually and with the help of services. We wrote about all this in detail in the article.

Direct mailing: 30 services + 4 steps how to make

Direct mailing

Just don't get too carried away with such mailings. Firstly, quickly discourage users from yourself, and secondly, for non-compliance with the limits, you run the risk of flying into a ban. Per day from one account it is permissible to send 70 letters to subscribers and 50 letters to users who are not subscribed to you.

Interesting. You can optimize communication with customers on Instagram using MyBotan. The chatbot will automatically send a welcome message, talk about promotions and reply to messages. And also, save data about the client and his applications. Agree this will facilitate the work in the social network? Click and test 3 days for free -> MyBotan

5. Contest

Try running a contest among your subscribers. Play a gift, and indicate likes as conditions for participation. By doing this, you will well increase the involvement among your subscribers and will be able to attract new ones.

Contests on Instagram: how to run + secrets of engagement

Life hack. The time of the competition should be such that everyone has time to participate, but not too long, so that people do not get tired of waiting for the prize. Optimal 5-7 days.

6. Giveaway and Liketime

Giveaways are an activity when bloggers/shops gather, donate gifts to participants and raffle them among the most active. Budget and duration vary. To get the coveted likes, become a sponsor of the giveaway.

Life hack: Choose giveaways that guarantee no more than 25% of your current audience. This will save the engagement rate. That is, if you have, for example, 10 thousand subscribers, then the maximum give for you is with a guarantee of 2500 people coming. The organizers of quality giveaways can be found on Telegram.

Liketimes are often held by bloggers, and usually the conditions are as follows: like a certain number of publications, comment on the publication, go to the page of the one who commented before you and be active there.

Life hack: Participate only in those activities that take place at the moment. For example, the lighttime started an hour ago, the correspondence in the comments is active. You can participate. If a post with a like time was posted two days or a few hours ago, the chances of getting your likes in response will be less.

7. Activity chats

Activity chats - communities where people who want to get likes and other activity get together. You like - and you like in response. You can find them on Instagram itself, but it’s more convenient to do it through Telegram, there are many similar chats. Read more about activity chats in our article.

By the way, if you didn't know, you can still see who likes whom on Instagram

Instagram activity chats: how to find + FAQ

Life hack: Join chats with about 20-50 members. This increases the likelihood that people completing tasks will not be repeated, and you will receive likes from different users. And one more thing: do not join 20 chats at once. You simply will not have time to be active everywhere. Better choose a couple with simple rules without instant blocking.

Briefly about the main thing

In summary, we can say that the number of likes directly affects the life of your Instagram account. The more likes - the more popular your account, which means that the chance of being noticed by advertisers increases. The same applies to those who do business on the site - a lot of likes means trust and loyalty to the brand.

Accordingly, no matter what way you choose to collect likes, first of all pay attention to the content that you publish. Yes, the services will increase your likes, help you bring your publication to the TOP, and other ways will attract subscribers. But this will all have a temporary effect if you do not pay attention to the quality of your posts.

And here we come to the rescue again, read our articles, promote your profile and collect your cherished likes.

Get 1000 followers on Instagram: 16 ways

How to get a lot of likes on instagram effortlessly • Instagram followers

Each post is a short story about someone or something, and I really want to see a lot of hearts, and today a few words about how to get a lot of likes on instagram . Let's start by looking at your existing account, what the feed looks like, what is written on the business card.

We are all different, with different ideas about beauty, and our account should emphasize fine taste and sense of beauty , have a little humor and not overload with information. Because in the future it promises us not only a lot of likes, but also live subscribers, additional comments.

Having in the arsenal of ideas about what should be, we must not lose sight of the main thing - for whom we will fast.

Who is our target audience who follows your feed updates and watches stories .

This fact is very important and here is why - knowing your target audience, you will immediately understand where to move and develop further, what content is interesting to subscribers and how to promote it . Determining your target audience is an endless process, as the number of subscribers grows, the audience expands, and therefore you have to adjust

Proven ways to quickly get the right number of likes and subscribers:0317 MoreLikes

Let's start with a simple, obvious, but very important content - content. Beautiful photos provide the most likes and new followers. You do not need to be "seven spans in the forehead" to understand that there are more likes on beautiful photos. Check the sharpness, get rid of flaws and select a lighter photo.

Checked, light photos get 20% more likes than dark ones.

It's best to post photos during the week, again observations show that posts posted in 9 get the most hearts0135 Wednesday-Thursday. For the same reasons, try to use a photo where the face is visible.

As far as filters are concerned, some approve of their use, while others consider them unnecessary. It all depends on the target audience and the published materials.

We use the maximum of tools when preparing a publication

Like exchanges are a great way to increase the number of hearts under your post. There are sites where completing tasks you get points, after which you can wind up your indicators. Any system has pros and cons , cheating with the help of tasks is no exception.

You get real users for free - that's a plus of of course. After some time, there will be replies. If in doubt, try it, because you can always refuse.

  • addmefast quality resource. Cheating of many indicators in many social networks. The only inconvenience is that the website is in English. Consider the region when you wind up followers.
  • bosslike site with similar features. The list includes the main social networks for cheating indicators and a convenient Russian-language interface.

"Be simple and people will reach out to you" simple and very precise words. A concise and understandable caption for the photo, which complements the meaning of the photo, will make readers like and bookmark it. Do not write a lot of text , large signatures scare away and they are more often scrolled through without putting Like author.

Avoid putting a lot of text on the photo itself, statistically this reduces the number of likes.

It is generally worth experimenting with text more often. Ask questions, seek contact with followers, and most importantly - answer everyone. A monosyllable or a detailed answer, regardless of whether the person likes you or not. Attention is pleasant to everyone, the feeling that you have been listened to can give much more.

Ways to get more likes

Start with a mass distribution of likes. Massliking is an old method, but it works. Nobody promises thousands of subscribers in two days, at the same time, this method has undeniable advantages: availability (no cost) , you get along with reciprocal likes . And with the reservation live subscribers , your immediate target audience.

Initially, likes are given to everyone, after a while, posts are viewed with a focus on their interests. We remember the used hashtags, geotags, channel design. As a result, you have a general idea of ​​accounts with similar topics and their number. And now you can offer something special and unique.

In my opinion, there is a downside to using hashtags. And it lies in the fact that a large number of special hashtags will dissolve your photo among hundreds of similar posts. After all, everyone wants a lot of likes.

Gaining likes in stories

Stories are a great opportunity to interact with subscribers and increase your performance. You can declare a simple draw . In stories there will be an announcement and conditions, the draw itself will take place in the main feed.

  • Without much trouble, you can ask everyone to like the last photo and randomly choose the winner(s).
  • You can complicate the conditions (put likes on certain posts), increase the time of the draw (for example, two days / week) there are many variations, in the end it all depends on you and on specific goals.
Making a publication

Another good thing about a story is that it attracts an active audience. It's no secret that now there are a lot of accounts who post photos a little, but regularly look through the feed of subscribers and their stories. Regular stories with links to posts in the main feed are a great way to get likes absolutely free.

Hashtags for likes

Hashtags are a special category. They make it easy for to find your post among the thousands posted at that moment. They also determine the category of your publication, which means that with good performance (a lot of likes, comments, views, if there is a video), they are displayed in TOP results for for this request. In this regard, a very handy thing.

Do not abuse, their excessive number only repels, who is interested in the post and a bunch of #? That's right - no one. 4-6 hashtags, preferably with a low-frequency query, duplicate in a foreign language.

There is a little trick.

We prepared a post for publication, added text to the description and selected hashtags, and then publish it. You wait a few minutes, having collected the first likes, edit the description and add other hashtags (always similar in theme), and delete the old ones. Then re-publish and, after waiting a few minutes, change the description again. This way you will be able to collect the likes to the maximum.

Foreign language hashtags significantly increase the number of likes, subscribers, views. Especially when it comes to Korean hashtags. It is not clear how it works and what it depends on.

On a personal example, I’ll say that three Korean hashtags for four of my posts brought me 5 additional subscribers (Korean, of course) and about 20 likes for 4 posts from them . Knowing the language helps out, but if there are difficulties, Google translate will always help .

Use of German and English in registration

In , the high-frequency hashtag - that is, there are more than 50 thousand requests for it. It will not be easy to break into the TOP of the issue for this. For example, #dress has 15.2 million requests, and #newdress has 3. 6 thousand. Thus, by putting down the first option, your post will flash for a second in the general feed and disappear, and the second option will allow you to reach the TOP with minimal effort.

High frequency hashtag Low frequency hashtag

Use your own hashtag. This will help everyone to find you among the many instagrammers, emphasize your individuality.

Geotags for likes

Geotags are convenient for promotion in a certain area. If your target audience is limited to specific geographical areas, then geotags are the best promotion tool.

Not everyone indicates geotags under the publication, however, in the search results, along with accounts, hashtags, geotags are also shown (if there are any for this query). Your task is only correctly arrange and use , then your publications will be visible to a larger number of users, and means likes will be added.

The advantage of geotagging is that you interact directly with the target audience. Today, this fact solves a lot and allows you to solve several problems at the same time: gain a lot of subscribers and become popular.

Comments and interaction with the audience

Young, newly registered account with 2 posts and 10 followers is not the easiest start. It is difficult to attract new subscribers with interesting content, and even more so to make them generous with likes when there is nothing else to attract. There are not many places to talk.

In this case, we take all our potential as an interesting interlocutor and go to comments under the posts of the more famous and popular . Do not suffer from megalomania, under the photo where already there are 5000 comments , your comment may be lost. Use the discussion form of the conversation. Comment not only on the author's post, but also on other answers to this post.

Be sure to like commentators who replied to you. Who knows, maybe they will be interested in the person and go to your profile.

If you have something to be proud of in your feed, but want more - design publications so that you involuntarily have a desire to answer:

  • Open questions for open answers.
  • We ask subscribers for advice.
  • We play, organize marathons and hold contests.

Don't despair if no one immediately rushes to write to you. Wait, chat in feeds with more popular instagrammers. If you asked a question in your publication, then take the trouble to answer everyone, no matter how much was written and whether you like the questions or not. You asked if subscribers love attention. Be honest nobody cares about lying.

A few tips on how to get a lot of likes on Instagram will help you become more popular and effortlessly get the audience's attention and approval in the form of a mass of hearts under each of your publications.

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