Tagline Facelift Example

One of our clients had the tagline, (branding message): “Come for the Day stay for a Lifetime.”  
The RockFish Group, through market research, determined that when the public saw this it seemed to say to them that if they decided to move to this area they would leave in a stretcher or die while living in the community (Lifetime was a very emotional word).  Sounds silly, but it made a difference.

In keeping with the building blocks of the original message we decided to give the Tag Line or Branding Message a Face lift:

“Come for the Day Stay for the Lifestyle.”

The Results:  Branding Message Facelift, along with updated logos and color pallet created a look and feel that was able to help sell (3) homes that were on the market for (5) years. The branding message now is one that is desirable for both those looking to retire as well as buyers looking for a vacation home to enjoy all that the,- “Lifestyle-,” can offer.

Keeping it Simple (but not stupid):  Branding needs to be simple (think of Nike or Apple).  Once you begin to create or recreate your BRAND make sure your BRANDING is:

  • Memorable
  • Honest
  • Does it show utility?
  • Does it solve a problem(s) or are you able to address questions using branding as a tool to do so?
  • How do customers describe your products?
  • Do customers remember your brand?

Question: Do you know who Marion Morrison was?
Answer:  John Wayne (he was his own brand)

If your current BRAND is NOT Memorable, then it’s:  Time for a Facelift

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