How to use instagram on ipad

How to get Instagram on iPad in 2022 (Installation Guide)

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram stands tall as the most popular social networking site. But for iPad users, it’s a disappointment as there is no official app that exists for tablets. Not getting sad over this, we have found a way to scroll through photos and IGTV videos on a big screen. Here is how you can get Instagram on the iPad.

  • How to download Instagram on iPad via App Store
  • How to use Instagram on iPad via a Web Browser

How to download Instagram on iPad with App Store
  1. Open App Store on your iPad.
  2. Type Instagram in the search field.
  3. Tap on Filters located before the search box.
  4. Go to Supports and then select iPad Only.
  5. Download the app after accessing your Touch ID or entering your passcode.
  6. Now, open the Instagram app and log in to your details.

You can see the Instagram app has occupied the resolution of an iPhone. It is because they haven’t developed a particular app for an iPad. However, you can change the resolution by 2X that will make the app look zoomed in. To do so, tap on the outward arrows button at the bottom right corner in the app.

How to use Instagram on iPad via a web browser
  1. Open a browser app on your iPad.
  2. Go to and log in with your username and password.

You can now scroll through your Instagram feed whilst relishing perfect resolution. However, you need to remember that the browser version doesn’t allow you to upload pictures and videos. Having said this, if it’s just about scrolling through the feed, you’d definitely love using Instagram on your iPad.

Signing Off…

The UI of the Instagram App isn’t designed to fit the iPad. The steps mentioned above can prove to be of great help to have Instagram experience on your iPad. In case you want to use WhatsApp on the iPad, here’s our step by step guide.

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How to Get Instagram on an iPad by Using the iPhone App

  • You can get Instagram on your iPad and use the app as you would on your iPhone, but you'll be limited by the display. 
  • Because the Instagram app is not optimized for your iPad, the window will not fill your entire screen at its highest resolution — you're essentially just using the smaller iPhone app on a larger screen. 
  • If you go to Instagram on your iPad through the Safari browser, you can view the full-sized site and enjoy viewing content, though your ability to post and comment is limited in this format.
  • This story is part of Business Insider's Guide to Instagram.

Instagram was designed to be used on the smartphone, with a built-in camera, constant internet connection, and the portability of an iPhone or Android phone.  

While on a computer, you can like Instagram posts, comment on them, and share, but you can't add new content to the platform — unless you know a clever hack. 

But what about the iPad? While there is no dedicated Instagram app for an iPad, you can still use Instagram on your tablet and engage with the social media platform as much as you would on a phone.

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How to get Instagram on your iPad

On your iPad, go to the App Store and search for Instagram.

You'll need to adjust the filter for available apps to include iPhone-specific apps. To do this, tap "Filters" in the top-left corner and select "iPhone Only." 

Once you've searched for and found Instagram with the correct filter, tap "GET" to download the app, then open it and log in with your Instagram account.

Download Instagram in the App Store on your iPad. Steven John/Business Insider

You might notice that the window Instagram uses does not fill the iPad screen by default. This is because the app is not optimized for your tablet. You can expand the app by selecting the full-screen option in the bottom right corner of your screen, though a black border will still surround the app, and it won't be at an optimal resolution. 

Regardless, you can post and add to your story via the app on your iPad — you're essentially just using the iPhone app on your iPad. 

For a better full-screen content viewing experience, just go to Instagram via the iPad's Safari web browser. However, because it's the browser version, you won't be able to post on Instagram this way. 


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How to install Instagram on iPad

This article will show you how to install normal Instagram on iPad and stop using this stump: iPhone app stretched to full screen.

Where is the official Instagram app for iPad?

Instagram has been around for 10 years and there is still no iPad version. And it won't. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said they are understaffed and all developers are busy with other more important projects. So you lived 10 years without Instagram on the iPad, you will live so much more 🙂

And since there is no hope for Instagram developers, because they are busy with “more important projects”: selling ads to users, tracking their actions and other “joys” in which Facebook is involved, we will handle it ourselves.

What to do

The method is not new, but almost no one knows about it. Alternatively, you can access your Instagram page through Safari or any other browser. But this is not always convenient and you want to see the Instagram icon on the home screen or in the iPad dock.

Use Safari…

Below are the steps you need to take to enjoy using Instagram on iPad without suffering from this ugly stretched iPhone app.

Step 1

Open Safari and go to

Step 2

Click on the "Share" button in the upper right corner.

Step 3

A special menu of actions will open, which you need to scroll down to the item "To the Home Screen".

Tap on the "Go to Home Screen" item.

Step 4

Another submenu will open and you need to click on the "Add" button. You can change the name on the first line if you wish. But don't change the second line where the url is located.

Step 5

The Instagram application is "created" on the iPad home screen. Open it and enter your username and password.

If you have SMS password login enabled. Then the iPad will automatically insert this code from the SMS received on the iPhone if you have this feature enabled.


Now you have an almost complete Instagram client on your iPad that looks nice, is easy to use and works even in landscape orientation.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to post photos or stories in this way (although if you do the same on iPhone, you will be able to).

You will be able to receive and send messages to Direct. It is convenient to view the feed of subscriptions.

Browse the "interesting" section, look for the necessary accounts, hashtags and all other things.

View notifications: who subscribed, liked, replied to your comment, customize the profile or change information in it.

It's basically just a web version of Instagram, but it will never get lost in a lot of open tabs and you can place the Instagram icon on the iPad wherever you like 🙂

You can do this with any website any site and place it as an icon on the iPhone or iPad home screen.

For example, the VKontakte app for iPad hasn't received updates for a long time and looks outdated. Therefore, you can “create” the same application (as for Instagram) for VKontakte.

Why you should use standard Apple apps on iPhone, iPad and Mac 📎 The sad truth about why we suck during the crisis and self-isolation

How can we install Instagram (the official app) on the iPad Mini iPad Pro iPad Air

iOS • iOS Apps • Social networks

August 10, 2017

Default application Instagram Developed by Facebook for mobile devices, smartphones and iPhoneNot can be installed on iPad . The reason is as simple as it gets. Instagram is designed as an app to download photos and videos short taken from your mobile phone. Also, we can't download photos from Instagram from a laptop.

If you are an iPhone and iPad owner, you will notice that with a simple search on iPhone, the words " Instagram " in the App Store , the official Instagram app appears first and can be installed without problems. We're doing a similar search on the iPad and they'll show up in the App Store for more Instagram apps, but not the official one.
However, there is a very simple solution with which we can install Instagram on the iPad.

How can we install Instagram (Official App) on iPad Mini iPad Pro iPad Air

1. Open App Store on iPad and in the search box type " Instagram ".

As I said above, the official list will not appear in the results list.

2. In the options panel of the App Store, we click on " iPad Only ", Then from the menu that opens, select: " iPhone Only ".

So we will ask you to list the results with compatible iPhone apps.

3. After selecting “iPhone Only”, the first app listed in the results will be the official Instagram app. Click to install.

Once the installation of Instagram on iPad is complete, you'll be signed in and able to use the app to its full potential as if it were turned on. iPhone.

However, there is a problem. Being an iPhone app, this is not optimized for the much larger iPad display sizes.
You can use the application in two resolutions. 1x - real, in which the application will be visible only on a small part in the center of the screen and 2x - in double size. All you have to do is click 1 or 2 times on the bottom right corner.

iPad Instagram 1x

In the same way, you can install on iPad Mini iPad Pro or iPad Stream more applications designed for iPhone devices.

How can we install Instagram (official app) on the iPad Mini iPad Pro iPad Air

App Store Instagram iPad Air iPad Apps iPad Mini iPad Pro Social Networking


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