VISUAL CASE STUDY: Kitsap Economic Development Alliance

“We love it! “Vibrant,” “fresh” and “energetic” are some of the adjectives we here from our investor/partners and from the community.”Theresa Mangrum, KEDA


A regional economic development association (Kitsap Economic Development Alliance) wanted to update and modernize website. Their current site at the time was stale, cumbersome, and emphasized two long-time industries that had dominated the county, rather than focusing on the economic diversity and beauty of the Kitsap Peninsula.


When RockFish didn’t respond to the RFP, we were called to ask why. We explained that we believed in the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance’s mission, wanted them to be successful, and felt strongly that a new website wasn’t the most pressing project to achieve their mission. We wanted to be part of their success, not simply do work for hire. The RockFish team decided the branding and messaging of KEDA was in need of revitalization, clarity, and passion – that results would be more swift with a new direction and message than a new website. That’s the process we were chomping at the bits to be a part of. Before implementing a new website, we wanted to ensure their success. This was our solution.


Thankfully KEDA was on-board with our ideas. We worked hand-in-hand in a collaborative process to create a new logo, a branding color story, and a new tag line that brought everything together. Each of these key elements were designed for longevity. Rockfish has created all of the collateral materials, and promotional pieces—and handed the key elements to the web designers to comply with what we created.


Branding is now more current, relevant, and works. Because we created a brand and continue to develop it, KEDA has seen success and been energized in their mission. With solid visuals and messaging to work from, the creation of new collateral is efficient and budget friendly. We are very happy to have been, and continue to be part of the KEDA story.

This project is ongoing; we continue to create banners, business cards, and other elements. KEDA has given us rave reviews on all our work, and says it has received many strongly positive comments. The solution worked.

Thank you KEDA for letting us be a part of your mission and story!

Before and After: Logo

KEDA Collateral & Visual Applications: